5 August 2012

'Operation Breivik' & Someone's foreign policy

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America’s population 900 million, Russia’s population 143 million, China’s population 1.3 billion, India’s population 1.2 billion, and the UK’s population 62 million.

Norway’s population 5 million.

In the age of emerging energy crisis due to the depletion of Earth’s natural energy resources it is in the National strategic interest of Governments around the World to secure their Nations energy requirements from wherever on Earth those resources remain.

It is called Geo-politics...

Little Norway that is nothing more than a blip compared to those bigger Nations above is sitting on one of Earths last and largest natural energy resource deposits making it the 3rd richest Nation on Earth, so is it out of the realms of possibility that a larger Nation has had its eyes on that oil and gas rich region off the North of the Norwegian coast for its own Countries use?

Russia has been in negotiations for access to it for decades so the answer is yes, and they are now flexing their military muscles over that stretch of water.

Russia has also had a hand behind the shadows through espionage in the top tier of the current Norwegian AUF Labour Government, and who knows where else within the State infrastructure of the Country.

Who benefited from ‘Operation Breivik’?

Definitely not the opposition anti-immigration parties in Norway who Breivik professed to be acting in the interests of who at the present moment have been damaged politically beyond repair.

It is the current pro-immigration Norwegian AUF Labour Government who have benefited politically from ‘Operation Breivik’, which is the same Government that is now signing deals with Russia for access to the oil and gas in Norway’s territorial waters.

Someone (plural) will be getting stinking rich from those deals and the AUF Labour Government gets to stay in power potentially for a long time now on the back of ‘Operation Breivik’.

Who knows how deep a hand Russia has within the political and military infrastructure of Norway?

Spying and espionage is an age old art and an added tool of any Countries military and political might that is used as an extension of their foreign policy.

One thing is for certain is that there has been a State sanctioned cover-up of the whole Breivik case in Norway even down to sections of the Norwegian police which shows how deeply entrenched whoever was really behind Breivik is within that Country.

Breivik the son of a former Government diplomat to London, step son of a former Army Major and best friend of a Ministry of Defence lawyer.

And the Norwegian State in control of the case want the World to believe he was a “solo terrorist” connected to no one who drove himself mad after playing computer games in his bedroom and reading right-wing websites, rather than admit the fact that he was a trained agent recruited into a secretive group who have political and financial motivations in Norway.

The evidence (plural) clearly shows that not all is as it seems with this case in Norway but nobody in that Country wants to believe it or admit it even though it is staring them in the faces; instead they bury their heads in the sand and ignore the truth rather than publicly question the integrity of the ‘official’ case against Breivik.

Shock horror...what would happen if they did?

They have enough evidence to back up their claim that’s for sure!

Those at the top of the State infrastructure in Norway (AUF Labour) do not want the full truth to be known which is why the whole case from the very beginning has been white washed and covered up with the ‘official’ story being that Breivik was a “solo terrorist” connected to no one who is insane.

Although the State’s case against Breivik’s sanity is a complete charade that crosses into criminality and a clear cut case of ‘perverting the course of justice’ when you analyse the facts.

If Breivik is connected to someone then there is an unravelling of the real truth behind him and other people’s direct involvement with him, and it is this that those at the top of the Norwegian State do not want revealing because of the story it would tell which is why the real story surrounding Breivik has been covered up from the public.

Who recruited Breivik and who are the people directly involved with him?

Their State prosecutors who prosecuted Breivik are not stupid and must know that their case in court against him was fundamentally flawed which means they were used contrary to their self believed professional integrity. They were just willing State puppets chosen for their role just like the State appointed psychiatrists who were both given their directives from the top.

Other neutral Government intelligence agencies must know whether or not my assertion (plural) is correct or not because it is in their National interests to know what really happened in little old Norway as part of their own foreign policy in an age of international crisis around the World. They just keep that knowledge to themselves which again is in their National interests.

It is called “Top Secret”.

Sometimes it has to be in a Nations interests geo-politically to allow the truth to be known though, or allow their mainstream media outlets to question the strange anomalies in the case so that the general public can make up their own minds which is what forms public opinion and then public opinion forces the truth to emerge.

There is still a factual trail in the UK that is directly linked to the Breivik investigation that has not been brought out into the open yet.

What story would this tell?

I am sure any followers or researchers of the case would like to know, and that includes the families of the dead and injured.

Until then it is another strange suspicious anomaly in the case to be added to the rather long list of strange anomalies in the case that is being hidden from the public mind.

The light of truth will always expose the darkness of lies and corruption.

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