31 January 2007

Eilat – Israel's Backdoor to Terror

Eilat is the most southern city in Israel bordering Egypt, with the notorious Palestinian ‘Gaza strip’ right next door. Sadly this week the Islamic maniacs from Gaza have penetrated the Israeli city of Eilat and one of their suicide bombers was able to blow himself up in a café killing himself and 3 Jewish Eilat residents. This is the first suicide attack to hit Eilat and the first attack in Israel for 9 months. We hope and pray that this is not the start of a suicide bombing campaign from the Palestinian Muslim factions within Gaza and the West Bank aimed at killing Jews and destroying Israel’s tourist industry. Eilat is a beautiful seaside town that is popular with foreign tourists and Israeli holidaymakers so it is obvious the Palestinians reasoning for hitting Eilat before the start of the summer holiday season.

I was in Eilat two weeks ago due to having to leave Jerusalem for my safety, I decided on Eilat because it was recommended to me by several Jewish friends as being a nice area to visit due to the desert and mountains you go through to get there and also the weather being a lot nicer down there compared to rain and snow in Jerusalem. I stayed in Eilat for 4 days then traveled straight through to Tel Aviv where I stayed in the ‘Old Jaffa’ part of the city before my flight back to England.

Hearing of this ‘suicide attack’ in Eilat has made me look back at my experience and helped me to understand something that I experienced that I was questioning on my journey back from there on the bus to Tel Aviv.

The bus back from Eilat to Tel Aviv was completely full with Jews and to my amazement there was a Palestinian on the bus with us all. This guy was definitely a Palestinian; I have spoken to an Israeli friend who has commented that this person was probably an Israeli Arab. I watched this guy the whole of the journey because I was intrigued about him because he was so out of place and clearly a Palestinian and not an Israeli Arab. I was watching wondering how he blatantly traveled on the bus full of Jews through Israel. It stood out to me because in my mind true Palestinians, not Israeli Arabs do not like Jews and vice-a-versa yet here I was traveling on this bus full of Jews with a blatant Palestinian on-board. This whole scenario was what intrigued me and made me question what this Palestinians reason was for being on the bus, traveling into Israel with all these Jewish people.

Security is paramount when traveling in Israel due to the Palestinian ‘suicidal maniacs’ who enjoy killing themselves killing Jews so it is always wise to know your surroundings and who is in them, this is why this guy stood out like a sore thumb. He was well dressed with a Western style; very big with an intimidating presence, about 30 – 35 years old, clearly looked like a Palestinian and he had an Arabic tattoo on the side of his neck. To me as being someone who comes from the streets and has experienced life with criminals, he looked like and carried the presence of a Palestinian criminal who has done time in prison. That was my assumption of him after watching him. We caught eye contact several times on the journey so I had a very good perception of him and this left me with questions.

There was an older Arab guy that he sat next to on the journey; he sat next to the Arab from Eilat until he got off somewhere on-route to Tel Aviv. This Arab guy wore the white head scarf and did not catch eye contact with people; he looked to me as maybe being Egyptian or something, he was aged about 50 – 55 years old. I thought this because we were so close to Egypt and there were Arabs in Eilat’s bus station who looked like they had clearly traveled and crossed into Israel from Egypt. In my mind whilst watching my surroundings it was obvious to me that, that is what must be happening, Arabs traveling into Israel through Eilat.

On the journey I was wondering what this Palestinians reason was for traveling on the bus, I thought that he might have been escorting this Arab guy into Israel for security because he definitely had an intimidating presence that no one would confront unless they really had to so he would act as good security for any Arab wanting to travel into Israel. Apart from this reason I could not think of any other immediate reasons other than the possibility of links to terrorism. He looked like a Gazan Palestinian who had in my mind probably spent time in Egypt because of how he was dressed. He didn’t look like a poor Palestinian living in Gaza even though he looked and carried the presence of a Gazan Palestinian.

Now that this terror attack has hit Eilat it has made me look back at my experience during my time there and this Palestinian traveling on the bus is definitely something that has come back to the forefront of my mind and given me a wider more troubling picture for Israel and the Jewish people about the security situation in Eilat that has consequences for the rest of Israel. You can travel freely from Eilat into the ‘Heart of Israel’ Jerusalem or into the Capital City Tel Aviv with no security checks on route.

When traveling from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv you have to go through stringent bomb and metal detectors before being able to board the bus. Everyone puts their baggage on the underside of the bus then head of to their destinations. In Eilat there are absolutely no security checks at all except for one security guard wishing everyone a happy morning as they enter the front of the station. There is no security around the whole of the building so you can enter at any point and wait to get on any bus with nobody stopping you. It was obvious to me whilst looking at some of the Arab people at the station on the morning I was leaving that they had traveled into Israel across the border, I didn’t think anymore than that, I just made that conclusion from looking at the people and didn’t think anymore of it until now.

It is common knowledge that the Palestinians in Gaza are digging tunnels under the security wall and into Egypt and are smuggling guns and weaponry through the tunnels. The ‘suicide maniac’ who killed himself and innocent Jews this week, came from Gaza so would have had to have traveled through one of the gun smuggling tunnels to get out of Gaza and then travel into Israel. I was told by my Israeli friend that a lot of Arab Israeli’s travel to Taba on the Egyptian side of the border with Israel. If it is that easy to travel across the border between Israel and Egypt then there is a very worrying situation for Israel. The ‘suicidal maniac’ this week was able to enter Eilat and blow himself up after traveling through the Egyptian and the Israeli border. He obviously traveled from Gaza through one of the tunnels into Egypt; he would have then made his way to the border of Egypt with Israel and then entered Eilat as the backdoor to Israel and carried out his mission in the city.

Eilat bus station has absolutely no security checks whatsoever and you can travel freely from Eilat to Tel Aviv with absolutely ‘No’ security checks along the way, you have a free unchecked journey into Israel. I observed this whilst watching the Palestinian on my bus journey.
The Gazan Palestinians only way of entering Israel would be from Gaza into Egypt then the backdoor into Israel – ‘Eilat’. Once in Eilat anyone can travel freely into the ‘Heart of Israel’ unhindered on Israel’s own public transport. This is a very serious security risk for Israel and the Jewish people, especially with the Palestinians in Gaza preparing for another sustained attack against Israel. I dread to think what security issues Israel faces from this backdoor passage into their country.

We ‘Hope and Pray’ that the Israeli security services know about this situation and have been watching it otherwise the security implications for Israel and the Jewish people are very worrying, especially if the Palestinians have been using this route to prepare for attacks against Israel. I have traveled this route and from my perception the Palestinians have a free unhindered journey into Israel to do whatever they please anywhere in the country.


29 January 2007

Eilat Suicide Bombing

A message of Solidarity and Condolences for Israel and the Jewish people after the suicide attack in Eilat - Israel.

I was privileged enough to have been in Eilat two weeks ago before travelling back to England, so it is very sad to now hear that the 'Islamic Palestinian suicide maniacs' have attacked the community and killed 3 of its innocent Jewish population.

Eilat is a Beautiful part of Israel and I personally hope this does not prevent people from now travelling there and experiencing the beauty of that part of the country.

May God bless the people of Eilat and strengthen the 'leadership'.

A Plea to the Queen - London Mega Mosque

Britain is to house the 2012 Olympic Games and building work is underway for the construction of the Olympic village and the redevelopment of the areas of London where the Games will be held and where visitors will be staying. The whole landscape of certain parts of London will be changed forever once the building work is complete. There is one extremely worrying aspect of redevelopment work though; there is a Saudi Arabian backed Islamic missionary organization called ‘Tablighi Jamaat’ who have been described by the intelligence community as a 'recruiting ground' for Al Qaeda. This group have submitted plans to the government to build a Mega Mosque in the Heart of our Capital. This group already has its Headquarters in Britian located in Dewsbury - Leeds, home of the lead bomber on 7/7 Mohammed Siddique Khan who also attended the Mosque there.

This Mosque, if given the go ahead will become the largest place of worship in Europe; it will be a gigantic three storey Islamic centre in the heart of London that will be able to hold 40,000 worshippers and an additional 30,000 in the adjoining buildings. This Muslim creation in the heart of our Christian land will have the capacity to hold in total, a maximum of 70,000 Muslim worshippers which is larger by far, than any Christian Church in Britain. The planners of this Mosque are hoping to have this 'monstrosity' built in time for the 2012 Olympics and it will act as a hub for Islamic competitors and spectators during the Games and will convert the area of London – West Ham- into a Muslim quarter of Britain. There are already Muslims descending on the area in preparation of this ‘Monstrous Mosque’ being erected. In sharp contrast to this act of idolatry in the ‘Heart of Our Christian Land’ a few miles away, one of Britain’s largest Christian Churches ‘Kingsway International Christian Centre’ with a congregation of 12,000 worshippers has lost its Church complex to make way for the Olympic village. As a Christian country 'we the people' are having to move our places of worship to make way for construction work and Islam is about to build upon the rubble.

The very worst aspect of this whole saga is that if this group is given the go ahead, and with their 100 million investment from Saudi Arabia they get to build their Mosque, then when the world wide audience of the Olympic Games gets to view an Ariel shot of our ‘Once Great London landscape’ (the Heart of Britain) and the Olympic complex on their TV screens, they will also be confronted with this Mosque because it will be one of the largest buildings in London towering above all other buildings including our iconic Christian Churches, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey and will act as a sign to the whole world as to the strength and dominance of Islam in Britain.

If this Islamic building is given the go ahead and constructed in the Heart of Our Land then it will act as one sure sign to the whole world that ‘Great Britain’ and its people have lost their Christian heritage and that Islam is now the dominant force throughout the landscape on the ground.

How can anyone in their sane mind think that it is acceptable to allow for this building to be created and built and act as one of the most prominent landmarks in Britain? This is a ‘Monstrous Islamic building’ in a Christian land being built in the Heart of London our Capital city, the Heart of this Christian Country. This Mosque would be an affront and abomination to Our God if allowed to proceed and could act as the catalyst for the total collapse of this country, not least the Royal Family where the Queen is supposed to be the Head of the Church of England and defender of the Faith. That’s the Christian Faith and not the Islamic Faith. It is now the responsibility of the Queen our Sovereign Ruler of this Land and its people to now intervene for the sake of the non-Muslim populace of Britain and prevent this Muslim ‘sign of dominance’ being allowed to be erected in the Heart of our Homeland. If the Queen does not intervene as the Head of the Church of England and defender of the Faith then she is failing in her duty to the British people and God will judge accordingly. We already hear rumblings that if Prince Charles becomes King then he will seek to become ‘Defender of the Faith’s’. What an abominable act before our God, that a supposedly Christian King, defender of the Christian Faith and Head of the Church of England would give up that title which is the only title for the Sovereign Ruler of this land so that he can appease the Muslim enemy living in his country. Another sign of the ‘Muslim Kingdoms’ strength and advancement within Britain and shows us the people that the ruling elite have lost touch with the reality of what their country faces. Or are they acting in surrender because they know the real threat that our country faces and believe that surrender to the enemy is the only option? The British people’s motto is ‘No Surrender’, so the Royal Family will face God’s judgment for rejecting him and embracing this invading enemy seeking to kill the Christian and Jewish people of Britain and enforcing Islam upon the landscape.

The plea to the Queen as the ultimate ruler of this ‘Once Great Christian Land’ has to be that she will intervene to prevent this sign of surrender to the Islamic world from being constructed in our homeland. Can you imagine what our friends and allies around the world will think of Our 'Nation' if this towering monstrosity is given permission to be built over and above the Great Christian Churches in the Heart of London? It would not surprise me if friends and allies around the world turned their backs on Britain and its people as a lost cause if they have not already, for allowing this sign of ‘Islamic Supremacy’ to be built in the heart of Europe.

It is now the Queen of England’s responsibility to act in defense of her people and lead us through the dark times ahead.

The Queen should start by immediately asking for Ken Livingstone’s head on a plate. Ken Livingstone is the biggest threat to Britain and is the one who is continually giving the Muslim community in London everything they want and need for their advancement in our country. Ken Livingstone was elected as the Mayor of London and during his time in office he has shown his true colors as a raging anti-Semite and Muslim supporter, not least his agreement to have this Islamic landmark built in Our Capital city. Ken Livingstone is the biggest threat to the security of the non-Muslim people of London and that ultimately will have a detrimental effect for the ‘National Security’ of rest of the country. It is about time the ruling elite acted and removed this enemy and threat to the Crown from his position of authority and replaced him with a Christian leader to lead the people of London. If Ken Livingstone is left in office then you can guarantee that he will continue leading London into the hands of Islam as he is showing with his continued actions. He has shown time and time again his commitment to the Islamic community of London and this act of appeasement should act as the final ‘wake up call’ before it is to late, for all non-Muslims living in the heart of our Christian Country.

Ken Livingstone is the most blatant example of a ‘Muslim appeaser’ in Britain and shows us the British people where his loyalties lie. He lives and works amongst the Islamic kingdom of London so knows exactly what is happening on the ground in London and what is coming, all he cares about is himself and his own safety that’s why at every opportunity he is appeasing Muslims because he knows that if they achieve their ultimate aims of taking over Britain, then he will be looked upon as a friend and champion of the Muslims and might receive protection from harm, like the traitors from the Jewish community that helped the Germans during the Holocaust. He is nothing more than a sell out and a disgrace to the True British people and should be removed immediately for the security of the Heart of Britain.

Let us all ‘Hope and Pray’ that this Mosque does not become a ‘Dark Shadow’ over our Capital city and a sign of things to come. Once built, we will all be past the point of no return.

"Below is an article I wrote several months ago after it was revealed that the son of Britain’s most Radical preacher ‘Abu Hamza’ who also has convictions for terrorism was found to be working on some of the most sensitive parts of our London underground network. Ken Livingstone’s word’s of support for Abu Hamza’s son shows the threat the non-Muslim people of London face with this man in a position of responsibility representing the people of London. It shows where his loyalties lie and it is not with the true British people of London".

London Mayor is a Traitor

Ken Livingstone the Mayor of London is portraying himself as a friend to the Muslims, probably for his own survival in the future onslaught by Radicals against Britain. His appeasement of Islam and Muslims is a disgrace and treasonous when we have Muslims blowing up trains and buses in our Capital and declaring Jihad and other threats to kill on our streets. The proof and evidence is clear to see. These are the types of people that our low life London Mayor is standing shoulder to shoulder with against America, Israel and the British Government. He should be sacked and stripped of any public voice in support of our enemies.

As a British citizen my country stands shoulder to shoulder with America and Israel in this War on Terror that’s why we are in Afghanistan and Iraq with our sons and daughters giving there lives in pursuit of peace and security in this world, so why do we have a leader of Ken Livingstone’s caliber in such an important position in our country, being the Mayor of our Capital City, London?

He has the responsibility to lead Londoners yet the man is a disgrace and an offence to the British public and our way of life, and threatens the safety and security of London the heart of my country.I feel sorry for the Jewish community who live in our Capital who have no choice but to accept Mr. Livingstone as there Mayor due to the blatant anti-Semitic opinions this man carries, opinions he has publicly voiced on numerous occasions.

Knowing the horrors the Jewish world experienced and witnessed during the Second World War should be enough to stop any civilized human being from ever using this event as a way of antagonizing a Jewish person, but oh no, not Old Kenny Boy, he has no problem with accusing a Jewish journalist of reminding him of a Nazi prison guard during the Holocaust. Can you imagine a leader within a Democratic country actually saying those words in complete disregard for the whole of the Jewish world and there traumatic history? The answer should be a resounding NO, but I am afraid it is not, as Old Kenny Boy our great London Mayor actually said it, so this shows how he views a jewel in our British society – The Jewish community. But old Kenny Boy doesn’t stop there with his blatant anti-Semitic opinions and rhetoric, oh no, Our supposed Great London leader actually entertains and has dinner with the devil, an outspoken Muslim cleric who is a advocate of Terror and a blatant anti-Semite. Lets remember here that no one within the Jewish community has ever carried out acts of Terror against the innocent population of Britain and if it did I guarantee that the rest of the Jewish community would publicly lynch those responsible for such crimes and hand them over to our authorities immediately because that’s how civilized people think and act. Not the Muslims though, they have carried out acts of mass carnage, continue to carry out carnage on a daily basis and openly voice there hatred of the West and the Jewish people. It doesn’t take Einstein to work out that the Jewish community in Britain is small and no threat whatsoever and the Muslim community is massive and a serious threat to British security so why on Earth do we have a person in such a responsible position of Authority conducting his office the way Old Kenny Boy does?

Any leader in this Once Great Land should be here to protect peaceful minorities from any threat internally or externally that they face, but No we have Old Kenny Boy who is appeasing and supporting those who incite murder and hatred against the West and the Jewish people, leading this Once Great City. This shows just how far my country has fallen in disgrace and is a very worrying indication of the future.

The next part of this article is the most worrying and should call into question once again Old Kenny Boy’s suitability to run the office of London Mayor. All the heads of our security services should at once petition our Government to have Old Kenny Boy removed as a threat to our national security.

The whole world knows of Abu Hamza, the man with the hook, he is Al Qaeda’s man in Europe who has recruited many Muslims to fight Jihad and conduct terror against the Western world. His ambitions are the same as Osama Bin Ladens and they are working to the same Islamic agenda, luckily though he is at present locked up in the “Holiday inn” for Muslim extremists - Belmarsh Prison. His son is not though and is free to carry on the family tradition of conducting Jihad against the non-Muslim world. His son Kamel Mostafa is a convicted Muslim terrorist who spent 3 years in a Yemeni jail for plotting a bombing campaign, so we have proof that he is following in the family tradition.

One might conclude then that he is a potential threat to the non-Muslim world and especially the country he is living in, namely Britain. Luckily our authorities realize this and when it was discovered that he was working on the London Underground working in some of the most sensitive parts of the system that would likely be targets of attack he was immediately removed. This quite obviously was a blatant infiltration of our underground network by a convicted Muslim Terrorist. Not one non-Muslim British citizen could view this situation as anything less than what it was, especially with the memory of 7/7 so clearly in our minds. So when the London underground found out about this, Mr. Mostafa was immediately removed from his position and an inquiry launched so that this type of infiltration doesn’t happen again. Let’s face it though there are Muslims in every area of British life now so the threat is real and present.

This Jihad soldier was only found out because of who his father is, and then the underground had grounds to dismiss him on, otherwise the underground would be being sued now if it isn’t already for sacking him.

What does our Great Leader of the great British Londoners think about this situation? We hope that he thinks like all other true British citizens who live the length and breadth of this country. These are his words from the BBC:-“Ken Livingstone had earlier said he was "happy" for Mohammed Kamel Mostafa, son of jailed Islamic cleric Abu Hamza, to be working on the underground”.

“You what” – Old Kenny Boy is “happy” for this convicted terrorist and son of Britain’s most notorious terrorist to be working on our London underground, the place where many British citizens where killed and maimed and the place where there is potential for further attack. If this does not call into question Old Kenny Boy’s suitability for the position and office he holds then nothing will.

Imagine how the surviving families or the surviving injured from 7/7 would feel if they heard Livingstone’s stance on this situation. He is in office to serve and protect the people of London and this kind of comment on top of all the other comments he has made shows us that he is not on the side of the true British Londoner but on the side of our enemies the Muslims. It is about time Old Kenny Boy cleared out his office and moved way for a true London Mayor who has the concerns of true peaceful Londoners on his heart.Old Kenny Boy did eventually back down from his comments though and it is obvious why. Every Londoner knows there is no way Mr. Mostafa should be working on our underground especially after 7/7, and Old Kenny Boy’s advisors knew this and would have told him immediately about public opinion so he had no other choice but to back track on what he said. The thing is though he did say it so it shows us what he is thinking.

Your time is up Mr. Livingstone and we look forward to a new True British London Mayor who has the concerns and safety of the British Capital at heart. There should be no place in British leadership for anti-Semites and you Mr. Livingstone are the most blatant. By your own words you stand condemned.

I pray that God will now remove you.


28 January 2007

Where is the British people’s Guantánamo Bay?

Stationed at the southern side of Cuba is a U.S Army prison camp for those who are arrested fighting their ‘war of conquest’ against America and its citizens called Guantánamo Bay. This houses Moslems from around the world who have been captured fighting against America and that are planning terrorist attacks or engaged in terrorism against the American people.

They are from an army of ‘Moslem Jihad fighters’ around the world who want nothing less than the complete destruction of the Western World and its way of life. The soldiers sent from the pit of hell are engaged in murder and bloodshed aimed at America, Israel and the whole Western world. The Moslems who have been captured are thankfully removed from the worlds population so that they cannot continue their aims of murder and bloodshed. They are then subsequently interrogated so as to be able to find out the true nature and scope of the Jihad fighters global war and obtain the information needed to prevent future attacks against innocent American civilians in the war.

There is a lot of negative press in the media about this prison camp due to Moslem human rights issues but in my view America has done the right thing and continues to do the right thing in keeping this camp open and functioning in the war against Islam. These Moslems captured have given up any right to be living in a civilized world when they went to war with us, with the aim of ‘Islamic global domination’. I for one do not want to live in a global Islamic state, which these people are seeking to enforce upon me and my children, so agree totally with Guantánamo Bay and its actions. The government has a responsibility to act in defense of its people and their homeland. This prison camp is one weapon in America’s defensive war against the worlds ‘Islamic enemy’.

In Britain we the British people face the same ‘Islamic enemy’ as the whole civilized world faces, who are seeking to kill our citizens and enforce Islam upon our land. Our government can no longer contain the problem or should I say; that because of this generation’s leadership and its inaction, we the British people have almost lost the civil war against Islam and its British Moslem followers who are living in our midst, and it is only a matter of time before they completely take over and rule this country. We have almost lost against this part of their war of conquest against us because our government has blinded people’s eyes to the truth and allowed the Islamic kingdom in Britain to grow in stature and influence completely in the face of the British people. Our government has vilified anyone speaking out against Islam and its adherents the Moslems as ‘racists’, they have appeased the Moslem community at every opportunity and the Islamic communities up and down our country have been allowed to grown in strength with the sole aim and purpose of taking over and enforcing Islam upon the non-Moslem citizens of this ‘Once Great Land’.

To give you an insight into how bad the situation is that the British people face, our Head of MI5 came out towards the end of last year and gave a public speech detailing the threat that the British people face from the ‘military wing of Islam’ in our country. In her own words there are:-

. 1,600 Moslems under surveillance, who are a threat to the National Security of Britain.

. 200 Terrorist networks being watched.

. 30 Acts of terrorism in place against the country.

. The greatest fear is the speed of young Moslem being recruited and radicalized.

. They do not have the resources to tackle anymore of the terrorist threat Britain faces.

If that is not a serious threat that Britain faces then I dread to know what is.

That is the uncovered Islamic threat facing Britain as outlined by the head of our domestic security service MI5 as of the end of 2006. The problem will have most definitely increased since then and it is only a matter of time before another act of mass carnage upon British streets is perpetrated by the Moslem community who are always claiming they are from the ‘religion of peace’ whilst their military wing is conducting Holy war.

Britain will have completely lost this civil war unless our government acts now before it is too late. There is one option left and it is the only option for the security of this country, its people and for future generations. The British people have left the Moslem situation in the hands of the government expecting and hoping that the government had it under control. We the people have no other option but to leave it in the government’s hands because if we act in defense of our country and birthright then we will be locked away as criminals while the Moslems continue to conduct their war and hate against our wives and children. The British people have left this situation at the feet of this government and that is why we have almost lost this civil war and our country stands on the brink of total collapse with Islam building upon the ashes.

John Reid our Home secretary who deals with the internal affairs of our country, this week, has had to publicly come out and ask criminal judges not to send people to prison unless in extreme cases. There has been public uproar because there have been pedophiles which is the worst crime in our society which the Moslem community condones who have been allowed to walk free because of lack of space in our prison population to house them. Our prison system has now reached bursting point and cannot contain anymore highly dangerous individuals who are a threat to our society.

2 weeks ago channel 4’s dispatches programme aired a documentary on radical preaching in supposedly moderate Mosque’s in Britain. There is video evidence of religious intolerance, holy war, murder, exploitation and treason against the British Crown, government and people, yet these people continue to walk the streets of Britain amongst their Islamic community influencing others with their views.

Each of those Moslem leaders captured on film should be arrested and placed before a court as being a threat to our National Security, yet they are allowed to walk free. They walk free because, one, there are people in our Labour government who are Moslem appeasers and fear the backlash, and two, our prison population is so full that we have no where to house them anymore. We the non-Moslem British people of Britain are left with these devils sent from hell to walk our streets in safety, recruiting for and conducting war against the non-Moslem population with the one aim in mind - ‘conquest’. Why is our government not protecting its non-Moslem citizens from this Islamic army who are hell bent on our total destruction?

Everyone blames John Reid for this problem; he took on his role as the Home secretary after his predecessor was fired for allowing some serious failings to happen under his watch, failings that left innocent people dead and the community at large under threat from foreign and domestic criminals. The shambles of our home office that has left our country in a complete mess is going to take a generation to rectify, this prison situation is the legacy of John Reid’s predecessor and in my opinion is not John Reid’s fault. The question is; how much back bone has John Reid got to rectify it and is he out to serve the interests of the British public or his ruling party? At this point in time he has my vote as a leader with backbone after his meeting with the Moslem mouthpiece ‘Trevor Brook’s’, we sit back now and watch and wait with anticipation to see how he deals with this crisis to our National security. The future of this country and our children’s futures depend on the decisions of this leadership. The threat we face is not a distant threat on distant shores anymore, the threat we face has been living amongst us, feeding from us and growing for 50 years and are now seeking to take over and enforce its way of life upon us

It is about time Britain learned from America in this war with Islam and constructed its own Guantánamo Bay? We have Moslems preaching war, conducting war and preaching hate against us. Our security services have identified 1,600 Jihad fighters, 200 networks and 30 planned terrorist operations, so why have these people not been arrested and placed somewhere so they can be interrogated for the safety of the British people? Somewhere like America’s Guantánamo Bay.

The British government allows Jihad fighters to walk free upon British streets, conduct acts of war against the non-Moslem population, preach hate against the non-Moslem population and call for Jihad which is the conquest of our Land. There is no space in our prison population to house the domestic enemy who is conducting civil war, so we the British people are left with this murderous enemy surrounding us, festering and calling for murder and bloodshed against us. We can do nothing to protect ourselves and our country because we will be arrested for our actions and we can say nothing because again we will be arrested and vilified for being ‘racist’, while the Moslem community sits back laughing at us with total scorn and moves one step closer to conquering our land and our children’s inheritance.

Now is the time for John Reid to show the British people that he is the man to lead the British people and rise to the challenge his office faces and act in defense of the British people and create a prison like Guantánamo Bay where we can send all those Moslems who hate the British people and our way of life, who are calling for war against us and who are actively engaged in terrorist activity. If our leadership does not do what they need to do in defense of its people then Britain which was once one of the greatest Nations on earth will become an Islamic state governed by Islamic Law, ‘Sharia Law’

I for one do not want to see my country lost and in the hands of Moslems, for the sake of my children and my fellow British non-Moslem citizen’s children so hope that this government ‘wakes up’ and acts soon for its non-Moslem British population before it is too late.

We need an internment camp just like Guantánamo Bay so that the British security services can arrest and interrogate every Islamic enemy who is walking the streets of Britain to protect the British public, that is what they are there for. There is no place in our civilized society for these murderous misfits and the sooner they are locked up for the protection of the British people the better. These people are openly declaring war and conquest against us and are allowed to continue walking the streets unhindered to further their aims of ‘dominance and conquest’ because of this government’s inaction.

Give us a British Guantánamo Bay before it is too late!


26 January 2007

'Shame' on the British Government - Under Cover Mosque

Dispatches – ‘Undercover Mosque’ 15th January 2007

Watch it now on google video - click here

Finally the British people have been shown the truth about the enemy lurking in their midst who are seeking to conquer their land and change theirs, and their children’s way of life. The only thing is, which I am sad to say, is that nobody watched it and the national media chose to ignore it.

I was in
Israel when the undercover investigation into UK mosques was aired on British TV. All of the American and Jewish websites I read where following the story because in every bodies eyes this was a really big story because finally the British people were going to be shown the truth about Islam; ‘the enemy in their midst’. When I returned home the first thing I asked people when I spoke to them was, did you watch Dispatches? and everyone I have asked bar one has said ‘No’. This is completely shocking considering what the documentary contained and shows the British peoples complacency in the face of their enemy. The one person who did watch it was shocked, amazed, disgusted, and reviled at what he had just witnessed on British TV about what is happening within our country. He was expecting this to be the biggest news story the next day considering the nature of the hate speech and threat the British people face from the Muslim community, but no, the British people were forced to endure the public lynching through the media of a contestant of celebrity ‘big brother’ under the guise of being racist for calling an Indian woman Mrs. PopOdom because she could not pronounce her name right. The public lynching of this young woman even made it into the House of Commons and was even mentioned by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.


This woman has been vilified by the mainstream press as a racist and has acted as a warning to the British public as to what happens if you are classed as racist. (The Muslim community uses the race card very well when confronted on issues, which scare’s people away from confronting them). Why was the leadership of our country discussing a young lady who called a woman PopOdom, when you had Muslims openly calling for acts of violence and treason against the Queen, government and the British people within their Mosques? How much longer is our government going to ignore this invading force in our midst that are out to conquer our land?

It is about time our Labour government faced up to its failures with the Muslim community and started debating the threat to our National security that we face. In their own words, as shown on Dispatches the whole Muslim community views us British non-Muslims as second class citizens whom they revile and hate and the longer it is left to fester, then the more chance they have of achieving Islam’s ultimate aims.

I am a Christian and from the views expressed throughout this documentary the Muslim community in Britain hates me, the same as they do you who are a non-believer and the Jews, and if they had their way they would kill us all. This should act as a ‘wake up call’ to what the future holds if we do not act now and remove this cancer from amongst us. We might even be past the point of no return, so there could be many people who are sleep walking into the abyss of Islam and the consequences that holds.


The Mosques before they were filmed were dubbed the face of Muslim moderation in Britain and have links to Tony Blair and his government who have praised them for their inter-faith and multicultural work. If this is moderation and inter-faith then ‘God only knows’ what else is happening under the surface and how serious the threat is that Britain faces. MI5 have a good idea, that’s why they have come out and held their hands up to say that they do not have the resources to contain the problem anymore, thus washing their hands of the blame, and rightly so, of the next terrorist attack to hit Britain. It is the Labour government’s responsibility to now act because they are the ones who have led the British people into this situation that has consequences for future generations. We cannot use the Iraq war as an excuse; Labour has had an open door policy with Muslim Extremists for over 20 years, who they have given safe haven to, and they continue to allow unrestricted access to our country of people who want to destroy us and our way of life. The problems this generation and future generations face lays solely at this Labour government’s door and Blairs leadership. This government has destroyed the British identity, British moral and potentially the future of this country. Iraq is a lame cop out excuse to blame all the other Labour failings on. Blair and his people have destroyed Britain and our children’s futures. It is about time they acted for the British people now who put them in power and stop acting as ‘Dihmmis’ for the Muslim community who completely reject democracy and are seeking to implement Islamic law as the rule for this land.

The Islamic threat is here, is very real and is growing by the day and this Labour government does absolutely nothing to protect us and our national heritage that our forefathers fought and died for. This country and its laws are a sham and the Muslims are using our laws against us. They have absolutely no regard for our laws; they are just living under them at the moment. Those same laws protect them and help them with their advancement because it protects them and we the people can do nothing but sit back and watch as our children’s futures are washed down the drain and into the hands of Islam.

‘Just imagine’, these Muslims in our midst think it is permissible to marry 9 year old girls and have sex with them because it is what their prophet Mohamed did and they are commanded to emulate him and his ways. That is the type of future we are going to be leaving for our children unless our government acts in defense of its non-Muslim citizens. One of the preachers in the dispatches documentary outlines the Muslim view on this and in his own words he said, it is permissible to take a pre pubescent girl and marry her. He is aiding and abetting a crime against vulnerable children and giving pedophiles the green light to sexually abuse young girls. You dread to think what is happening behind closed doors throughout the Muslim community of Britain. Even worse is the fact that the prophet of Islam when he was 50 years of age married a 9 year old girl. All, not some, Muslims look to him as there model and we have these people living amongst us and our children.

If any non-Muslim citizen said anything near as inflammatory as what the preachers filmed in this documentary said you could guarantee without doubt that they would be immediately arrested with certain prosecution if charges could be brought and publicly lynched and vilified throughout the media. Look at the example of the young lady who called the Indian woman Mrs. PopOdom, she has been crucified in the media and potentially her whole life ruined because of a very weak allegation of racism and at the same time you have these Muslim preachers preaching hate, war and treason and not a word is said. This is another example of Labours inaction and leaves the British people disillusioned as to why our government is allowing this hatred aimed at its people to continue.

In Britain we have a legal political party called the ‘British National Party’; it is a political party who are concerned about the affairs of the indigenous Anglo-Saxon people of Britain. This party is vilified throughout the media as being racists and is placed in the same category as the likes of Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri, those who continually preached murder and war against Britain. This is done for the
desired effect of turning people away from voting for them. Its leader Nick Griffin was filmed saying ‘Islam is a wicked and vile religion’, he was immediately arrested for those words and publicly lynched in front of the British public through the mainstream media as a racist. He was hauled before a court for those words and he and his family had to endure two court cases with the prospect of prison looming over his head for well over a year. How can it be fair that someone who is concerned about the future of Britain and the defense of the British identity, way of life and its people, be arrested and publicly vilified for a few words of truth, and these Muslims preaching hate, murder, sexual abuse and treason be allowed to walk free? Where is the justice for the non-Muslim British people in that? The majority of the British people are scared of the BNP because everyone is scared of being called racist because Labour has created these conditions. Racist = pariah and stiff upper lipped respectable British people do not want to be classed as racist. I am 30 years old and not once have I ever voted so this is not a plug for anything, in my view and opinion, if there is a political party who cares about the British people and its way of life then it has got to be the British National Party. I am not racist and have many friends of different ethnic origin but this is my country, the country that my Grandad put his life on the line to protect, so that my family could live in peace and security. All that he and countless other great British men and women fought for is being washed down the drain and into the hands of Islam by the leadership of our generation. It is now my generations turn to protect this country for the future generations, because if we do not then Islam will take over, they publicly state these aims. Muslims are commanded to take over and enforce Islam upon the land, it is an immovable fact in their faith and something dispatches has captured on film more than once, with several preachers preaching war and hate to their British Muslim audience. Something needs to be done before it is too late. We need a political party for the British people, not a political party serving the interests of the Muslim community especially when they are seeking to conquer our land and take our women and children as booty.

What the British Muslim Religious leaders are teaching their British followers in their own words which was captured by Channel 4’s Dispatches under cover reporter.

Note:- Kuffaar & Kaffir is the most derogatory term that can be used by a Muslim to categorize a non-Muslim, it is aimed at de-huminising and putting us in a sub-human category below that of any Muslim.

Abu Usama – Religious leader in Britain.
Guilty of racial hatred, religious intolerance, incitement to murder and treason, yet still walks free upon British streets to continue his teaching of hate against the British people to his British Muslim audience.

“All the Kuffar are Pathalogical liars”

“Not a single Muslim loves the kuffar, we hate the kuffar”

“Muslims shouldn’t be satisfied with anything other than living in a total Islamic state”

“Osama Bin Laden is better than a Million George Bush’s and a thousand Tony Blair’s because he is a Muslim”

“Anyone who changes his religion kill him in an Islamic state”

“There are people coming who will fight in the way of Allah, I encourage you to be amongst them. Lets begin to cultivate ourselves for the time is fastly approaching where the tables are going to turn and the Muslims are going to be in a position of being uppermost in strength, and when that happens, people wont be killed unjustly.”

“Do you practice Homosexuality with men?
Take that Homosexual man and throw him off the mountain”

“We want to make an official statement here. No way are we in agreement to what took place last year on this day in the Kuffaar calendar….But in saying that, we do not apologize for any aspect of this religion. There is Jihad in Islam. What is the most beloved and favorite thing to Allah? Jihad in the way of Allah”

“We ask Allah to bring about the means and ways in which the Muslims will get the power and the honor of repelling the oppression of the kuffaar where we can go out and perform the Jihad. We ask Allah to bring that time so we can be participants in that.”

“Muslims and non-Muslims cannot co-exist”

Dr Bilal Philips – Religious leader
Guilty of aiding and abetting the sexual exploitation of children, yet still walks free upon British streets to continue his teaching of pedophilia against the British people and their children to his British Muslim audience.

“The prophet Mohamed practically outlined the rules regarding marriage prior to puberty. With his practice he clarified what is permissible and that is why we should not have any issues about an older man marrying a younger woman which is looked down upon by this society today. But we know that the prophet Mohamed practiced it, it wasn’t abuse or exploitation it was marriage.”

Sheikh Suhaib Hasan – Religious leader who has met with Tony Blair regarding the implementation of Islamic law into the British constitution.
Guilty of treason and religious hatred, yet still walks free upon British streets to continue his teaching of hate against the British people to his British Muslim audience.

“Allah has decreed this thing that I am going to be dominant; the dominance of course is a political dominance”

“The chopping off of the hands of the thieves, the flogging of the adulterers and the flogging of the drunkards.”

“And then the Jihad against the non-Muslims who are the oppressors”

Sheikh Faiz – Religious leader
Guilty of treason and religious hatred, yet still walks free upon British streets to continue his teaching of hate against the British people to his British Muslim audience.

“kaffir – the worst word that can ever be written – a sign of infidelity – disbelief – filthy -sign of dirt”

“The peak, the pinnacle, the crest, the highest point, the pivot, the summit of Islam is Jihad”

“We want to have children and offer them as soldiers defending Islam”

“Put in their soft tender hearts the Zeal of Jihad and the love of martyrdom”

Dr Ijaz Mian – Religious Leader (traveling speaker)
Guilty of treason and religious hatred, yet still walks free upon British streets to continue his teaching of hate against the British people to his British Muslim audience.

(Praises the Saudi police and says they can arrest people for not praying)

“They send the police and they say.. Well, if you do not come for prayers..Close your shop, we will arrest you. But if you don’t then we have to bring the punishment on you…you will be killed and nobody will pray for you.”

(Wants the religious police operating upon British streets)
“They would make sure that every person prays to Allah five times a day, every woman will be covered from the top to the toes – Hijab – otherwise the police will just collect them.”

King, Queen, House of Commons – if you accept it then you are part of it, you do not accept it, then you have to dismantle it. So you being a Muslim you have to fix a target. There will be no House of Commons, from that white house to this black house. We know that we have to dismantle it.”

“You’re in a situation in which you have to live like a state within a state until you take over. But until this happens you have to preach, until you become such a force that people they just, just submit to you – Hands up – until you become strong enough to take over.”

“Every Kaffir has the right to Islam, you cannot accept the rule of the kaffir, we have to rule ourselves and we have to rule the others.”

Lord Nazir Ahmed - Britain’s first Muslim peer named Green lane Mosque where all of the preachers on the dispatches programme preach or have links, as his favorite spiritual place of worship in the country.
Guilty of aiding and abetting Terrorists, yet keeps his peerage and still walks free upon British streets.

“This is the most amazing place, when I walk into the Mosque I feel I am entering the biggest palace on Earth.”

A British patriot concerned about the wellbeing of his country and that of his kins folk.

Nick Griffin – Leader of a British political party.
Not Guilty for speaking the truth and saying “Islam is a wicked and vile religion”, yet he and his family had to endure 2 high profile court cases and being publicly lynched in the British media and is now labeled as a racist.

Where is the British justice and protection for the non-Muslim British people?


25 January 2007

Islam - From the pit of Hell

A Christian Perspective.

Within Britain, up and down the country, we have upwards of 2 million Muslims who view us as inferior people who believe it is their duty to convert us and our country into their way, ‘Islam’. They believe their reality is the truth and that we are un-enlightened people who need to accept their light, which is not light, it is pure darkness from the pit of hell, and if we do not accept it then they have permission to kill us.

This is a Christian country with a Judeo/Christian heritage and the inhabitants of this once Great Land have lived in the light, under the shadow of our Christian God for centuries, this is why we are a progressive, loving, accepting, peaceful people. Our God has led our civilization through these centuries to the present time, this is why as a race of people we view life and creation how we do, we have evolved over this time under the Shadow of Almighty God, but now as civilized peaceful people we are faced with the dark invading force of Islam and its blood thirsty desire of killing people in the name of Allah and enforcing itself upon peaceful people. Do we enforce ourselves upon Islam? No, we embrace you and Love you because that is what our God commands us to do. We Love you, our enemy, accept you, forgive you, embrace you but still you want to kill us and enforce Islam upon us. It could never happen and will never happen; Our God reigns Supreme so wake up and Cross over those who want to see the truth. Embrace the God of Love, the God of freedom, and the God of creation and live in peace with us your fellow human beings. The True light shines upon us and in our hearts that is how we can tell light from darkness, our light that has been burning bright for generation’s shines upon the darkness of Islam and exposes it for what it truly is! A death cult created by the devil to try to destroy God’s kingdom on Earth. Allah is an idol with no real power other than the power contained in the twisted ideology within the Koran that teaches people hate and murder. This complete ideology was created by the devil and communicated through Mohamed with the one aim in mind, to destroy God’s kingdom and people on Earth. God is a God of Love, not Hate and Murder, yet so many sad miss-guided human beings are following Islam and its murderous teachings at their eternal peril.

There can only be one God and being a Christian I know without doubt that my God the God of Love who loves all of creation that He created, is the one true God of this Universe and all of creation. All other gods including Allah are nothing more than idols created by the devil to lead people, God’s creation, away from the truth and a relationship with the true Master and Creator of all we can see.

Any intelligent person who is sitting on the fence not really knowing what to believe or who to believe would look at these two Religions and what they teach and know that Islam is a creation of the devil because of the darkness it contains, and that Christianity that has its roots in Judaism is the truth and the right path for all of creation either on an individual level or a civilization level because it is all about accepting one another, loving one another, forgiving one another and doing good to one another, a beacon of light for humanity.

As human civilization on Earth, Christianity and what it teaches radiates the true nature of God on Earth and is the eternal light that shines brightly, where as Islam and its murderous, suppressive and violent ways is the dark force seeking to stamp out that light and turn this world into utter darkness and a world governed by the devil through Islam and its psychotic suppressive ways.

We live as a people under the shadow of Islam and its agenda of complete world domination. This is an immovable fact within Islam and a fact that is in its final throws at completing what it was created to achieve. A world governed by Allah, with the false prophet Mohamed and his actions, as its role model for all Muslims around the world. What worse thought can there be than having a world full of people seeking to emulate Mohamed? The very worst thing about Mohamed is that he married and had sex with a 9-year-old girl. In our civilized Christian world we lock people up as sexual predators and pedophiles for that type of behavior, yet Mohamed did it and Muslims around the world continue to do it to this day, even in Britain, because Mohamed is their model to follow. Mohamed conducted many military campaigns, conquering lands and people so as to be able to enforce Islam upon them, thus Islam was birthed and grew through war and conquest. Islam is conducting a global war to conquer the world for Allah, because Mohamed is their example and this was how he achieved his aims. Mohamed taught there is no greater thing than to die fighting Jihad and killing the non-Muslim; this is why certain human beings are killing themselves to achieve Islam’s aims, the Koran teaches it. They believe that God will give them 72 sweet young Virgins for killing another human being, how delusional is that and again shows us the dark driving forces contained in Islam twisting peoples minds to achieve hate and murder against other human beings. How can any sane civilized person want to be a part of this false religion when these are the things it teaches human beings to do. How can anyone in their sane mind believe these things are right, those people who are in the Muslim kingdom are delusional, blinded by the darkness and need to wake up and see the light before it is to late for them. Jesus is the role model for Christianity and has taught us to Love one another, accept one another, do good to one another, live at peace with one another and have a relationship with Him. Look at the contrast, darkness and light, chalk and cheese as they say.

In the Western world our Leaders and parts of the Muslim community in our countries come out into the media proclaiming Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, these are lies fabricated to lead the uninformed masses into a false sense of security while the Muslim Kingdoms in our Lands grow. Other parts of the community are more truthful and tell the truth, that they are here to take over and enforce Islam upon us. Islam is peaceful if you’re a Muslim and especially if you’re male because you can do almost anything you want, all the negative human characteristics are permissible. The woman is completely subjected to men under Islamic law. Women in Muslim countries have absolutely no rights at all and are second-class citizens to the men. Non-Muslims in Muslim lands have to pay a tax called the jiza just so they can live in safety and can be taken as a slave at any moment by Muslim masters. In Saudi Arabia if a non-Muslim enters certain areas off limits to them, the punishment is death. The atrocities against humanity under the guise of Islam are horrendous and show any civilized person that Islam is the wrong way, so is a false religion meaning it is a creation of the devil.

In Britain the Muslim community comes out on TV declaring they are peaceful and that Islam is peaceful. These people are either complete liars or they are misguided because in my studies of Islam I have found nothing but murder, bloodshed, pedophilia and the quest for global domination. Switch on the TV, Internet or pick up a paper and look at the reflection in the mirror to yourself and your faith then tell me I am wrong. It is funny because even though you know the truth you still proclaim your innocence, either pure lies or you cannot see through the darkness. I hope this article acts as a glimmer of light in that dark perception of the world you have.

Any Muslims reading this, which camp are you from? There are no moderate Muslims because the only way to be moderate would be to take Mohamed out of the Koran. Taking Mohamed out of the Koran is like taking Jesus out of Christianity, which cannot be done. Mohamed is a warmongering pedophile and Jesus is a man of love and acceptance sent from God. I know whose message and ways I would rather seek to emulate and follow, who I would align my life with, and it definitely would not be with a pedophilic murderer. If you class yourself as Muslim then you are condoning Mohamed and his actions, this is a fact and should act for you to reject Islam and embracing the label ‘Muslim’.

You Muslims are the darkness in our lands seeking to enforce yourselves upon us. You have made yourself clear with your actions and intentions towards us. You have drawn the line in the sand and have set about conquering our lands on your mission set out by the devil. You will never achieve your aims because our God is real and yours is no more than an idol with no power other than the power to drive psychopaths to kill other human beings. Our God has the power to destroy the human body and also the human soul, this is the one to fear, your god has no power other than to feed sick dark human beings with hate and murder. You are on the wrong path; your path leads you to the pit of hell for believing and supporting the murder of Gods creation, the innocent men, women and children you delight in killing because Allah tells you to do it. My God tells me to enjoy life that He has given to me as a gift and yours tells you to enjoy death, come on wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late for you as your British mouthpiece ‘Abu Izzadeen’ would say.

As Christians we embrace you, forgive you and love you and the doors to our Churches and homes will always be open to you because we know our God is real and these are the things He teaches us to do. We sacrifice our lives through love and you sacrifice your lives through hate. We will never stop loving you and will die with that fact, but we also will not allow you to murder us either, so you make your choices. Either you are Muslim, and there is no middle ground on that question (all Muslims are from the same tree) on the side of barbarism and Islam’s war of conquest or you want to live in a loving peaceful environment with our God the Judeo/Christian God, the God of Israel.

The majority of Muslims living in Britain are peaceful people who enjoy the freedoms and liberties that living in our country gives them. They only receive these privileges and freedoms because they are living in a Christian land ruled by our God the God of Love. Take away that way of life and enforce Islam upon the majority with its murder, bloodshed and oppression and then see the views of that majority. All Muslims in Britain are ultimately supporting Islam and working towards the removal of our way of life so as to enforce Islam upon the land and people. If you are Muslim then you are the enemy because Mohamed is your role model and if you reject him as your role model then you are no longer Muslim and Christianity is the only option so you can practice your peace and love surrounded by others who are practicing peace and love.

No middle ground.

All of you Muslims living in Western countries should look to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia and if this is the type of regime you desire to live under then you should leave our Christian land and go and live with the oppressor under the doom and gloom of Islam. If you enjoy the life that our countries have gifted you with then you must embrace us and our God because these are the facts. If your fellow Muslims get there way they will turn this country into another Islamic state just like the murderous, suppressive countries we see around the world. If this is what you want then carry on being Muslim, if this is not what you want then Jesus is the way and the path that you must choose.

In Muslim countries Muslims who convert from Islam to any other religion are murdered as apostates, so Muslims throughout the world living in Islamic communities know that turning away from Islam is punishable by death. As a Christian in a Christian land our community offers protection and security for any one who rejects Islam, death for apostasy is not tolerated in our Christian country and we offer protection and sanctuary to anyone in fear for their lives from Islamic butchers. It is one more oppressive feature of Islam, making people live with the knowledge of punishment of death for rejecting the hate, murder and oppression of Islam.

What hope have Muslim women got of ever getting out of Islam? If you are a woman in a Muslim home and know that Islam is wrong then God will set you free, Jesus is who we pray to and He answers prayer when you talk to Him. He is the one you must now start talking to, He has power over all of creation and He loves you and will protect and guide you. He will never fail you. He will send Christians your way and the doors to His Church and Kingdom will always be open to you as a place of safety, sanctuary and refuge. He will give you a new life and a new hope in Him surrounded by people who accept you and love you. This is the Christian way, and if you are a man who is Muslim, our God is not the same, our God is Love your god is hate. Pick where you want to be, because Islam is at war with the world, what type of world do you want to live in, An Islamic world full of hate and oppression, or a Judeo/Christian world full of Love and acceptance?. Make your decision, and again Jesus is His name and He hears those who call out to Him, He will never fail you and the doors to His Church and Kingdom will always be open to you.

Death surrounds us all, I am right about my God or I am wrong, there is no middle ground! We cannot both be right. If you are unsure then call on His name and He will set you free and deliver you from darkness into light.

My God is living and true and is the worker of miracles. He has Angels to guide and protect. The only way you can receive the truth is by asking Him for it. If the darkness of Islam does not fit with the light in your soul then you must reject the lies created by the devil and embrace the truth. God says “Fear not for I am with you”, that is the peace we have as Christians especially through the darkness Islam has created for humanity.


22 January 2007

The Enemy we Face Part 1 & 2

Part 1 – The Jewish people’s 21st Century Enemy

“The Palestinian suicide bomber”

The whole world looks at Israel for good or for bad because of the inner turmoil the country faces. Israel is the only Democratic country in the Middle East and what is happening in that part of the world is a reflection of what the rest of the non-Muslim world faces.

Israel as a Nation stands within a tiny bit of land mass in the Middle East and is surrounded by large Islamic countries who all want to wipe her from the face of the Earth and have no problem openly declaring this aim, just like that what we hear coming from the leader of Iran - President Mahoud Ahmadinejad.

The whole of the civilized world knows what Islam and its adherents, the Muslims, are capable of. We have enough graphic images filling our TV and Internet screens of their murder and bloodshed that no one can doubt the evil aimed at Israel and the West by Islam.

Islam, from its very inception, was a Religion founded and birthed upon conquest of other lands and people. Nothing has changed over the centuries. Islam is in a state of perpetual war with the non-Islamic world as is outlined in the Dar al-Harb tenet of the faith. This is an immovable fact within Islam and an obligation to all Muslims. It is also Muslim belief as outlined in the Koran, that any piece of land that has been ruled by Muslims and converted from the Dar al-Harb to the Dar al-Islam, is eternally Islamic. If another ruling people who are not Muslim then take over the rule of that land, the Muslims have to fight that foe continually until the land is converted back under Islamic rule. 'Once Islamic eternally Islamic' is the belief as outlined in the Koran. This is again is an immovable fact, so when we look at the enemy we know there is absolutely no room for negotiations with them - it is all or nothing.

Israel is eternally God’s land, the land He gave to the Jewish people as an inheritance as outlined in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, so any claim to the land by Muslims is null and void. Israel is God's land, the Jewish people are His people, so Israel is in existence today and has the right to exist in the Holy Land because it is eternally God's land that He has given to the Jewish people. This is a fulfillment of End-time Biblical prophecy, that the Jewish people would have their homeland back (Israel), the land that He gave them as their inheritance in the End-times.

This is one of the pivotal conflict’s going on today in the Middle East. The Jewish people who want to live in peace and security within their small Nation state that has been given to them as their inheritance, and the entire Muslim world who is seeking to wipe the Jewish race from the Earth. This Islamic agenda starts within the land of Israel with the Palestinian Muslims under Hamas’ leadership being backed by other Islamic countries, seeking to destroy the State of Israel and murder the Jewish people so that they can take over and rule the land and turn Israel into Palestine. This agenda of murdering Jews then goes out throughout the entire world. If you look at the size of the Nation of Israel compared to all of the Islamic countries that surround it, you wonder why the Muslim’s will not accept its existence so that we can all live in peace and security. But NO; the whole of the Islamic world will not even recognize Israel’s right to exist as a country and are seeking for its total destruction and removal from that part of the world.

No room for negotiations just like there is No room for negotiations with the Islamic world when it comes to their war of global conquest. Death in the way of Jihad so that Islam can rule the world is the driving and motivational force of Islam and its followers.This war, in our generation that has been declared by the Muslim world is a war to the end now; Israel against her murderous Islamic neighbors intent on her complete and total destruction and the Western World against the global Islamic Jihad army seeking the conquest of our lands.

We, the Democratic free and peace loving people of the world enjoy the gift of life that God has granted us and enjoy living long and full lives upon the Earth. The enemy in the embodiment of Islam enjoys dying more than living and believes that killing us (infidels) is the highest command of their god. This is the nature of the enemy we face. We want to enjoy the gift of life that our God has given to us, and the Muslims enjoy dying and killing us because it is what their god commands.

21st Century Islamic soldier.
The Islamic Muslim soldiers who are fighting Jihad are fighting wanting to die, believing that to die fighting the infidel guarantees them a place in their false paradise. That’s not all though, they believe that dying in the cause of their god ‘Allah’ will guarantee them their place in paradise with an added ‘treat’ of 72 Virgins. What stronger motivation can there be for young men, that would drive them to want to die killing people, than to feed them the ‘Religious’ belief that a place called paradise awaits them, and for their macho bravery and courage in dying whilst fighting the infidel they will receive a reward of 72 young Virgins to live with in paradise forever. In Islam, to die in fighting the infidel is one of the only ways they can be assured a place in paradise. ‘Imagine’, there are 100’s of millions of young Muslim men throughout the entire Islamic world who are un-educated and have a very poor quality of life due to living under Islamic rule who are driven to depart from this life as soon as possible because they believe that what awaits them in the afterlife far exceeds their present human existence, they are willing participants in Islam’s Jihad against the non-Muslim world.

Islam has a large murderous guerrilla army of suicidal maniacs throughout the entire world who are intent on killing non-Muslims, conquering other lands, enforcing Islam on the world and who glorify in dying in the process of achieving their aims. This is the 21st Century Islamic soldier – The suicide soldier whom the non-Muslim world now faces.

Israel’s 21st Century enemy - The Palestinian suicide bomber.
Israel and the Jewish people understand the threat of the ‘21st century Islamic soldier’ better than any other Nation in the World and we must stand in solidarity with her and her actions in the face of this murderous suicidal adversary. We should look to Israel as our example of dealing with this internal threat that threatens the security of the Jewish people because that same Islamic threat is now upon our Western shores and is encamped within our lands.

The war being waged against Israel within her borders is being conducted by the Muslim Palestinian people who have elected Hamas as their leadership. Hamas is an extreme Religious Islamic group who have stated that they will accept nothing less than the complete destruction and removal of Israel from the Holy Land so they can turn it into Palestine.

Israel sits with this enemy within its borders, mainly in the Gaza strip and the West Bank, an enemy that is being pumped with money and weapons from the Islamic countries that surround her and who support the Palestinian peoples' war of conquest. Israel is far superior in every way including militarily, so the Islamic Palestinian people know they have no way of defeating her in a normal conventional military war like what we see in Afghanistan and Iraq. They do not have the military capability to fight Israel in this type of conventional war but will still not accept this fact and live in peace, so they use terrorism as their weapon of war against the Jewish people to achieve their delusional aims.

The Palestinians are ruled by Islam, Islam tells them that they must fight Jihad until the Holy Land becomes Dar al-Islam (the house of Islam) again. This is the murderous suicidal belief system that the Palestinian people have, which says that they cannot ever live in peace with Israel and the Jewish people. This is a fact that cannot be changed other than the Palestinian people turning away from Islam and embracing the true God, the God of Love. The Religious/Political leaders of the Palestinian people have used the principal and obligation of dying for Islam against the infidel to create an army of guerrilla fighters who want to die killing Jewish people. It does not stop there because they have also created the conditions for these suicidal maniacs to strap bombs to themselves in pursuit of their aims so that they can penetrate Israel, thus striking fear into the innocent Jewish population and killing indiscriminately. At one time Israel was the suicide bombing capital of the World with untold cases of Palestinian Muslims blowing themselves up in cafes and on buses on a daily and weekly basis, with the sole purpose of killing as many innocent Jews as possible. This is the 21st century enemy that Israel and the Jewish people face.

In their misguided belief the Islamic Palestinian people have no other option but to fight Israel to the end of days and have set out on this apocalyptic path. Israel knows this, and understandably, can no longer accept its people being murdered and terrorized by the Palestinian people and its suicidal maniac bombers. So what has Israel had to do to protect its citizens from this relentless enemy? She has had no other option but to build large security walls around Gaza and the West Bank to keep the suicidal maniac bombers contained within these areas.

Israel has been left with absolutely no other option but this, because of the Palestinian Muslim terrorist’s actions and thankfully for the Jewish people has taken this route and built the defensive wall and accepted a negative view from certain quarters around the world as a small price to pay for the protection of her people.

This army of suicidal maniacs that Israel has successfully contained is an army about to boil over into a larger terrorist war than it is already conducting. This 21st century army of suicide bombers has been nurtured and cultivated by the Palestinian leadership with the one aim in mind of killing Jewish people. This is a fact in our world today, and is a terrifying fact that the Jewish people face on a daily basis that shows us the stark reality and contrast between the civilized non-Muslim world and the un-civilized murderous Islamic world. This suicidal army intent on dying killing Jews is made up of young people who have been indoctrinated from birth and throughout their schooling years, into giving their lives for the Palestinian cause and war with Israel. They know no other way of life other than war with Israel and the desire to kill Jewish people because it is what their parents and teachers have been teaching them throughout their childhood. We teach our children to live civilized lives at peace with all people, they teach their children that there is no greater honor than to die killing Jews. So within Israel, located in Gaza and the West Bank, you have several generations of suicidal maniacs created by the Palestinian leadership with the one aim in mind of committing suicide ‘killing Jewish people’. The Palestinian people under Hamas and its former leadership the PLO believe they have been born to die for “Allah” and enjoy killing themselves believing falsely that paradise and its treats await them for their actions.

We must Respect the Jewish people for their bravery in the face of this enemy and stand with her in solidarity against this suicidal murderous Islamic threat, the threat that threatens Israel’s very existence, and a threat that also ultimately threatens the entire non-Muslim world.

We in the Western world now face our own challenges from Islam and its followers, the same challenges that Israel has faced and survived for over 50 years.

Part 2 – Britain’s 21st century enemy

“The homegrown Muslim Suicide bomber”

First we must look at the facts to draw our conclusions from, to see what the future holds for Britain and its non-Muslim population. We know that Muslims enjoy committing suicide to kill the infidel because they believe they will go straight to paradise and be met with 72 young virgins for their psychotic actions of killing innocent people indiscriminately. Muslims are commanded through the Koran to conduct Jihad against the non-Muslim world so as to enforce Islam and Sharia law upon the world’s population. In Britain we have almost 2 million Muslims living amongst us with the majority of that 2 million being of Pakistani descent, third and fourth generation who have been born here in Britain and who class this country as theirs. There is an average of 400,000 British born Pakistani’s who travel freely between Britain and Pakistan every year. Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda operatives who have a safe haven in Afghanistan travel freely between there and Pakistan conducting training and recruitment of their global Jihad against the Western world. It is a known fact that Al Qaeda has a very strong presence and base of support throughout Pakistan, obviously because it is an Islamic country, where the views of the vast majority of its people towards the West and its non-Muslim population’s are the same views as Osama Bin Laden and his army of Al Qaeda followers who are actively fighting Jihad against us and our way of life. There have been Al Qaeda cells in Britain who have been planning acts of mass murder on British streets that have been discovered and thankfully broken up, who have links back to Al Qaeda in Pakistan.

Pakistani Muslims, whether British born or not, are the central threat to Britain. We know this to be a fact from the actions already from British born Pakistani’s that have publicly declared their support of Osama Bin Laden, with his aims of global domination, and who continually preach hatred, murder and Jihad against Britain and the West on a daily basis. For some insane reason the British Government allows these traitors to the British Crown continue their Jihad unhindered without any fear of arrest and imprisonment. These Jihad fighters laugh in the face of the British government and the people of this country because those in authority are too scared to act in defense of this land and its way of life so the enemy is allowed to continue its war of conquest unhindered.

The first ever British suicide bombers, not that you could call them British because they are not, were just born in Britain, and these British born Pakistanis traveled to Israel and conducted a cowardly act of mass murder against the Jewish people on behalf of Hamas. One of the bombers blew up ‘Mike's Place’ in Tel Aviv and the other whose bomb did not explode was later found dead in a river, probably murdered by his Palestinian handlers so he could not expose them. These two bombers traveled to Gaza and met with the 'International Solidarity Movement' before setting out on their suicide mission. The ISM is an organization comprised of international anarchists who travel to Israel to support the Palestinian Islamic agenda of destroying Israel. (I was privileged enough last year to infiltrate this group in the West Bank and obtain photographic evidence as to the true nature of what this group stands for, and the type of activists it has helping it achieve its aims).

The next suicidal, Islamic inspired atrocity, conducted by British Muslims was on the streets of London on 7/7 when three underground trains and a London bus were bombed killing 52 innocent people and wounding over 700. Three British born Pakistani Muslims and a Jamaican convert conducted this act of war as declared by Al Qaeda against the British people. All three of the Pakistani bombers had links back to Al Qaeda in Pakistan where they attended Religious schools and also Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan.

Two weeks after the events of 7/7 on 21/7 we had more Muslim suicidal maniacs who tried to blow themselves up again on London underground trains and buses. One of the bombers was sitting right next to a young woman and her baby when he detonated his bomb. Thankfully none of the bombs exploded and another event of mass carnage on British streets was avoided. These psychotic maniacs were mainly of Somali origin, which may be why the bombs never detonated. I am sure that if they had of been of Pakistani origin then the events on that day would have turned out totally different.

This is the background to the threat that Britain faces based on the facts. We have extremely large numbers of homegrown Pakistani Muslim suicidal maniacs on British streets who want to die killing non-Muslim British citizens. We also have Muslims of different nationalities born here and abroad who are living amongst us in our country, who desire to kill British citizens for Islam. These are facts and give us a scary picture in which to view the future.

Encamped within our land we have large Islamic communities throughout the length and breadth of the country. Islam’s agenda as outlined in the Koran is to fight Jihad with the non-believer until Islam reigns supreme and the land is conquered. The Islamic community in Britain obviously feels strong enough now to rise up and fight Jihad against the non-Muslims living in this land and are conducting their war of conquest as is seen with the acts of mass murder, potential acts of mass murder and hate, and calls for Jihad being spewed out from the Muslim community throughout Britain. These Muslim psychotic maniacs enjoy killing themselves through killing innocent people, and are the enemy living amongst us who are working towards our destruction.

We have absolutely no way of containing the homegrown suicide bomber because the Islamic communities where they live are a part of British life with no borders. They are part and parcel of Britain and have a free reign in our country to do what they please, including recruiting and conducting Jihad against their fellow British citizens and the Western world. The government, security services and police are powerless to prevent Islam’s Jihad against Britain because the Pakistani Muslim community and non-Pakistani Muslim community are so large and so widespread that they cannot contain this problem.

The question is not if it will happen again, the question is when will it happen again and how will it happen?

Israel has lived with this same threat within its borders for over 50 years and has reached some point of containment and prevented more acts of mass murder aimed at its civilians by building its defensive wall to prevent the suicidal maniacs from entering its towns and cities with their bombs and killing innocent people. Britain has absolutely no way of containing the Muslim population within its borders like what Israel has been able to do, because the Muslim community throughout Britain has a free reign in the country so we cannot build walls to contain them, they are everywhere and in every walk of life mixing with the non-Muslim population on a daily basis proclaiming Islam as a religion of peace when Islam teaches them to conduct Jihad and take over and enforce Islam upon the people.

Right now within Britain there are large numbers of British born Muslim youths who hate our way of life, who are conducting Jihad with the aim of destroying our Judeo/Christian inheritance and enforcing Islam upon the land. That same group of people believe that dying in the process of killing us, the 'non-believers', is the highest and most sought after act a Muslim can aspire to, so they desire to commit suicide, killing innocent people. These suicidal maniacs are living amongst us waiting for their orders to carry out their psychotic suicidal missions against vulnerable innocent people. These are the homegrown Suicide bombers waiting to be released upon our country and into our communities.

We look to Israel to see how the Islamists have used terror upon the Jewish people and learn that these maniacs who enjoy dying achieve their aims by blowing themselves up indiscriminately, on buses, in night clubs, cafes and in shopping malls. This is the homegrown British suicide maniac's model of terror in which to follow, and thus acts as a warning to us the British people as to where and how our fellow British Muslims are going to start attacking us. There is absolutely no way the British security service or police can prevent acts of mass carnage perpetrated by these psychotic homegrown Muslim suicidal maniacs against the innocent British population so we must brace ourselves for acts of terror like what the Jewish people have experienced over the years. The targets these psychopaths will pick will be the most vulnerable to attack like cafes and buses just like in Israel.

The future for Britain sees homegrown Muslim suicide bombings in cafes, shopping malls, on buses and anywhere else they view as easy targets that will contain innocent people so as to try and strike fear into our hearts so that they can subdue us through fear and then enforce Islam upon the population.

We must be vigilant at all times and it is a sad fact to say, but we must also be ready to die at all times because these homegrown British born Pakistani Muslims who are living amongst us proclaiming they are peaceful have declared war upon Britain and its non-Muslim population, and through their actions which we have already seen, are more than willing and capable of kill innocent people at any time with no warning, to further their war of conquest against Britain.

Beware of the homegrown suicide bomber because this is the cowardly enemy the British people now face.