27 March 2009

Luton Demonstration Cancelled

The recent Luton demo that was to take place on Saturday 28th March in support of our armed services and to protest against Al Qaeda in Britain was cancelled at the final hour by almost everyone who was involved in it.

The local papers were filled with the story stating that the planned march had been hijacked by fascists, and right wing extremists. If that was the case then, there would have been nothing anyone could have said to have stopped it from going ahead.

These supposed fascists and right wing extremists were just normal everyday people who were willing to take to the streets of Luton in support of British troops and to protest about what’s going on in the town and country with regards to militant Islam. It seems that the ‘establishment’ would like to call everyone who wants to demonstrate against militant Islam within Great Britain as fascists, so the wider community who learn of these events whilst sitting on from afar do not get a clear picture of the true reality of what is really going on, on the ground.

Call them all ‘fascists’ and ‘right wing extremists’ and the people will believe that’s what we all are, when they don’t take the time to look at the reasoning behind our actions.

People are now starting to wake up and question the reality that now surrounds them, and what they are being told, rather than just believing the lies that cover the truth. They now see that the police and authorities are not on their side, but on the side of the ethnic minority extremists who spew their bile and hatred towards them.

Our British English community which is the ‘silent majority’ is not allowed to take to the streets to demonstrate and voice our opinions about what is going on in society, but the militant Moslems now living in our country are.

Work that one out, “the wider Luton non-Moslem community, and those from further afield watching the proceedings”.

The police actually sanctioned the recent Islamic extremists anti-war protest, and then protected them on the streets so that they could continue spewing their hatred and bile towards our serving troops. The police then eventually ended up arresting two Englishmen for public order offences because they were stirred up and incensed like everyone else by this group of Moslem terrorists. Not one of the Islamic militants who were protesting was arrested for their actions that day.

How can it be one rule for Islamic militants living in Britain who are aligned to Al Qaeda who want to destroy our Nation and implement an Islamic State on the people, and another for the rest of us who uphold the ideals of this country, and the ancient well worn British identity with its way of life, because it is imprinted within our souls? This present way of life constitutes our democratically elected government (however much we dislike it) and its functioning of State, our monarch Queen Elizabeth who is our Sovereign ruler, and head of the armed services, the rule of law which we all live under that has been created over the centuries and birthed democracy in the World, and the ancient history and culture of these isles.

Who should the ‘establishment’ be supporting in their endeavours on ground level?

We are the people living in the frontline, on the ground in British society, and if we fall you are all next, why do you think people are now taking desperate measures? We all, now, have our backs against the wall by a present government who trample on ‘us the people’, using the police as their private army to enforce their will against us, with the Islamic religion now taking centre stage within public life, and the militant’s of their religion terrorising our communities and threatening large scale terrorist attacks against us – This is modern life in 21st Century Britain

What are ‘we the people’ (citizens of the United Kingdom) on the receiving end of all of this supposed to do? Just sit back and accept this as second class citizens in our own country, the country our forefathers shed blood sweat toil and tears for, for us their descendents?

The recent Luton protest was narrowly avoided this time.

I helped promote the demo and contacted a few different groups who were travelling in for the day from all over the country. People who I stand with and who stand with me, because our objectives are the same. One of the groups is ‘March for England’, a well respected and well received organisation who unite and march under their banner at demonstrations that are close to their hearts and important to the Nation as a whole, a group of Englishman and fellow heirs of these isles. Check out their site to see the demos they have attended. Amongst them has been the march for justice for baby P, the march in support of the Ghurkas being granted full citizenship, and one recently with Steven Gash of SIOE demonstrating against the introduction of Sharia law into Britain. March for England were not travelling into Luton under their banner because this was not their event, but they and their members were willing to travel in, in support of the people of Luton and the demo that was in place, to stand in solidarity with everyone else who were willing to be here. This group is not a fascist group, or any such thing, it is a group of Englishmen plain and simple, with politics and anything else left outside of the arena when they stand under their MfE banner. This is a professional organisation that is going to unite a lot of people from all sections of the English community to stand together and march in the streets as the silent majority we have become in our own Nation. There is an interview in process with Dave who heads up MfE that will be up at Maggies notebook and Radarsite once it’s complete, then people can know who this group is, what their aims and intentions are, join with them, and offer any support and encouragement needed. For any who don’t remember, this is the group who counter demonstrated against the extremist Al-quds march in London recently.

There was also a well respected group initially travelling in from the Welsh Defence League who couldn’t make it in the end. Many of them wisely decided not to come because it was no longer an organised event and did not want to face arrest. It is good to know that our Welsh brothers are willing to stand with us in England as we are willing to stand with them.

Apart from these two groups, thanks to the 'facebook revolution' there were people from all over the country united in their righteous anger, willing and wanting to travel into Luton on Saturday to stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with everyone else to demonstrate against Al Qaeda in Britain, and show their support to our armed forces.

This shows the amount of feeling across the whole of the country about what is happening in Luton and across the Nation, with people from all over willing to travel from miles around to stand with their brothers and sisters on the streets in protest.

Luton has been a catalyst for a ‘people power’ revolution, this is our country after all, and it is about time we stood up together and said ‘enough is enough’ before it is too late.

The Luton demo might not have happened on Saturday, which has left a lot of people bewildered, disheartened and angry, but that doesn’t mean that nothing was achieved. Waiting in the wings across our Nation now is an army of people who are willing to leave the comfort of their own homes and unite in the streets for the sake of their country, and that cannot be ignored now by anyone. The Islamists are demonstrating on our streets, terrorising the police, the State and the people (our families), so now is our time to unite in the streets in our land. Not to terrorise the police or the people into submission through fear like the Islamists are doing, but to send a clear message to those who Lord it over us, and to our mortal civil enemy that now lives along side of us.

Luton was stopped this time out of respect of the police, because they are not our enemies, they are the first line of defence for our families, friends and neighbours, in this civil trouble we now find ourselves on the receiving end of, but next time ‘we the English people’ are incensed by these Islamic terrorists, I don’t believe anyone will be able to stop it and it will be so much bigger than what was planned this Saturday (just my thoughts).

Respect to all of those people who travelled in, all those people who were willing to travel in, and all those Luton boys whose home town this is all unfolding in. We are all one, as Englishmen, United we stand – Divided we fall. We never asked for what is now happening in Luton & Dunstable, destiny chose us, so now it is our time to arise to that call just like our ancestors, because if we do not, what are the consequences for our children?

Bedfordshire police know there could quite possibly have been a very serious incident of civil disorder which was narrowly avoided, not civil disorder aimed at the State or between two football factions, but civil disorder aimed at the ethnic minority community who are taking over our society, by forcing others to live in fear of them, and then being brazen enough to disrespect the ‘Lions of our armed forces’ in such a public despicable manner that was beamed around the world.

What are the English people to do? Sit back and take all of this hatred and war aimed at them, their families and their children.

For me personally, I read all of the newspapers stating all the different things about the upcoming demo, that it was a BNP march, that everyone were fascists, and what struck a chord with me was that it was on the front page of the Herald & Post. Luton police lost one of their officers last year, and last week saw his murderer sentenced to life imprisonment, with it being all over the front pages of the local news bar the Herald which is the most widely distributed, where their front page was about the demo. This showed how serious the police were taking this event that was about to unfold, for them to have had that on the front page of the paper instead of the murder of one of their officers.

The demo was not about a group of fascists or racists coming together to cause civil disobedience against an ethnic community for no reason. It was about normal people from all over the country joining together in Luton to show how incensed and disgusted they are about what happened to the Poachers in Luton. What would have happened beyond that is anyone’s guess.

I felt that the police needed to be respected here because the aim was not for an illegal demo with a riot at the end of it. It is our God given right to be able to take to the streets in protest, so I spoke with Dave from MfE because his group was inadvertently stated as turning up, and it was decided that the best approach would be to cancel coming out of respect for the police, and arrange a legal demo at some point in the future. March for England are a credible organisation, and a solid group for English people across the Nation, so it would have been damaging beyond repair for their aims if they were associated with an illegal event that turned into civil disorder. March for England will now be setting up a march in Luton at some point in the future.

There is a much bigger picture at play for people, with too much at stake for everyone so it was decided that people should pull out of putting their names to the event, and look to work within the boundaries of the law in conjunction with the police on an organised event. It is now the job of the State to accommodate ‘us the people’ and show us that they are still on our side, by allowing us the freedom to take to the streets for whatever reason.

It is now hoped that instead of the Saturday demo, the people of Bedfordshire can set up a St George’s day parade in Luton town centre, for everyone to unite peacefully. A time when the silent majority can come out onto the streets, leaving all divisions aside and unite behind their Patron Saint and National flag.

The ethnic minority Islamic community of Luton are always marching through the streets so it’s about time we were allowed to do the same, and there is no better day than St George’s day for us to do it.

Please join the facebook group to see how it develops: St George’s day

Should the ‘Establishment’ be supporting a small bunch of militants who represent the military wing of their global religion, or those of us whose forefathers went to war in past generations for Queen & Country so that we could live upon these Isles, how those who have gone before us once lived, and what we desire to hand to our children and grandchildren.

The future is very much in the balance now.

Luton has already witnessed many anti-terror operations, there have been Moslems killed fighting coalition troops abroad, there have been several large scale bombing campaigns linked to the town, it took centre stage on the morning of 7/7 when Al Qaeda declared war on our country, there is an active campaign of chemical warfare being waged against the community with Al Qaeda’s heroin from Afghanistan, and now recently the Islamic militants of Bury Park came out protesting against our armed forces. There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind about the seriousness of the situation on the ground here, and is the reason why people should be thinking about reality rather than sweeping it under the carpet hoping it will all go away because it wont.

Why do you think people from far and wide were about to travel into Luton on Saturday.

Each generation upon these Isles is charged with making these shores a pleasant land for those living in it, and for those who are coming after us, with each generation having its own struggles. Some struggles are critical that endanger everything these shores mean to those living upon them, and some not so critical depending on what factors are being played out in the world at that time.

The First and Second World Wars are the most recent nation changing events that have taken place in our modern history, and thank God our ancestors rose to the challenges that were set before them and succeeded so that we could live how we once lived upon these shores. Those victories are now being washed away by today’s ruling powers, with everything they fought and died for being removed from us their children, our national inheritance being bankrupted by the ruling elite.

These Islands are now being invaded from the four corners of the Islamic world as they seek to fulfil their religious mandate to destroy the West and bring down America. For the past 10 years or so there has been an open door policy for all immigrants arriving upon our shores, these people have now swelled the ranks of the Islamic religion within our land, and the coming all out holy war. We in England are a stepping stone into the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century, and the 21st Century Islamic armies are here and being born into our nation on a daily basis. Just look around you, even the Defence Secretary John Hutton has publicly stated there are Al Qaeda enclaves across the country, with one of those enclaves being in Luton.

The Left Wing multiculturalists will call those words racist but they are not, they are words of ‘fact’ that nobody is allowed to talk about, or they live in fear of talking about, because they would be called racists, the big ‘R’ word with which to beat the people down with.

Today’s struggles upon these shores are critical. We now have the militant wing of the global Islamic religion that is hell bent on bringing down the Western world so that Islam can reign supreme over the Earth, living side by side of us now. They are actively engaged in a low-level urban guerrilla civil war against us, and Luton has arisen as one of their frontlines.

The Osama Bin Laden of British Islamic terrorism Anjem Choudry’s group who demonstrated against the Royal Anglian Regiment have made their stated aims towards us and our country perfectly clear. Yet they are left to ferment their Islamic ideology, hatred and holy war against us on a daily basis with the ‘Establishment’ doing nothing visibly about them. With some newspapers saying we should just laugh at them as if they are a joke. Tell that to the relatives of the 7/7 bombings.

The present government talks about being tough on Islamic extremists, and here we have a very large group spread across the country who are openly and actively preaching and recruiting for their Islamic war of conquest against us, upon our shores, and they are left freely to continue this path, protected by the State.

21st Century warfare is upon our British shores, two kingdoms one Island, and only one will survive into the future. Queen Elizabeth’s kingdom that has been passed down into her hands from generations past, or the newly established Islamic kingdom that has now been birthed upon the green, green grass of England and wants to turn the land into an Islamic State.

This exact same terror group that Anjem Choudry leads, is linked to every single suicide bombing that has been carried out around the world by Moslems born in Britain.

There can be no doubt about the dangers this group poses to the National Security of Great Britain, and they might just be too big now for the government to do anything about, unless they arrest and lock up the leaders of the group under treason laws, and place them in solitary confinement due to the nature of the threat they pose, just like one of Lutons most famous sons, Charles Bronson is in for far, far less. Or they build detention centres for these militants, so as to protect the wider innocent British community from their actions.

As Charles Bronson says: "let someone else come and have a go", I think that the British public would all agree that these Islamic terrorists deserve to be held in the same conditions as Mr Bronson has for the last 26 years. The system has put one of their own children through it because of his mistakes, now its time to put those children of foreigners who are traitors to the 'Crown' and the people, through the ultimate 'modern day' prison sentance that they have been served with whilst at war against us upon our shores.

For anyone reading this please think about things long and hard, watch the news and read the papers, then please be willing to join us in the streets when the time comes.

Luton might not have happened this time, but be sure of one thing, the events were being watched by everyone, and each of us here have stated our position to those watching.

This is our country and we are willing to defend it.

United we stand – Divided we fall

Luton Demonstration Cancelled

24 March 2009

A message to the media

The threat to the life of the nation has never been greater since the Second World War, and it is happening now in our generation.

The militant wing of the Islamic religion is hell bent on causing mass murder and mayhem against the British people as they seek to force us to bend and bow in submission to their religious ideology – This cannot be doubted!

7/7, the Glasgow airport car bombing, the ‘Tiger Tiger’ nightclub failed car bombing and all other thwarted attempts are proof enough of their intent towards us. It might only be a small minority who carry out these acts, but that does not mean that they are not supported by the vast majority (a debatable issue).

The Home Secretary has now stated, after being given a new report on tackling Islamic extremism in Britain, that there is an increased threat of a dirty bomb attack being carried out against us.

The threat is not new, so as the report states regarding the proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical substances, it is only a matter of time until there is a successful terrorist attack that outweighs in gravity the attacks that have already been perpetrated against us by Al Qaeda.

It’s not ‘if’. It is ‘when’, ‘where’, and ‘how big’?

The Home Secretary has said that it is the responsibility of not just the Government to tackle the threat now posed to our national security, but also that of the wider community.

Quote: She cited the example of the Muslim activists who recently protested at a homecoming parade in Luton for British forces returning from Iraq.

She said: "The civil challenge means that, if people feel it appropriate to demonstrate against our troops coming home from defending this country abroad, we - as Government and others - will say in turn that we think that that's wrong.

"Not that they've broken the law - one of the things we're defending in this country is the right to free speech, but that isn't free speech that will go unhindered or unchallenged by either Government or, I think, the broader community."

After watching our soldiers from the Royal Anglian Regiment being abused by the British wing of Al Qaeda on the streets of Luton, the wider community are now going to march in demonstration against them and in support of our troops.

The organiser of the official event pulled out of leading this through fear of controversy, and has rearranged for London in April. We the people, are so incensed at what took place on March 10th that we will be meeting in Luton on Saturday with or without Luton Council’s permission. That is just the common consensus amongst the people.

If we the people cannot stand up to this abhorrent behaviour by this civil enemy, then who is going to?

As the Home Secretary has said: “but that isn't free speech that will go unhindered or unchallenged by either Government or, I think, the broader community."

The broader community will be meeting in Luton on Saturday March 28th at 12.25 to demonstrate and challenge those extremists living in our country.

Each and every person working within the mainstream media have a responsibility to your country too. Are we not all in this together? What if it is you or one of your relatives caught up in a mass ‘dirty bomb’ attack in London at some point in the future?

We the people need your help to tell the country that we will be meeting in Luton on Saturday.

The BBC and ITV give Anjem Choudry, the Osama Bin Laden of British militant Islam a platform to promote his vile ideology, yet they refuse to help those seeking to challenge that.

Isn’t it about time, for the sake of the future life of the nation, that those in power start to help the common people with their aims and objectives?

Now is that time, and it concerns Luton, which has been the scene of so much Al Qaeda terrorist activity, including Al Qaeda’s deceleration of war against us on the morning of 7/7.

We can do what we do through the internet, and arouse the few, but with mainstream media coverage we can arouse the many from amongst the broader community to come out in support.

Now is the time for you to do what the Home Secretary has said, or go back to sleep and remember this message when you are reporting the next Al Qaeda terrorist attack to hit our shores.

Those on the Left within the Establishment should not refuse what the Home Secretary herself, has said because this is their country too. If they do, it proves the point that they are just as much our enemy as militant Islam itself. No Moslems in positions of influence should refuse either because if they are true to their words about there being moderates from amongst them, then they should welcome a demonstration against the militants from within their own religion particularly as they have never demonstrated against this element themselves.

We will be in Luton on Saturday at 12.25pm whether it is just one elderly man with a sandwich board protesting against this disgusting behaviour on our streets, or 10,000 demonstrators.

Once again Al Qaeda in Britain has started this and this will be our response.

Help us or hang your heads in shame!!!

This is not a political march; this is a demonstration of the people.

Daily Mail: Threat of a 'dirty bomb'

Further reading: Luton link to ‘dirty bomb’ attack

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23 March 2009

Promo Video: Luton demo March 28th

Please help spread the word that the British people are meeting in Luton this coming Saturday to march in support of our armed services and demonstrate against the British wing of Al Qaeda who came out and protested at the Royal Anglian regiments homecoming on March 10th.

Please watch the video and if you agree with it then help by placing it on your blog or website if you have either, and spread it around your email address book.

If people want to help counter the Jihad within Great Britain, here's the opportunity.

Take a look at Sweden: Dale Hurd - CBN

20 March 2009

Arrested exactly 1 year ago today

Will post something later today...

15 March 2009

The most important battle for survival in our modern history

What do we expect if we treat our own nation with such contempt?

Peter Hitchens - Daily Mail

The insulting anti-British demonstration in Luton is a sign that we are losing – and may already have lost – the most important battle for survival in our modern history.

Our political leaders like to pretend they are defending us against all kinds of perils – especially bogeymen such as Al Qaeda.

I have always thought this was humbug, partly designed to conceal their failure to protect us from the real perils of the EU and the destruction of our culture.

Now you can see, in those Luton faces, exactly what I mean.

Continue reading: Battle for survival

13 March 2009

Bury Park - Luton: Mapping the terror theat

Interviewed is Sayful Islam, head of the militant organisation demonstrating against British troops in Luton.

Futher reading: Terror on the dole in Luton

12 March 2009

Leader of Lutons Al Qaeda Terror cell

The group he is from: London School of Sharia

Luton Moslem Terrorist did work inside Airport

Video courtesy of Glen Jenvey

You have to ask the question; How many more Islamic militants are there who have gone under the radar and embedded themselves deep within strategic British Institutions?

Al Qaeda's sleepers are out there, they have beards, read the Koran and pray 5 times a day!

That's all the profile you need to know who is the enemy, only its not 'politically correct' to say it because it offends them.

Its like Churchill passing laws to protect the Nazis from being called Nazis.


Daily Mail

A Muslim extremist who works as a baggage handler at Luton Airport had his security pass suspended today after it was revealed he took part in a protest hurling abuse at British troops.

Jalal Ahmed was among the 20-strong group of extremists protesting when the Royal Anglian Regiment returned home from Iraq earlier this week.

During their homecoming parade, he was spotted clutching a banner proclaiming: 'Anglian soldiers: Butchers of Basra'.

After he was revealed to be part of the hate-filled demonstration, his pass allowing him to go airside and work at the airport was revoked.

Continue reading:
Terrorist inside Luton Airport

Further reading: The epitome of Islam in Luton

Video below is of an airportworker from the same Islamic Terror group.

10 March 2009

Our British Lions mocked in the streets of Luton by Moslems

I knew this was going to happen!

How predictable are the Islamic militants living in Bury Park?

If these are the actions towards our military you can imagine the contempt they have for our police, then that leave the rest of us, so you work it out foryourself how things are for the everyday man in the street.

We get arrested for just talking about them!!! The protected species in modern Britain.

At least the military can be in no doubt now to just how serious things are on the ground here, take a read through the pages of this blog which will give you a better understanding.

Video: The streets of Luton

Daily Mail

A homecoming march by British troops returning from Iraq was today marred by ugly scenes as Muslim anti-war protesters hurled abuse at the parading soldiers.

Around 20 men in Islamic dress yelled 'terrorists' and held placards denouncing the soldiers as 'butchers of Basra' and 'baby killers' as they marched through Luton.

Other signs described the 200 men and women from the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment as 'Criminals, Murderers Terrorists'.
The atmosphere further deteriorated when locals waving St George's flags turned on the protesting group chanting 'Scum' and 'No surrender to the Taliban' .

Continue reading: Army marches through Luton

Video of them demonstrating against Holocaust remembrance day.

6 March 2009

UN move to outlaw criticism of Islam

The true life story of a modern English hero

Killed in the line of duty.

For Queen, Country and those of us back home, which specifically includes their friends and familes.

My God bless those children left behind and the children of others who have been left fatherless because of their sacrifice for their fellow country men and women.

The enemy is no longer over there in some foreign land where British troops are stationed, they are living amongst us, and blended into our societies pretending to be the same as us.

21st Century warfare.

Daily Mail

Bomb disposal expert blown up by Taliban awarded second George Medal as 178 heroes are honoured for Bravery

A bomb-disposal expert killed by the Taliban yesterday became one of Britain's most decorated soldiers when he was awarded his second George Medal.

Described as 'bigger than life and brave as a lion', Sergeant Major Gary O'Donnell died in Afghanistan last September when a Taliban booby-trap device exploded as he approached it to try to clear a safe path for his comrades.

It is the first time in almost 30 years that a soldier has received a second George Medal, which after the George Cross, is the highest award for heroism not in the presence of the enemy.

Sgt Maj O'Donnell, 40, from Edinburgh, had defused more than 50 bombs by the time he was killed, a month short of returning from a tour of duty in Helmand Province.

His second George Medal was in recognition of two particular incidents when he placed himself in 'immense personal danger' according to his citation.

Last May he was called in to deal with a single booby-trap bomb close to a coalition firing position in the Upper Gereshk Valley.

He defused the device, but his long years of experience left him suspicious that the Taliban might have planted more.

Working alone in roasting 40C heat he searched for nine hours and uncovered seven deadly bombs - a highly unusual concentration.

Some had anti-tamper devices specifically designed to kill bomb-disposal experts, and all the time Sgt Maj O'Donnell was working in full view of the enemy.

His citation stated: 'To have the mental fortitude and physical stamina to uncover and defuse seven devices is a staggering feat.'

Two months later he was called in to deal with a roadside bomb which was blocking a convoy route, leaving large numbers of his comrades stationary and increasingly vulnerable in hostile territory.

He worked solidly for 24 hours and found 11 devices. One was controlled by a command wire and as he approached the Taliban tried to set it off.

He survived only because the bomb failed to go off properly. Despite the fact that the Taliban were clearly watching him, he carried on working.

Sgt Major O'Donnell's widow Toni, 40, will collect the posthumous award on his behalf from the Queen at a Buckingham Palace ceremony later this year. The couple's youngest child Ben was born just nine weeks before Sgt Maj O'Donnell was killed last September.

They had three other children: Cayleigh, 16, Dylan, 14, and eight-year-old Aidan.
In an emotional interview yesterday, Mrs O'Donnell said: 'You cannot describe the feelings I have. I am so proud of him.

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