29 June 2009

Islamic militant Anjem Choudry brainwashing 11 year old English boy

Remember the Moslem convert with serious mental health problems called Nick Reilly who failed to blow himself up in an Exeter cafe?

Further reading: Exeter bomber

Can you see the parallels with this young child and his Moslem handlers who have captured the event on video to gloat over their work, who now have the power to brainwash this child.

If these were Christians caught on video in the middle of the street then there would be calls of child abuse, etc, but because its Choudry, and a bunch of militant Moslems the authorities stay silent.

What are the authorities scared of?

85 Sharia Courts now operating across UK

Foreword: Where does it now end?

The religious obligation of all Moslems who follow their religion, is to convert non-Moslem lands into Islamic States, so that they become a part of the global Ummah. This is converting them from the Dar al-Harb (House of War) into the Dar al-Islam (House of Islam).

This is the religious mandate of Islam within Great Britain.

These Sharia courts are the foundational building blocks for the future dark Islamic State that is now arising upon the once beautiful landscape of the Queen's British Isles, of which we are all a part.

Demographic figures predict that we will be a minority in our own land by the year 2050, which is re-inforced by the fact that Moslems are breeding 10 times faster than their non-Moslem neighbours. They are actively calling for the Moslem community in Britain to pump out more babies so they can take over.

You might not personally be affected by what is happening within Great Britain now we have the Islamic State arising in our midst, but be CERTAIN of one thing, YOUR children and grandchildren will be.

What legacy are you personally leaving behind for them?

Permission for the building of the Islamic State upon our shores, has been granted by this Left Wing Labour regime, and publicly sanctioned by their puppets within positions of influence within our society.

Further reading: The puppets

If you do not agree with what is happening to your country, your children and grandchildren's futures, then now is the time to stand up and unite with others who are already standing.

Conservatives Lord Tebbit of Sharia courts: The krays

Daily Mail

At least 85 Islamic sharia courts are operating in Britain, a study claimed yesterday.

The astonishing figure is 17 times higher than previously accepted.

The tribunals, working mainly from mosques, settle financial and family disputes according to religious principles. They lay down judgments which can be given full legal status if approved in national law courts.

Quote: Its director Dr David Green said: 'The reality is that for many Muslims, sharia courts are, in practice, part of an institutionalised atmosphere of intimidation, backed by the ultimate sanction of a death threat.'

Continue reading: Sharia courts in Britain

22 June 2009

State murder in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Dunstable: The Moslem man, his 16 year old girl friend and the £3/4 million cocaine seizure

Foreword: There has been a drugs bust in my local community, a haul of cocaine with a street value of nearly £3/4 million pounds.

A 22 year old Moslem man from Bury Park, Luton, was arrested with a 16 year old girl.

Everyone who is involved in the drugs scene locally knows that the main drugs of supply from the Pakistani Moslem networks from Bury Park, Luton, are heroin and crack cocaine - brown & white

The most addictive, most destructive and most profitable of all street drugs.

They wash up large amounts of cocaine like in this seizure, which transforms it into crack cocaine, thus maximising the profit margins on their product, and maximising the addictive impact on their clientele.

I wonder how long this batch would have lasted in the local community, and proves the town is awash with drugs that are controlled by the Moslems from Luton who are aligned to Al Qaeda, who are at war by proxy with our society locally and nationally through these Moslems on street level.

The Islamic ideology of Jihad against the infidel, is Jihad no matter what form it comes in.

Take a read of what they do to our little girls which is endemic with Pakistani communities, and the drugs trade: Mothers of prevention

Take a read of what has been allowed to happen in the community right near a school, with a Moslem that has a proven factual track record of the issues I am pointing out here: Death threat

Parents should take heed of the polices warning here 'check your children' because young teenage girls who maybe under the influence of alcohol on a weekend, are very susceptible to predatory older men who have the 'chat up lines' and show them some attention. The ones who like picking up little infidel white children and sexually abusing them whilst driving about in their sports cars, and who are the ones with the sports cars? The ones with the money from the drugs trade. Who controls a large section of the drugs trade in Bedfordshire? And what is endemic with parts of the Pakistani Moslem community, and their desire to abuse and rape infidel white children because it is a form of sexual gratification that is sanctioned in Islam?

Mohamed their ideological leader who they all submit to, was a warmongering child molester, who with some warped imagination, married a child when she was six then had sex with her when she was nine.

Moslems believe that if Mohamed did it they can do it, which is part of the cultural enrichment Islam has brought to our once civilised Christian society.

Luton: Child marriages

The truth is there for all to see but most people like to live in denial and criticise the truth rather than accepting it.

Luton online

Batch is 'extremely' pure

Beds Police now say cocaine seized from a house in Dunstable is worth much more than originally thought.

Officers discovered 3.5kg of the drug in Chiltern Road on Wednesday, June 10, and estimated its street value at £200,000.

But after laboratory testing, it transpired that the level of purity in the seizure is extremely high, at 70 per cent.

Officers would normally expect to see 20 per cent cocaine to 80 per cent of other powders in the average street deal of the drug.

Therefore the seizure has a street value of almost £700,000.

Police have charged Mohammed Umar, 22, of Jubilee Court, Chiltern Road, Dunstable, and a 16-year-old girl from Dunstable with possession with intent to supply cannabis and possession with intent to supply cocaine, in relation to the find.

They appeared in court on Friday and were remanded in custody to appear again on Friday, June 19.

If you have information about drugs in your area then you can contact Beds Police through the local Safer Neighbourhood Team or through Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 anonymously.

20 June 2009

Sir Winston Churchill on militant Islam

Daily Mail: Hunting the Taliban in the footsteps of Winston Churchill: On lawless battlefields nothing has changed in a century (Except we have Al Qaeda and the Taliban supporters and trained fighters now in our own country plotting terrorist attacks against our society.)

Luton 2009: Al Qaeda enclave

Click link: Daily Mail article

18 June 2009

Brothers in Arms

Brothers in arms: Prince William says ‘I want to fight in Afghanistan’, as Harry reveals ambition to return to war zone

Prince William has spoken openly of his desire to fight for his country and dropped the strongest hint yet that he might still be given a frontline role.

The future king, who until now was believed to have been barred from going to war because of his position, revealed yesterday that he 'remains hopeful' he will see active duty before he leaves the military to take up his royal mantle.

William, 26, who is currently training with the RAF to become a search and rescue pilot and hopes to become operational in 2010, said: 'To me, I didn't join the forces to be mollycoddled or treated any differently. As far as I am concerned, in my eyes, if Harry can do it, then I can do it.

Continue reading: Brothers in Arms

17 June 2009

Luton: Smashing the medias white-wing fallacy

If you have read about the anti-extremist protests in Luton in any of the mainstream newspapers you would be led to believe that it is a bunch of right-wing extremists causing trouble for no other reason than because they are a bunch of racists who hate coloured people, and labelling it BNP and NF to support their claims.

That is the media line to explain to the masses what is going on in Luton!

They do not trace back the reasoning behind the uprising, all they do is condemn the uprising against local government, and their extremist friends in the Islamic community as being carried out by a bunch of white-wing racists who dislike Moslems, and anyone else of colour.

As you can see from the picture above, it is of a black man, a man named Craig Mckoy who was on the frontline in the first anti-extremist protest in April, in Luton town centre. Respect to Craig Mckoy and all those others who were present on the frontline of that first protest.

On that day, protesting against Islamic extremists who live in Bury Park Luton in April (13th) Mr McCoy took a police baton straight in the face, that can be seen when watching this video: April 13th protest

If these protests in Luton were nothing more than white-wing racists then why was there a black man present on the frontline of this protest, and why did he take a police baton in the face that left him with a missing tooth and badly cut upper lip.

Either this man is stupid, which I can assure you he is not, or there is more to the story of the events in Luton than what the mainstream media are telling the British public.

If this was anything to do with the BNP then Mr Mckoy would not have taken a baton to his face because the BNP will not allow him to be a part of their political movement, so why would he put his life on the line for them? I personally believe this is a BNP stumbling block towards gaining power, because people like Mr Mckoy are willing to fight for the English/British way of life as much as the next man, so why not give him and those like him the respect that is due to them.

There is a much more worrying aspect to the case of the baton in the face, and that is, if it was a majority white protest as the media are stating, then why did a black man get singled out in the crowd by a mainly white police force?

Was the white police officer who singled out and hit this black man, Mr Mckoy around the face with a baton, a racist, white, police officer?

It isnt nice being labelled as a racist, with the colour of your skin being used against you is it? Whether you are black or white, but that is what the government controlled media are portraying about what is happening in Luton.

White-wing racists attacking a peace loving non-violent Islamic community for no other reason than because they have a different skin colour.

Thank God that it was Craig Mckoy that took the baton in the face that day because it shatters the media myth that they are now wrapping the anti-extremists protests in Luton up in. In the process of it being Mr Mckoy that took the baton, he can thank God that it will now set him up for life with the compensation Thames Valley police are now going to have to pay him due to the fact that one of their officers targetted a black protester and put a baton across his face.

Out of a mass crowd, why target a black man?

A hefty out-of-court settlement is on the cards.

It is about time the media started reporting the truth about what is happening on the ground in Luton and not this anti-white, pro-Moslem, racist propoganda that seems to be coming out every other week about the so called white-wing in Luton.

The black community, the white community, the mixed race community, and sections of the 'Asian' community are all in agreement about Islamic extremism in Luton, and having it removed from our streets, so why call us all white-wing racists who are just causing trouble for racist reasons?

This is not a 'white' issue, this is a 'social' issue that transcends the colour of a man/woman's skin.

If England becomes an Islamic State as these extremists want it to, then it becomes an Islamic State for one and all, no matter what the colour of our skin.

Mr Mckoy has shown where he stands, and has the wounds to prove it.

May God bless him for standing up for the community of Luton where he and his family live, alongside his neighbours of all colour.

This is England!

Luton Central Mosque fraudsters

Luton & Dunstable Express: Town hall to investigate

An investigation is to be carried out into the financial dealings of the Luton Central Mosque which is the main mosque in Bury Park. The investigation is based on charity grants that have been given to it from tha taxpayer pot to tackle violent extremism within their Islamic community.

If there was no Islamic extremism at the root of the Bury Park community then why give them tens of thousands of pounds to tackle it? Face it; Luton is an Al Qaeda stronghold and some of us live in and around the area.

(Where's the money to tackle the drug war with Al Qaeda heroin they have inflicted upon us over the past 30 years?)

I wonder whether this Mosque removed Mohameds teachings on Warfare (Jihad) against the infidel as a matter of course in making our society a more cohesive society for everyone, or whether they removed their hate-filled sermons that teach them to be seperate from the dirty infidels and that we are descendents of apes and pigs.

If not, what's the point in giving them money? Because this is what Islamic hatred and violence is based on, the life and times of Mohamed their war mongering, child molesting, false prophet. The teachings they are teaching their children, based upon their religion, and how they are to view the world around them.

Film: Undercover Mosque ***Shocking***

Quote: This newspaper has passed on information to borough council chief executive Kevin Crompton in relation to the grants. Mr Crompton said: “Further to our meeting on the basis of information Luton and Dunstable Express shared with me, I have instructed my officers to arrange an urgent meeting with the ICS at which it will be asked to go through its full accounts for the PVE grant. “The meeting will be conducted by my Head of Democratic Services accompanied by a member of the council’s audit team.

If the Luton & Dunstable Express had not passed information to those in local government about the conduct of this Islamic charity in Luton then nothing would be being done to keep track of where British taxpayers money was going. It's like good money being washed down the drain and into the dark unknown world of British Islam in Luton.

Swept out of sight, and mind of those in local government, with the British taxpayer giving the money away to these religious fanatics being held with the utmost contempt by those in authority who use their hard-earned money for their pet social projects like this PVE project, as they engineer our society to fit in line with their social, political ideology.

The Luton & Dunstable Express is the most fairly balanced paper covering Luton & Dunstable, thats why they do not hesitate in covering the stories that are relevant to the community, no matter what side of the divide people and their stories come from. Although, their recent reporting over the English/British communities uprising against the oppression from local government, and hatred and war from the local Islamic community has been pro-Moslem, and anti-the English community, terming us all right-wing extremists.

Toeing the political line!!!

Leaders within the Moslem community think that all they have to do is change leadership and all of their fraudulent activities will be forgotten about, take a read of what the new leader had to say to the newspaper.

"We are starting afresh now", so forget about the past financial irregularities concerning taxpayers money.

And like the good Dhimmi's the local Labour controlled Luton government are, they will do absolutely anything for the sake of 'community cohesion', so once again, the Moslems, get away with blue murder, and laugh in the faces of their generous hosts.

If the shoe was on the other foot what do you realistically think would happen?

But nobody wants to rock the Islamic boat do they?

Looks like Luton & Dunstable Express have though!

Quote: Jangir Khan, who became the Islamic Cultural Society’s new secretary general on May 31 and is also a magistrate in Luton, said: “With the new management committee, we would like to start afresh.

“We have to regulate everything so that the problems faced by the old committee will not be faced by the new committee.
“I can’t comment on what’s happened in the past. It’s too early. I can assure you everything will be done properly in the future.

L & D Express article: Town hall to investigate

14 June 2009

A mention in the Times

Update below (16/06/09)

what can only be described as a disgusting and sorry example of a British man. He has worked his way into journalism, has written an article for the Times magazine about what is happening in Luton, and in the process has used British people who are standing up for themselves, their community and their country as nothing more than fodder to court favour with his Liberal and Moslem friends.

I can imagine him now, sitting around all smug with his friends, gloating over his article that has made it into the Times magazine, and how he had defended the ethnic minority Islamic community as a champion of the Liberal cause, against the facist right wing.

His article stenches of the white Liberal upper class who know absolutely nothing about the reality of life on the streets of Britain where these Islamic ghettos now reside. They listen to what the so-called poor down-trodden Moslems tell them and then beat the English community up with their words, and create false realities in minds of people who read their rubbish.

Article: Fear & Hatred on the streets of Luton

After you have read the article, you will see based on this journalist's written account, that the ones 'promoting the hatred' are the 'white' people, and the ones who are in fear are the 'Moslems'.

Liberal propoganda for the masses that is based upon distorted half truths.

The false upside-down world of Liberal Britain that the gullible masses now live in.

If you trace everything that is written about the 'white' community here in this article back to their roots you will find that what is happening now is a reaction to Islamic hatred and violence in Luton, not the other way around. However, when the pen is in the hands of these diseased, upper-class Liberals they do not want to know the truth, all they care about is beating lower-class English people up to reinforce their misguided ideal of British society upon their readers.

They live in cloud cuckoo land, and are going to be brought back down to earth, and into the real world soon enough.

His upper-class Liberal view is that the lower-class white community are all racists, even though I am not a racist, and those involved with UPL including 'Mikey Birch' are not racists, but this journalist doesnt care, he just wants his Liberal anti-white, pro-Moslem, racist, story for the Times magazine, and doesnt care what he writes about people so long as it is in line with the Liberal world view according to

He makes mention of me as being a 'would be organiser' and then goes on to ridicule me about my Christian stance on Al Qaeda's Holy War against, not just my country, but our Western world. As a Christian, I do have history to look back on to understand, relate with, and make sense of what is unfolding around me now in the 21st Century in relation to Islam's religious Jihad. Islamic terror, hatred and Holy War is nothing new, and if it had not been for the Crusades then the freedom we enjoy in Europe would have gone long ago and we would now be living supressed under sharia law, in an Islamic State.

Throughout the article he does not make mention once about Moslems like Sayful Islam being a part of the continuation of 1400 years of Jihad, just that I believe I am re-fighting the Crusades.

What am I supposed to do, just sit back and watch while Al Qaeda supporters take over my community, kill and destroy my friends, and endanger the next generation?

My community is rooted in Christian and Royal history, and is now being desecrated by Moslems from Bury Park, Luton, which is an Al Qaeda stronghold as per the ex-Defence Secretary's recent statement: Al Qaeda enclaves

He calls me a 'white man' in a derogatory racist term, as if being a 'white man' makes me a racist. What has the colour of my skin got to do with anything anyway? If he had have used the term 'black man' in the same terms then there would be uproar now, with him being labelled as racist himself, but because I am white it is acceptable to use that as some form of label over me, to re-inforce this journalists racist slant on his piece.

I will be checking now to see if there are legal implications to using this term in such a racist manner against me, because if I was a black man and the colour of my skin was used against me, there is a race industry to turn to to support me, so why should it be any different for me in my Country because I am a white man?

Racism cuts both ways if you hadn't noticed?

Quote: there was supposedly a campaign by Muslim extremists to intimidate black and white people out of their homes in Bury Park (this, in fact, turned out to be a succession of stone-throwing incidents by a lone Pakistani youth with a psychiatric illness)

Here are the news reports speaking to the residents from Luton who had their windows smashed on several occasions, and which includes an elderly couple who now live with their whole house boarded up.

You tell me if this was little more than a lone stone thrower? Which then begs the question; why did this journalist lie and make out this targetted campaign against innocent non-Moslems was little more than a lone, crazed, stone thrower.

I wonder who put him up to this anti-white, pro-Moslem, racist article?

Video 1: Ethnic cleansing in Luton

Video 2: Ethnic cleansing in Luton

Throughout this piece, you will see that the journalist has a serious bias against white people. He wants to categorise us all as BNP and NF, and would rather lend his journalistic platform to promote and support Sayful Islam and his extremist group rather than telling the truth about the fear and hatred in Luton. The whole body of his article is pro Sayful Islam propoganda, with not one bad word said against him. You would think they were both friends after reading this article, and that Sayful Islam's group are not a danger or threat to our Christian, Western society.

Sayful Islam's group, led by Omar Bakri, is linked to every single suicide bombing that has been carried out by Moslems who have been born in Britain, but this article does not point that fact out for people.

I wonder when the truth is going to be told about the English community's reaction to Islamic hatred and violence on the streets of Luton, and not this anti-white, pro-Moslem, racist propoganda?

Video: Sayful Islam's group Al Majhiroun

Further reading: Winston Smithy

Update: Comment taken from comments section

Thank you Anonymous for posting this relevant factual piece of information.

Posted this some time ago but thought it was worth posting again as is relevant to ths story.

U.K. Government: Islamic Propaganda.

Statements [1] and [2] below are taken from a U. K. Government document - Published 21 October 2005.
Reporting Diversity is a new, practical guide for journalists to help them report fairly on matters of faith, race, and cohesion and to do so without giving needless offence. It has been produced by the Media Trust and the Society of Editors with support from the Home Office.

"How journalists can contribute to community cohesion"

Section [1] basically advises journalists that any one who opposes Islamic extremists should be portrayed by the media as racist and accused of hiding behind a cloak of respectability while Section [2] advises journalists to conceal the statements and actions of Islamic extremists from the public.

The document also contains threats of criminal prosecution in the event of a media group or journalist that has been deemed not to have acted in the interests of "community cohesion".

“A journalist will be guilty of an offence if he or she intends to stir up racial hatred or, having regard to all the circumstances, racial hatred is likely to be stirred up by what is published.”

[1] Expose and counter racist propaganda. Bigots who hide behind a cloak of respectability can be the most damaging. Make sure they are always drawn into the open and their words never go unchallenged.

[2] Take care in reporting extremists. Generally quote people who are representative. Be wary of those with views that might make good copy but to most people seem extreme. Though it is sometimes essential to quote such extremists, be sure to place their views in the context of the numbers they might represent. Be aware of creating negative images. Minorities carry the burden of being different. Don’t make them synonymous with the things that worry everyone, like terrorism, subjugation of women, forced marriage, illegal immigration, fraudulent benefits claims and cruel animal slaughter. Few are.

13 June 2009

Take back UK

What is happening to Great Britain, and what does the future hold?

Daily Mail: The conspiracy of silence

Video: Inside Mosques in Britain

Video: Islam - What the West needs to know

Comment taken from the Timesonline: Its an immutable truth...in the last days nation shall rise against nation,there will be war and rumour of war... in their haste to fill their pockets our leaders have brought this upon us all...shall we die together with our friends as our forebears did or shall we die alone on our knees...

“In Germany, they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.”…….

……….”Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. And then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up.” Pastor Martin Niemoller Concentration camp survivor.

Hugh E Torrance, London, England

11 June 2009

Christian Knights

Videos courtesy of ooooOOOTEMPLEROOOooo

The future for Britain is unfolding

The small band of Political Elite in our country who control the 'Power of State' have got another think coming if they think 'we the people' are going to sit back and stay silent whilst our country is being invaded, colonised, and conquered by this religious, political, military force called Islam.

Has that ancient order of the 'Knights Templar' that once defended Christendom from the rampaging hordes of Jihadi Moslems, passed through the ages unto today and become nothing more than a rich gentlemans club with an air of kudos, irrelevant to the reality of life upon British streets in the 21st Century? If it was anything else it would not be sitting back watching the 'heart of the realm'
being destroyed and desecrated by Islam.

Isn't it about time to save Britain's shores from Islam's global Jihad for the sake of our children and grandchildren?

Do you want your children and grandchildren to grow up under Islamic rule in Christian England? Enslaved as Dhimmis or born as Moslem converts, and what would happen to our little girls does not bear thinking about when we know what happens to their Moslem daughters today, butchered for the slightest offence, and children married off to fully grown men to fulfil their sexual appetite.

Welcome to Britain at the second half of this century, based upon present political and demographic trends.

Video: Moslem MP predicts a Moslem PM in 30 years

Video: Demographics

Look at what the yellow bellied Templar descendent David Cameron who might possibly be the next Prime Minister of Great Britain, unless something happens before that time comes, has to say about Islam in Britain.

David Cameron MP: I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.

Guardian: My stay with a Moslem family

Telling us that we must convert and become more Islamic, and this coming from potentially the future PM of Great Britain

The Elites in their ivory towers telling us on the ground how we should live our lives. Just because they control the police force, control the British jusice system, and own all of the prisons in the land, doesn't mean that we have to accept this holy war that is playing out on our streets against us by Islam.

That is surrender to our enemies foreign and domestic. I wonder what our devout Christian Queen and her Royal grandsons think about the future of their inheritance, and the power of the throne on which they sit.

At least I can personally say to my children that I did what I could to stop the Islamification of their homeland, and their subsequent enslavement by this alien religious force that is ideologically aligned to a leader who was a mass murdering, peadophile.

What will you say?

The Islamification of Great Britain is unfolding!

Further reading: Church leader says no more mosques

Further reading: Conservatives Lord Tebbit on Sharia law

9 June 2009

Pallywood hits Luton: Lights - Camera - Action

'Pallywood' is the term used for the propaganda media wing of Hamas in Gaza, where they doctor and create fake video footage, in an attempt to damage Israel's image in peoples eyes.

Video: Pallywood

It seems that the same approach is now being used on the streets of Britain, to fool the infidels, and lull them into a false sense of security until they are strong enough to take over and implement Sharia law upon the populace.

That is the religious mandate of Islam after all.

To me, it seemed the perfect media creation to fool the gullible masses. You have to ask the question; how did the cameraman who took the pictures, know to be there to take the photos in the first place? Did he know something was going to happen?

The Daily Mail were on the phone to the leadership of the Mosque all week, telling them about their story on the anti-Islamic extremist protest in Luton after all, so it was the perfect opportunity for them to use the British media as an Islamic propoganda machine.

Further reading: Islam - Moderates V Militants in Luton

I then posted: Luton moderates aren't so moderate after all

The links to the extremist preaching in their Mosque were removed after they realised people had linked to them. However, thankfully, a reader of this blog had downloaded them before they were removed, and uploaded them to a file dowloading site with the links in the comments section for anyone to download and listen to.

I then received a comment from another reader who was present on the day this staged media event took place, which was the day before the Daily Mail article was published trying to link me to the firebombing might I add, and has given another slant on what really went on that day.

Video: Lying to the infidel

People choose to ignore the truth and believe the lies which is exactly what propaganda is about!

Comment taken from Al Qaeda & Hostages

Thank you Anonymous for posting this comment

When walking through Luton on Friday last week, I noticed some English people talking to two policemen, asking why there was a huge police presence there.

I discreetly listened to the exchange for a few minutes, which went along these lines, although not word-for-word of course.

English member of public: "How do you justify the cost of putting about 50 police around the streets in Bury Park today? Why are you here in such numbers when none of you came when I had my house broken into?"

Policeman: "We are here to keep the peace, and provide reassurance to the local community"

Other person, "You are here because all this about the radical Islamics was on TV the other night, and the muslim businessman owner of the new 'shopping plaza' was complaining that all the negative publicity was bad for business."

Policeman: "We just want to reasure the community."

The people went on to say that the whole thing was a set-up for the media and the police had played into their hands, when if the muslims had wanted to, they would simply have used their own force to get ex-Al Mahadjiroun member Sayful Islam off their streets.

There were a large number, maybe a hundred or more, of mainly young men handing out leaflets condemning the Government and non-Muslims. Many wore little crocheted white hats, which might suggest they were from the Bangladeshi mosque.

Bangladesh has a rising problem with militant Islamics as they oppose the "liberal" Banglas, who like music and don't enforce strict Islamic dress-codes.

Then one person pointed out the role of the high-ups enforcing the Police to obey political dictates from central government, instead of doing their duty impartially for all citizens. At that point, Sayful Islam, a fine-boned young man in long dress but with his full islamic-beard trimmed back a few inches appeared, surrounded by a dozen or more young men. He was held in awe by some of these kids, you could see it.

The English pereson said to the police, something like, "Isn't that the man you are here to watch? Why don't you or the locals tell him to piss-off, if they hate him that much?"

The police said nothing, and dozens of youths were handing out their political agitation leaflets, which were being accepted quite readily by the Muslim locals.

Then the person asked the police why they were so interested in protecting this Sayful as he was handing out his Al Quaeda propaganda, when Bury Park was the centre of the Luton drugs trade? And why didn't they ask some of the other teenagers riding around, where they got the cash to buy their expensive cars, and weren't the police looking in the wrong place, as these lads handing out leaflets had been doing it for the last 10 years and nobody bothered to stop them until it got on the telly.

Then some journalists came along and the person walked off, whilst the police just stood there not knowing what was going on.

The most telling thing I noticed is that the locals were taking the leaflets willingly, and not surprisingly, because a lot of them must have been their own children.

This blows the moderate versus militant Islam idea out of the water if you think about it.

More importantly, just why are our police being used to be political buffers between all the diffent points of view amongst the muslims and the the rest of Luton?

EXCLUSIVE: Part 2 - Al Qaeda to kidnap tourists

Update 11/06/09 - Attacking infidel tourists is legitimate

Glen Jenvey went undercover recently posing as a British journalist, to speak with Omar Bakri, head of the British wing of Al Qaeda's Global Jihad that is now headed up in our country by Anjem Choudry.

This interview was a follow on from Part 1: Al Qaeda & Hostages after Edwin Dyer was beheaded by Al Qaeda in North Africa because the British government would not release Osama Bin Laden's European ambassador Abu Qatada who is currently in prison awaiting extradition back to Jordan to face terror charges there.

Omar Bakri has stated that any non-Moslems entering Islamic lands now face the risk of being kidnapped and imprisoned, with the risk of being beheaded like Mr Dyer.

Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey, all popular holiday destinations where British and Western tourists have already been targeted by Al Qaeda, have all been singled out as places that are now vulnerable for tourists.

Travel to these places, and any other Islamic country at your own peril.

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Being British was a capital crime in the eyes of Edwin Dyer’s Al-Qaeda killer

8 June 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Part 1 - Al Qaeda & Hostages

One of Britains leading terror experts Glen Jenvey went undercover recently on behalf of 'Defence of the Realm' media to interview Omar Bakri who is the exiled leader of the British wing of militant Islam that is now headed up by Anjem Choudry.

This interview was carried out approximately 1 week before the recent beheading of the British hostage Edwin Dyer in North Africa.

Part 2 of the interview to follow was carried out after Mr Dyer's beheading, and there is a very clear warning on where you should and should not go on holiday this summer.

2 June 2009

Daily Mail article removed

As most visitors to this blog will be aware, there was a Daily Mail article published in Saturday May 30th newspaper featuring a picture of me with wording that suggested that I was to blame for the firebombing of the Islamic Centre in Bury Park Luton. This allegation was based upon crests and shields on my blog, and letters the Islamic centre supposedly received before the attack.

I wrote this post late last night (Luton moderates), and first thing this morning the Daily Mail article had been removed from the internet.

I wonder what I said for the Daily Mail to decide to remove their article?

Here is the wording of the article regarding myself:

Shortly before the Islamic Centre, which houses a mosque and school, was set alight, staff received a string of threatening anonymous letters. One warned: 'We know who you are ... we have plenty of pictures of you ... we are watching you ... we will certainly have you for what you did this week' [a reference to the homecoming parade].

A second was littered with references to the crusades, including the name of Reynold de Chatillon, whose brutality towards Muslims in the holy land was infamous.

'Saladdin once preached Jihad against the Christian kingdom, so now we preach our Jihad against Islam!!', ranted the letter, which described Muslims as 'parasites' and 'Allah's vomit'.

A similar coat of arms and Crusader imagery is featured in a notorious anti-Islamic website penned by someone calling himself Lionheart.

Lionheart, we discovered, is Paul Ray, 32. Ray used to run a computer repair shop in nearby Dunstable, but is now unemployed. Last year, he was arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred and is still on bail. Asked if he sent the poisonous letter to the Islamic Centre weeks before it was torched, Ray replied: This is the first I've heard about the letter. The Muslims must be trying to pin the firebombing on me.'

When Tim Stewart, the Daily Mail journalist, spoke to me on the phone about these letters and the link between the shields and crests on them and those on this blog, I said to him that if the Islamic centre had been sent the letters, and there was a direct link to my blog, then why have the police not pulled me in for questioning over it? To this he replied that he didnt know whether they had given the letters to the police or not.

What would be the first thing you gave to the police after this type of attack?

Considering the Daily Mail have printed my name over such a very serious crime, subtly linking me to the attack on a religious building based upon some supposed letters that they dont even know exist, or whether the the police have them or not, isnt it only fair that the authenticity of the letters in question was validated before printing the story, linking me to it, and then allowing millions of people to read it?

It is not very nice, is very dangerous for me, and is extremly damaging in many ways to be linked to such a serious crime, based upon no evidence, and then printed in a national newspaper for the whole country to read.

Do the police have these letters? Or has the knowledge of these letters only come about recently for the Daily Mail article so that they can try and link the fire bombing to me?

I think the investigating officer Detective Inspector Mark Upex has a responsibility to talk to Tim Stewart about what he knows about the letters in question. If they are genuine then how stupid to release such an important piece of evidence into the public domain, and how dare he link me to them. If they are not, then why is Tim Stewart writing about them in the first place, and the Daily Mail editor clearing it for print?

If they are genuine then I have absolutely no qualms about talking to the police so they can eliminate me from their enquiries, and my email is on the side bar of this blog for them to contact me.

Who has ever seen me make mention of Moslems being
'allah's vomit' or 'parasites'?

If these letters are not in the hands of the police then don't you think they should be, and why are they not?

There should also be a criminal investigation over the Daily Mail article to get to the bottom of why the Daily Mail printed their story based upon them, and why I was personally linked to the the arson attack of a religious building in a national newspaper, with criminal charges brought against those who wrote the article.

It is an extremly damaging article, that has very serious implications to me.

How would you like to be the one blamed for bombing a Mosque in Luton considering the tensions on the ground, not just in Luton but across the country?

Tim Stewart and Paul Bracch have made a very serious mistake with their article and the Daily Mail
editor who cleared it is accountable for allowing something so damaging to go to print.

There must be something legally wrong with the article for them to have removed it so quickly from the internet after my post yesterday.

I wonder what the reason is?

It still went out in print across the country and around the World though.

I hope the journalists in question have
'perverted the course of justice' by their actions, and that they will be charged over it, or if not this charge, then some other charge.

I know Glen Jenvey has his own case against the Daily Mail for linking him to the article for absolutely no reason at all.


Isaiah 54:17
No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD.

1 June 2009

Luton moderates aren't so moderate after all

Continuing on from: Luton - Moderates V Militants

It's all about public opinion and perceptions.

"The battle for hearts & minds"

The Islamic Centre in Luton that was firebombed knew that the Daily Mail was going to be printing a story on Saturday, regarding the anti-extremist protest held the previous Sunday May 24th that turned into a rampage on the streets of Luton.

People from within the Mosque told the reporter that they had been sent threatening letters with crests and shields like those on this blog. I said to the reporter that if that was the case, and that people thought it was me based on these letters, and crests, then the police should question me. I was told that they might not have given the letters to the police. If you were sent threatening letters and then had your home firebombed, then the letters would be the first thing to be produced. If they were not, and only now they are being spoken about then its quite logical to say that some one is trying to apportion blame.

Is that perverting the course of justice?

So the leaders within the Islamic Centre knew the story was going to be printed in the Daily Mail on the Saturday, and then lo and behold, on the Friday after prayers when they are all fired up with religious fervour, they took to the streets to 'make some noise' for the cameras.

Photographers were on the scene with some good pictures taken pretty quickly dont you think?

Seems to be an organised media campaign to influence public opinion.

They even had me fooled for a moment. We will have to wait and see if they put their names to having these militants interned for the safety of our society first though.

Will be very telling!

It has now come to my attention that this Mosque in the heart of Bury Park that promotes itself as a voice of moderation within the Islamic community of Luton, is in fact a raging neo-nazi, Jew hating, holocaust supporting, hot bed of Islamic terror and Jihad.

We the British people have these types of alien warring religious fanatics the length and breadth of our country now, each playing their own 'war game' wherever they are, against our infidel Christian society.

Here is the proof of what is being preached in this Luton pit, courtesy of Jihad Watch

Click link: Jews will be destroyed by Allahs soldiers

Click link: Women are deficient

The Daily Mail articles about the anti-extremist protest in Luton, and the moderates V militants is nothing but propaganda, and they have used me as a scape goat trying to link me to the firebombing.

The journalist is a TRAITOR!!!

And SHAME on the Daily Mail editor who cleared this Left Wing vitriol!!!