28 February 2007

Abu Izzadeen has staked Islams claim to a section of 'Our' Country

The Islamic view of land that they have conquered is that once that piece of land has been converted from Dar al-Harb (House of War) to Dar al-Islam (House of Peace) meaning Moslem rule, then that piece of land is now eternally Moslem land. They are commanded through the Koran to fight eternally through Jihad against anyone who then takes over rule of that land, exactly like what is happening in Israel with the Palestinians and Hamas.

When Abu Izzadeen burst in on Our home secretary when he was in London speaking to the Moslem community live on national TV, he declared that the Home secretary had no place to be in this area of London because it was a Moslem area. Abu Izzadeen has staked his claim for Islam of part of 'Our' Christian country and has openly tried to shame 'Our' Home Secretary in the process. This is complete and utter insanity and why is this dangerous social misfit still walking the streets of London preaching war and hate against the peaceful non-Moslems of Britain. He has declared that him and his Moslem brothers own a part of Our Christian land, is that not treason.

Now that the U.K has large Moslem communities up and down the country, the question is: Do each of these communities now view the land that they are living on as their land? If that is so then Britain has given parts of Our Christian land over to Islam so we are now at war for ever with the Islamic Kingdom within Britain because they have converted parts of Our country from Dar al-Harb to Dar al-Islam.

Do we accept the fact that Islam is now here, give in, give up and give them all that they want, allow the complete destruction of Our way of life and allow Islam to become the dominante force in Our country or work out how to stop the Islamification of Our Cristian Country.

In Islam, Islamic land is eternally Islamic land and they are to fight Jihad eternally for it.

This type of Moslem view is part of the substance and driving force that makes up and drives Islam, there is no getting around this motivational force that every true Moslem has at the core of who he is because it is what the Koran teaches.

These Moslem communities have now established themselves within Our Christian society and are forcing their ways upon us. Things can only get worse for the United Kingdom as Islam grows at a faster rate than the rest of the population.

We the people hope and pray that the Queen intervenes for the sake of her country and people and has these people removed from Our streets for the protection of Our society. These people are a threat to Our National Security and are left walking the streets continuing their Jihad against us. What is Tony Blair and his British government doing about these people? They are appeasing them and are serving the Islamic kingdom of Britain under Dhimmitude (subserviante to Islam) at the expense of the whole non-Moslem population of Britian. The Queen should have this government removed before it is too late and give us a leader and government who will stem and push back the Islamification of Our country.

If these Moslems now own parts of Our country what does that mean for Our children?


26 February 2007

Vigilance - Terror Threat

If you know people who travel on the London Underground on a regular basis then please copy and paste this to your email and send it out to friends and family in your address book.

It is always better to be safe than sorry when you have maniacs on the loose.

If you are travelling on the London Underground, enjoying a evening out in London after work or just relaxing in London as people do then
Here are a couple of links.you should take a read of to urge you to be vigilant of your surroundings at all times when travelling or just out. The suicidal maniacs that attacked London on 7/7 turned up un-announced and killed 52 people and injured more than 700, here are a few warnings to urge you to be vigilant.



Definately read them.

God bless

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Not in my name 'Tony Blair' & your Dhimmi government.

Take note the Conservative party.

Thank you 'Pissed off enough to vote BNP' for posting this comment on the comment section of my blog.

It sums up perfectly and completely the state of the United Kingdom because of the growing Islamic Kingdom we the British people are being confronted with in Our own Country.

The British tax-payer's are paying for the destruction of Our country while the Moslems calling for Jihad are milking and defrauding Our benefit system and Country with the one aim in mind, 'Moslem dominance' and implementation of 'Sharia law' as rule of law for Our land.

'Not in my name' Tony Blair and your Dhimmi Labour Government.


Massive housing demand from rapidly immigrating and breeding Muzbots has made private housing unnaffordable and council housing unnattainable for British working class couples in urban areas.Middle class white flight from Muslim infested cities has increased property prices in rural areas beyond the abilities of local young people to buy. Hence decent British people can't afford to have children whereas welfare-parasites breed like cockroaches. Whole areas of British cities have become unsafe for women and children due to sexual harassment.Rape gangs and pedophile gangs operate with impunity.National Health Service overwhelmed by Muslims with genetic disorders and mental illness caused by generations of cousin marriage. Huge strain on educational system due to influx of illiterate inbred Muslims.Institutionalised bullying of Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Chinese and Jewish children in state schools.Cash-strapped Local Education Authorities forced to pay massively inflated prices to Muslim slaughtermen for Halal meat. Enormous drain on taxpayers caused by welfare parasites who think that Kaffirs owe them a living.Constant fear of being blown up on public transport.Erosion of civil liberties and crippling costs of security to protect us from these vermin.Huge areas of British cities are no-go areas.Drug dealing, prostitution, protection rackets and all manner of scams designed to parasitise the Kuffaars. European national identities being destroyed by unholy alliance of Muslim Ummah and petrodollar-bribed Eurocrats. School children being deprived of their cultural heritage due to Muzbot demands to ban singing, music, drama, history, piglet, Christmas etc.

We wait in anticipation for an 'Oliver Cromwell' blog to arise.


24 February 2007

Part 1 - "The International Solidarity Movement unmasked"

LionHeart – Infiltration of the ISM in the Holy Land

( Me standing with our Alaksa Martyrs Brigade tour guide and a Palestinian policeman)

June 2006 I had just received death threats from Pakistani Muslim drug dealers from Luton so had to close my business and move home for my protection and security. Being a Christian I was crying out to God in prayer about my situation and God told me to go to ‘Israel’, so I immediately booked a flight and then jumped on the plane to go and visit the birth place of ‘Jesus’ - and the Christian faith.

I arrived at Ben Gurion airport Tel Aviv around lunchtime without clue of what I was doing or where I was going. I had not planned anything before traveling I just jumped on the plane and went. I knew nothing about the country other than what is written in the Bible and what I watched on the news so I didn’t know where to go or how to get anywhere, I didn’t care though I was now in Israel. I walked out of one of the entrance into the hot Israeli summer heat; there was not much happening outside of this entrance so I went back inside and out of another entrance. Outside of this entrance there was a train station and a bit of movement so I just relaxed standing outside of the airport realizing I was now in Israel. I didn’t know where to go so I turned to God and asked “where do you want me to go”, “Jerusalem” was the reply. That is it, I am now on my way to Jerusalem, I had no clue where it was or anything about East and West, all I knew was that I had to head to Jerusalem. I walked over to where there was a bit of movement with small buses and taxi’s and I was greeted by a man and I told him I wanted to go to Jerusalem and he directed me to a small 10 seater minibus that travels to Jerusalem for 40 shekels. I paid my money and was just about to jump on the bus when an American traveler stopped me and asked where it was going and when I said Jerusalem he jumped on too. Milliano was his name and we got chatting on the way into Jerusalem and he asked if I knew where I was going, I did not have a clue so obviously said ‘no’, I asked him if he knew where he was going and he said he had the number of a couple of hostels, so I asked if he minded if I tagged along with him and he said no problem.

(Damascus Gate entrance to the 'Old city' in East Jerusalem, directly opposite the Faisal Youth hostel)

Milliano asked the driver to drop us off outside Damascus gate in East Jerusalem; little did I know that this was the Palestinian area of Jerusalem. We were dropped off with all of our bags slap bang in the middle of this Arab area. I was looking around looking for some friendly Jewish faces but could see none, all I could see were Muslim Arabs who clearly did not appreciate me and Milliano being in their area. I was confused because I thought that Jews lived in Israel not Palestinian Arabs but here I was in Israel in an area full of Arab Palestinian Muslims. Later on I found out that East Jerusalem is the Palestinian area and West Jerusalem is the Jewish area. Here was me Englishman with Milliano an American, the most hated countries in the Arab world now slap bang in the middle of a load of murderous Arabs. We both knew this was not the type of area for us to be in, we both wanted to get out of this area as soon as possible because we knew we were unwelcome. I was just expecting a knife in my back or something throughout our time walking around in this area. Milliano tried calling the hostels from a pay phone but could not get through so we asked a few people where the hostels were. We were pointed to a hostel just around the corner directly in front of Damascus gate so went inside and upstairs. This place was dark and dingy with a horrible feel and the people inside clearly did not like our presence walking in, in my mind there was absolutely no way I was going to be staying in this hostel with these people in this area. Me and Milliano stepped outside and both thought the same so I said to Milliano what we should do is go and find a church and ask them for some guidance, there was absolutely no way I was going to stay in this area, ‘no way’, everything about it was dark and unwelcoming and the sooner we arrived in a place of safety the better. Milliano agreed but said lets just find this other hostel first, I agreed but did not want to stay in this area. We were pointed to a door next door to this first hostel and found the Faisal Youth hostel which is the place Milliano was looking for.

We walked inside and on the wall on the left hand side there was a big painting of a Palestinian cartoon character holding the Palestinian flag with the words ‘the struggle keeps our comrades alive’. Being a Christian Zionist in this area, with these people, and now seeing this, just confirmed to me that I was in the wrong place and the sooner I got out the better. Milliano went in and upstairs while I waited downstairs ready to leave. I was standing there a few minutes when this fresh friendly faced Scottish man called Alan came down and greeted me and took me upstairs and inside. We went into the lounge area where Milliano was sitting with Mohammed who ran the hostel, Gabi a Swedish/Irish lady, Dave an Irish man and Camille a Danish lady.

(This is the lounge that I was led into by Alan the ISM activist where i was to meet the rest of the ISM cell that I ended up exposing for what they where. In this lounge all ISM activists who travel to Israel congregate to spew hatred to Israel and the Jews and to boast about their activities in the West Bank)

We were all sitting round chit chatting and it was at this point that I was made aware that these people all had something in common and when questioned about what was going on, I found out that Milliano and this group were ISM activists and they had all congregated at the Faisal hostel to work for the ISM in Israel. I was very shocked because Milliano had traveled into East Jerusalem with me and did not mention a word about this. I then questioned them about what the ISM was and found out that they were a group of activists who where in Israel to support the Palestinians against Israel. I had always wondered where the anarchists who demonstrated against the G8 came from who I had watched on TV rioting, and in an instant realized that this is where they came from, these types of groups. Here was me a Christian Zionist sitting with a group of anarchists and extremists who were against Israel. I knew I had to stay put in this hostel with these people to learn what I could about them for the security services so I played the part of an amazed tourist who had just found himself amongst a group of genuine people fighting for a good cause and won their trust.

As the day went on I met more ISM activists and had to continue with the amazed tourist story to keep myself safe amongst this group of people. During the evening the main ISM leader in Israel who runs the Faisal Youth hostel, ‘Hisham’ who is a Palestinian and an ex-PFLP terrorist who was injured fighting Israel who now runs the Israeli side of training the ISM in the West Bank, joined all the International anarchists who had congregated at his hostel to prepare to go out and cause havoc against Israel. During the rest of the day and evening when talking with the International anarchists all I heard was hatred towards Israel and the Jewish people and how they enjoyed demonstrating against the border police. These people were in Israel to go off into the West Bank as enemies against Israel and the Jewish people; it makes you wonder why Israel has not banned them yet because of the havoc and danger they cause. The ISM is not just a threat to the Nation of Israel; they are a threat to all democracies around the world. These Anarchists are being used by terrorists in the West Bank and Gaza to further the aims of their Islamic terrorist leaders which is the overthrow and destruction of Israel. These anarchists descend on Israel and the other countries they are sent, to be trained and become more radicalized and more extreme, they then return home to their respective countries and cause more havoc on the streets of these countries at every opportunity, causing civil disorder and social disobedience with the warped and unrealistic aims of destroying there governments and the democratic systems in place for all freedom loving people who live in peace and security.

The next morning I woke up and walked out into the hallway and was greeted by Alan and Dave, we had a little chat and they asked if I would like to go to the Jericho prison with them which I obviously said yes to and played the part of an overjoyed tourist who has been given an excellent opportunity to experience the real Israel and was really thank full that they would ask me. Me, Dave, Alan, Gabi and Camille then left the hostel and boarded the bus in East Jerusalem, went as far as we could on the bus then jumped in a taxi to take us the rest of the way into Jericho. On the way we had to go through a check point so the taxi driver told me to collect the passports to show the border police because I was sitting in the front next to him. Gabi was very reluctant for this to happen but had no other choice when I asked several times to give me the passports. I then found out that Gabi’s passport was a photocopy so knew something was strange but never looked because I was consciously aware that I was being watched.

(Me with my ISM friends in a Palestinian prison cell in Jericho the West Bank being entertained by Palestinian Police and Alaksa Terrorists. Behind Alan with the Hat there is a white blanket which is covering a cache of AK 47's)

We arrived at the prison and where greeted by some Palestinian men who invited us in to show us around the complex. Me, Dave and Alan walked off on our own to take pictures while Gabi and Camille talked to the men who had greeted us. When we got around to the back of the prison we noticed some men outside of a room at the back of the prison who then invited us up. When we entered the room they offered us tea and welcomed us to sit down. Gabi and Camille then arrived and we all sat down talking. There was a communication barrier because none of us spoke fluent Arabic and none of them spoke English so Gabi took the lead with the little Arabic she did speak and we sat there trying to understand each other. The World cup was on so this was a good start to the conversation and a lot of it was thumbs up and thumbs down about certain teams or a yes or a no. We then spoke about different countries and again it was a yes no conversation to who they liked, they then spoke a yes no conversation about Hamas, Alqueda and Alaksa. To which Hams was ‘no’, Al Qaeda ‘no’ and Alaksa was ‘yes’.

(ISM activist Dave from Ireland to my right and Camille the ISM activist from Denmark on my left with me and the Palestinian policeman in the middle. Do we look like a group of Peace activists in the West Bank?)

I asked the policeman if I could have my photo taken with him, which he didn’t mind as you can see from the picture. I went across to sit next to him for the photo. The next thing I know is that I am being given an AK47 to hold for the photo, so I held it and it seemed like this was not good enough so I watched as the bed sheet behind Alan was pulled back and more AK47s were pulled out and handed around to the ISM activists to hold for the pictures. There were 4 - 6 AK47’s in the room at this point. We all then had our photographs taken with the Palestinians terrorists with all of us holding their AK47 guns.

(Camille the ISM peace activist in the presence of Alaksa Martyrs Brigade terrorists holding their AK 47)

(ISM peace activists Alan from Scotland and Gabi from Sweden with our Palestinian terror hosts)

(Postcard picture to send home to the family - Peace activists in Israel supporting Palestinian terrorists posing with their AK 47's - Definitely one to show your grandchildren)

The ISM recruit, obtain financial donations and are in Israel under the guise of being peace activists. I was not in Israel as a peace activist so had absolutely no problem holding the guns, where as my four friends where in Israel under the guise of being peace activists so there is absolutely no way they should ever be having their photos taken with Palestinian terrorists in the West Bank holding their guns. Would you want your children being recruited upon their college campus and then sent into this type of environment? These photos prove beyond doubt that the ISM is not a peace group but a group of International anarchists and extremists who travel to the West Bank to express their abnormal tendencies and support the Palestinian cause which is the complete and total destruction of Israel. The photos of these four activists with guns and terrorists show exactly the type of activities the ISM as a group gets up to in Israel whilst supporting the Palestinian cause.

We then sat back down after the pictures were taken and continued talking. Our Al Aksa tour guide tried to explain that he had been shot in the wrist by the Israelis and that it had gone through his wrist and into his leg and showed us the scars that it had left. We where then given a guided tour around the prison by the Palestinian men and at one point they showed us a room where they said they used to hang the Hamas prisoners up by their arms and in another one of the cells there were pictures up on the wall of Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist groups.

(Our guided tour of the Jericho prison by our Palestinian terror hosts)

We then left the prison and walked into the City of Jericho where we sat down for something to eat and then a grabbed a taxi, then bus, back into East Jerusalem and back to the Faisal Youth hostel.

When we arrived back at the Faisal hostel in East Jerusalem I showed an Italian and Swedish activist my pictures of us with the guns and the Palestinians. After showing them to the Swedish guy he was not impressed and went and told a ginger haired ISM leader who told us that we had to delete all of our photos because it does not look good for the ISM. She then went out of the room and I know was talking to Hisham and another important ISM leader who had just arrived. I never paid much attention to her arriving other than she arrived was shown respect by Hisham and other leaders and then left. This ginger lady was out the back talking with these ISM leaders about us and our pictures so I decided to go and take the memory chip out of my camera just in case they sneak around and steal it because there was no way they were having my pictures. She and the Swedish guy then sat all of us who where at the Jericho prison down and told us we had to delete the pictures we had taken because it looks really bad for the ISM. Dave and Alan immediately deleted their pictures and showed her. I just sat back with my arms crossed thinking to myself that there is absolutely no way your taking my pictures from me, I am not an ISM activist so I don’t care what you have to say to me and you cannot tell me to do anything. After this there was a lot of tension in the hostel that night towards me by her, Hisham and the Swedish guy and it felt very tense. I sat with an Argentinean guy and the Italian activist for most of the night who were telling me about what they had been doing in Israel. The Italian guy was telling me about being in the West Bank for the past 3 months and I was sounding really keen as I wanted to experience what these people where about so he said he would take me to Hebron in the West Bank the next day with him because he had to go there to see a doctor due to having a bad back. So I agreed to go with him and was looking forward to going the next day.

The next morning all of the ISM activists who had descended on the Faisal hostel left with Hisham to travel to Ramalah in the West Bank to receive more training before going off on their own into the Palestinian areas of the West Bank. I went into the Old City and up onto the Temple Mount to visit the tourist sites and ended up bumping into a Christian Arab who invited me to his home and to view the North of the Country with him. I agreed and shot back to the hostel, washed up, changed, paid my bill then left as soon as I could. Luckily I never ended up going into Hebron with the Italian activist, who knows what might have happened to me considering all of the ISM leadership in Israel knew I had the photos that I did.

The International Solidarity Movement is sending young people from all over the world to the training fields of the West Bank and Gaza to learn from terrorists. In my view that makes the ISM and its leadership supporters of terrorism and an enemy in the war on terror, if other people cannot see that too then what hope have we of winning this war against extremists of all kinds who support each others warped and murderous ideologies around the world. Bush said “if you support them, then you are with them”. What more proof do people need than the proof that is staring them in the face through these photographs?

Part 2 -
"The ISM & The Price of 21st Century Anarchy"
Part 3 -
What is the 'International Solidarity Movement'?
Part 4 -
The 'ISM' on Home soil

Short video: ISM - International soldiers

London - Muslim Capital of Europe


Some now call London the 'Muslim capital of Europe.' No Western city has more mosques.

And now London could be home to the largest Mosque outside of the Middle East.

Today, a neglected piece of real estate on London's east end sees little more than commuter trains rumbling past it. But it's the future location of what some say will be the biggest Islamic in-road into Christendom in 400
years: a gigantic mosque complex, the likes of which the West has never seen.

The land for the proposed mega-mosque now only hosts a small building -- a make-shift mosque. But imagine a huge modern Islamic complex right in London; in effect, an Islamic village for worshippers.

A video from the Web site of the mosque architect Ali Mangera shows what will be called the London Markaz, a 17-acre Islamic worship center for as many as 70,000 Muslims. Planned to be the hub of an Islamic quarter for the 2012 London Olympics, it will dwarf many of Britain's Christian cathedrals.

Alan Craig of Christian Peoples Alliance said, 'It's going to be very large. It's going to be a mosque, it's going to be an Islamic garden, there's going to be a library, there's going to be residential accommodation.

Craig is a councilman for the London borough of Newham where the mosque would be built. He's fighting it.

'I'm not anti-Muslim,' Craig said. 'I'm a democrat. I believe Muslims have the right to build mosques. But there's a difference between your average mosque down the road, and this monster mosque, this mega-mosque that they want to build.'

But it's not just the size of the mega-mosque that's a concern. It's who's behind it -- a shadowy group called Tablighi Jamaat.

The FBI says that Tablighi Jamaat has ties to al-Qaeda. The shoe bomber, Richard Reid, was associated with Tablighi Jamaat, as were two of the 7/7 bombers who struck London's public transportation system in 2005.

The money for the project is coming from sources in the Middle East.

Even moderate British Muslims oppose the mosque, and have circulated a petition against it. One of the leaders of the Muslim opposition is Dr Irfan al-Alawi, who says the mosque will be a security threat.

Al-Alawi said, 'I think, yes. Once the youth have been brainwashed, and been captured by the satanic ideology of the Tablighis, yes, it will come as a very hard-hitting movement.'

But while some moderate British Muslims may think the mega-mosque is a bad idea, it has one important booster, the Mayor of London.

'The person who is really behind it is Ken Livingstone,' al-Alawi said.

Far-left London Mayor Ken Livingstone, also known as 'Red Ken,' has what some would describe as a pro-Islamist, anti-Israel track record. He's called Ariel Sharon a 'war criminal' and has said that British Muslims who go to the Middle East and kill Israelis should not be called terrorists.

The mega-mosque project might have sailed through before 9/11. But in 2007, Britain is now considered a major base for homegrown Islamic terrorism.

Newsweek reports that Britons are traveling to Pakistan where they're being trained to carry out terrorist attacks in the UK. Al-Alawi says Pakistan is also where Tablighi Jamaat sends young British-born Muslims to be brainwashed into extremism.

Al-Alawi asked , 'Is the British government really going to turn a blind eye on that and say, let's go ahead and give these people a chance? I don't think so. If they want a 9/11 in England, then by all means.'

But Melanie Phillips, author of Londonistan, says the British left still believes that accommodating radical Muslims will somehow pacify them.

'It's taken the line of least resistance and it, very foolishly in my view, believes that if you give in to the demands being made by extremists, you kind of make the problem go away,' explained Phillips.

But if anything, the 'problem' in Britain is growing. Polls last year showed almost a quarter of British Muslims believe the 7/7 London bombings were justified, and one in three want to live under Sharia law.

And those kinds of headlines have helped galvanize grass-roots opposition to the mega-mosque project.

Councilor Craig, who lives in a city with 300 mosques and 500 madrassahs, suggests that Britain not allow any more mosques until Muslims allow churches in Saudi Arabia.

Craig said, 'Why should the Saudis pay for a mosque in the UK when there is not one single church, temple, goodwara, synagogue in Saudi at all?'

The spokesman for Tablighi Jamaat, Abdul Khalique, refused an interview request by CBN News. But he told the British press that the mega mosque '.will be something never seen before in this country. It is a mosque for the future, as part of the British landscape.'

If the mega-mosque is built, you can be sure of one thing: it will be the symbol for the incredible growth of Islam in Britain and in Western Europe.

Courtesy of BNP Jihad Watch

22 February 2007

A step way to far by the Muslim Council of Britain

Islam's revolting demands and Our Dhimmi Labour governments golden plate to hand them on - courtesy of the British National Party website.

British schools house the foundation of the future of British life, with the sons and daughters and grandchildren of the non-Muslim British people attending them. These are British schools in this a Christian country and their security and protection is paramount for the sake of the future of Britain.

The Muslim Council of Britain has forwarded a list of demands to the government of ways in which we should change Our British schooling to fall-in-line with Islam and its ways.

This is disgusting, dispicable and should be rejected, why on Earth should we change Our British schooling because Islam tell's us to.

Our Dhimmi Labour government sent there government Education advisor with the golden plate and now we the British people are facing 'Taliban' style schooling in Our Christian Nation.

Another footprint towards the Islamification of Great Britain.

Halal meat, Islamic demands what more needs to happen before people wake up to the serious danger Our British schooling faces with Islam on the offensive Our Christian state schools are under threat of being destroyed and Islam forcing its education on Our children. It is already happening up and down the country but it seems Islam is seeking to take even more ground in their war against Our education system.

Labour is not protecting us or Our children. How much longer do we have to accept the Islamification of Our country before people in positions of power stand up for the British people. There are 2 million Muslims and 60 million British citizens.

Our leadership need to put Islam back into its box and stop the degredation of Our once Great Nation.

Full article can be read here:-

The Daily Express


British 'Dhimmitude'

A sign to the World of British 'Dhimmitude'

Death by Jihad.- Drakes drum.

Throughout the U.K we have local government agencies called town councils who control the everyday running of our individual towns and cities.

The article from Drakes drum proves beyond doubt the Islamification of Britain and the break down of British identity and culture.

Every true British citizen of the United Kingdom lives with the knowledge of the second World War, with its horrors inflicted upon mankind, especially towards the Jewish race as a part of Our cultural history. Our forefathers went to war in defence of the British Empire and succeeded. The world then discovered the true horrors perpertrated against the Jewish race which we have come to know as the Holocaust.

The Holocaust is as much a part of the British identity because of Our forefathers as it is a part of Jewish history. The horror and senseless mass murder of Jews which happened during the Second World War is something Our forefathers in the Western civilized world fought and died for so that it would not happen again.

The Holocaust is a part of Our human experience in the civilized world because we all live with the horrors as a not so distant memory in the creation and establishment of Our Nations. The Jewish race is a part of the civilized world, so are our brothers and sisters in the Free world. It is Our duty and responsibility to share in Our common grief and educate Our children the truth about this dark time in the history of Our cultures and civilzation.

"The Holocaust is as much a part of the British identity as it is Jewish history".

Growing up in Britain I know that everyone of my generation and above know about the Holocaust because we were taught about it due to the significance of what happened so that we would never allow it to happen again.

It is a shame that now in Our generation we have Muslims wanting another Holocaust and the complete extinction of the Jewish race. This is one more bit of proof that Islam is the devils creation and another reason why we must stand in solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people.

Muslim's deny the Holocaust happened and want to scrub out that part of human history. In Britain due to Our affinity with the Jews, Our history that is intertwined should never be removed from Britain for the sake of Our British identity but as Drakes drum's blog shows, we have people running Our country who would rather ignore the truth of Our past and rob Our children of their British history.

It is a disgrace and abomination towards the British people and sends a message to the Jewish world that Britain is losing itself to Islam.

We the true British people stand with Israel and the Jewish world and are seeking to repel this beast that has invaded Our country, threatens our way of life and threatens Our friends.

Islam and the Muslims have no place in British society and the sooner they are stopped from interfering with the British way of life, identity and culture the better.

Please click link to read the full article on Drakes drum.



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Devil's meat - The proof

A Christian perspective.

I seem to have caused a bit of controversy with my British Fast-food sacrificed to the devil article as you can see from the comments section.

Thank you Urban11 for watching my back.

This subject re-affirms my belief that Islam is the devils religion and that I am right in exposing in my little way, what is happening to the British food chain. The British public are eating meat sacrificially slaughtered to the devil.

The negative comment I received about this article is good because it helped me evaluate whether I was right or not. I never knew that Orthodox Jews slaughtered their meat in the same way which added another dimension to the subject and took it to another level and proved my initial belief right.

Great Britain is a Christian Nation and will always be a Christian Nation, allowing meat sacrificed to Allah as being god into Our food chain and fed to Our children is an abomination to God because of what it represents. The same as having Mosques the length and bredth of Great Britain, it is an abomination to Our God.

As a Christian Nation we have Our own British identity and way of life. We have Animal rights in this country which teaches the British people not to harm animals so we look at meat sacrificially slaughtered in the way Halal and Kosher is, as inhumane.

That being said, I personally would have no problem eating Kosher meat that is sacrificially slaughtered to God because they are looking to the same God as me. My God taught the Jewish people to slaughter meat this way thousands of years ago and due to the reality and truth of God that the Jewish people carry, the Rabbi's (religious leaders of the Jews) and Orthodox Jews continue to eat meat killed in the same manner as they have done for thousands of years.

As a Christian we have moved on from Othordox Jewish times because we are not Jewish and have accpeted a different way of worshipping God which is through His Son Jesus. This is part of Our Judeo/Christian heritage because as a Christian I believe the King of the Jews is the God of Israel so Christian and Jews are One in faith before God because it is the same God different revelation.

Islam in my belief is the devil's creation to destroy God's people and kingdom on Earth, as you can see with Muslim's blood thirsty desire to kill Jews and take the world over. In the Bible God teaches that the devil is the counterfit, the deceiver, so he has copied God to achieve God's stature and has created Islam as a religion to achieve his aims. Judaism and the Jews are Gods people and they were sacrificing meat to Him throughout the ages, way before Islam, then Islam arises and copies the way of slaughtering life and commanded its followers to sacrifice meat to him the devil.

Christianity then came after and we did away with the sacraficial slaughter of our meat, created animal rights, now kill the meat for Our food chain in a humane way.

The Orthodox Jews are carrying on a tradition of sacrificing to the God of the Jews and do this to this day. In a culture where we are taught animal rights we view this way of killing animals as inhumane but we allow it because we respect other cultures and religions right to continue traditions that do not threaten Our way of life.

Islam which in my belief is a creation of the devil is copying the Jewish peoples tradition of sacrificially slaughtering their meat for human consumption but they are slaughtering to the devil and not God, Our god's are not the same.

I have never heard of Kosher meat ever being served in British schools. I never seen Kosher meat for sale in Britain. I do not see Orthodox Jews telling me they want to kill me for being a Christian, blowing themselves up on buses and trains or working towards the over throw of my 'British way of life'.

Islamic meat which is sacrificially slaughtered to the devil has been found to be fed to unsuspecting children in British Christian schools and there is talk of implementing more schools to serve Halal. Muslim Fast-food shops across Britain are pumping out Halal meat to the non-Muslim British people. Halal meat can be bought pretty much anywhere in Britain. Muslims living in Britain hate the British way of life and are working towards destroying Our country. They are blowing themselves up on trains and buses, declaring their aims of taking Britain over for Allah (the devil) and implementing Sharia law.

My view as a Christian based on the facts is that Halal meat is the devils meat and the unsuspecting British people should be warned about this infection into their food chain and there is absolutely no way it should ever be fed to children in British schools.

Halal meat is another Islamic foot hold into British socitey and is one more step towards the Islamification of Britain.

I was accused of discrediting 'resistance', which is a joke, and that my ranting is stupid.

Make your own mind up.


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'Your an Extremist'

Your an extremist is people easiest answer to avoid facing the truth and reality of the situation everyone from the Queen down to you and me is facing in relation to Islam's war against Britain.

"Its not my problem"

"He's an extremist"

"He's crazy"

They are the easiest excuses from people to avoid facing up to the reality of Islam and its aims of conquest against Our country.

Here is a brief outline of my situation and the situation the country faces, then make up your own mind to what you think. Extremist, crazy or right in what I am saying.

I helped the police arrest a British born Pakistani Muslim Heroin & Crack dealer. His Pakistani Muslim drug gang found out due to police corruption and made two credible threats against my life. I had to then close my business down and move home for my safety. The police that I had dealings with all severed ties with me and left me on my own with no help whatsoever to deal with an army of Pakistani Muslims who wanted to do me very serious harm. I am from the streets so know how to look after myself and cover my tracks which is what I have been doing for the past 8 months to keep myself alive.

Take a read of Heroin: Golden Sword of Jihad, Dunstable - Death threat & the Al Qaeda connection and Allah's Luton Militia to see exactly from my point of view based on the facts.

The Pakistani Muslim community of Luton and throughout the country continue on a daily basis their advancement into Our country and the destruction of Our way of life. Where I live street drugs is the weapon they are using which is killing young people, destroying families breaking down society and making vast sums of money in the process which then goes ultimately back to Al Qaeda and finances their war against Our country.

Look at the Under cover Mosque expose where we have Muslim preachers preaching hate, holy war, treason, murder and peadophilia to their British Muslim audience. All captured on video and aired on British TV.

Then we have preachers up and down the country openly declaring Jihad and the over throw of Our democratic government calling for the establishing of Sharia law as the rule of law for Britain.

We have the likes of Abu Izzadeen on national TV praising terror and declaring that the black flag of Islam will be flying over the House's of Parliment and Our government does nothing about him, leaving him and those like him to walk the streets continuing Islam's war of conquest.

We had the
Danish cartoons protest in London where we had large numbers of British Muslims all carrying placards calling for terrorist atrocities and murder against us.

Let's not forget Al Qaeda's decleration of war on 7/7 where we had 3 trains and a London bus blown up with 52 people killed and over 700 injured.

We have Muslims at every opportunity seeking to enforce their ways upon Our Christian society which is completely at emnity with Our way of life and British society. For example the burqa debate, even though there should be no debate, it should be banned full stop after the Somalian murderer of the female police officer escaped Our country dressed in one.

Also the infiltration into every area of British society with Muslim extremists working in some of the most sensitive places in Our country.

We have a prison system with absolutely no beds at all to place dangerous Muslim Jihad fighters.

The situation Our country is facing just does not get any worse.

You look at all the facts that Our country is facing in relation to the Islamic Kingdom in Britain then make up your own mind.

Extremist, Crazy or Right.

In this blog I am trying to communicate my reality based on facts from a Christian perspective.

If I am an extremist in sharing the truth then
what are you? If you think I am crazy because of what I see and believe then I would seriously question your sanity.

It is about time people faced reality for the sake of Our children and started realising what is happening around them in their country and communities.

God bless the Queen and Our country.


21 February 2007

British Justice

I received a comment on my Fear factor article which is below.

"I'm sure you know you are most likely being monitored by your government Or will be soon.Have you outside contacts to be reached letting the outside world know when they come pounding on your door.Whatever you do,don't let them silence you.If you have to post your threads outside EU jurisdiction, do so.God Bless you. May He keep you strong in faith and filled with His spirit".

The British government can do absolutely nothing about me other than if they really saw my words as being a threat, which they are not, is to hold me under house arrest and strip me of my freedoms to communicate my reality because our prison system is at bursting point with no room for even the most dangerous people in Our society.

I am a Christian British citizen and my life has been threatened by Pakistani Muslim's with links to Al Qaeda, I have helped the police and I have stood up and spoken out against Islam's advancement in my community. They are destroying the community, families and young lives with their drugs and because of the madness of British justice I could be arrested for speaking non-violent truth.

I have not threatened anyone, I have not glorified murder or terrorism, I have not called for the over throw of my British government or the murder of the Queen, but I could still be classed as a criminal for speaking my mind.

Abu Izzadeen - Islam's UK mouthpiece was arrested and released on bail. This is someone that the authorities have graphic images on video of him glorifying terror and murder yet he is allowed to walk the streets of Britain still to continue his hatred and war against Britain.

Then you have all of the preachers on the Under cover Mosque expose who were calling for Jihad, murder, peadophilia, the over throw of the government and Our Queen. These preachers of hate against Britain and its non-Muslim population have not been arrested even though their words were exposed on national TV.

We the British people are left knowing that Our government can do nothing about these Islamic Jihad fighters who are openly calling for the over throw of British life. We are left sitting watching Our government arrest these people then let them go or not even arrest them at all because they have no where to lock them away from society. We are a laughing stock to the Islamic kingdom in Britain.

We have absolutely no room in Our prison system for terrorists so Our government allows them to walk the streets to continue their plotting and planning of the overthrow of Our country. There is an army of Jihad fighters across the whole of Britain and we have no where to place them once arrested so the enemy is left walking the green pastures of Our once Great land. God only knows how bad things are and what future we are all walking towards. The facts are painting a terrifying incompetent future.

I am a patriotic British Christian who stands behind the Queen who is the Head of the Church of England so hope that if anything does happen to me by the British authorities then people around the world will expose the trecherous traitors my government are and will arouse the attention of the Queen. This is her country and I am standing in defence of it and my life by speaking the truth about Islam in my midst.

We need internment camps to remove those Islamic social misfits who are working towards and calling for the destruction of the British way of life and the murder of innocent non-Muslims. Please take a read of my article: where is the British people's Guantanamo bay?

Let the British authorities arrest me, I am willing to die for my faith and country so I am not bothered about being arrested for speaking the truth. I am sure the majority of the British public would be behind me if they knew the facts behind my situation.

Let's all tread wisely and fearlessly into the future for the sake of Our children.

God bless


Devil's meat in Christian schools.

I received a negative response from someone regarding my article British Fast-food sacrificed to the devil.

Please take a read of this Daily Mail article regarding Halal meat being served in British schools and if you disagree with it like myself then please sign the petition to help have this satanic meat removed from Our childrens food chain.




This in my opinion is an extremly important issue because why should Our British non-Muslim children be forced to eat this type of meat that is butchered to Allah (the devil).

This is one more step along the road to the Islamification of Britain.


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20 February 2007

The Fear Factor

If you have read my articles titled: Heroin: Golden Sword of Jihad, Allah's Luton Militia - Civil war, and Dunstable - Death threat and the Al Qaeda connection then you will know the exact position I and my community are in, in relation to Islam's war of conquest against my community and country.

Decleration of War is another article detailing the civil war we are facing on the ground in Luton.

I wish it was all in my imagination and that the dark murderous cloud of Islam was not engulfing my community and country, but the reality is, is that the dark cloud is here and engulfing my surroundings and is a fact that my community is facing and a fact that people would rather choose to ignore through fear of the consequences, rather than make a stand in defence of the community against the invading army of British born Pakistani Jihad fighters.

I have stood up completely on my own and acted in defence of my community for the sake of those unable to stand up for themselves and for the sake of future generations who will live and grow here.

Absolutely everyone I know in the community bar one or two are completely petrified of the Pakistani Muslim community of Luton and would rather turn a blind eye to what is happening around them than speak out and act. They are so weak and pathetic and view the situation "its not on my doorstep so its not my problem". Men of the community would rather leave the problem to others, the thing is though is that there are no others, so the problem is not being addressed.

Through fear of the Pakistani Muslim's they would rather allow them to continue their kingdom building and the destruction of Our Christian community than help to stop it and save young lives being destroyed by Muslim masters.

This is the dilemma my community faces with absolutely no one willing to stand with me in defence of the community because they are all Dhimmi's or Muslim drug slaves. It is easier for people to accuse me of being crazy and off it rather than agree with me and face reality. The thing is though is that the facts are the facts and my belief system and reality is based on those facts, so no one can escape the true reality that is staring everyone in the face.

This is a message to everyone in my community and a message to everyone who cares about Our country, the United Kingdom.

You look back into your history and Our forefathers fought and died establishing this great country, Great Britain, for us their descendents. The brave men and women of the past rose to the occasion and stood up to the evil's facing the world in their generation. We in Our generation are now surrounded by evil in the embodiement of Islam which is seeking to destroy Our British way of life and enforce an Islamic one upon us and our children and grandchildren. Our wives and children would become their spoils of war and we would be butchered for their enjoyment.

This is a fact that we as a people are faced with. Muslims wanting to take Our country over and enforce Islam upon the inhabitants left.

My community knows these facts but would rather sit idly by on their scared pathetic backside's than confront the evil menace threatening their community and childrens futures.

The destiny of Our community is in Our hands and it will either stay a Christian community, a bastion in the face of the Islamic kingdom of Luton or it will be an Islamic outpost until we have all been driven out and it will become an extension of their kingdom.

When your children grow up they will ask you, where were you when this all happened? what did you do? What will you tell your children? Will you lie and say you was at the front or will you tell the truth, that you was a pathetic example of a man and too scared of the Pakistani Muslims to protect them so you sat back and did nothing.

This is about Our children and the environment they are going to grow up in and it is all of Our responsibility to act in defence of Our Christian community and country.

One man cannot stand on his own and win, the time has come for you to decide who and what you are and for those willing, to step forward and be counted as true men in defence of the innocent and the less able who cannot protect themselves.

The answer "it is not my problem" will not wash, everyone reading this, you are now being asked to make your decision before God and work out where you stand in the coming turmoil.

Islam declared war against the Western World on 9/11 and opened up England as one of their fronts on 7/7. We never started this and there is no going back now. In war there can only be one winner so it is either going to be them or us and its Our childrens futures hanging in the balance.

Are you going to tell your children that you were a weak pathetic example of a man when destiny came knocking on your door or are you going to tell them you were brave and rose to the occasion with everyone else and helped defeat the beast 'islam' in Our midst.

Our childrens futures will bear witness to the actions or inactions of this 'Our generation'.

I ask that you send this blog article to every man you know because the time has come to know where everyone stands.

I hope and pray that God Himself will now raise up His army of Knights in defence of their homelands and Christendom.


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18 February 2007

A Thank You to 'Our' Queen & Government.

I have read today on Green Arrows blog that the Government have blocked the decision to build the London Mega Mosque. (Please read my article: A Plea to the Queen - London Mega Mosque)

The people of the United Kingdom will always stand behind Our King or Queen in defence of Our homeland aslong as that ruling figure is strong enough to make the right decision's for the good of the common man, which it seems has happened in this case. We now wait for the departure Ken Livingstone the instigator of this henious situation Our country faced.

I personally thank the Queen and government for finally making a stand for the good of this country, let's hope that it continues and is a sign of things to come.

Bin Laden and Zwahiri have both commanded their British born Pakistani Al Qaeda operatives in the U.K to kill the Queen, so Our Queen lives with the same threat against her life as does every other non-Muslim British citizen.

The future and destiny of Our Great British homeland is in each and everyone's hands from the Queen down to you and me.

War has been declared and 'no surrender' is the reply.

May God continue to bless & protect Our Royal Family.


In Reply to a Comment

Thank you Anonymous for adding to the comments section of my blog and especially the article:- Dunstable - Death threat & the Al Qaeda connection.

Anonymous said...
LionHeart,what the Muslims are trying to do is get as many Non Muslims on to the drugs,by doing so they would achieve,(a)make us dependent on them,we be like zombies.(b)Muslim drug pushers get richer,(That is why you see young Muslim driving top of the range cars)and also become influential in their society and with Lefties in our Government.The problem of drugs is not only in Luton and Dunstable but in whole of United Kingdom.I am sure as you may be too that main suppliers of these drugs are no one else but Muslims.We have to educate our own people first,i.e,Childern,Teenagers and Adults.Let us not only talk about it but make aware of these problems to the wider Non Muslim community. God Bless UK.

I wanted to add that because I have lived and grown up with the threat of the Muslim community and their supply of hard street drugs like Heroin & Crack cocaine, I did work with the police for several years educating young people in local High schools to the dangers they faced in relation to street drugs. I knew all along where the hard drugs were coming from and this was my way of counteracting the threat.

As a person I believe that 'actions speak louder than words', exactly what Brigitte Gabriel from American Congress for Truth says. In every area of defending Our communities and country from Islam and its demonic adherents the muslims, Our actions speak louder than words.

Please take a read of the frontpage article from my local newspaper.

God bless


Continued: Islam's 'Great British' infiltration

Please read my article Islam's 'Great British' infiltration.

I wrote this article last week to try and communicate the state of British affairs and how deep and widespread the infiltration of the United Kingdom is.

I thank God for revealing more of the truth and confirming beyond doubt the dire situation we the British people are in, in relation to Islam's kingdom building within Britain.

I wrote an article at the beginning of January called
'The Epitome of Islam in Luton'. This article highlights an exact example of what young Pakistani Moslem men in and around Luton are like. This Moslem Jihad fighter is a convicted Heroin & Crack cocaine dealer who showed the world what is in his heart and in his mind when he demonstrated in London about the Danish cartoon's dressed as a suicide bomber. There should be no doubt in any one's mind about this Pakistani Moslem mans intentions towards Britain and its British non-Moslem inhabitants. It has now been discovered that this Jihad fighter has been working on our public transport system working in Bedford cleaning trains. The trains passing through this station go to Cambridge, Brighton and London so the possibility for a terrorist atrocity on this network of train lines is very 'real' so there is absolutely no way someone like Omar Khayam should ever be working on the system, but good old Britain is in such a dilapidated state with Muslims being allowed to over run every area of British society that he was able to obtain a job in such a sensitive place.

When challenged about his job, he said: “So what? I’ve not committed a crime. If there is a concern, that’s what the police are there for. That’s what security services are for.”

YES and we thank the security services for passing on the information about you to the Sun newspaper so that you and your filth could be removed from your job for the safety of the British people. Due to English law you have not committed a crime so you could not be arrested for infiltrating our transport network so the security services have acted in the only way they could and exposed you to the British people to have you removed for our safety. It's a shame the security services could not lock you up and throw away the key, this is the third offence you have committed, how many more until you are removed from society for the British peoples safety. You are an ideal candidate for
The British people's Guantanamo bay.

The scary part to Islam's 'Great British' infiltration is that as you are reading this there are Moslems in specific jobs who are plotting the destruction and over throw of our country, government and Royal family and this generations labour politicians in power are sitting back letting this infiltration happen and are handing Our homeland over to Islam on a plate.

Please click this link to see the article courtesy of the
Sun newspaper.


17 February 2007

Islamification of Britain on video

Thank you whoever posted this link in the comments section.

Check out this Youtube video of the Islamification of Britain.


The Drum is now beating - There is no turning back.

"Drake's Drum is beating in 'Our' land once again".

War has been declared against the green pastures of the British Homeland by Our now unwelcome guests the Muslim's. The Drum has started to beat and the cry of War is getting louder amongst our country folk.

There is no going back now that the drum is beating so decide where you stand.

Check out Drake's drum's site by clicking the link.

Drake's Drum

Excerpts from articles written in 1937, and 1940.

"Take my drum to England, hang et by the shore, Strike et when your powder's runnin' low;If the Dons sight Devon, I'll quit the port o' Heaven,An' drum them up the Channel as we drummed them long ago."

-Sir Henry Newbolt

August 16 is the anniversary of the return of Sir Francis Drake and his fellow-seamen after putting the finishing touches to the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

In his own day the name Drake became a terror to his enemies. The cry of "El Draque! El Draque!" brought confusion and panic like the descent of a fireship. That was why in the Westcountry we were never surprised to hear the beating of Drake's drum.

Again and again it had sounded during wartime, especially when troopships have come bringing the men of the Empire who have journeyed over those waters into which Drake was the first to take an English keel.

The Drum was heard to beat when there was the miracle of the deliverance of Dunkirk. Drake's heart went out to those men who manned the little ships that saved the British Army.

"Our fathers heard it beat when the Mayflower made its way out of the Sound. They heard it beat when Fairfax and Cromwell came own to thank the people of Plymouth for the defense of the town during the long siege of the Civil War."

"Admiral Blake heard it, when sick unto death, he was just able to reach the entrance to Plymouth Harbour, and he died with his great heart lifted by the sight of the hills of his beloved Westcountry and the sound of Drake's welcoming drum."

"Nelson heard the roll of the drum when he came to be made a freeman of the borough, and Wellington heard it too, when he set out from Plymouth to defeat the menace of an earlier tyranny. The drum was heard to beat again when Napoleon, a prisoner after Waterloo, was brought into Plymouth Harbour in the Bellerophon." (Isaac Foot, BBC broadcast, August 6 1940)

Drake took his Drum with him all around the world. That was why its beat could be heard all round the world today-in every land where Briton joined Briton to defeat the present menace of darkness and evil; in every distant station where the two or three were gathered together in common danger and in common hope.

In November 1918 when the German Navy surrendered, men on board the British admiral's flagship heard the long roll of a drum. When after careful search and inquiry, neither drum nor drummer could be found the truth was realized, and by common consent one man said to another "Drake's Drum."

Drake's Drum had hung on the wall at Buckland Abbey, near Plymouth for many years when in 1938 there was a fire at the house which did a great deal of damage to the west wing. The fire was discovered early enough for Drake's Drum and nearly all the other treasures which the house contained to be taken to safety. It may still be viewed today at the Buckland Abbey Maritime Museum in Devon, England.

15 February 2007

Cambridge student

I personally salute your bravery in publishing the Danish cartoons and stand shoulder to shoulder with you in solidarity.

The question for you now is:

Do you accept your situation and the postiton you have now placed yourself in?


Do you become another 'Dhimmi' like the Pope and 90% of the British people and apologise.

I pray God will give you the strength and the courage to stand your ground as an innocent British citizen in the face of this murderous barbaric death cult 'Islam'.

We should never be intimidated with threats of violence and murder in Our own country by these 'Aliens' in our midst.

Cambridge University and a vast number of its students have shown their true colours and they definately are not red, white and blue the colours of Our Union Jack.

May God bless the Cambridge student and let's hope he has dug his flag in the ground at Cambridge and stands his ground. Everyone of us who thinks like 'you' stands with you and behind you.

God bless


British Fast-Food 'sacrificed' to the devil

Islam commands Moslem's to kill their animal meat in the most inhuman way imaginable and during the process they are to call out 'Allah' in Arabic as their way of sacrificing life and death to the god's, exactly the same as when they blow themselves up on buses, trains and in cafes shouting Allah akbar (god is most mighty) killing innocent people. They hang the animal upside down, slit its throat and then wait for the carcass to drain of blood, it has to be completely blood free before the satanic ritual is finished. The animal is then cut up, processed then distributed for human consumption to the non-Moslem population of Britain.

Where I live in Luton, Dunstable and surrounding area's the Islamic kingdom have taken over the Fast-food industry, they own all the low cost fast food shops and pizza places with them all carrying a sign or logo in Arabic on their door's or windows. These fast-food shops are all owned and connected to people involved with the Pakistani Moslem Heroin & Crack cocaine drug trade.
Not only are they pumping our community with Heroin & Crack, they are also pumping out their satanic meat which is sacrificed to the devil, and the poor innocent unsuspecting non-Moslem public have absolutely no idea what they are consuming.

This situation is happening all across Britain as the Islamic Kingdom grows and they force their way into this industry and into our food chain. What better way of killing a vast amount of people than to poison their food or at the very least show your hatred and contempt towards them by spitting or even worse all over their food, I certainly would never buy any fast-food from a Moslem outlet.

Islam's way of sacrificing meat to Allah amounts to nothing more than devil worship and every piece of meat consumed after sacrifice is a victory for the devil and the forces of evil. The fast-food industry in Luton is owned by Islam so everyday and even more at weekends the whole community is taking part in ritualistic satanic worship to the devil. This is the reason for Islam killing animals as they do, it is their ritualistic way of honouring the devil 'Allah' and every mouth full eaten is in honour of the devil dressed up as 'Allah'.

The Class A drugs are being pumped out into our communities by these devil worshipping misfits with the sole aim of killing our youth, destroying society and making vast sums of money in the process which is then turned back to destroy us in other ways. They are also pumping out meat which has been ritualistically slaughtered as a sacrifice to the devil for human consumption. All of this happening within our Christian country with no one in a position of power wanting or willing to do or say anything about the horrors of hell in our midst. We took beef off of the shelves because of BSE, we now have chicken with bird flu but has anyone said anything about meat ritualistically satanically slaughtered to the devil to be removed from human consumption?

As each day passes the darkness of Islam and what is happening within our Christian societies gets that much darker as the Christian world sits back subservient to the devil 'Allah' and his legion of demons the Moslems as Dhimmis through fear and intimidation.

Enough is Enough.


"After writing this post I went across to Drakesdrum's blog in reply to a comment on one of my articles and was astonished to read that it is not just ritualistic meat the unsuspecting non-Muslim British people are eating, it is highly probable in some areas that people are consuming human remains. Take a read of Drakesdrum's article and judge for yourself. We all know Muslim's hate us and have absolutely no regard for us so it is not suprising that they would kill one of us and then chop us up and turn us into Kebab meat".

12 February 2007

Al Qaeda in Luton

A British born Pakistani Al Qaeda terrorist from Luton appears in court charged with plotting atrocities in the U.K and U.S with Dhiren Barot. Dhiren Barot has recently been sentenced to 40 years for his part is planning terrorist atrocities.

Article is from the local Sunday paper.



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9 February 2007

What are you?

Traitor - Dhimmi - True Brit

We must clearly define who we are in relation to the Moslem enemy that surrounds us, living amongst us, that is plotting Our destruction.

A Traitor is someone who is working alongside the Moslem community in any capacity that is having a detrimental effect on the community or country. The worst Traitors to be found in and around the area of Luton are those non-Moslems who are aiding and abetting the supply of Moslem street drugs against their fellow British non-Moslem citizens.

A Dhimmi is someone who lives subservient to Moslem dominance. If you are to scared to speak out against the Moslems actions in our midst or would rather sit back and turn a blind eye because of the consequences then you are classed in mine, and every Moslems eyes as a 'Dhimmi'.

A True British person is someone who cares about his country and what is happening to it. Someone who is willing to sacrifice everything for the protection of the way of life his forefathers handed down to him. Someone willing to sacrifice his life for the protection of that way of life so that, that inheritence can be handed down to their children and the children of their fellow British citizens.

In the face of this civil war Britain is faced with against British born Pakistani Moslems and every other Moslem in Our midst, what category of person are you?

Traitor, Dhimmi or True Brit.

The answer is for you not me, your the one who has to live with yourself everyday.


Islam from a scientific perspective

Thank you "religion of pieces" for leaving these links in the comment section of my blog. They both corroborate exactly what is happening where I live so wanted to put them up on the frontpage for everyone to read if they are interested.


20 things you should know about Islam:-

Islam's UK mouthpiece arrested

Trevor Brooks A.K.A Abu Izzadeen has finally been arrested by the British security services in relation to a video that has surfaced where he openly calls for the beheading of Muslims who join the British Army.

Please read my previous article for an understanding of who this man is and the danger he poses.


We now hope that he will be charged and locked away from society for the safety and security of the non-Muslim British public.

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8 February 2007

The contempt of the Sheep people.

in their own words.

Excellent article from Green Arrow.

Please click on the link below and also the link in the article that comes up, an article written in the Daily Mail. Listen to what Muslims are saying on the street in Our country within their Islamic community.


7 February 2007

'Allah's' Luton Militia - Civil War

‘Jihad’ (Holy war) is a divine command laid out in the Koran for every Moslem to follow. Allah, his prophet Mohamed, the Koran and accompanying books are the ultimate authority to every Moslem on all aspects of life. This authority to a Moslem transcends any man made Democratic laws like those that exist in Britain and the Western world. Moslems living in Western Democratic societies do so knowing that they ultimately reject our way of life, its institutions and our laws which have been created over centuries for the protection of our civilized people. Every Moslem ultimately wants to live under Islamic rule – Sharia Law – and are commanded by Allah through Mohamed and the Koran to conduct Jihad until Islam reigns supreme and Islamic law is implemented. Until the time Sharia Law is implemented in a non-Moslem country the country is viewed as Dar al-Harb (The House of war), so every Moslem living in the Dar al-Harb views the territory as a war zone for Islam and have to fight on every level until Islam is victorious and the rule of law of the land is converted over to Islamic rule. Once a Dar al-Harb Nation and people have been defeated, the Nation then becomes classed as Dar al-Islam (The House of Peace/Islam). Islamic countries around the world ruled by Islam are Dar al-Islam, so the whole world from a Moslem perspective is split in two, the Dar al-Harb and the Dar al-Islam.

The global Islamic Kingdom have to conduct ‘Jihad’ with the non-Moslem world eternally or until the whole world is conquered and Islam reigns supreme over the whole Earth. Moslems living in non-Moslem countries, the Dar al-Harb like Britain have to fight the non-Moslem inhabitants perpetually until the land is conquered. Within Islam it is permissible for them to rape, pillage, murder and steal to further Islam’s aim of conquest because they view themselves as soldiers in a ‘war of conquest’ for Allah.

As a Christian I can testify that there is no greater motivation upon the Earth than the belief that you are carrying out God’s will. This is the Faith dynamic that drives crazed psychotic maniac Moslems to kill themselves killing innocent women and children. They perpetrate these acts of war against innocent non-Moslem human beings because their Religion, Allah, Mohamed and the Koran command’s them to do it. They are willing participants in Islam genocidal quest of global domination.

In Luton we have a very large Pakistani Moslem encampment that has evolved over the last 40 years into a mini Islamic state with all the ingredients needed for it to be a state within a state within Britain. The Pakistani forbearers of this community were welcomed into our country to work alongside our forefathers in local industry to earn money to provide food, shelter and clothing for their dependents, just like the average British citizen. Little did the British public realize about the beast ‘Islam’ they were welcoming with open arms into their midst. The British people are accepting and welcoming people who try to see the good in all people even when the truth is staring them in the face, so for the past 40 years we have left the Islamic communities who have invaded our shores and set up camp to their own devices. It is only now after horrific global and domestic acts of war perpetrated against us by the ‘global Islamic army’Al Qaeda, are we asking and wondering what has been going on in Britain amongst the Moslem community for the past 40 years behind closed doors away from the public eye of normal British society.

Within Luton it is now obvious that the local Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park have been digging themselves in, creating for themselves their own Islamic state with its own way of life and laws which is contrary to the ‘British rule of law’. This two state situation which is two kingdoms in one country is unacceptable but a real situation we the British people are now faced with and one that is happening where I live.

The only way you can conquer another land and people is by military force, the first Pakistani Islamic religious leaders who arrived here would have known this fact and would have encouraged the first welcomed invaders to raise up from amongst them an army of young men who can defend this new Islamic community in this foreign land and when the time is right to rise up and conduct Jihad for Islam and conquer the Nation. Jihad and the conquering of our land is an immovable fact within Islam so the first Pakistani religious leaders in our country would have taught this fundamental truth behind closed doors to their Pakistani Moslem followers.

For many years in Luton it has been a known fact that Pakistani Moslem families from Luton do not like having female babies, they prefer boys and would have female babies aborted just because it was a female. The local Hospital the L & D stopped telling non-Moslem parents the sex of their unborn children because of this heinous situation with the Pakistani Moslems. It is now strikingly clear that the Pakistani Moslem men of Luton have been breeding and creating for themselves an army of young Pakistani Moslem men who can fulfill Islam’s objectives in Britain. First and foremost they can defend their Islamic community from the non-Moslem outsiders and then when the time is right they can go out and conduct Jihad throughout the land and conquer for Islam. So for the past 40 years the Pakistani Moslem community has been breeding themselves into an un-natural force in Britain. It is common knowledge and used to be joked about, about the size of Pakistani Moslem families, how they all used to live together and there was so many of them in the one room or one house. It is not a joke anymore though, now we see those large extended Pakistani Moslem families joining together and rising up against the peaceful non-Moslem citizens of Britain.

So here we have a community born and birthed with future Jihad in mind set in place by the first welcomed Moslem invaders upon our shores.

Several generations of Pakistani Moslem children have then been brought up within their homes and in the wider community being trained and taught in the ways of Islam and Jihad, feeling and thinking upon themselves as soldiers for Allah in a foreign land with the ultimate purpose of fighting the non-Moslem community through war and conquering the land. While we were out playing football or on our bmx bikes, our Moslem compatriots would have been at home or in their local mosque’s listening to the ways of Islam and Jihad, two groups of exact same human beings except with different heritage growing and developing in the same country with a completely different perspective upon life. We are now seeing the fruits of the Pakistani Moslem community’s years of labour with the two communities now completely at enmity with each other, with Pakistani Moslems now blowing themselves up on trains and buses killing innocent non-Moslem British citizens for Islam’s aims.

The first true dominant force of Pakistani leaders of the Islamic Jihad army to come out of Luton are the criminals/terrorist Jihadist’s who are British born Pakistani Moslem and view the non-Moslem part of Britain as the Dar al-Harb (House of war) so are permitted in their religion, to do absolutely anything they want against non-Moslems in their quest for domination. In their view of life and the world around them they are living in a ‘war zone’ so have to conduct themselves as such. In war there can only be one winner at the end of it, these Pakistani Moslems through Islam know this fact and reject all of our laws and way of life, and are conducting themselves as a Moslem paramilitary army with the one aim in mind of conquering Britain and taking over for Islam. Where as the non-Moslem citizens of Britain want to go about their normal daily lives away from hate, violence and murder. In Luton they have achieved their aims in part with their own Moslem community in Bury Park living as a state within a state, and the whole of the non-Moslem community around them living in fear under their dominance as ‘Dhimmis’.

Allah’s first Moslem ‘militia’ in Luton conducted themselves as a paramilitary organization and took control of the Pakistani Moslem community through fear and intimidation. The first main Pakistani Moslem gang that arose and is still here today just with different generations working in the same family traditions fighting Jihad against the non-believer, all carry a tattoo on either their forehead, neck or hand. This tattoo which is visible to everyone sets them apart within their community as being from an organized violent and wealthy group of Pakistani Moslem jihadist’s. The tattoo they all wear is the Islamic ‘Crescent Moon’ and shows their allegiance above all else including British law and our way of life to Islam and the objectives laid down in the Koran. This group of Jihad fighters have absolutely no regard for our laws and way of life and are quite clearly conducting themselves as an invading army, they are involved in every crime imaginable with the sole purpose of making themselves vast sums of money as their spoils of war against my country. They then plough the illegal money earned back into their community to advance its establishment as a dominant force within Britain, which is being achieved. The different generations of Pakistani Moslems who are involved in this aspect of their social interaction with my country have all been taught either at home, in the mosque or on the street that Jihad is the way for Moslems so have absolutely no conscious about what they are doing because it is permissible in Islam. Street drugs, intimidation and prostitution are this group’s main financial income and from these illegal business’ they have made themselves and their community visibly, financially and physically stronger. They then turn their illegal money into legitimate cash businesses like fast food shops and taxi companies to launder even more of their illegal money through. The Pakistani Moslem community is so inter-linked through families that it is easy for them to disguise on paper the true nature of their conduct. (The tattoo that the main leaders of the street gangs carry is a fact within the police and criminal justice system, yet they are left to continue their civil war against my community).

Through these illegal and highly lucrative businesses the Pakistani Moslem community has hundreds of young men on the streets working together destroying my community and making them extremely rich in the process. There are so many of them connected through these street businesses that I class them as a paramilitary organization. They are highly organized, heavily armed, extremely wealthy and to numerous to count. It is this knowledge that the non-Moslem community is faced with, which is the reason why they live as ‘Dhimmis’ through fear and intimidation under the Pakistani Moslem dominance.

Please see my article –
Dunstable death threat & the Al Qaeda connection and it will show you the epitome of a Luton Pakistani Moslem drug dealer in my community and how they conduct themselves.

Another aspect that is more worrying and the reason for me writing and speaking out against Des the Jihad fighters actions against my community is the fact that he has school girls going into his fast food shop everyday. Young girls are very impressionable at this age and it is very easy for an older man to take advantage sexually of a teenage girl, especially if he has a sports car, money and drugs, just like Des and his Jihad gang. Des has an 18 year old British non-Moslem girlfriend who now has 3 children from him, she was 15 - 16 when she had her first. We know that the Pakistani Moslem community condone having sex with 9 year old girls because Mohamed did it so these Jihad fighters have no problem having sex with our under age non-Moslem daughters as Des has already shown. He is grooming young girls from the local school in his fast food shop and then I dread to think about the consequences for some of the naive young girls who are taken in by him after that. We know that Pakistani Moslem men from Luton drive around picking up young girls in their sports cars for sex, it makes it even easier for Des if he knows them already. These young girls who are vulnerable and naive are then used as sex objects by Pakistani Moslem men, raped by them, impregnated by them and ultimately put on drugs by them. Once on hard drugs like Heroin & Crack cocaine they are then forced to become sex slaves involved in street prostitution by their Moslem masters, this can be seen and witnessed to by all the girls working the streets of Luton for their drug habits. This is another act of war against my community and aimed at the most vulnerable in our Christian society. (Everything written is factual and can be proved). These criminal/terrorist Jihad fighters from the Pakistani Moslem community are Allah’s Militia in Luton, that militia then joins with other sections of the Moslem community to make up an army of Jihad fighters who are hell bent on the complete destruction of Britain and our way of life.

Allah’s Militia in Luton comprises of a large section of the Pakistani Moslem community with all of them working together running their illegal criminal empires. The Pakistani Moslem men have no regard for my non-Moslem community and are all working together at ever level to destroy it for Islam and make themselves wealthy and powerful in the process at the complete expense of my non-Moslm community.

The rest of the Pakistani Moslem community who are not involved in the daily running of criminal acts of war against Britain are still religious Moslem’s who ultimately want the overthrow of the British way of life and society so that Islam and Sharia Law can be implemented. The religious Pakistani Moslems and the Criminal Pakistani Moslems all go together to make up the totality of the Moslem Jihad army in Luton which the peaceful surrounding towns face as the Jihadi’s seek to advance and take over other communities.

Luton was the headquarters for Omar Bakri and Abu Hamza the two most high profile Moslem preachers in Britain. These men were the Voice of Islam and Jihad in Luton for many years; they preached hate, murder and Holy war against the non-Moslem citizens of Britain to their British Moslem audience. Luton was an ideal location for them to descend on because of the strength of the Militia that was already here that had been built up with the money earned through Al Qaeda’s Heroin supply from Al Qaeda in Pakistan. They had security and protection by a heavily armed and organized Pakistani Moslem militia in Luton. Bakri and Hamza were then able to get to work creating and cultivating an army of Moslem men throughout the whole community who utterly despise British life and society who would be willing to work towards the over throw of British life. They helped fuel the fire of Osama Bin Laden’s Jihad against Our Queen, Government and the British people. These preachers were left to their own devices unhindered for 15 – 20 years to recruit for Islam’s war against Britain and the West. The whole of the Pakistani Moslem community of Luton would have heard these preachers of Hate and Holy war and would have been encouraged to fulfill Islam’s aims of Jihad. Jihad and Sharia law are divine obligations to every Moslem so the whole of the Moslem community of Luton have been made aware of their ‘Divine’ duty to Allah which supersedes any man made laws our civilized British society lives under.

The Islamofacsist leaders of the Pakistani Moslem base camp in Luton invited the psychopathic bombers of 7/7 into the town to meet with specific Pakistani Moslems in the community before setting off on their mass murder of innocent human beings in London (please see my article –
Declaration of war), a civil war was then declared on Britain by some of its British born Pakistani Moslem subjects and Luton acted as centre stage.

A civil war against Britian and its peaceful non-Moslem inhabitants has been declared and has been in operation for many years through the expansion of the Luton Pakistani’s criminal enterprises, 7/7 was the open declaration of that war and Luton took centre stage because the Pakistani Moslem encampment of Bury Park Luton believe that they are strong enough here to defend themselves from any backlash. The non-Moslem community is yet to wake up to the bloodthirsty enemy that surrounds them seeking for their total destruction, the ones who have awoken are too scared to do or say anything because of the consequences and others have moved out for the sake of their children. Is this anyway for British citizens to be living in their own country?

This is an invasion by an enemy out to conquer mainland Britain during our generation. The whole of the Moslem community which is built up of many parts, are all working to Islam’s agenda of global domination and conquest. In Luton this includes the religious Islamic suicidal murderous psychopaths wanting to kill us on their way to ‘hell’ and the Pakistani Moslem militia dominating the community through fear and intimidation,
pumping highly addictive Class A drugs 24 hours a day to their addicted slaves and controlling those unfortunate young girls who have been caught up in street prostitution due to drugs.

This is the Islamic enemy my community and country is faced with and the Moslem enemy which has forced my community into ‘Dhimmitude’. Things can only get worse from now unless action is taken and this Pakistani Moslem community’s actions are stamped out. We can never stamp out their ideals of Jihad and Sharia law because these are fundamentals to Islam, but we can stamp out the sources of their ‘wealth’ that has helped them build their guerrilla army over the past 40 years.

On a personal level I would like to put a question out there:- My complete understanding is built from facts and I wonder to myself, am I the only one who sees the gravity, severity and mortal danger my community is facing. Is this a civil war being conducted against innocent British civilians aimed at the destruction of my country that our forefathers have built over the ages through blood, sweat, and tears and if it is, what is the Queen who is Sovereign ruler and head of the Church of England, government, security services and the police doing about it?

I am a Christian British citizen who has been chased out of my community by this invading army for speaking the truth, am I to role over and give in like everyone else and fall into subservience under Islam, give in and move away because no one is listening or go back and stand my ground and defend my community that is rich in Royal history and continue what I am doing. At this moment in time I am completely on my own in the face of this dark heinous cloud of Islam that has engulfed Luton and is spreading.

One thing is certain if this situation is left to continue festering and mutating then it is our children and Grandchildren who are going to suffer. People can turn a blind eye and not get involved but that does not make the problem go away, the problem is still staring everyone in the face and if left it is going to smack our children in the face and probably destroy them. It is our responsibility in our generation to protect our country and its Judeo/Christian way of life which is the inheritance left to us by our forefathers and the inheritance we want to leave to our children. Islam is here openly declaring its aims verbally and physically and we the non-Moslem British people can do nothing to protect ourselves and our children’s futures.

The whole of the Moslem community in Luton despises our British way because it is contrary to Islam and they are either actively destroying my community on a daily basis or they are planning and plotting its destruction. We cannot escape the facts and the Moslem community we are now facing that is hell bent on our murder and destruction is a fact.


Holy War - Al Qaeda's Luton & Dunstable War front