19 August 2012

A 'voice' in the wilderness of British Nationalism

Website: Britain First


Jim Dowson B.Th,
Belfast 24/3/2012

Who are we British? Part 1 of 3
Who are we British? Part 2 of 3
Who are we British? Part 3 of 3
Who are we British? All 3 parts

I thought I would post this 3 part thesis which is the spirit and ideology behind the British First movement that is a grass roots campaign & political pressure group set up to defend the history, identity and culture of the British isles.

It is a true 'voice' in the wilderness of the political scenery and landscape within Great Britain from the Nationalist political viewpoint and speaks from the core of what it means to be British.

I agree with people from all different political viewpoints across the whole spectrum like the old Churchillian Boris but believe this 3 part thesis captures the heart & soul of what it means to be British in an age of Globalisation where who we are and where we come from is being slowly and systematically removed from our National psyche and replaced with a new reality where foreign god's now take precedence over our isles along with their foreign customs and ways which are transforming Great Britain into a foreign alien Country to its modern ancestral inhabitants which does not bode well for future generations upon our isles.

Look around you in the towns and cities across the Country and then determine what the future holds for the life of the Nation where your children and grandchildren born or yet to be born will one day reside.

We do not have an ancestral homeland to return to, the British isles is our ancestral homeland so we either accept its transformation into a foreign alien Country ruled by foreign god's or we defend our identity and culture in the face of the dark cloud that now engulfs the land and stop its advancement before it is too late.

This is the reality we now face.

Are we beyond the point of no return or is there still time?

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