29 April 2012

Alan Lake – Food for thought

I wasn’t going to comment on anything concerning Breivik and who I believe his English ‘mentor’ is anymore but I just couldn’t help myself.

When you look at it in context Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake has some serious protection in this earthly realm, protection that is not afforded to us mere mortals lower down the social ladder who do not have the added wealth or family background to walk in such circles who we can call upon to protect us from the law.

How high that protection goes and whether or not it reaches right up into the Queen’s courts is obviously something we mere mortals would not know.

Someone knows though.

Hopefully the Queen and her consorts would want to do what is right before God and get to the bottom of this nasty stain within her ‘Realm’ for the sake of the families and survivors in Norway, and not turn a blind eye to something of such a grave nature that is still festering under the surface.

Alan Ayling has been directly implicated in the Breivik enquiry as the English ‘mentor’ behind the monster Ander’s Breivik. He is directly connected to Temple Church London which is the home of the Knights Templar in England. He was there at the founding meeting of the English Defence League because it took place in his London Barbican flat. Breivik's countdown for the planning and preparation for his July 22nd 2011 attacks is within the exact same time frame as the establishing of the EDL. He is directly connected to someone who uses the alias ‘Richard the Lionheart’ online, and it’s now known from Breivik himself from police interview that Ayling’s 4Freedoms Community website is ideologically identical to Breivik’s own political ideology and agenda. He has secretive social political brainwashing meetings in secret locations throughout London under the 4Freedoms banner that have been attended by Norwegians. He is directly connected to the same ideological politcal network Breivik is a part of which includes Breivik’s Norwegian comrade Fraudman who the manifesto is named after. He has stated that he has friends from within the Norwegian political Establishment, and in one of his money funneling businesses he had a Norwegian secretary. He is also directly connected to a professor in military strategies who was present at the founding EDL meeting as can be confirmed by a Sunday Time's journalist.

He is also a proven liar!

The Norwegian State prosecutors have also claimed that Breivik is a failed business man, but he laundered $600,000 through 3 of his mother's bank accounts from 11 offshore bank accounts, so I don't know where they get the "failed" from when he is dealing with that sort of money.

Who taught Breivik the art of international banking and money funneling?

Alan Ayling and his associates are all bankers, working inside prestigious international banks.

Based upon all of that information you have the exact profile of the English ‘mentor’ Breivik speaks of in his manifesto. And there is more information linking him but they are the most obvious and clear points.

Yet he has not been arrested and interrogated by anti-terror police under police caution?

I wonder in my mind whether he was lawyered up to the maximum when he had his voluntary police interview about his possible involvement or whether he went ‘alone’ to answer questions to help the enquiry along?

After all Temple Church that he is directly linked too is full of the best lawyers in the Country.

I should imagine the Norwegians who have been called an international pipsqueak by international experts hit a mighty big brick wall in the UK when they came across Ayling due to all of his connections.

Let’s not forget that Norway has a smaller population than Ireland, so compared to most other European intelligence agencies they are small and not as well equipped to deal with international terrorism like we are, especially not to deal with an incident of such magnitude as July 22nd 2011 that spans many Countries and several continents.

I should imagine they found many brick walls in the course of the investigation, and makes you wonder whether they resigned themselves to the fact that they are never going to get to the bottom of the truth behind Breivik and hold others to account because of the level of the actors involved with him and the protection they have, so settled with the “solo terrorist” linked to no one ‘official line’.

I am quite sure that most researchers of this case know that that claim is ridiculous.

It’s highly unlikely the Norwegian prosecutors are going to start throwing accusations at their bigger European counterparts without any concrete evidence are they, and what about the links into America?

One of the founding admins on the Norwegian Defence League Facebook group that Breivik was a part of at its inception was the profile of a dead man from West Virginia.

All the Norwegians are left with is Breivik who is one of their own so have tailored the proceedings around him alone.

That is called a Government cover up which does not do justice for all those murdered and maimed on July 22nd 2011 and their families left behind, and does not do justice for me and my family either. We are not Norwegian, we are English so I am coming at this from a different perspective and I want the full truth to be known on an ‘official basis’ regardless of who is offended.

An explanation as to why I was dragged into this and the unanswered questions surrounding Alan Ayling/Lake to be answered, namely who his friend 'Richard the Lionheart' is.

As soon as this happened and I stood accused of being the English ‘mentor’ because of the carefully crafted plan that was tailored specifically to suit me, I said Alan Lake was the real source of this and 9 months on all the evidence that has emerged proves that my very first claim was right, only no action has been taken against him due to the level of State protection he has surrounding him.

This obviously leaves me wondering all the different angles as to why nothing has happened against him yet.

There is a string of witnesses in the UK who should also be interviewed or interrogated under police caution as part of the ongoing enquiry yet this still has not happened 9 months on.

I personally can only come to certain conclusions about this.

Alan Ayling has State protection which means he has high level State actors working on his behalf within the British Establishment who have been protecting him from a full and thorough police investigation which means they have been influencing the police (Scotland Yard) even though all of the evidence is stacked up against him as being the English ‘mentor’. I did question some months back as to whether or not he was an asset or agent of the State.

Is he or isn’t he Mr. Hague?

Are his ‘protectors’ the rulers of the British isles, so his protection comes from within the Queen’s courts and have sanctioned his work in Norway or are they corrupt people in high positions of power behind him and his political activities who now have the blood of Norwegian children on their hands and want it all covered up so that it is not traced back to them?

Based upon the evidence “Dave” the leader of the British people should have ordered the known members of this group who are mentioned throughout the pages of this blog to be arrested and interrogated by the British police as part of the ongoing enquiry but this has not happened.

I personally do not care about those sitting in Westminster or the House of Lords who have been working with Ayling and his EDL activities over the past couple of years because I think it very unlikely that they would have endorsed the attack against Norway if they knew anything about it.

That was Ayling operating on his own, or with close associates like his military strategist professor friend who was present at the founding EDL meeting to discuss strategy, thinking it would never come back to haunt him/them which is why they set me up.

Their only crime in Westminster and the House of Lords is backing Ayling and his political activities in the UK, but that’s politics and what we expect from politicians.

International terrorism is a completely different ball game.

If they are protecting him from a full and thorough police investigation based upon the evidence against him as part of the ongoing Breivik enquiry then that’s a completely different matter and means there is complicity on some level in his crimes and then they should be held to account for their actions.

Perverting the course of justice...

Apart from that Ayling in my mind based upon the facts is the one Breivik speaks of in the manifesto and as part of any police investigation if the evidence trail leads somewhere then the police have a duty to enforce the law and investigate the evidence properly which is the system that is in place within a democracy, and nobody is above the law.

Even those sitting in Westminster and the House of Lords.

One of the people who should be arrested as part of the investigation is Ann Marchini who is a close friend of Ayling’s and an integral part of the enquiry.

I turned to her about setting up the English Defence League as a National street protest movement in June/July 2009 and she turned to Ayling aka Lake who I had never met before this point, who arranged a meeting in his Barbican flat pre the founding EDL meeting.

Ayling invited 2 other people to that meeting, Kinana and the anonymous ‘Richard the Lionheart’.

Why did Ann Marchini turn to Ayling, what was the reason to choose him to set the EDL up?

She has already told a load of lies to a Sunday Times journalist so it’s highly unlikely you will get the truth out of her, but there are clear facts and evidence she cannot escape from.

Ann Marchini worked for Sir Howard Hodgkin’s who is a ‘Companion of Honour’ within his art gallery for the past 17 years, so that shows you the high level influence right up into the British Establishment she has behind her.

She was also a business partner of Michael J Hermann who is a respectable British author and expert on Economic Growth in Eastern Europe who has a publishing company in the Czech Republic.

You could argue and wonder whether or not these people knew about Ann Marchini’s extreme right-wing political activities, but that’s irrelevant at the moment because they are not the ones in question here.

The question remains though; whether or not Marchini's connections are influencing others to protect her from a full and thorough police investigation because she is key to Ayling and the anonymous ‘Richard the Lionheart’?

After working for Sir Howard Hodgkin’s for 17 years you can only imagine the contacts she has made that go right into Westminster and the Houses of Lord’s who are probably on very nervous ground right now because of the Breivik enquiry and her direct involvement.

This is why the investigation has been controlled from the VERY TOP of the British State!!!

And they have avoided the heat up until now which does not serve ‘truth & justice’, it only serves the interests of men and women who think themselves to be more equal than others because of their money and social standing who do not want to be tainted with the horrors of Norway.

Imagine how I feel then, and how my family feels.

We are all equal before God and truth & justice will prevail.

Alan Ayling is a different ball game all together, and he must have some SERIOUS money behind him although he plays the part of only being a manager of the Oracle database in the prestigious European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as his day job.

Ayling’s partners in his Pacific Capital Investment company that I know of at this moment in time include the likes of Michael Collins who was recently appointed President of the European Chamber of Commerce (Eurochambers) in Singapore and Karen (onsoyen) Tan who is an investor and Director of a hedge fund group at Deutsche Bank in Singapore.

All these direct links into European Banks spanning the Globe.

How did that work out?

You could argue and wonder what has Alan Ayling been doing running around the UK as the director behind the English Defence League for, for the past 3 years when these are his business associates?

Did his business partners know about his extra curricula right-wing political activities?

Alan Ayling and the EDL leadership try denying his involvement but I know the truth and there’s enough interviews and videos all over the internet that show you as clear as day, so any denials are blatant lies to try and cover up the truth.

Can you imagine the type of protection he has and the type of people he is mixed up with if these are his known contacts in prestigious European banks, not just contacts in banks either but actual business partners?

What’s that all about?

Alan Ayling’s other past and present partners at his property company Bridgewater House RTM includes the likes of Penny Jonas who is the fund director at Temple Church (Knights Templar), Jim Thornton who is a lay-preacher and former Conservative Councillor in Hertford and Bob Humphreys who now heads up IS and Finance at Oxfam.

Again, all money men and women except for the Tory Councilor which is a direct link into Westminster.

Is it any wonder the Norwegians have hit a brick wall when faced with Ayling when these are the known contacts he is intimately involved with, imagine all the unknown contacts he has surrounding him who you can be sure know about his right-wing political activities and have been supporting and endorsing him in them over the past 3 years with the EDL street protest movement, and beyond that dating back to the 2002 time frame.

I should imagine there are Government ministers dictating to Scotland Yard on this one which has placed Ayling beyond the reach of justice because of the reputations of people that are now at stake.

What do they care about little old Norway I should imagine is their fat cat attitude, just so long as the s**t does not land on them and they will take whatever action necessary to make sure it doesn’t in their secretive little hand shake meetings.

Maybe the serious journalists following this case should contact a few of these people, confirm their links to Alan Ayling and get their thoughts and opinions on his extra curricula right-wing political activities and put their names linking them to him through their mutual businesses, and his link to Breivik enquiry as the possible English ‘mentor’ in the National newspapers.

It’s in the public domain now because it’s written here on this blog.

All evidence in the Breivik case traces back to Alan Ayling as being the English ‘mentor’ behind Ander’s Breivik. If Alan Ayling was just a respectable business man who worked in a bank connected to all of these people and this was just accusations then you could understand a hint of skepticism. Ayling has been running around the UK with the EDL since its beginning, he has been across Europe preaching his anti-Islam political ideals, and has been trying to start a Europe wide political movement with a much much bigger international group. He also owns a right-wing website that hosts talk of murder and assassinations against political opponents that is directly linked to Breivik himself who has said in police interview that the 4Freedoms Community website owned by Ayling is the same political ideology and agenda as his own.

Alan Ayling also had very good reason and motive to use Breivik to frame me as the Norwegian police know.

All of those respectable known contacts of Alan Ayling cannot say they did not know of his political activities, then the question remains as to how high up his supporters and endorsers go and are they shielding and protecting him on Government level from the Breivik enquiry.

Alan Ayling is a State actor or State controlled so I answered my question Mr. Hague.

I can only imagine the complex investigation surrounding Alan Ayling when these are all his business partners. His business partners reach to the very top of Civil Society and beyond into Europe, the same as Ann Marchini’s and is the reason why he has evaded a full and thorough investigation in the Breivik case even though all evidence traces back to him.

I should imagine the police have much more incriminating evidence against him as well, other than the stuff I know about and have written about.

Maybe Breivik being offered the deal for his mother’s immunity would save a lot of time and hassle and would be the final link in the chain to prosecute Alan Ayling..

It’s about time Ayling was held accountable for his crimes and the truth behind this anonymous ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was revealed to the public as part of the discourse over the Breivik case

I cannot see how it can be ignored any longer?

Further reading: Breivik admits Gladio

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The Local: Norwegian Princess & Angel's

Daily Mail: David Cameron's ex gf was called to become a nun

Romans 10:14-15 How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written:

“How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace,
Who bring glad tidings of good things!”

Website: Operation Congo

1 Corinthians 1:18-25 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. For it is written:

“I will destroy the wisdom of the wise,
And bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.”

Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? For since, in the wisdom of God, the world through wisdom did not know God, it pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe. For Jews request a sign, and Greeks seek after wisdom; but we preach Christ crucified, to the Jews a stumbling block and to the Greeks foolishness, but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

Safety of Abiding in the Presence of God

Psalm 91

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress;
My God, in Him I will trust.”

Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler[a]
And from the perilous pestilence.
He shall cover you with His feathers,
And under His wings you shall take refuge;
His truth shall be your shield and buckler.
You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,
Nor of the arrow that flies by day,
Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness,
Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday.

A thousand may fall at your side,
And ten thousand at your right hand;
But it shall not come near you.
Only with your eyes shall you look,
And see the reward of the wicked.

Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge,
Even the Most High, your dwelling place,
No evil shall befall you,
Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling;
For He shall give His angels charge over you,
To keep you in all your ways.
In their hands they shall bear you up,
Lest you dash your foot against a stone.
You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra,
The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot.

“Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him;
I will set him on high, because he has known My name.
He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble;
I will deliver him and honor him.
With long life I will satisfy him,
And show him My salvation.”

28 April 2012

2 inescapable questions

You might not like me and you might not like my thoughts and opinions written on this blog but they do not change my life in the slightest.

But you cannot escape these 2 questions that are critical to the Breivik case.

1.) Who is Alan Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’?

2.) Why has Breivik’s mother not been charged with conspiracy?

It is said that Breivik’s mother has had a breakdown because of the actions of her son, and I should imagine also because of the knowledge of knowing her son has intimately involved her in his heinous crimes that leave her open to prosecution with absolutely no way out, with a prison sentence inevitable due to the gravity of the case.

Hear no evil, See no evil, and Speak no evil was her approach to laundering $600,000 through her own bank accounts for her son that has resulted in the massacre of a group of innocent kids on their summer camp as the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century.

If you want to test Breivik’s sanity then you should offer him the deal for his mother’s immunity from prosecution which I should imagine everyone would be happy with.

Most importantly the survivors and their families.

The King of Norway should order it seen as though his PST service and Prosecutors are scared of the truth coming out.

Would Breivik allow his innocent mother to go to prison for many years for something she knew nothing about, or would he trade her for his real English ‘mentor’ that he made contact with in London in 2002, whose face is all over the internet as being the man behind him anyway.

Alan Lake has been interviewed by the British police under the watchful eye of the Norwegian police, and there is a man called ‘Richard the Lionheart’ directly linked to him that is now critical to understanding the whole case.

Why have these 2 key points not been addressed yet?

No one, no matter their thoughts about me, can disagree that these 2 points need clarifying for the public, and for the case as a whole.

I was falsely accused at the very beginning of being the man behind Breivik because of the carefully crafted plan that was devised around me that the media loved and played their part propagating falsely against me.

The Norwegian police and prosecutors did absolutely nothing to help my position even after taking every step necessary to prove my innocence in their eyes.

These 2 critical questions now remain.

I had absolutely no connection to Norway prior to July 22nd 2011, and had definitely not been in contact with Breivik in any way shape or form, unlike Lake and the network he is affiliated with.

I have spent the last 9 months following everything I can about this case to try and understand what is going on and work out why I was implicated as the English ‘mentor’. My thoughts, opinions and explanations can be read throughout the pages of this blog.

All other information I have written about this case now surrounds these 2 critical questions that need answering, and is just the understanding and explanation surrounding Breivik and the bigger picture.

So how long do we have to wait for these questions to be answered?

If I was Sweden I would be concerned about your internal Security because Ayling/Lake has had an intimate hand in your Country via his friend Kent Ekeroth in your Government, so you never know if there are any Swedish Breivik’s out there that you do not know about yet, who are ready to strike.

In all likelihood there is.

Ayling/Lake had contacts in the Norwegian Government too so take these words as a warning!

Further reading: Breivik admits he is part of Gladio

Dagbladet: Breivik's network

Alan Lake - A profile

Ander’s Breivik the extreme right-wing political terrorist who butchered, murdered and maimed a bunch of innocent misguided kids on their summer camp is the son of the former Norwegian diplomat to London and step son of a former army Major.

When he was arrested on Utoya Island he claimed that his actions were a coup de tat.

What circles was he walking in at 22 years old and whose path did he cross, in and amongst those circles when these are his family ties?

Let’s not be naïve here.

Further reading: Breivik admits he is part of Gladio

Dagbladet: Breivk's network

Breivik claims that he attended a meeting in London in 2002 with a group who he has stated are Knights Templar’s. He was in London in 2002 directly after his Liberia trip (1 – 2 weeks). He has stated that his trip to Liberia was part of his recruitment process into the secretive right-wing group.

Was his father working in London in 2002?
What type of circles was his father walking in, in London due to his diplomatic political position?

Let’s not be naïve here.

Further reading: The birth & baptism of Ander’s Breivik

Further reading: The Liberia London connection

I obviously do not know the full background to Alan Ayling/Lake and what secretive little groups he belongs to but what I do know is that one of his partners in his property company Bridgewater House included Penny Jonas who is the fund director at Temple Church London.

Temple Church is the Knights Templar Church in England.

Not knowing whether or not Alan Ayling/Lake is a member of the Knights Templar in England, he does have a direct connection through Penny Jonas that is known of. Not just any person from within the Order but their Church fund director which is as high up within the structure as a director position is.

Is Ayling/Lake a member of KT London?

I in no way believe the leadership of the Knights Templar in England would have sanctioned Ander’s Breivik in Norway to carry out his massacre against a group of innocent European children in the name of right-wing politics but that is not my remit to state for a fact, that is the remit of the Grand Master of the Order to find out and make clear to the public through whatever channels now that their names and reputations are on the line.

My belief is that Ayling/Lake set up his own extremist group aside from the Order but in their name.

Again that is not within my remit to know.

Knowing that Ayling/Lake is directly connected to the Knights Templar in England through the fund director Penny Jonas at Temple Church, it is the responsibility of the Knights Templar’s leadership to get to the bottom of Alan Ayling and his association within their ranks and what he has been carrying out in their name.

The blood of innocent Norwegian children at this present moment stains their names and reputations in the eyes of others because of Ayling/Lake, and the Lord Jesus Christ sitting upon His throne is watching what those who claim to defend his name and His followers throughout the ages will do about this.

This is just a matter of fact about the situation.

So Alan Ayling/Lake is directly connected to the Knights Templar in England which links him to Breivik’s claim of a meeting with a secretive group in London calling themselves Knights Templar’s.

Video: The folly of Alan Lake

Several witnesses have spoken to the Norwegian media about attending secretive group meetings held in London organised by Ayling/Lake that are ideological meetings with the purpose of brainwashing people to his way of right-wing social political thinking.

Part of that social and political thinking he has impressed upon his group followers is to lie to the media and police.

Alan Ayling/Lake has been interviewed by British police under Norwegian observation over his possible involvement with Breivik.

In light of the new revelatory information about him, his connections, and direct involvement with Breivik, what lies will he be found to have told to them in interview that could be used against him in a court of law?

These secretive group meetings held in London are part of his web based 4Freedoms Community network.

Breivik has stated in police interview that he was inspired by the 4Freedoms Community and that it is ideologically identical to his planned Knights Templar group he has been hoping to establish on the back of his terrorist atrocities.

Further reading: The direct link

It has been confirmed that Breivik did not participate on the web forum he was only an observer to my knowledge.

Breivik is known to have actively participated on many web forum discussions about politics, so why did Breivik not participate in discussions on 4Freedoms if he was inspired by it and it is ideologically identical to his own political agenda?

You would have thought that if 4Freedoms was ideologically identical to his own political agenda, then he would have been one of its most active members. He obviously spent enough time browsing the site to know that it is ideologically identical to his own.

To participate in forum discussions on 4Freedoms would have meant leaving an electronic foot print on the website and traceable direct link to Ayling/Lake.

For some reason Breivik did not want to leave a foot print?

What is that reason?

There is a whole host of extremists who participate on the 4Freedoms Community website who fully endorse Breivik’s murderous actions against innocent children, and who are directly linked to Ayling/Lake and the EDL leadership.

Further reading: Batty Berta Moore inciting murder

I was in attendance at the pre founding EDL meeting and founding EDL meeting so know exactly who was present at both meetings.

Breivik claims that his mentor was an English man whose code name was ‘Richard the Lionheart’.

At the pre founding EDL meeting there was a man present who operates online under the alias ‘Richard the Lionheart’ who the Norwegian police know of (not his identity to my knowledge).

Kinana and Ann Marcini can both independently verify this fact if they choose to tell the truth, if not they will be perverting the course of justice which is a very serious crime.

I have an email sent to me from Kinana concerning this meeting 3 years ago after I mistakenly emailed him instead of Ayling/Lake after the meeting took place. Kinana states who was present at the meeting which includes this anonymous person who calls himself ‘Richard the Lionheart’.

A direct link linking Ayling/Lake to someone calling himself ‘Richard the Lionheart’.

Further reading: Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’

Further reading: Time frame to terrorist attack

The Norwegian State prosecutors have claimed that Breivik was a failed businessman.

Breivik had multiple offshore bank accounts, I believe 11 if I am correct, and he washed $600,000 through 3 of his own mothers bank accounts which is a fact released by the Norwegian police.

Who taught Breivik the art of international banking, and was the money really from fake certificates and diplomas or the financing of international terrorism from external sources?

Ayling/Lake works/worked as the manager of the Oracle database within the prestigious European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and is the director of multiple financial/banking businesses that look more like money funneling operations.

In one of his companies he had a Norwegian secretary.

Who is she and what is her background?

Ayling/Lake is also directly connected through his money funneling companies to other very high profile people working within large international banks (Deutche Bank Singapore) (Eurochambers Singapore), whose reputations would be SERIOUSLY damaged if it is proven that Ayling/Lake is behind Breivik.

Who taught Breivik the failed businessman the art of international banking?

Considering Breivik’s mother is inextricably linked to his crimes through the money trail, why has she not been arrested and charged for her complicity in Breivik’s heinous crimes?

I didn’t not know, or realise, is not an excuse before the law when a serious crime has been committed.

Then you ask; why has Breivik not been offered a deal to prevent his mother from being prosecuted?

I am sure everyone intimately involved in Breivik’s crimes would agree that a deal for his innocent mother is a price worth paying in the scheme of things.

The bank that Ayling/Lake works/worked for operates in Serbia and the Balkans which possibly brings in the link to the Serbian connection in 2002.

One of Breivik’s main aims has been to highlight the work of Fraudman his Norwegian comrade after he named his “2083” manifesto after one of Fraudman’s essays “A European Declaration of Independence”.

When Ayling/Lake was interviewed by the Norwegian press he also wanted to bring to people’s attention to the written work of Fraudman Breivik’s ideological inspiration.

Breivik had direct email contact with Fraudman and when Fraudman knew the Norwegian police were seeking him he hid his computer from them in a lock up.

Ayling/Lake is directly connected to Fraudman.

Further reading: The Oxymoron

In any mentor mentee relationship there will inevitably be a common language spoken about certain issues discussed, and the ideas, ideology and language that Breivik speaks about his politics and terrorist ideas is exactly the same language that Ayling/Lake speaks.

Further reading: The common theme

Breivik’s video is a vision from a group calling themselves ‘cultural conservatives’ and when Ayling/Lake was interviewed by the Norwegian press he claimed he was an old school conservative.

That obviously does not mean much as many people are conservative in their views and politics but when added up with the rest of the information pointing at Ayling/Lake it is one more piece of circumstantial ideological evidence linking them both.

I believe Breivik boasts in his manifesto (I haven’t read it) of having 600 or more EDL BNP Facebook friends.

Ayling/Lake is the director behind the EDL and point man for all those people behind it that reaches right up into the heart of the British Establishment.

Further reading: The domino effect

The EDL’s No.1 & No.2 Steven Lennon and Kevin Carroll were at one time both active BNP members and supporters.

Steven Lennon was on the leaked BNP membership list as a family gold member and was photographed at a BNP meeting where a leader of the neo-nazi group November 9 society was giving a presentation in Luton.

Kevin Carroll was a signatory on his local BNP councilor’s election application form.

They both come from a family of IRA supporters which obviously influences their viewpoint which is against the State and Crown, irrespective of the “bull bleep” they spout in front of their EDL supporters and the media.

Ayling/Lake is the director behind them and the links that go wherever they go which isn’t my problem.

Due to specific historic reasons too long to go into full depth here, Ayling/Lake, Lennon and Carroll all had reason to want me removed from being a threat to their continued European political agenda and mass money making operation that involves the distribution of cocaine throughout the EDL network across the Country, amongst the other things they are making money from in the EDL name.

People very close to Lennon and Carroll claim from reliable sources that the drugs they are distributing amongst the EDL membership originate from the main “Asians” in Luton which is why they have been able to get away with their EDL activities in the Town.

Luton is an Al Qaeda strong hold, so do you really think they would have been able to get away with their anti-Islam activities if they did not have some type of permission from the “Asians” for some reason?

Even the leader of the EDL having a money laundering operation through a sun bed shop that was not torched or attacked by the moslems.

They probably laugh at the English behind their backs amongst themselves in Luton.

Shame on you Old school MIG’s.

Video: Tommy (grass) Robinson

Ayling/Lake had every reason to use Breivik to set me up in the hope that I would be arrested for being behind Breivik or directly linked to him, only that plan has not gone to plan.

Jesus upon His throne has my back against these evil men, and hopefully His servants on Earth in high places who know the truth about this whole saga and want the full truth to be known about them.

Massacring a bunch of innocent kids on their summer camp in Norway is hard for anyone to take who have a basic form of humanity within them.

So imagine how I felt being accused by these people of being the person behind it, when it is they themselves where this traces back too!!!

The reputations of those who this traces back to are not above the blood of the innocence of Utoya and the tears of their families that I can assure you of.

The King of Norway should force the deal through for Breivik’s mother and open the truth up to everyone who is watching this case and reveal from Breivik’s own mouth who his real English ‘mentor’ is.

Ayling/Lake is surrounded by a group of extremely influential people in civil society who in no way want to be caught up in the Breivik case which in my mind is the reason why no action has been taken against Ayling/Lake and his little group of ‘cultural conservatives’.

It goes right up into Westminster and the House of Lords.

Is that justice in the “Mother of all Democracies”?

There are many Lord’s who have been sent to prison for breaking the law so they are not immune from prosecution in the UK, so neither is Ayling/Lake, especially over such a horrific case in the small little peace loving Nation of Norway that has shocked the Country and the people to its core.

What a dark stain that needs cleaning up!

God bless the Queen & Duke and long may they reign before the Lord…


P.S Ayling/Lake infiltrated the SIO movement for his own political agenda, operating under their banner in Europe, using them to develop his network of political extremists for his personal agenda, and is directly linked to several Norwegian MP’s who were recorded talking about carrying out a coup against their Government at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference, with similar attacks to the attacks Breivik actually carried out.

And the Norwegian State prosecutors in the court of law before the eyes of the Worlds media want the global public audience to believe Breivik is a “solo terrorist” linked to no one, and they are fighting tooth and nail to get the insane label placed upon him to make it complete.

27 April 2012

Voice of sanity in Norwegian bubble of insanity

There is news all over the internet today of a respected psychiatrist from London giving his opinion on Breivik.

Quote: (LONDON) — Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik is insisting in court that attempts to label him as insane are misplaced — and some psychiatrists agree that simply committing such monstrous crimes does not mean a person is mentally ill.

"Everyone's first assumption is that Breivik must be insane because he's done such terrible things," said Dr. Simon Wessely, of the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London. "But it doesn't automatically follow that he must be mad just because what he has done is inexplicable."

In a commentary published Friday in the British medical journal Lancet, Wessely writes that explanation is too simplistic.

Time: Breivik likely not insane

(The agenda of the Norwegian State prosecutors from Day 1 has been to label Breivik as insane, on top of their “solo terrorist” linked to no one claim, which is laughable at how ridicules it is in the face of the evidence, only it’s not funny.)

You can almost hear the gasps of ‘shock and awe’ that someone so high profile as the respected London psychiatrist could come out and publicly say such a thing about Breivik being sane.

This is a professional in his respective field who is not dealing with the feelings and emotions of the case just the cold hard facts in front of him as any professional should which has led him to state his respected conclusion on Breivik’s state of mind.

Saying Breivik is sane does not mean you support Breivik contrary to what people think.

If Breivik was dribbling at the mouth, rocking backwards and forwards on his chair and uttering things worthy of a mad man then the ‘insane’ label would fit perfectly. His crimes aside, he is not, he is speaking logically within the framework of his view point and belief system, although misguided in places from what I have read.

He is not talking about aliens landing from outer space he is talking about mainstream right-wing political thought which is the reason why he has said he committed his acts.

Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy have all come out publicly and stated that multiculturalism has failed, and we are now living in the aftermath of the failed social experiment in our Countries. Norway obviously has not walked down the path far enough to see the almost irreversible consequences it has had on our Nations to be able to understand and see for themselves through experience.

Maybe they should take note from their European counterparts before it is too late for them.

40,000 people took to the streets to sing children of the rainbow in Norway in defiance of Breivik’s beliefs, which is all well and good because it’s true, God made us all in different shapes, sizes and colours, but go try signing that same song in Saudi Arabia home of Islam and see what the reaction is.

A non-moslem walking in the wrong part of town is punishable by death in some places, there is not one single Church in the Country, and an uncovered Western woman is white meat who is allowed to be dragged off and raped for some moslems sexual gratification.

Our European freedoms are what are going to be the death of our Nations from within when you look at the cold hard facts.

These facts do not equate to supporting Breivik.

Instead of the Breivik trial getting to the bottom of the truth and other people’s involvement which is what most criminal trials are about, it has turned out to be a battle ground between Breivik’s sanity or insanity.

What is the meaning of this?

Me personally I do not care either way whether he is found sane or insane because it changes nothing, but what does the sane or insane label mean to the Norwegian State prosecutors who want the insane label held against Breivik and are fighting for it?

Nice clean Government cover up.

Ander’s Breivik the “solo terrorist” linked to no one who is insane and was radicalised, recruited, trained and financed from his bedroom at his mother’s house and then the Norwegian people can go back to sleep in their State controlled bubble, with Breivik’s thoughts and opinions relegated to nothing more than the thoughts and opinions of a lone ‘mad man’.

I think it’s a little too late for that now, although the present Norwegian State apparatus cannot see it as they seek to control the Breivik case in the public eye. The whole world is now watching what is happening over there, and everyone is forming their own opinions of the proceedings and coming to their own conclusions.

Not being funny but there are millions of people across the West who think exactly like Breivik thinks about immigration, Islamisation and multiculturalism, only they would not turn their thoughts into the actions of a rampaging monster killing children to get them heard.

Are they all mad too?

Are the general populations of Europe watching as the Norwegian State is being pulled out into the public eye and shown to be a “Marxist Dictatorship” in the heart of Europe that does not want its ruling political class to lose power no matter what the cost?

(Call me a conspiracy theorist but I have facts I want answering as the one smeared around the world as his English ‘mentor’)

The blood of 69 dead children and many more butchered and maimed seems to be a price worth paying for them.

I’m with the Norwegian King because I have an understanding from my English view point on the role of Monarchy in the affairs of the Nation, and the Government works on-behalf of the ‘Head of State’ and not the other way around.

I’m not Norwegian so don’t know how things are over there but by the looks of it, it’s the ruling Marxist Labour Party who control all aspects of society and the people’s inherited National wealth, with Breivik and his thoughts and opinions being a threat to that long standing status quo, and the King and his family nothing more than figure heads for the tourists and the façade of having a European Monarch to play the part in the eyes of others.

Correct me if I am wrong but that’s what it’s looking like to me while following the case and trial.

I don’t think the King of Norway is ever going to get a better chance to reassert his position and control over his Kingdom and Government than now while the whole world is watching.

A shift in the axis of power…back to its God appointed place in Norway a distant and close relative of the British Isles and the throne of England.

Get to the bottom of the truth about Breivik on behalf of the dead and their families, prove that he was not a “solo terrorist” linked to no one as has been claimed from day 1, and then the Norwegian people are going to question the integrity of the State and their prosecutors.

Their script just does not hold up in the light.

After 9 months and the charade they have fed to the Norwegian people as ‘truth & justice’ in what they believed to be a European democracy, I don’t think a ‘sorry’ is going to quite cut it when all those children lay dead, especially not now they are continuing the charade in the court room under the glare of the worlds media.

What do I know though, I just want to get to the bottom of the truth behind who set me up and nobody seems to want to pursue this at the moment even in the face of all of the evidence.

Hopefully the King of Norway will have a quiet word in the Queen of England’s ear for her to command her PM to round up Lake & Co and interrogate them based upon the evidence against them in this case, then let the media wolves do their job.

The first State sanctioned psychiatric report that was challenged by pretty much everyone, and most importantly the survivors and their families, has absolutely no legal grounds to even be in the courts proceedings due to the serious flaws it was built upon, yet no body has challenged it yet.

The Norwegian psychiatric commission have pulled the second report and questioned why they have not spoken to Breivik’s mother to help form their professional opinion on Breivik when Breivik’s mother is a co-conspirator behind his crimes.

Would you form a professional opinion on someone’s state of mind based upon knowing that the person in question laundered $600,000 of terrorist funding for the accused which makes them a co-conspirator?

Those second psychiatrists made the right decision leaving the mothers opinion out of their report otherwise they would be in the same position as the first.

It’s about time ‘truth & justice’ prevailed…

Am I wrong in stating that Breivik should be offered a deal excluding his mother from prosecution for money laundering in an international terrorism trial if he gives up the name of his real English ‘mentor’?

If not, then why has that not been offered?

Your call Dave

The Norwegian prosecutors state that Breivik is a “solo terrorist” linked to no one for some reason, with them now fighting tooth and nail in the court room to label him insane which can only mean a State sanctioned ‘cover up’ of the truth. This means there has either been a successful coup in Norway just like Breivik stated when he was arrested on Utoya Island with a swing to the right-wing inside the Security Apparatus of the Country who had prior knowledge of his attacks or it is a Marxist Dictatorship that wants to hide the truth behind Breivik from the Norwegian public.

If anyone can give another scenario then please email me: Defenceoftherealm@hush.com

As part of ‘Operation Breivik’ I was set up to be their fall guy so that all blame was centered on me and the people I am associated with, thus deflecting all blame from the real source of the terrorist atrocity.

The Conspiracy…

Thankfully I must have some protection out there in the ‘shadows’ and I was not immediately arrested under the prevention of terrorism act as another cell ready to strike as Breivik had envisioned. This has given me the time and space to defend myself from the heinous accusations leveled at me as being the English ‘mentor’ behind the monster.

Those who protected me are obviously good judges of character and God bless the Maltese people.

Over the past 9 months on this blog I have followed the case in the media and written my thoughts, opinions and explanations about the facts that have emerged and have proven beyond reasonable doubt that Alan Lake is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’. Or at the very least given ample evidence in the public domain that warrants a full and thorough criminal investigation concerning the wider terrorist conspiracy behind Breivik and how he is directly linked to Lake. I think public opinion would agree with me if the public knew the facts to this case.

The mainstream media in the UK have pretty much hidden the facts from the public.

Click link: The email

For some reason unknown to me at this moment in time, absolutely no action has been taken against any of those who are ideologically and factually linked to Breivik, instead those who are in control of the case in the UK and Norway have allowed me to be hung out to dry in the public eye through the media as Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ – Trial by media

It has been a big burden to carry but Jesus says Matthew 11:25 - 30

After the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century and being accused of being the man behind it, the British police have not even spoken one word to me about it, even after raising certain issues concerning the whole case on Chief Constable level. There has been a deafening silence over the whole affair within Great Britain, apart from apportioning blame upon me, an innocent man.

My views and beliefs may be similar to some of this groups but they are my views and beliefs and do not equate to Anders Breivik.

I have absolutely no connections to Breivik, and his actions towards me were hostile in nature with the planned intention of attempting to involve me in his crimes “along with others” being to have me arrested and removed from being a direct threat to the European political agenda of the group he is ideologically and factually linked to.

I had absolutely no connections to Norway either before July 22nd 2011

Am I meant to take all of this sitting down?

Sometimes it does feel like I might as well be talking to a brick wall though but I know there are people out there listening even if they have not shown themselves.

This group who wanted rid of me and others from being a direct threat to their leadership because they had spent a lot of time, money and political influence using the EDL street protest movement as part of their European political agenda perceived me as an easy target. These people all work high up in banks and have political support going to the highest levels in the UK Establishment and beyond, and in their eyes I was an easy target because I have nothing like that behind me “so they thought” and believed it would have been a swift nice and clean removal of me from the field.

They have no comprehension of the Lord Jesus Christ who sits upon the throne above heaven and earth, who called me into His Kingdom and service when I was 21.

No Earthly power can compare and no Earthly power can stand against Him. I am one of His Ambassadors on Earth, so as long as I stand upon the truth in righteousness which is what I have done since day 1 over this whole affair then He stands with me and guard over me fighting on my behalf against my accusers, pouring His grace upon those who stand with me who I cannot see and directing them into the pathway of truth.

There is a who’s who behind Alan Lake & Co as the investigators know which is why no action has been taken against them yet - The domino effect

I don’t care about the who’s who behind him I only care about him because he is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ and is the one who set me up to be the fall guy for ‘Operation Breivik’ because he knew it was only a matter of time until someone removed him and he is “their” point man and they all had a lot to lose.

What a heinous accusation these people have leveled at me, attempting to smother me, someone who is innocent of any crime, in the blood of 69 innocent dead children with many more butchered and maimed whilst on their summer camp. Take a moment and pause for thought and put yourself in my shoes and ask yourself how you would feel if you were in my situation. It’s not as bad now, but imagine the very first day I stood accused in the Worlds media back in July 2011. The Daily Telegraph was the very worst of all the newspapers that named me as the English ‘mentor’ they even put my picture next to his for added effect. They have done it again 9 months on.

Those editors should be sacked with immediate effect and hauled before the Leveson enquiry over press standards and the Daily Telegraph cleaned up like they are attempting to do with Mr Murdoch.

How would the who’s who behind Alan Lake feel if their names and faces were all over the world news as being behind Breivik? I am sure they would not like it, and imagine the implications for their families and their generational reputations. These people think they are more equal than others because of their money and social standing and think they can get away with committing such atrocious actions against innocent people they perceive as expendable peasants.

History bears witnesses to the power of the peasants, and history is again going to bear witness to the power of the peasants because this fight is not over yet. I have not even got physical with these people yet because God has not released the money into my life because He knows my potential if He did. Instead I have had to live on bread, water and prayer before Him in pursuit of “truth & justice” in this case, with a little help from my friends along the way.

This at the present moment in time is only the ideological intellectual fight, even if I am not intellectual by other people’s standards. My sentences can be read well enough by people which is enough for me to explain myself to anyone who wants to listen to the alleged English ‘mentor’ behind Anders Breivik the right-wing Norwegian monster/child killer.

The ball is now in a much bigger court with much bigger players and the assurance I have is that Jesus is there standing watch on my behalf.

It is only a matter of time now and nobody can hide from the truth and this situation deserves the truth to be known and told for the people of Europe, not just Norway.

This group with Lake as their spider in the middle sent their rampaging right-wing monster Anders Breivik to harm the peace loving and gentle people of Norway in the name of their European politics.

Norway home of the Global Peace Prize that effects all Nations on Earth seeking peace and reconciliation from the traumas of conflict have been targeted by a group of dirty men and women in the name of their disgusting politics so you would hope and expect that all those throughout the world intricately linked to the Nation of Norway through the Peace Prize would call for ‘truth & justice’ to prevail and actively involve themselves in that process.

Where next and who else’s children will be murdered by these people in the name of their politics if they are not brought out into the light and judged for their crimes. A Crime that most people would say is a crime against humanity when a man dressed in a police uniform calls children into his presence that they perceived to be a place of safety only to be shot down in cold blood.

How can anyone tell me that those who are behind that should not be brought out into the open and judged for their actions? I was brought out into the open and I have justified myself in the eyes of others, even voluntarily traveling to Norway at the very beginning when emotions were running high to prove my innocence in the eyes of the Norwegians in front of me.

My hope and prayer is that the Queen acts upon her humanity and brings to justice those who have created this dark stain within her realm, and she should be a candidate for the Peace Prize after her historic steps taken in Ireland.

Your call Dave…

In service of the King - Jesus - “The Lion of the tribe of Judah”


26 April 2012

The final piece of the jigsaw

Click image:-

The email.

Is the revelation of this 'anonymous' person directly linked to Alan Lake going to be that damaging to people's reputations that it is being held back for a reason?

There are 3 independent witnesses who can confirm this persons existence separate from Lake himself.

And the Norwegian police have confirmed this persons existence.

So why have we not been graced with his presence yet?

The most horrific act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century with this persons identity critical to the investigation and 9 months on his identity has still not been revealed to the public or the ongoing enquiry.

Why not?

Breivik said he was mentored by an English man codenamed 'Richard the Lionheart' and all evidence is traced directly back to Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake.

Why are the newspapers not pressing the Norwegian or British police about this?

“Perspectives” - The domino effect

I would like to take this opportunity to apologies for any accusations or claims leveled at the Norwegians on this blog that are wrong.

My gripe is the refusal to accept that there are others behind Breivik who played their part in framing me for his heinous crimes on July 22nd 2011, and those walls that have been put up need explaining and this blog is my outlet to vent my frustrations and explanations from my perception as to why those walls have been put up.

Refusal to admit that Breivik is linked to anyone means that I am wrong and in this instance I know for a fact that I am right, so want to get to the bottom of everything regardless of who my words offend on this ‘my’ blog and those who set me up held to account on an ‘official basis’. I am not taking the massacre of a bunch of innocent kids on their summer camp by a bunch of people I detest even before the events of July 22nd 2011 because of what they stand for, on my reputation or conscience and I will take whatever steps necessary.

I’m happy with an ‘unofficial’ basis but we live in a Democracy so all avenues must be pursued first until no other options are left on the table and then just send the money this way.

I forget that Norway only has a population of 5 million which is less that 10% the size of the UK population, which is smaller than Ireland, and we have almost as many moslems in our Country as Norway has as a population. You could say what was Breivik worrying about when his Country is nowhere near as bad a state as the UK is in, but he was heavily influenced by the UK right-wing scene via his English ‘mentor’ who sent him off to commit his acts in their ‘cultural conservative’ name so it makes a little more sense. This is why Breivik keeps citing the UK as an example as justification for his actions and the main right-wing movement in the UK is the EDL under Lake’s directorship which links in.

Sleeping Norway was an easy target for them and their dirty disgusting politics.

Norway the peace loving Nation and home of the Nobel Peace prize, has sadly awoken in a horrific manner to a new reality in the world outside of their Norwegian bubble that many other Countries already face on a daily basis.

I’ve been to Norway and Oslo and its nothing in comparison to London and made me wonder what Breivik was going on about. Obviously there is stuff going on under the surface of reality but nothing compared to other European Countries and Cities, namely the UK and London where it’s in your face wherever you go.

The perfect conditions and people created the rampaging Norwegian right-wing monster Anders Breivik that has led to this point in history, and the trail leads directly back to London which at this moment in time puts a dark nasty stain on the UK’s reputation abroad that we would hope the Queen and her consorts would rectify in the eyes of others by getting to the bottom of the truth and allowing those guilty to be held to account for their involvement irrespective of whose reputations are damaged in the process.

History will bear witness…

There is a long line of them behind Alan Lake going into the heart of the British Establishment because of his control over the hijacked English Defence League. I should imagine there are people on all sides of the political and social hierarchy who are now looking at that small influential faction behind Lake which I hope isolates them.

Those sitting in Westminster are not blind and deaf.

Truth & Justice within the “Mother of all Democracies” overshadows the reputations of ‘dark men’ who threaten the peace and stability of the ‘Realm’ from within, even working with, endorsing and supporting an IRA influenced EDL leadership. Let’s not forget the Gadaffi and the PLO were some of the IRA’s main supporters and these people in high places are running around trying to play British politics with them.

Bunch of clowns…

You would have thought they had more sense but they made their bed, backed their horse and now they must lay in it with a bunch of lying little devils who have brought this wrath upon them and their reputations through their lies and cheating that they believed in.

Where does the domino effect stop though and how high does it go?

I only care about Lake because he is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’; the rest isn’t my problem it’s theirs.

Chris Knowles is a prosecution witness and he has worked in the children’s department of Leeds City Council for many years, so he should take a long hard think about all those innocent children he is implicated in the murder of and do the right thing and clear his name and reputation in a court of law by telling the truth about Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake.

There is no way out for him now and he is a sensible man so I cannot see him wanting to pervert the course of justice for Lake.

Ann Marcini is another prosecution witness and she should take a long hard think about what it would be like if that was one of her children ripped from this life in such a horrific terrifying manner, and the hopes and expectations she had for them destroyed forever just like the mother’s of the Utoya victims.

Unless of course she/they knew what was about to happen which makes them complicit in the conspiracy and means they will spend many years in prison away from their families and friends. Only time will tell now, it’s in God’s hands and He will avenge you for your actions make no mistake about that because truth will always prevail over falsehood before God’s sight if we stand upon truth in righteousness.

Truth and Repentance is the path to redemption and a clean conscience before God.

The right path or the wrong path that’s your choice now unless you have already started walking one of them and then there is no way back.

The Sunday Times journalist heard all the lies from Marcini and her lawyers, so it will be telling to see whether she still wants to hide from the truth with a web of lies even spouted by a professional lawyer, or whether she has taken sound advice from those who surround her, if her hands are clean.

That Sunday Time’s journalist is a prosecution witness regarding Marcini’s lies which would seriously damage her reputation and integrity before any court of law and jury.

There is no way out for Kinana so either he is a stupid old man or a wise old man - Prison or freedom

It’s about time the truth was revealed about Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’ and how this all fits into the bigger picture. Everyone has waited long enough!

I’m all for anti-Jihad and anti-Islamisation but not at their price and definitely not after being accused of their crimes that they used in an attempt to silence and remove me.

There is enough evidence of the glorification of terrorism against Lakes friend batty Berta too so there is another prosecution witness unless she wants to spend a few years in jail like the moslems do for glorifying terrorism. British justice works both ways, even though sometimes it is lop sided against the indigenous peoples of Britain so as to not upset sensitivities of the minorities in our midst.

She is Brazilian so what does she know about our cultural historical way of life, she is just a foreign rabid extremist stirring up racial and religious hatred in the name of “Jews” in Britain because she gets a kick out of it.

It’s a historic fact that I do not like any of that network linked to Breivik and the EDL leadership, yet I am the one who stood accused of being behind Breivik as his English ‘mentor’ because of the clothes he dressed up his acts and manifesto in.

He is a militant nationalist and I am a Christian fundamentalist, the difference is like chalk and cheese with a bridge that can only be crossed by accepting the message of the Cross into your life.

They expected a nice clean story with me and others being arrested as another terrorist cell ready to strike so as to remove the threat to their European project. Breivik even admitted himself in interview that he expected someone to be arrested which isn’t very hard to think who he was thinking about in the scheme of things.

If I had of been arrested then the media would have gone to town on me and crucified me in the eyes of the public around the world as being the man behind the monster with no way back for me, and nobody would have ever gone looking for the real source behind Breivik which they seem to be refusing to do now for some reason. The media did a good job at the start by painting a picture and smearing me as the ‘mentor’, but thankfully I have had the time and space to defend myself and my reputation which is what I have done, even if it is only in the eyes of a few.

Let others judge based upon the information I have gathered and spoken about over the past 9 months.

I voluntarily went to Norway and sat for 3 days in interview with a team of professionals watching me, that was enough.

After 8 months the media wolves came sniffing again, and they know nothing about the facts in this case and continue to propagate “bull bleep” for their readership. The Daily Telegraph wants to think about the amount for an out of court settlement because I am coming for you for libel when this is finished as you already know.

Breivik & Co set me up to deflect all attention and blame from themselves, and the media played their game against me perfectly. You don’t hear anything about the real influences behind Breivik in the news; it’s all been me because journalists treat their readerships like lady bird book readers who like looking at pictures rather than understanding intelligence, and the Knights Templar pictures worked a treat for them.

Only Breivik now admits that he made that stuff up because lies will always be exposed in the light of truth. You only have to look at the time frame between his preparation phase and the start of the EDL to see the correlation.

Breivik’s Norwegian comrade Fraudman who he had direct contact with is Breivik’s main ideological inspiration but that is not all over the world news because there are not pretty pictures to go with it for the audience. Only a geeky left wing looking Fraudman who hid from the World back in 2005 so he could propagate his words that inspired Breivik “anonymously”.

What was the catalyst to make Fraudman go underground?

Fraudman is directly connected to the Breivik network with Lake as the spider in the middle.

2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s were recorded talking about carrying out a terrorist attack against their government similar to the exact attack Breivik carried out, at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference that Lake is also connected to.

Why has this information not been all over the World news in conjunction with the Breivik enquiry and the global media attention it has received?


All these ideological links and talk of committing terrorist acts emanating out of Norway itself yet blame was leveled at me because of the pictures and clothes Breivik dressed up his manifesto in, and the media loved it.

How simple yet so cunning by those who were ultimately behind this. An intelligent group of intellectuals who wanted a threat removed to their political agenda so tailored ‘Operation Breivik’ to suit their needs.

They can have their hot potato back and see how they like it.

Fraudman is now a defence witness for the accused, work that one out. He should be sitting in his own box with his own defence witnesses not defending the monster he helped create. That might just be the Norwegian way though, and the logic they come at crime with, although the families of the dead and survivors I should imagine have a different opinion when looking at the evidence.

Hopefully the international connections the Norwegians have made through this case will advise them properly on how to serve justice in a Democracy against all those involved in such a despicable terrorist conspiracy, and that the British authorities help them in that pursuit. Let those who the factual evidence points towards defend themselves in a ‘court of law’ like the accused normally do in a Democracy.

We are all equal before the law.

Nobody can say that the targeting of innocent children is justified in any code of modern warfare, and these people did so in the name of Christianity and Templarism.

Where are the hereditary Knights Templar’s speaking out in defence of their families historical reputations these people have tarnished so despicably?

Or exercising their ‘authority’ to hold those to account who are behind this by cutting them loose to face the music they created?

Lake is directly linked to Penny Jonas who is/was a fund director at Temple Church.

Is Lake operating in your name, sanctioned from above?

If so you have the blood of innocent Norwegian children on your hands and God will judge you when your appointment with Him comes and the thought of eternal damnation does not sit well in the stomach of those who know the truth. And do not even call yourself a Templar if you do not believe in the fundamentals of the Bible that your ancestors fought and died for throughout the ages.

Death comes like a thief in the night when you least expect it!

I have my God appointed contact from amongst your ranks in England where I live who cannot deny the Lord Jesus Christ is in control of our lives – Revelation 12:10 - 12

“Defenders of the Faith” not defenders of child killers, and Breivik’s acts were not carried out in the name of Religion; they were carried out in the name of Politics. Earthly and not Heavenly, and we know who the ruler of this age is so step up to the plate and exercise your Kingdom authority upon this group even if they come from within you.

Cut them loose and throw them into the Lion’s den and see whether or not they stand or fall before God in the sight of truth just like Daniel who the Lord delivered because he was innocent before Him.

God is not mocked…

Further reading: The 'Richard the Lionheart' key

There is nothing left to say now as everything is just going over old ground. If there is any new news that is relevant to this case then ill post it up, if not everything is very clear from my perspective.

My prayer is that the Lord’s wrath will now fall upon those who have sought to do evil in His sight by accusing one of His elect.

British moslems want to take over UK

Further reading: Correcting a Guardian journalist

25 April 2012

Norwegian police logic

Dagbladet: Norwegian police logic

They relate to the investigation and the conclusion the police have done after 22 July. Since the police have not found the other people, they believe that they can not exist.

If you use that logic, I did not exist prior to 22 July, said Breivik.

- Would not advocate

I respect that there is something they stand for, but I would not have been police spokesman when the next terrorist attack happens, it's going to happen. There are still two people in Norway who is going to turn to, because the police have not found them, says Breivik, who has also claimed that before.

Further reading: Norwegian domestic terror cell

Further reading: Breivik or another Norwegian nut

Lake's friend batty Berta Moore inciting murder

Wikipedia: Glorification of terrorism charge

Dagbladet: Roberta Moore wants AUF leader murdered

Roberta Moore the Brazilian non Jewish, one time head of the English Defence League Jewish Division has stated on Alan Lake's 4Freedoms website that the Norwegian AUF leader should have been murdered by Breivik.

The comment was made on Alan Lake's 4Freedoms website, the same website that Breivik claims he was inspired by, and that he said was ideologically identical to his Knights Templar Organisation.

An organisation that does not exist that he was creating with others.

So why has Lake not been interrogated under police caution?

The article claims that Roberta Moore is one of the most influential anti-Islamists in Britain. I would like to correct that statement. Hardly anyone in the EDL liked her when she was amongst them and she was only used as a token for publicity. She is good friends with Alan Lake, and the question is; how did she get involved with the EDL in the first place? Who sent her?

Non Jewish Brazilian heading up a Jewish English Defence League...and you question Breivik's sanity, when these are the people he is connected to.

The British government should arrest her for incitement and everything else they have on her. She has been one of Breivik's most ardent online supporters and their is a whole database of statements she has made that would make even Hitler himself frown and place her in Holloway for a few years to contemplate her ideas.

Who knows what she would tell about her bosom buddy Alan Lake and the EDL leadership.