26 July 2012

Russian's invading Norwegian airspace

Russian's flexing their military muscles over the oil & gas rich waters off the North of the Norwegian coast.

What lengths would Russia go to to secure possession by-proxy of that piece of water under Norwegian territorial control that they have been in negotiations for access to for the past 20 or more years?

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(AP) This map shows how the Russian air force systematically flying cruise along the Norwegian coast.

Almost once a week, Norwegian F-16 fighter planes in the air off the coast of northern Norway. Mission: Find, follow and photograph the Russian warplanes. - We see that the Russians maintain high activity and fitness level. The conduct of some complex aircraft operations over large distances. For example, we have signed strategic flight from Engels base in Saratov on the border with Kazakhstan, through northwestern Russia to the Kola Peninsula, along the Norwegian coast and south of the North Sea, said Lieutenant Colonel John Espen Lien, communications manager at the Defense Operational Headquarters (FOH) to VG Nett. So far this year, the Norwegian fighter planes identified 50 Russian military aircraft near the Norwegian coast. There are more than in all of 2010 and 2011 . PICTURE SPECIAL: The Russian planes flying along the Norwegian coast, surprised not military analyst and senior advisor Harald Håvoll at the Center for International and Strategic Analysis (Sisa). More money - more flying - It is simply that the Russian Armed Forces have been given more funding. It sold not only in new equipment, it traded in increased training activity. Russia has stated that they will focus on northern areas. That we begin to see results now, says Håvoll.

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