22 December 2012

Someone has awoken to the truth in Norway

At least someone has awoken to the truth in Norway, lets hope that Hildur Bakker makes it her duty to get to the bottom of the truth surrounding her sisters brutal and unnecessary murder.

The police took over 1 hour to respond to all of the emergency calls and arrive on Utoya to stop the massacre, this led to her sisters murder which was one of the last and should never have happened.

Who is responsible?

Nobody in Norway it seems...

Was her little sister expendable cannon fodder for a political project orchestrated by evil men?

Lucky how Eskil Pedersen the AUF Leader escaped the bloodbath that fateful day isn't it?

Quote: But you get to a point where you are not being heard, where it is not allowed to criticize, and where there is a core group that will decide exactly what we all should think and say. When there was nothing else to do but to resign.

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20 December 2012

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