16 August 2012

You scratch my back Ill scratch Yours - Norway's Prime Minister & Police Director

Update: Norwegian police Director resigns

If my google translate is correct it turns out that the under fire police Director of Norway Oystein Maeland was the best man at the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's wedding in 1987.

That means they are best friends and have been for over 20 years, look back at the AUF youth scandal they were both involved in as an example.

You scratch my back Ill scratch yours...as we say in England.

The 2 people at the very top of the complete and utter failings of the Norwegian Civil State Security infrastructure that has made Norway look like a failed State in the eyes of the international community, or proven that their was a hidden hand behind 'Operation Breivik' are like 2 peas in a pod together. They sit side by side as best friends at the top of the Norwegian food chain during the worst tragedy to have been inflicted upon Norway that in essence was all about internal politics who now refuse to do the honourable thing and fall on their own swords for their negligence and criminality.

A Prime Minister refusing to secure his Government building after numerous direct warnings to do so that resulted in 8 people being killed and 30 wounded at the bomb site, and a police Director caught lying to cover up the facts in the case that resulted in the murder of 69 innocent misguided teenagers by Breivik dressed in a police uniform.

What does that tell you?

Any international observers must see that there is clearly something wrong with the Norwegian Government regime that holds the reigns of power in that Country, and then you have to question whether or not Norway really is a failed State or whether there was a hidden hand behind 'Operation Breivik' that allowed his mission to succeed so perfectly that fateful day in July last year.

Nobody dare say that though...

Who stood to gain politically and financially from 'Operation Breivik' if the subsequent cover-up was successful? And there has been a cover-up if you look at the facts in the case and put them together in context with each other, and there is still outstanding evidence that has not been brought to light yet.

Either their was a hidden hand behind 'Operation Breivik' or he was the luckiest man alive in Norway on July 22nd 2011.

You decide.

Police Chiefs in Norway were summoned to a meeting today to discuss the way forward with their embattled police Director, but before they attended the meeting they were told to stand united behind their Director.

It sounds like something you would hear coming out of North Korea.

There was a request from police chiefs that we should show that we stand united behind him. All rallied to support the declaration, said Police Chief Anstein Gjengedal of the Oslo police told VG Nett.

Any grumblings of discontent would be met with immediate dismissal or hounding out of position I presume.

Their police Director is best friends with the Prime Minister after all, and how much higher can you go than that, so what chance have lower ranking police Chiefs got of criticising their Director and calling for him to stand down? The Norwegian Prime Minister and the power base that surrounds him has the back of the police Director, they are best buddies after all and the police Chiefs are further down the pecking order with no political backing which means they can be out of their comfortable well paid jobs very quickly if they do not toe the political line at this time of crisis.

Maybe not today but their cards would be marked for tomorrow.

They are not stupid and putting food on their table is more important to them than undermining their Director so it is better to stick with the status quo and bury their heads back in the sand like the good little politically subservient police Chiefs they are.

Is that not called Totalitarianism?

I am sure there is going to be allot more and allot worse come out in Norway now that the light of truth seems to be breaking through the darkness.

I wonder what evidence the intelligence community possesses that has not been released yet?

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