26 February 2008

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Some background information for any new visitors to my blog (these posts were written at different points in time over the past year).

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Video: Lionheart - An interview

Pastor John Hagee:
World War III

If you have any doubt in your mind about the seriousness of the threat facing Great Britain, which in turn threatens the security of the American homeland then please search through my blog and read the facts and watch the video's for yourself - God bless you

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The video below is the most shocking video you will ever watch regarding what is being preached within British Mosque's by Saudi Arabian trained Imam's, to their British Moslem audience - Listen to their words and statements

25 February 2008

Putting my arrest into context

Foreword: My Grandfather and his father before that, fought for Queen and Country on the battlefields of the World for the protection and preservation of the British homeland and its way of life in their generation.

Now in this generation the enemy that has declared War against Our Queen, the Nation and its people is not in a far off Foreign field, it is camped deep within our own land and is conducting modern warfare against us on a daily basis.

As a British citizen, who was once proud of my homeland and all that is enshrined within it, I have stood up and spoken out against this modern military enemy that is conducting a guerrilla war within my own community, has threatened my life personally and which has declared war upon the Nation.

Am I not within my rights as a British citizen to defend myself and my homeland from a foreign enemy that is conducting modern warfare against my society?

For my actions I have received death threats from the Moslem enemy and because they were not up to the task of fulfilling their threats towards me, they turned to the British State to silence me, who now wants to arrest me and possibly imprison me for this blog on their behalf.

You can search through this blog and you will not find one call from me to commit acts of violence, and you will find not one piece of glorifying terrorist acts, yet I am being arrested, with a possible prison sentence of anything up to 7 years.

What does this say about my homeland?

It is not safe for British citizens anymore, those of us whose forefathers built and shaped the Nation into what it was a generation a go, we are being driven out of our land by our modern civil enemy and the State apparatus that is a tool in our enemies hands.

Listen to telephone conversation 1 on this post, and you will hear the glee in the officers voice that they have a charge against me and an arrest for me:
Police phone conversation

You can search through my site and all you will read is my righteous words of truth based upon facts, against the modern Islamic enemy of the British State, and if you search it with a fine tooth comb you will find something that falls under some draconian British law, the same as if you searched any blog or even any mainstream newspaper for the matter.

Look at the information exposed by Militant Islam Monitor on this article relating to the Luton Moslem community and their website, yet no action is taken against those who promote it: The Babar Ahmed campaign from Luton

There was an excellent TV documentary made by Channel 4 last year called "UnderCover Mosque", it showed the shocking vile hatred that is being promoted within Mosques in Birmingham, Mosques aligned to the British government that are promoted as being a voice of moderation within Great Britain.

There is calls to Holy War, calls to murder, calls to commit treason against the Queen and British State, there is the justification to paedophilia and the glorification of murdering British troops who are fighting for the British homeland.


The British State want to arrest me and possibly imprison me for this Blog of truth.

Watch this film for yourself at the bottom of this post and then you work out in your own mind what is happening and whether Bedfordshire police are justified in arresting me or whether the Queens Prosecution Service has any right to bring charges against me considering they took no action against any of those captured on video.

I was going to write my own post on this Undercover Mosque fiasco and compare it to my own case, but I have found an excellent article from Family Security Matters that puts everything into context.

How to lose the War on Terror
By Adrian Morgan
Family Security Mattes

August 21st 2007

In January, I wrote about a documentary which was screened in Britain on January 15th. This show, entitled "Undercover Mosque," was screened by Channel 4 on its "Dispatches" strand, and was produced by Hardcash Productions.

The one-hour documentary showed the results of an undercover journalist's secret videotaping over four months at the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham, in the West Midlands. The documentary can be found on Hot Air and on YouTube, with a transcript here. A downloadable QuickTime file (106 mb) can be found here.

The Green Lane Mosque (Masjid), situated at 20 Green Lane, Small Heath, Birmingham B9 5DB, is the headquarters of the Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith, a group controlling 41 mosques in Britain. The Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith has been officially registered as a UK charity (Number 272001) since January, 1976. At the time of writing, the charity has not filled in its financial returns for 2006 or 2007. It was revealed in a 2005 BBC documentary to express extremist ideas on its website. In 2005 it stated that Muslims should "be different from Jews and Christians" whose "ways are based on sick or deviant views concerning their societies".
Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith also claimed that attending "Christmas… First of April lies, birthday parties" could lead to Muslims being consigned to a "permanent abode in the Hell Fire." Ahl-e-Hadith and its 41 mosques were among the 400 groups "represented" by the Muslim Council of Britain, which was co-founded by senior Muslim Brotherhood member Kemal el-Helbawy.

The Channel 4 documentary "Undercover Mosque" showed preachers at the Green Lane mosque, such as American preacher Abu Usamah Adh-Dhahabi. This individual is shown advocating the murder homosexuals by throwing them off mountains, and saying: "No one loves the kuffaar [non-Muslims], no-one loves the kuffaar, not a single person here from the Muslims loves the kuffaar, whether those kuffaar are from the UK or the U.S. We love the people of Islam and we hate the people of kufr, we hate the kuffaar." He called all non-Muslims "liars," stated that women are "deficient" and praised Osama bin Laden: "He's better than a million George Bushes, Osama Bin Laden, and he's better than a thousand Tony Blairs, because he's a Muslim."

Other aspects of the documentary, whose consultant was the respected journalist Martin Bright, are described in my earlier article. There is nothing in the documentary which differs from other serious documentaries – extracts from DVDs on sale at various mosques are shown, and preachers are shown making hate filled and extremist statements, without dubbing or narration.

Despite the authenticity of the documentary showing preachers at Green Lane and other mosques exhorting Muslims to hate non-Muslims, with one preacher at a mosque in Sparkbrook, Birmingham, showing support for the Taliban murdering a British Muslim soldier, West Midlands Police have taken the astonishing step of trying to have Channel 4 PROSECUTED for showing the documentary. Initially, the police had considered prosecuting three of the preachers featured in "Undercover Mosque." They decided not to press charges against the preachers of hate, but moved on to try to have the makers of the documentary charged.

Continue reading: How to lose the War on Terror

Watch it for yourself "Undercover Mosque"

The modern British indignation for Americans

Foreword: The British State will not deport illegal immigrants, violent foreign criminals or Islamic terrorists from the British homeland because of their 'human rights', thus leaving the British population in extreme danger, with innocent people on the receiving end of this madness.

This story in the Daily Mail typifies the lunacy in modern British life that is being dished out by this Labour controlled British society and should act as a wake up call to all Americans as to what this British government really thinks of you - Our supposed closest Allie.

An American citizen wishes to care for her elderly Mother in England, along with her daughter, they do not want to sponge from the Welfare State like all illegal immigrants, violent foreign criminals and Islamic terrorists do, all they want is to be allowed to stay and care for the person they love in the last days of her life.

The British Government say 'NO' - Go back to where you came!!!

We allow our eternal enemies a free reign within our Nation, to feed off of the fat of the land, and reject our friends who only want to be here on grounds of compassion.

The "EVIL TYRANNY" of today's ruling class.

They do not represent the British people.

Daily Mail:
All Deborah Phillips wants to do is care for her increasingly frail 80-year-old mother.

She has no intention of claiming benefits and would save the taxpayer the cost of helping to look after another elderly woman.

But because Miss Phillips was born in the United States, moving to England when she was three, she has been refused permission to stay and must leave the country with her seven-year-old daughter Alexandra by the end of April.

When that happens her English mother Betty Phillips will be left alone.

Despite huge support from her local community and the backing of her MP, Immigration Minister Liam Byrne has rejected her request for residency.

Miss Phillips, 48, believes she would have a better chance of avoiding deportation if she was a foreign criminal or terror suspect facing the risk of persecution back home.

She said: "Some of these people stay here with the help of human rights laws. What about the human rights of my English mother and her right to a family life?

"Sometimes I feel like a criminal. I'm just a very soft target because I am doing everything by the rules. It is annoying because terrorist suspects are treated better and allowed to live here. I don't see the logic in that. We are not costing the Government a penny."

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Go back to where you came

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It took 20 years to deport the worst of them all

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23 February 2008

The biggest threat to the International community: The UK - Pakistan connection

Info courtesy of Us or Them

Foreword: This blog was specifically set up because my life was threatened by Pakistani Moslems in Luton who are conducting Jihad against my community using streets drugs as a weapon of Warfare, mainly heroin & crack cocaine. It has been my way of speaking out against the civil war that is aimed at my society by the military wing of Islam, that this Labour government wants to deny is happening.

Diren Barot who was Al Qaeda's British General outlined how the armies of Islam within the UK should attack our country and he termed the use of street drugs as a weapon of war to be used under the banner 'chemical warfare' - This can be seen being played out within my community!

My long time friends are either dead of dying because of pure heroin that is being pumped into my community by this Pakistani Moslem street soldiers, which originates in the poppy fields of Afghanistan, is transported through to Pakistan, and then ends up in my community being sold by large gangs of Pakistani Moslems.

Luton was the scene of Al Qaeda's declaration of War against Great Britain, and is home to the front line and base camp to Islam's Jihad within the UK.

This is my home and my community so I know exactly what is going on, on the ground here, and this blog gives people a good insight.

These Moslem's are at War with us, our way of life and in this instance, me, because they have threatened my life, and my community because this is where what I write about is unfolding, and Bedfordshire police now want to arrest me and possibly throw me in prison for this blog of truth, placing me in the exact prison full of Pakistani Moslem drug dealers and terrorists from Luton who I have helped them arrest and who I write about on this blog.

I would do the time if I had done the crime, but this blog of truth should not be classed as criminal considering what is happening in our World today, yet it is, and here is the proof - Police telephone conversations

Below is an article from the Jamestown Foundation stating the facts to the UK - Pakistani Link to International Islamic Terror.

Most of the facts presented in this article relate to Luton where I write about and I have embedded links into the article for you to see for yourself.

Am I meant to just roll over and let these people continue conducting their Holy War against my community and country?

If a military enemy is at war with you, has stated its aims and intentions towards you, is actively daily conducting warfare against you, and your sitting back doing nothing about it other than talking about the war being conducted against you, then what is the ultimate outcome of this War?

I am now having to seek Asylum in the U.S rather than return home and be arrested and placed in a prison system because of this blog of truth - I want to go home but the British State will not let me

I do not fear these Moslems and I do not fear going to prison if I had committed a crime befitting a prison sentence, but possibly being forced into prison for writing words of truth on a blog concerning Islamic terror that is being conducted against me and my community is definitely not worth risking my life over in my eyes, so I will fight for my freedom and watch my homeland burning from afar, not because I want too but because I have too, because those who are employed to protect society have forced me too!!!

Terrorism Monitor
The Jamestown Foundation

The UK - Pakistan Jihad connection

February 22nd 2008
James Brandon

Recent weeks have seen increasing international interest in the connections between jihadis in the UK and their counterparts in Pakistan. Attention has focused on how such groups and individuals could link up and cooperate to carry out attacks in Europe, South Asia or the United States. This concern has now reached its highest levels. On January 29, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said that flaws in the British counter-terrorist strategy were hurting global efforts to contain Islamic terrorism (Guardian, January 29; Dawn [Lahore], January 29). In particular, he referred to the UK’s decision not to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir, a global group that aims to re-establish the caliphate and which has been blamed for radicalizing several individuals who carried out attacks after leaving the group (Independent, January 28). He also suggested that the UK’s policy was excessively focused on preventing imminent attacks rather than defeating al-Qaeda’s ideology. While Musharraf’s accusations may have been partly intended to deflect attention from Pakistan’s own problems, there is increasing evidence that networks linking jihadis in Britain and Pakistan have evolved to survive government crackdowns, threatening the security not only of Britain, but also that of its allies.

Background to the British Jihad

The Pakistan-UK axis has long been central to jihadist movements worldwide. The UK is home to at least 600,000 people of Pakistani origin, many of whom come from areas like Kashmir which have played a central role in Islamic militancy. During the 1990s, several factors conspired to create a radical pan-Islamist identity among British Muslims, notably the entrenchment of Jamaat-e-Islami and Muslim Brotherhood activists in mosques and Islamic organizations and the arrival of radical preachers from the Arab world. Conflicts in Kashmir, Bosnia and elsewhere were widely interpreted by many Muslims as a conflict between Islam and Christianity, furthering the process of radicalization. However, the enthusiasm that this factor aroused for jihad was tempered by the idea of a “covenant of security” that radical Islamist preachers said existed between them and the British government and which initially prevented attacks against the UK. Inevitably, this restriction compelled British jihadis to export their violence abroad—often in the direction of Pakistan. In the mid-1990s, Mohammed Sohail, a Pakistani professional, created the Global Jihad Fund to channel donations from British Muslims to jihadis in South Asia.

In the late 1990s, Babar Ahmad, presently fighting deportation to the United States, allegedly used the Azzam.com website to spread pro-jihadist propaganda and to channel money, equipment and volunteers to the Taliban through Pakistan [1]. Separately, Dhiren Barot—also known as Isa al-Hindi—a Hindu brought up in the UK, converted to Islam and fought in Kashmir in 1995, writing of his experiences in The Army of Medinah in Kashmir, an influential book for would-be jihadis (BBC, November 7, 2006). In 1994, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, born to a middle-class Pakistani family living in the UK, travelled to Pakistan where he attended a training camp run by Harkat ul-Mujaheddin (BBC, July 26, 2005). In 1999, he attended an al-Qaeda training camp at Khalden in Afghanistan. In 2002, he kidnapped and killed Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. Richard Reid, “the shoe bomber,” a London-born convert to Islam, and his co-conspirator, Sajid Badat, are also said to have travelled to Pakistan or Afghanistan to collect detonators prior to Reid’s attempt to down a trans-Atlantic airliner in 2001 (Telegraph, December 27, 2001). In some cases, Islamist groups had well-developed networks. During the late 1990s, al-Muhajiroun, a British radical Islamist group whose members were predominantly South Asian, sent several hundred British citizens to train in Pakistan. Following 9/11, the group openly arranged for several dozen British Muslims to travel via Pakistan to fight U.S. forces in Afghanistan. In many cases, these individuals did not work directly with al-Qaeda but with a range of other local groups; it is likely that this remains the case with present-day jihadis making the same journey.

Pakistan’s Connection to the Transit System Bombings in London

The July 7, 2005 bombings in London in which four bombers killed 52 people marked the moment at which the idea of the “covenant” between the UK and its radical Islamists broke down. There were, however, substantial similarities between this attack and previous actions by British jihadis abroad. Three of the four bombers were of Pakistani origin and at least two of them travelled to Pakistan—and possibly Afghanistan—shortly before the bombings. There they apparently met senior al-Qaeda figures, recorded their political testaments and received instructions in bomb-making. In a video released after the bombings, Ayman al-Zawahiri said that the two visited al-Qaeda camps while in Pakistan. This and subsequent attempted attacks indicate that, while the covenant no longer exists and the formal networks of the 1990s have been replaced by looser webs of contacts and family members, a trip to Pakistan nonetheless remains an effective way for British jihadis to acquire military training and mental indoctrination into al-Qaeda’s ideology.

Two weeks after the July 7 bombings, four men—this time of East African origin—attempted to carry out more suicide attacks on the London transport system. Again, there were clear links to Pakistan. In December 2004, the leader of the group, Muktar Ibrahim, an Eritrean, travelled to Pakistan with £2,000 in cash, a video camera and cold weather clothing. During his time there he is believed to have visited a training camp run by Harkat ul-Mujaheddin in Mirpur—an area of Pakistani Kashmir where many British Pakistanis originate—and received explosives training (Independent, July 10, 2007). This group is believed to have also been visited by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, Daniel Pearl’s murderer. Ibrahim returned to the UK in March 2005, assembled the bombs and distributed them to the other three would-be bombers he had met in radical circles in London (TimesOnline, July 10, 2007). Before attempting to carry out their attacks, the bombers also travelled to the Lake District, a mountainous area of the UK, where they climbed mountains in an attempt to replicate some of the experiences of jihadist training camps.

Targeting Muslim Troops in the British Army

In January 2007, police broke up a plan by several Pakistani men in Birmingham to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier in the city (BBC, January 29). The group had planned to videotape the execution and post it online in order to cause panic and make Tony Blair go “crazy” (Telegraph, February 15). The planned murder fit into the long-standing takfiri strategy of attempting to deter Muslims from assisting non-Muslim governments. Significantly, members of the group not only planned to carry out attacks in the UK, but also shipped military equipment to jihadis in Pakistan. Between 2004 and 2006, they shipped goods weighing almost a ton, including tents, outdoor clothing, night-vision binoculars, range finders, walkie-talkies, electronic bug detectors and split-finger gloves, which were useful for snipers (TimesOnline, January 30). Some of these shipments were sent to Islamabad and then forwarded to Mirpur.

Operation Crevice

In 2004, a major police action, “Operation Crevice,” halted plans by another group to use fertilizer bombs to attack nightclubs in London. This plot centered around four men of Pakistani origin and one Algerian. Omar Khyam, from Crawley near London, was the group’s leader. He first travelled to Pakistan for military training in January 2000 when he attended the training camp of al-Badr Mujahideen, a militant group in Muzaffarabad, close to Indian-controlled Kashmir (BBC, April 30, 2007). "They taught me everything I needed for guerrilla warfare in Kashmir; AK-47s, pistols, sniper rifles, reconnaissance and light machine-guns," said Khyam at his trial, adding that he believed that he had received training from Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Later in 2001, after briefly returning to the UK, he attended another training camp in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) near Afghanistan before crossing the border to meet Taliban members. In 2003, he traveled to Malakand, in Pakistan’s NWFP, with £16,000 taken from his overdraft, together with some of the other plotters (BBC, April 30, 2007). It is believed that he met Abdul Hadi, a senior al-Qaeda leader; the meeting was arranged by contacts in Luton, a town near London with a large radical Islamic population and a large number of Muhajiroun supporters (BBC, April 30, 2007). Among the other targets discussed by the group were soccer matches and airliners.

Continue reading:
The Pakistani Jihad link

Moslems - The real neo-Nazi's

There are some very good clips on this short video from the streets of the UK.

Full video here:

One of the best Video's you will ever see about Radical Islam's global War against the West.

21 February 2008

The hole I put myself in gets deeper

The Proof

Please click:
Police conversations

Ever since the first day I let my friends and allies within the blogosphere know about my impending arrest by the British State, there has been many self righteous people who have stepped forward to add their two pence worth into this debate against me, like the self professed lawyer on the Gathering Storm radio show.

If she is a lawyer then I am Father Christmas, I just was not quick enough to say that on the radio show, because I was forced to defend myself.

It is these types of dim witted 'self righteous' people who know nothing about anything yet pretend they know something about everything who for some reason started stating that I was lying because they could not add things up in their simple minds, so they concluded that I must be covering up for other crimes or I was a blatant liar. It was these suspicions and lies that turned many people against me at a time that I needed help and support the most, the time when the bottom crashed out of my world at the beginning of 2008.

This did not bother me though because I have always known the truth, and I know that the truth is always revealed because it is based on facts, it was just sad, and very telling, to see who is who, what is what and who my real friends are.

Thankfully I had some good people who are now my
rock solid allies come up behind me and support me, even though the doubt was placed in their minds because of the words that were spoken against me - proof proof proof was all I heard

Does your mind really think that I would have set this blog up, written on it all year and then concocted a story to tell the world that I was being arrested? Come on!

If I had of then I would have gladly and voluntarily checked in for some liquid cosh, sadly though I cannot escape my reality (not that I want too), because it is just that, reality.

Come on what do you take me for, and really, how stupid are you to have believed those lie's.

When you read this think back at who first made you think I was lying and then please make a wise decision, because there is no greater case of the blind leading the blind than this - Where are they leading you because it definitely is not into the knowledge of the truth as this situation clearly proves?

A War has been declared against us and the future of our civilisation is now at stake, wake up before it is too late for you and your children, and stand with those who are willing to stand with, fight for, and defend you, not those, who, when push comes to shove, could not care less about you, because all you are is a click on their website to push their figures up.

Here is the proof that everyone has been waiting for, and I apologies to DS Steve and DC Ian personally because really all they are doing is their job to put food on the table to feed their families and I can only hope they do not take pleasure in having to arrest me, they are nothing more than tools for the British State, to enforce their political masters will upon society - Silencing the modern Great British dissent

God knows whether you enjoy what they are doing or not.

If I had called for violence or really stirred up hatred to cause others to commit violence then I would accept my punishment, not gladly, but I would have accepted it as part and parcel of my actions, but in my mind and the mind of many others from around the World, I have committed no crime. Those who I write about on this blog are the ones who have committed the crime by stirring up hatred against us, against our society and against our way of life; my blog is my personal response to that hatred that is aimed at me.

If it was not for their 'hatred' towards us and our society then we would not have this twisted 'community cohesion' policy!

Who started this with me personally and with the innocent people of my homeland, because it was not me and it was not us?

The line is the sand was drawn with me, and they are the ones who crossed over it, with this blog and my writings being my response to those threats against my life, a response that I thought was justified and well within the law, we are all subject to the rule of law after all, and writing words on a blog I believed was within that law - Sadly not in this Labour governments 21st Century tyrannically enforced society though

"Today it is me - Tomorrow it is you"

Where are those to protect us and our children from Moslem
hatred, all our leaders are doing is bowing down and appeasing the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem residents under the banner of 'political correctness', those in power within Luton like Labours MP Margaret Moran and her Islamic community leaders must have thought they struck gold with me, a sacrifice on the alter of appeasement to quench the thirst and anger of the inherently violent and hate filled Moslem community of Luton which is linked to Al Qaeda and the global Jihad, who they are petrified of because it threatens their political futures.

The Islamic beast in Luton is out of the control of all British authorities including the police, they think that offering me up as a sacrifice in the eyes of the community, that it will tame the beast, pathetic appeasing political games at my expense.

Little did they realise or believe though, that "Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the World".

I serve the same God as Elijah, the 'Lord God of Israel', and He does not see the numbers of our enemies, He just sees the faithfulness of His servants who He has chosen to fulfill a purpose - Romans 8:31 31What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Traitors and treason is the only word for what can be used against those who seek to silence me for political and personal gain, my Grandfather fought on the battlefields of the World for this Nation and its ruling Monarchy, now in modern times we have gutter rats running our country and many leading our communities, who find no greater pleasure in playing their personal political game at the expense of innocent British people who are standing up for themselves and for others within modern society that we find ourselves, because 'no one' else will - Traitors & Treason

I have made the hole I am in with the police, that much deeper now, but at least this now silences the doubters and I hope re-affirms my position - I will not bow down to Islam or their servants who are enforcing their will upon society!

There is no going back with the Moslems because they threatened my life, and there is no going back with the police because they want to arrest me and possibly throw me in prison- The Moslems want a War with me and my country folk and my response has always been "The Pen is mightier than the Sword"

Now my own people are working to take the non-violent pen out of my hand.

Are they the ones who are now forcing me to resort to the Sword considering these murderous Moslem savages want to kill me, at least it will be a fair fight then, do I not have my 'human rights' to protect as a human being that loves life after all, once you are dead you are dead, there is no coming back to enjoy the life you now live with your family and friends - GONE Forever - And these Moslems from Luton have stated many times their intentions towards me, they are just not up to the task though.

The British State has decided to use the Sate controlled Law & Order mechanics of British society to protect the human rights of Islamic terrorists and their supporters within our land, over and above the human rights of innocent British citizens and their children.

This is the madness that now engulfs the Once great Nation of Britain, with the British police force being nothing more than a private army of this Labour government, to enforce their Marxist political will upon British society, but their is dissent within the ranks of the force and rightly so, with nearly 30,000 demonstrating on the streets of London about the way they are being treated by this government.

Thank God I am sitting in America watching my country burn from afar because there are those who are stoking that fire on the ground who wish to throw me into the middle and burn me at the stake. I am willing to burn with my country like every other Englishman, but maybe now is the time for those who care about the future of our civilisation to listen to how bad it really is on the ground in Britain before it is too late, why let it get as bad as some parts of mainland Europe?

I need help and support not hindrance, and my message has been the same throughout, look at my community and look at what is happening to it, why should I sit back and do nothing and allow the Luton Pakistani Moslem invasion to unfold - Inaction leads to future destruction

War is war whatever way you look at it and if you turn your back because of the horror of facing it like our modern leaders, then all that will happen is that you will have your throat cut from behind while your not looking - The reality we face is inescapable!

We are all involved in this 'Long War' that has been unfolding since the 7th Century when Islam was birthed upon the Earth.

"Where do you stand and who do you stand with"

Here is the proof regarding my arrest: Police telephone conversations


Following on:-

Within the Anti-Jihad movement across the internet there is a very large poisoned 'well' that many people are drinking from, these people are either poison themselves which can be seen by what they write about others, or they have been caught up and been polluted by the toxic aroma emanating from the place that they hang out at - This is for them to work out for themselves.

Just because a website reports on news that the MSM will not, and just because this website has many visitors, does not make this website and its contributors an authority on anything, all it means is that at this moment in time they have achieved a large following, who think like them, and act in an appalling way like them.

If past experience that is based on the facts is anything to go by then I would rather have a few friends than 10's of thousands of enemies who like to 'dress up' as friends, until they open their toxic mouths, when they do the truth cannot be hidden.

The influence of this poisoned 'well' is so great that across the internet it exercises its authority upon the anti-Jihad movement through fear, it has learnt how to instill fear into others so as to influence the army of anti-Jihad bloggers and writers as if it is the base of 'Supreme Command' of the movement.

The self promoted King might be the Supreme Commander of his own poisoned well, and its large army of toxic arm chair warriors, he surely could never be the Supreme Commander of allied forces because he knows nothing about Europe, he instead lavishes himself by sacrificing the people of Europe for his own ego.

And people wonder why I made the statement 'Traitor',
"By their fruits you shall know them".

"With friends like this who needs enemies"

Based on the evidence and the facts, I think I was quite right when I said that, then the legions of hell from this poisoned well were released upon me, to desecrate and defame my character with lie's in the eyes of others across the internet.

I was not the first person on the receiving end of this torrent or poison emanating from this well, there are many good people and leading lights of the anti-Jihad movement on the receiving end before me, so this is not a one off occurrence, this is pure poison and hatred causing serious damage and causing friction between people who were once friends and allies, people scared to be associated with you because of the defaming character assassination that goes out across the internet by this toxic army.

The way this poisoned well spreads its poison across the internet to influence others and enforce its will upon the anti-Jihad movement is through fear, it starts at the source and then is released and the large army of toxic arm chair warriors then disseminate across the internet and blogosphere to attack other anti-Jihad writers and bloggers by spreading malicious rumors and lie's in a terror campaign of character assassination. This attack is relentless, very damaging and it suppresses people to talk freely and openly about the present dire situation facing our Civilisation in relation to Islam and how to fight against this warmongering enemy and who we should be standing with because people cower in fear of this army of toxic arm chair warriors being released upon them - Is that anyway to conduct business, in fear of those who profess to be on our side?

Believe me it is not nice as I have witnessed myself, and this is how I know that this poisoned well enforces itself upon this movement and upon people through fear - It is the same tactic used by our Islamic enemy

And people wonder why I stated Nazi collaborator - I was fully justified in my thinking, but other people refrained me from speaking my truth.

I took a step back and apologised for my outburst because these are supposed to be on the same side as me, and "United we stand Divided we fall", yet my apology was flatly rejected.

This poisoned well and its army of toxic arm chair warriors were left to freely spread their malicious lies about me in their terror campaign to assassinate my character, which they successfully achieved by influencing many people and turning any support away from me that I might have gained.

The ultimate source of the poisoned well even had this to say about me - "The guy is off his rocker, and if there’s any truth at all to his story about being investigated by UK police, he probably did something to deserve it."

"Any bloggers still supporting “Lionheart” after this unhinged, borderline illiterate, extremely hateful rant should be ashamed of themselves:"

This gave his army of toxic arm chair warriors permission to go all out open season on me, and called for all bloggers who stand with LGF to remove any support from me that they might have given. For anyone who knows anything you will know that LGF has had one of the biggest followings in the anti-Jihad movement, so what he endorses or discredits, goes far and wide on the internet.

Was this not a case of using his platform to control and influence the anti-Jihad movement?

Any that removed their support from me is greatly appreciated because who needs enemies with friends like you?

The reason for me writing this post now is because the proof that I have now presented, proves to any doubters about my case, and shows to everyone the poison at the source of this well and the army of toxic arm chair warriors for what they are.

I will answer the slander that they spread about me properly at a later date, but here are some rebuttals for now.

They called me a neo-Nazi - Would a neo-Nazi put his life on the line twice for Israel? Stop the ISM

They called me a racist - Do these two posts sound like I am a racist - Oona King for London Mayor or Stand your ground Bishop

They called me a white supremacist because I wrote blog posts in support of the BNP - The taboo

Why would I not support English men who are the same as me, when I support other people with different ethnic heritage?

I would never support a skin head, neo-Nazi, racist, swastika wearing thug because I would not agree with the inner motivation of his inner self, I would however support this type of injustice, because injustice is injustice no matter what the colour of someone’s skin - British injustice

What someone believes is completely different!

Further reading: The American Vanguard

I ask Robert Spencer what he has to say about this 'well' because he personally endorsed it to his readers, and anyone who knows anything about the anti-Jihad movement will know that Mr Spencer is a giant, but this giant is endorsing for people to drink of the poison and take part in the hatefilled festivities surrounding this well.

Look at what this poisonous well has done to me, look at what it has done to many of your friends, and you endorse it?

Was it through fear or what?

In the anti-Jihad movement there should be no alliances made with neo-Nazis, racists or white supremacists, and in the same breath there should also be no tolorance for those who conduct themselves in the way this poisoned well conducts itself, and its army of toxic arm chair warriors.

Endorsing it makes you as bad as it in my eyes!

I do hope that is not the case because you are very much respected, but I hope that you can see my point though?

Why would I personally respect you when you publicly endorse this evil that has been disseminated against me.

I am not disrespecting you I am stating my point.

Coming to Oxford then a City near you

Video courtesy of Winds of Jihad

Daily Mail: Oxford Moslem call to prayer

20 February 2008

A prime example of British justice

A shopkeeper who heroically fought off an armed robber could be charged with murder after the thief was fatally stabbed with his own knife as they tussled.

Tony Singh, 34, was arrested after he fought back when career criminal Liam Kilroe - on the run after being charged with two other robberies - ambushed him at knifepoint as he was about to go home.

There was a struggle before Kilroe, 25, fell back with a fatal stab wound to his chest. He tried to run away but collapsed and died in a pool of blood only yards away.

Police arrested Mr Singh on suspicion of murder and are now preparing to send a file to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Continue reading: http: Facing a murder charge

19 February 2008

Video - An American who realises what we face

Video below

Dear Mr. Newt Gingrich,

I too see how serious the problem is in relation to the Islamic Terrorist threat that is now in our midst and their Holy War against our civilisation, and if you read through my blog you will be able to read my response to this as a concerned British citizen.

Why should I sit back and do nothing while this military force seeks to take my country over?

My home community is a frontline in this 'Long War' and I have stood up alone to speak out against the enemy that is desecrating and destroying local life where I live in their modern war of conquest.

I have not committed acts of violence, I have not called others to commit acts of violence, all I have done is written words of truth relating to this war on this blog and now I face arrest and possible imprisonment for anything up to 7 years.

British police who take great pleasure in arresting someone like me because it is their job for which they get paid and win awards, have been tasked with searching through my blog writings to find written words which can be construed as hate speech in modern British life.

If we cannot even talk about this 'Long War' because of the threat of prosecution and imprisonment then are we not committing suicide and dooming our Nations to defeat at the hands of our enemy.

I too worry about the future and that is the reason why I have stood up and sacrificed my life to help fight this civil enemy and speak out about it to others, now those people who should be protecting society have deemed me to be a threat to society and now want to arrest and charge me for this which they deem to be a crime.

I am currently in the process of seeking political asylum in your Country because of the persecution in my home Country, is that not complete and utter madness considering the closeness of our two Nations and the knowledge of this War against our way of life that is unfolding in our midst.

This is not a game, it is not a joke, these people are at War with us.

I hope and pray for the sake our Nations and our World that we will be freed to defend ourselves and our futures for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Ray

Click Video link: Newt Gingrich

Video 2

18 February 2008

The total lunacy of modern British society

Please read the embedded links.

Foreword: The internal Civil War that is being fought against the British State by British Islam and their international co-conspirators for the complete destruction of our 21st Century Western Judeo/Christian way of life and the structure that is governing our society cannot be any clearer to those who are awake to the
beast that is now living in our midst, yet it is completely covered up by the government and if we dare speak about it and rock the boat by breaching this pathetic 'community cohesion' policy, we face arrest and prosecution.

To a Moslem mind it is a divine (which we know is false) law, laid down in the Koran by the false prophet Mohamed, that every Moslem must work towards implementing Allah's will upon society, so that society is subject to Allah and his will for mankind, this is called Sharia Law.

The term that is used when a Moslem is actively fulfilling their obligation to enforce Sharia Law upon society is Jihad. Jihad takes many forms, from
cutting heads off of the infidel (me and you) in their pursuit to terrorise us into submitting to them through fear, too intimidating non-Moslems in the work place to enforce Islamic supremacy, this is all a part of Jihad.

Enforcing Islamic supremacy over the non-Moslem as Allah commands it to be.

We have
upwards of 3 million Moslems in Great Britain now with a large section of that population being of the religious persuasion, who are conducting Jihad on a daily basis against our British society. We have hundreds of thousands more flocking into the country each year because of this government’s open door policy on immigration - Willingly filling the ranks of our internal Islamic enemy to destroy our society

Fulfilling this Labour governments Marxist dream, at the expense of the British people, our country, our way of life, and our children’s futures -

Not only is the British government filling the ranks of our civil Islamic enemy that is at war with us, it is housing them, feeding them, passing laws to protect them, giving them free health cover and giving their children a free education - Great Britain is paradise on earth to our Islamic enemies, and who pays for this enemy that is against our way of life?

You the good honest decent hard working tax payer!!!

We even
give permission for our Islamic enemy to travel back to their Middle Eastern or Asian ancestral homelands to marry as many wife’s as they like and then come back to Britain with them to have children and all along they receive full benefits from our Welfare State

Is it any wonder 700 people are leaving the U.K
every day.

Moslems are brainwashed from birth into the death cult of Islam, with their parents teaching them the ways of Jihad ready for when they are old enough to conduct it against the society in which they are living in, its a family tradition that has been passed down the ages, and in countries where there is war they actually
train their children up to fight Holy War for Islam.

The Daily Mail article below is the stereo typical Moslem within Great Britain who hates our way of life and is conducting Jihad (Holy War) against us, we feed him, house him and give him all the other benefits that people get when living in Great Britain while all along he hates us and our society and is actively working towards harming our society in some way. This Moslem man was also training up his children to follow in his foot steps.

The question is; how many more Moslem men are there out there in our society who think exactly how this man thinks?

Daily mail
An Al Qaeda-backed terrorist who plotted to kidnap a British Muslim soldier and behead him "like a pig" even tried to indoctrinate his five-year-old son, it emerged yesterday.

"Islamist fanatic" Parviz Khan was secretly taped ordering little Abrar to swear allegiance to Osama Bin Laden under threat of a beating with a stick.

Khan, 37, also told a friend he wanted his three-year-old daughter to marry a Mujahideen terrorist and give birth to his children.

His plan had been to burn the kidnapped soldier's body and parade his head on a stick as a warning to other Muslims against joining the British Army.

Yesterday Khan was jailed for life for the plot, which a judge said was designed to "strike at the heart" of the British Government.

Mr Justice Henriques recommended he serve a minimum term of 14 years and warned that Khan was a "terrorist in the grip of idealistic extremism" who may never be safe for release.

Continue reading:
Life should mean life

17 February 2008

The ethnic cleansing of Bury Park - Luton

I posted several weeks ago on two rapes in Dunstable where I live by a taxi driver, there was no description of the attacker in the media which can mean only one thing, the attacker was Asian, and if he was Asian and a taxi driver in Luton & Dunstable it is a safe bet to say he is a Pakistani Moslem, and anyone that knows the taxi business within Luton & Dunstable would have to agree with that fact.

What also adds to that belief is the fact that Luton police were searching for almost 70 taxi drivers to take their DNA.

Rape, Luton & Dunstable taxi driver, media black out of the description of the attacker and searching for 70 prospective taxi drivers for their DNA means with 100% certainty that the rapist they are searching for is a Pakistani Moslem and with just as much certainty you can say he is from the Bury Park community or the surrounding area.

If the Police and media are not allowed to talk about the truth that is endangering our lives and the lives of our children then who is going too?

It is now illegal in Great Britain to speak the truth about the most serious issue every presented to our society in 1000 years

We have to stay silent while we are being attacked by a religion and its followers who are at war with us, our country, our society and our way of life because of the governments 'community cohesion' policy.

There are two sides to this community cohesion policy but only one side, the Islamic side, receiving protection from the other because it cries, racist, islamaphobe or right wing Nazi’s as soon as it is challenged because of the evil emanating from within it. This approach silences any criticism of the Islamic community and prevents it from being policed properly, leaving it to its own devices to continue the establishing of its own mini State that is separate from the British State.

2 Kingdoms now living upon the one tiny Island.

In the same article about these two rapes I mentioned about the media blackout of the ethnic cleansing of elderly black and white residents from within the Bury Park area of Luton. There was no mention of the description of the attackers in the local paper or BBC news report, but the police did state that the attacks were racial attacks which can mean only one thing when you have an elderly white couple and an elderly black woman who have been attacked within Bury Park - Asian and Moslems.

But nobody is allowed to use the name Asian, Moslem or Pakistani through fear of offending the other community that is on the other side of the 'community cohesion' policy.

Islam is at war with our society and has gagged us from talking about their war against us - Is this not a form of group madness and collective suicide?

This with Islam is not a race issue, you cannot change the colour of someone’s skin that they have been born into, so it is abhorrent to hate someone because of the colour of their skin, we are all human with the same human functions, what this issue is about is the belief system that certain people have and how that makes them perceive the world around them and how they then interact with the world based on their beliefs and what they are taught.

What they do affects other innocent people who are living in the same world as them.

If a religion teaches that it is ok to rape non-Moslem women, pump non-Moslem's with drugs, drive elderly people out of their homes and destroy non-Moslem society so that they can enforce their religious will upon people, who do not think how they think, then their is a problem, it is not the colour of their skin that is the problem, it is what they are thinking and what those thoughts are making them do that is the problem.

Not a racist issue, this is an ideological issue, how people think and perceive the world around them.

I am not a racist, I am a realist who speaks the truth about the situation, look at Bishop Michael Nazir Ali, he is a Pakistani but he thinks how I think, and he means me no harm, so he is my civilised brother the same as everyone else who means me no harm, but if you mean me and my neighbours harm because of how you think then you are my enemy because of what you think about me and my neighbours.

Is that not a logical understanding?

The facts about the Luton Moslem community are just that, facts, and the ones driving all of the taxis and selling all of the drugs are Pakistani Moslems.

Does that make me a racist for stating the facts?

I wrote a post back in July where I stated this: Imagine what it is like for our weak innocent elderly folk who have no option but sit back and watch through the curtains, as this alien Islamic Kingdom grows within their midst, taking over their streets and community. They cannot get up and move out doing the
White Flight like the rest of us, no, our most weak and vulnerable are just left, forced to sit and accept this abomination, watching the take over of their streets and community by this ever advancing and growing Islamic community that brings with it the alien aggressive ways of its sub-human Islamic culture.

Little did I realise that they were actually actively trying to force these exact same residents I speak of out of their homes by throwing bricks through their windows.

Read the whole post here:
Fortress Bury Park

Here are two BBC reports on the ethnic cleansing in Bury Park Luton.

Report 1

Report 2

Watch the video below and then ask yourself; do these people think how we think and perceive the World how we perceive it, or are our thoughts and perceptions totally different?

Chalk and cheese, except in reality those in this film would kill you as quick as they could if there was no restraint within our country which thankfully there is at this moment in time, that does not stop them from intimidating, using extreme violence, planning and plotting acts of mass murder and actually carrying out Islamic terrorist attacks against us though.

Jihad this is called and it is a part of the modern global Jihad that is being conducted against us and our way of life.

We just do not think the same and no community cohesion policy is every going to bridge that gap within our minds and its thinking, how we percieve the world in which we live and how that then determines how we interact with the world around us.

Jihad is a fundamental belief of a religious Moslem and is a driving force within that specific human beings belief system, where as a non-Moslem British citizen has absolutely no idea, thought or concept of what Jihad really means or entails - 2 completely different perceptions of the world and society

These human beings are at war with us because of their thoughts not the colour of our skin, and we can do nothing about it, when we do try doing something about it within the law like I have done with this blog, we are arrested for it by the police who are a personal tool in their hands to silence their critics under the breaching 'community cohesion' banner.

The twisted ideology of this 21st Century British society.

No surrender!!!

Web logger seeks asylum in States

Luton on Sunday 17th February 2008

A controversial 'web logger' from Dunstable is seeking asylum in America because he faces arrest in the UK for stirring up racial hatred.

Paul Ray, who regularly writes an online diary as 'Lionheart', was due to attend Bedford's Greyfriars Police Station on February 18 as part of Bedfordshire Police's investigation into his blog.

However, he has decided to apply for political asylum in America because he risks charges which carry a maximum prison sentence of seven years.

His blog includes his opinions on the heroin trade, Islamic fundamentalism and police corruption.

Mr Ray, 31, speaking to told Luton on Sunday on the phone from South Carolina, said : "I was going to meet Bedfordshire Police on Monday. But I don't want to come back to England and get arrested.

"I had death threats in Dunstable and I wrote everything down.

"I did it because if anything happened to me then I wouldn't just be another statistic.

"I have just written my thoughts down while I have been on the run.

"I am applying for political asylum on the grounds of political persecution and human rights issues.

"All I've done is written words on a blog. That doesn't befit a prison sentence."

Mr Ray, who used to have a flat in Great Northern Road and a computer shop on Albion Street, claims he has received death threats.

He admits his reactions to this in his blog may be considered 'over the top' but maintains he has a right to write his beliefs.

He has been in South Carolina dodging arrest after receiving an email from Bedfordshire Police's DC Ian Holden on January 3.

The email said: 'The offence that I need to arrest you for is 'Stir up Racial Hatred by displaying written material' contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986.

"You will be arrested on SUSPICION of the offence. You would only be charged following a full investigation based on all the relevant facts and CPS consent."

Mr Ray added that he will not return to Britain unless Bedfordshire Police confirm they are going to cease their investigation.

A spokeswoman for Bedfordshire Police said: "We contacted him to say that when he returns to this country we would like to see him.

"We have got a complaint about his blog. That is the whole point of this exercise.

"We have spoken to him like we would with any other crime."

Update: Taken from my comments section

Paul Wilson said...

This is interesting :

"A spokeswoman for Bedfordshire Police said: "We contacted him to say that when he returns to this country we would like to see him.

"We have got a complaint about his blog. That is the whole point of this exercise.

"We have spoken to him like we would with any other crime."

I am just interested Paul, if they said they 'wished to speak to you' , or whether they actually said you would be arrested.

They say they have 'spoken to you like they would wiith any other crime - being 'spoken to' is not the same as being thresatened with arrest.

There is a significant difference.

Youi should make an official complaint about the way that this has been handled by the Bedfordshire Police.

I think these peuple are simply idiots.

I believe they have been assessed as the worst police force in England - and it would seem not without good reason.

Get some GOOD legal advice and take them to the cleaners.

Paul Wilson said...

Oh by the way , 'political asylum' is a good move.

I won't say why - you have obviously worked it all out for yourself.

Paul Wilson

Lionheart said...

Thank you Paul, this will go ontop of the serious complaint i already have outstanding with them.

If you look 2 - 3 sentances above what the spokeswoman has said, you will see what the investigating officer of this case stated to me, this i have in black and white in email format, with copies on this blog.

2 different statements concerning me and my case.

To be honest, if they only now want to talk to me and not arrest me with charges at the end of it then i would be on a plane tomorrow because Britain is my homeland.

But if it is a case of returning home to face arrest and charges then i will be submitting the forms for asylum.

DC Ian Holden
who is the investigating officer is back in the office tomorrow so i will have to wait and see what his position now is

An insight into the Luton Moslem community

I wrote last week on the racist Moslem preachers of hate, who were protesting against the Holocaust rememberance day in the centre of town outside of the Town hall.

Here is the video of their disturbance.

This video should give you a bit of an idea of how bad the problem is on the ground here in Luton, this group of 20 or so Moslem men would be enough to intimidate and scare any innocent person walking by let alone the 7 year old Jewish girl and her family who they proudly abused.

You tell me if this type of behaviour should be

Can you imagine what must be going on inside the community, is it any wonder the 7/7 bombers descended on the town before setting off on their journey that fateful day in July, and operation crevice the biggest security operation ever in British history was centred on here too.

Do we just accept this and everything else they are inflicting upon us that is now unfolding in within our society?

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out the consequences if we do, does it.

This group or someone associated to them sent this video to me personally so they are obviously proud of their actions in Luton Town Centre that day, and they think they can intimidate me, ha.

If I was scard of any of them I would not have set out on this journey in the first place.

Please read this Moslem:
A message to Bury Park Luton

And here is a song for you: From the Heart

Send them around to all of your Moslem brothers because it is addressed to each and everyone of you.

I would be back in my community now standing my ground against the likes of these if it was not for the fact that the British state now wants to arrest me for this blog, forcing me to take asylum in America because I have stood up for myself and written about what is unfolding in my community.

The police are unwilling to take action against these groups because they are scared of the backlash so they target the likes of me who is an easy target for them - British Justice for
British people in the 21st Century

Great Britain is doomed!!!

The second video is of a Luton demonstration organised by Hizb ut Tahrir, this extremist group openly advocates the destruction of Great Britain and our way of life so that they can replace it with Islam and Sharia Law, and they openly call for Moslems to murder Jews wherever they can be found - That included Britain

Yet this Labour government will not ban this Islamic terror supporting organisation.

The Street Jihad - Heroin: The Weapon of War

This is one of the main financiers of Al Qaeda's Jihad within Great Britain, which is also being used as a 'Weapon of War' against British society to kill, destroy and subdue a generation - Where I live anyway which is Al Qaeda's frontline in their civil war upon British soil!

The money earned on the ground in Luton & Dunstable through the daily supply of Heroin over the last 20 years has created an extremly large, connected and well organised Pakistani Moslem paramilitary army that has forced the whole of the local society into a position of 'Dhimmitude' through fear.

As this video shows, the Heroin is cultivated in Afghanistan and transported through to Pakistan, and then ends up on our streets, namely where I live in this instance, being sold by what can only be described as a Pakistani Moslem militia, killing my friends, converting others into zombies living only for their next hit of Heroin, destroying families and causing terror in society because of drug crazed maniacs needing Heroin.

Do we just accept this systematic destruction of our society by an internal force that is conducting a military campaign against the British State that is ultimately seeking to conquer our Nation?

I personally do not accept what this Pakistani Moslem militia is doing to my friends, my community and my country, but where I live I am the only one willing to stand up and say something about it because everyone else is living under 'Dhimmitude' forced upon them through the knowledge of what happens if you have a problem with the large organised drug dealing gangs of Pakistani Moslems of Luton - Those reading this who know the facts will agree with me.

Not only that the British State now want to arrest me because I refuse to accept this Islamic warmongering intent being enforced upon me and my neighbours - I breach community cohesion!

The police who are employed to protect the innocent and vulnerable in society can go home at the end of the day after a hard days work investigating the Pakistani Moslem street crime, where as the rest of us in society have to live all day every day surrounded by this paramilitary force, so there is no escaping them if they come for you, so its better to close your front door and See no Evil - Hear no Evil - And definately not Speak any Evil about the Pakistani Moslems because of the consequnces to you and your family.

I stood my ground on my own, I was homeless, penniless and destitute because of being driven out of my business and home by these Pakistani Moslem's and their threats and intimidation, and I have shown that really they 'aint all that', they are weak cowards that hunt in packs which I exposed - Know your enemy as they say.

What a joke the Luton Moslems are, they could not do the job or silencing me, and my blog has been up all year as proof to my words, so they resorted to getting the police to silence me.

I never crossed the line to call for anyone to resort to violence, but in reality, considering this is the state of British affairs - If they want a war which they are conducting against us on a daily basis, then can we not give them a war?

Islamic supremacy reigns in Luton - Is it any wonder Al Qaeda used Luton as its staging post for its decleration of War against Great Britain and open it up as a frontline in the "21st Century English Civil War".

Al Qaeda's military strategists know that they have a large well organised paramilitary army on the streets of Luton, with a well oiled War machine on the ground that is financed through the local trade in streets drugs and all other criminality.

The Queen as the ultimate ruler of Great Britain should decide what she wants to do about the situation on the ground here, or let her sons or grandsons state their position so that everyone knows where the stand.

Surrender and Dhimmitude or 'No surrender'.

Allow the complete take over of Luton & Dunstable by the religion Islam and its military wing or bring her families 'Soverign Rule' to bare upon the situation - There is a rich Royal history to protect and defend here after all.

No matter what lie people want to say about Islam being a 'religion of peace', you only have to look at the history books to see that it spreads throughout the World by warmongering conquest, exactly the same way that it is spreading in my local community - A Christian community with a wealth of Christian history might I add.

I have stood up on the street on my own against this Islamic paramilitary force because I as one man am willing to sacrifice everything for what I have just stated, and now my own people want to arrest me and potentially send me to prison for my righteous anger and actions.

Why should I go back to England if thats how my country wants to treat me for my actions, I am better off seeking asylum in a friendly foreign land and sitting back safely watching my homeland burn from afar dont you think? Theres not really much I can do from inside a prison cell. I dont want to do that because it is my homeland, but what can I do now that I have the British State seeking my arrest and imprisonment?

I value my freedom and always said to myself that I will never spend a day in prison for standing up for my Country in the face of this War, so the choice is; go home and go to prison under 'race hate laws' or seek asylum on the grounds of Political persecution and human rights issues. I do not want to do that because England is my home, but given the choice of prison or freedom considering I have done nothing wrong, freedom will always prevail.

I am a great believer that if you do the crime you do the time, as every one who has ever known me will agree, but in this case I have done no crime so I will do no time.

More proof to confirm my words for those people who do not see what I see or know what I know in relation to what is happening on the streets of Luton & Dunstable that originates in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

Behind the scenes of Luton & Dunstable's street Jihad with Al Qaeda's heroin

Foreword: For anyone who has been followng my blog you will know that the main point I have been trying to get across to people is about the street Jihad that is being conducted against my community by the large Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park Luton, the same place that took centre stage on 7/7 and operation crevice.

Diren Barot Al Qaeda's ex-British general outlined for Islam's soldiers within Great Britain to use street drugs as a weapon of war against British society under the banner chemical warfare.

This type of warfare has been happening for the past 20 years by the Pakistani Moslem's of Luton and has created a paramilitary force upon the streets, they earn millions through the trade in heroin & crack cocaine which funds their organised street Jihad.

Being someone who lives in and around the Luton area and knowing what I know, it is no wonder that Al Qaeda used this community to declare war on Great Britain, they have an army of street soldiers here on the ground who have forced the community into silence through intimidation and violence.

I have personally watched the Jihad with street drugs and have seen friends lives destroyed, their families ruined and others no longer here because they have been killed.

This is a part of life that most people do not see unless it affects them personally or their children, then they are forced into the living hell that comes with addiction to heroin.

This story in the News of the World is another insight into the consequences of that street Jihad, consequences that are happening up and down the country and consequences that are happening on the streets of Luton with children, I know this to be a fact because I know people who work amongst street girls, vulnerable girls who are forced onto the streets by their drug dealers to pay for their heroin & crack cocaine.

In Luton it is the gangs of Pakistani Moslems who control this trade in drugs and the girls on the streets. You only have to look at what happened up in Yorkshire to see what is happening out of sight and out of mind to our children.

Take a read of what some of our children are being forced into and then realise why I have spoken out on my blog for the sake of others, and Bedfordshire police knowingly allowed a Pakistani Moslem drug den to operate 100 yards away from a school with children going in their during their lunch breaks, the owner delivering food into the school at lunch breaks and the 30 year old owner who I helped the police imprison for selling heroin and crack cocaine having several children with is girlfriend before she had left school.

Why should I knowingly put up with this savagery and barbarism within my community that puts future generations of young people at extreme risk?

I wont and now have Pakistani Moslems aligned to Al Qaeda wanting to kill me and Bedfrdshire police wanting to arrest me, while this paedophilic drug dealer in my community still operates unhindered and I have to seek asylum in America for speaking out possibly being forced through the courts with a possible prison sentance at the end of it for writing words of truth for the protection of my community on this blog.

The twisted ideology of modern Britain.

(Everything I state can be proved with facts)

News of the World: Child prostitute at 12

THE PONY-TAIL and Fanta bottle are the only remnants of this broken child's innocence as she loiters by the side of the road...

She could be waiting for her mates, maybe a boyfriend from school. In fact she is waiting for a PAEDOPHILE.

For this girl has been working as a HOOKER since the age of TWELVE —offering her body to passing kerb crawlers to pay for a £60-a-day addiction to HEROIN and CRACK COCAINE.

She's no stranger to the police, or to a string of social workers, but nothing has ever been done to repair her shattered young life.

And in an ironic twist to her shocking story, part of her "beat" is the pavement outside offices—home to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

A car pulls up. The window is wound down. The girl—whom we will call Jenny to protect what little dignity she has left—leans in... and agrees to sell another crumb of her childhood for just £20.

She is nearly 15. Getting a bit too old for some of her perverted customers. Yet business remains brisk.

"I see two or three punters a night," says Jenny. "They pick me up in a car and we'll have sex in a side street. They know I'm under age and I have regulars who see me just for that reason.

"Usually they pay £20, but I've had as much as £70 from some of them who'll pay more for sex with a kid. The oldest I've had was in his 70s. I do hate them. They're basically paedophiles. But without them I can't support my habit."

Young Jenny's future lies in a little parcel in a dealer's pocket. She reckons she has spent more than SIXTY THOUSAND POUNDS on her drug addiction since 2004.

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Child prostitute at 12

Take a watch of this video to see the consequences of the street Jihad with Al Qaeda's heroin where I live.