10 August 2009

Battle won - Free speech

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In England, we have the freedom to criticise the Islamic ideology and those who adhere to its beliefs (Moslems). This blog has been inspected by the law over an 18 month period and has held up as a test case for 'freedom of speech' against religion
within Britain.

The light of 'free speech' still burns upon British shores.

I have a threat against my life now, because of my stance and because critisicm of Islam and Mohammed is punishable by death. This is what many more people around the country are going to face in the future and people need to wake up and realise this fact.

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Video: London Islamic militant

The battle for 'hearts and minds' is now on!

Any donation to the cause would be greatly appreciated as it is extremely hard work living with a credible threat over your life from Islamic militants and continuing in the battle of making the people of Great Britain aware of the threat that now surrounds us all and what that means to our futures.

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Video below first posted: 16/10/08

Psalm 91

Comment taken from my comments section

Thank you Joanne for this, I accept it as the truth.

Lionheart, I don't know if you've noticed this in the Bible, but it is most fitting in your case.

Psalm 37:32The wicked lie in wait for the righteous, seeking their very lives; 33but the Lord will not leave them in their power or let them be condemned when brought to trial. 34Wait for the Lord and keep his way. He will exalt you to possess the land; when the wicked are cut off, you will see it.

The fraud & imposter

Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD.


They say a picture tells a thousand words and there is no better picture to prove that point than this one.

Due to the fact that I did not want my name dragged into things because of Chris Renton, I had absolutely no other alternative but to disassociate myself from his fraudulent version of the EDL.

On several occasions I pleaded for him to do the right thing and he refused, even coming back with empty threats against me, which left me no alternative but to state my position.

I am not anti-BNP, I am anti the extreme neo-Nazis who cling onto their coat tails because of the founding fathers of the parties original ideology. Nick Griffin has brought the BNP into the main political arena with one million British voters now voting for his party, with the potential of having MPs in Westminster at the next general election.

It is not one million neo-Nazis, it is one million people who are living on the front lines in NULabours modern multi-cultural Britain and see that the ballot box and the BNP are their only hope to turn around the destruction of their communities and future way of life.

I am not political and agree with different people in all parties.

It is maverick grass roots BNP activists wanting to make a name for themselves, by using the BNP name that cause damage to the aims and objectives of the high level BNP politicians who are aiming for power, in order to be able to represent their British voters.

As a Christian, I believe in the story of Saul who became Paul, which reflects anyone who turns to Christ. Based on Nick Griffins stance on Christianity, and his seasoned re-evaluated view on Israel and the Jews, who is to say that he has not reverted back to his Catholic faith and is now leading the party from that stand point?

There is no disputing the Lefties accusations of Chris Renton being a grass roots BNP activist, based upon his Facebook activities several months ago, as those who were on his friends list will confirm. You would have to ask the BNP themselves if he is a registered member and activist though. I defended his position in the Talksport radio interview because somebody’s politics are their own prerogative and has nothing to do with me or the cause I am involved with.

Things took a different course between me and those who I was working with, due to Renton’s influence over ‘Casuals United’. I separated myself from the group due to his actions. He and a few of his internet football friends then went on to hijack the EDL name, then going on their campaign of turning people against me so that they could carry the English Defence League name themselves, without any of my influence, and then out onto the streets of Birmingham.

Renton then changed his Facebook name and started trying to use ‘Casuals United’ as a vehicle for his BNP activities and started asking people to join an anti-UAF protest on behalf of the BNP.

Do high level BNP politicians, such as the two who are now in Europe, want their credibility damaged in the eyes of the electorate by links to football hooligans and riots on the streets of Britain because of the likes of Chris Renton?

It is people like Chris Renton who damage not only the street movement that aims to be a neutral voice for the silent majority within Britain, but also the BNP that is becoming a modern, respectable alternative to the Establishment in Westminster.

Is he an agent of the Left trying to blacken the BNP name? Is he part of a plot by the security services trying to stoke up trouble and blame it on the BNP? Is he a covert BNP activist working on behalf of the BNP? Or is he just someone wanting to make a name for himself, firstly through the BNP and now using the street movement that was birthed in Luton?

This is what Nick Griffin MEP had to say: Birmingham 8th August, 2009

I called Chris Renton’s hijacked EDL, a fraudulent copy of the real thing, and you only have to look at the above picture to see this.

Him, standing in front of a placard saying we are not BNP is laughable. The Luton EDL division who created the placards are not BNP, because they have people of all colours and races amongst their ranks. They have been forced into defending this position out in the open when they should be attacking the Islamic militants because of Chris Renton but none of them decided to take the action necessary.

I had no alternative but to state that any banners displayed on the day that were created by Chris Renton & Co were absolutely nothing to do with me.

Email image below is what I told Chris Renton about the blood red Templar Cross of Christ that is on the placard he is holding.

Image: Templar Cross

The email image above was sent to him the day before the infamous Friday meeting that started the chain reaction leading to the division, split and then my complete withdrawal from the 8th August event.

It is ironic because this is the clock they sat under in that meeting: clock

In our email exchange (image below) where I am pleading with him not to use the EDL name, he totally disrespects my religious belief that is the same as all Knights Templars throughout the ages, and then goes on to stand underneath the Templar Cross on the day.

Image: religious shite

I know for a fact that the leader of the Luton EDL division is a Catholic and has just baptised his children into the faith. He can stand and lead his people under that Cross, because he knows and believes the meaning behind it.

How can anyone degrade the Christian belief like Chris Renton has, and then go on to stand under the Cross, even after he was asked not to?


In the email image below he believes that the movement has nothing to do with me, and that I am the one bringing division and arguments.

Image: division & arguments

Those who I have worked with for several months, until Chris Renton caused the division with myself, and then the eventual split due to the Birmingham newspaper article stating the protest was a Casuals United event, would see things completely differently to that.

After the split from ‘Casuals United’, I petitioned all of the groups to bring their groups under the English Defence League banner: Casuals split

On the day in Birmingham you will see that the Luton EDL division, led by ‘Wayne King’, was the only EDL division present on the day. They, along with their placards, pulled off a professional and organised, peaceful protest against Islamic extremism in the face of extreme violence from the government funded, Moslem-filled, UAF army and the religious Moslems who came out for a war against them.

The fraud and imposter was amongst their ranks and ended up having this picture taken that speaks a thousand words and justifies my stand of pulling out from any involvement whilst he had a hand in the direction of events.

I wonder how EDL youths Joel, who is of mixed race, feels about someone writing on Stormfront under EDL, encouraging neo-Nazis to support the protest?

I wonder, out of all the people involved in the hijacked EDL, who is the most likely to be whipping up support on Stormfront?

No wonder the blacks in Birmingham sided with the Moslems on the day.

The real EDL that the Luton division represented, is not politically motivated, although it does seek to influence political decisions. It is not racist and has people from all walks of life and ethnicities amongst its ranks, protesting under the EDL banner.

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9 August 2009

A response to the Moslems in Birmingham

Video below

Foreword: People, please look at them getting down on their knees before coming for you, falsely believing God is on their side by praying to him, just like Amir Khan does. Look at the plastic World Champion Amir Khan though, he got knocked out in 30 seconds by Prescott.

I wonder whether Prescott is a Christian?

The EDL Luton division was the only division out of all of the divisions that was allowed into Birmingham on the day, thats why you outnumbered those present and started attacking old men, beating them, stealing their Union Jack flag and then burning it.

Look at the Templar blood red, Cross of Christ that the Luton division carried fearlessly, into your domain.

The police even brought in army barriers to protect you from them, and that is only one EDL division.

I wonder how many more EDL divisions will now be built?

reading: Casuals United

From all the videos and pictures, you will see that the only ones who made it unpeaceful on the day were the government funded, Moslem filled, UAF army, and their religious brothers praying and then wanting to go to war.

Amongst the UAF army there was a Moslem woman speaker, screaming 'OUR' streets, echoing what MPACUK have stated about Britian as a whole. They are 'OUR' streets, meaning Islamic owned now, the first Islamic City of the growing Islamic State upon British shores.

Video: Government funded Moslem UAF woman speaker

Video: Moslem Labour MP predicts a Moslem Prime minister

Further reading: Another piece of Islamic land in Britain

Wake up people!!!

A picture of the present and the future for our British way of life.

Let's see if those Moslems on this video, gloating about beating up old men, and smashing a brick into a woman's face, would dare enter Luton and disrupt the peaceful protest against the extremists like Anjem Choudry and Sayful Islam that is planned for Luton on the 30th August.

Video: Luton protest

Templar territory!

7 August 2009

My position over Birmingham 8/8 protest

Foreword: Due to the fact that Chris Renton was the person who set up the original 'EDL' website and was contacted by Talksports Adrian Goldberg through this channel, I was put up as the spokesman for the English & Welsh Defence League and then interviewed by Mr Goldberg at the beginning of July on his radio show.

Due to this interview I have been inextricably linked with the 'English Defence League' and because I no longer want any association with the exisiting EDL group, I have no other option but to publicly state my complete disassociation from the current group.

After all I have been through over the past several years I do not want the disrepute that some of these people are bringing to the cause I am personally involved in and that I have fought long and hard for, so I have no other option but to sever all ties and allow them to go their own way.

Promo video: First Birmingham demo July 4th 2009

The English Defence League that was originally built over many months and eventually set up by myself and others, was hijacked over the last couple of weeks leading up to tomorrow by a bunch of ‘Pirates’ led by Chris Renton, his brother and supported by their ‘Casual’ friends who all gathered around each other and stabbed me in the back.

I have spent the last few weeks trying to save the ‘English Defence League’ name from these people but to no avail, which amongst other things, is the reason why I will not be attending the protest tomorrow and do not want any link made with myself nor the EDL name in Birmingham on 8/8. Any ‘English Defence League’ banners that are visible on the day have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with me, and are the sole responsibility of Chris Renton & Co.

I have absolutely nothing to do with Chris Renton’s fraudulent version of EDL. Those people involved in the organisation of this event know my position and my reasoning for pulling out several weeks ago, because it has all been chronicled for them to read on a private forum.

The Renton brothers caused the initial division and eventual split with myself and ‘Casuals United’ after releasing a statement to a Birmingham newspaper stating the 8/8 protest was a ‘Casuals United’ event and not EDL & WDL even though its was myself who put it in place. I then removed myself from the equation because I no longer believed in the new leadership or direction the protest was moving in. The Renton brothers (Pirates), accompanied by their 'Casual' friends subsequently hijacked the EDL name and have been pushing forward and promoting the protest for the past few weeks, using both of the names.

It has been brought to my attention today that Chris Renton will not be attending the protest tomorrow, so he has caused the division with me and those who I have worked with for many months, leading to the split. He then blamed it all on me, which turned people against me, and then he jumps ship on the day after causing all of the infighting.

Says it all really!

Talk about agent provocateur.

Another thing that has come up over the past couple of weeks, which is another reason why I personally did not want to be on the streets protesting in Birmingham was the significance of the date.

I will not stand on any streets within Britain alongside neo-Nazis, under any circumstances. Someone posing as EDL has been on the extreme far-right website ‘Stromfront’ encouraging their commentators to support them on the Birmingham protest which has already led to negative press coverage of the event.

I will have nothing to do with anyone involved in the extreme far-right neo-Nazi movement because I have Jewish friends, and friends with a different skin colour to my own. This has been much of my reasoning behind rejecting the way things had been directed, and why I have removed myself from any participation of the protest.

Any neo-Nazis present in Birmingham have nothing whatsoever to do with the original 'English Defence League' that I was responsible for creating along with another person who portrays himself to have a Templar heart but then turns his back on a brother in the midst of a conflict (we will have to wait and see!).

The original ‘English Defence League’ is made up of people from all backgrounds and ethnicities, so there is no place for racists or neo-Nazis amongst its ranks.

Islamophobes are welcome though…

A voice for all people living upon the British Isles, who are threatened by Islamic militancy and the growth of Islam upon our shores.

There is a very high probability that the mainstream media are going to try and label this protest as an extreme far-right, neo-Nazi event, but please watch for some of the banners present because that is the real voice of those who initially set out on the journey to create a popular uprising amongst the British people, against Islamic extremism that is now threatening our peace and security.


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