1 August 2012

Norwegian police delete July 22nd data

Foreword: The worst peace time terrorist attack to hit Norway since the Second World War and the largest act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century where 69 innocent misguided Norwegian teenagers lay dead with many more injured and dying and the Norwegian police did not think to save the 'real time' data of the attack.

Very convenient if you are carrying out a State controlled cover-up of the whole event and you want evidence that could conflict with your State sanctioned 'official' story to disappear.

Ooops we are sorry but we will learn for next time is the response from those in charge of allowing the deletion of the data to take place.

More proof that all is not as it seems, or the Norwegian State in control of the Breivik case would like the World to believe.

The July 22nd commission is going to be full of glaring and suspicious holes nicely covered over to uphold the 'official' story of Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one.

Where is the political opposition in Norway who want the whole truth about what took place inside their Country?

I should think some already have their suspicions and the evidence probably confirms those suspicions.

If you look over the history of the case you will see that the Norwegian police are the ones who failed at just about everything concerning the before and after of the attacks which allowed Breivik to carry out a successful terrorist mission on the day that lasted 1 1/2 hours on the island. They then want everyone to believe and have faith in their investigation of the case which has resulted in their 'official' conclusion taken into the court room of Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one.

Once the July 22nd commission lists all of the Norwegian polices failings before and after the event you will then be able to hold that list up, along with all the other information concerning their handling of the case against their 'official' conclusion and test its integrity.

There is still outstanding evidence too!


The police in Asker and Bærum delete audit logs from 22 July. Therefore, not 22 July Commission verify a content of the calls to and from the operations center.

- Yes, it is true that the talks have been deleted. It's something that happens automatically after a certain time, police confirmed Torodd Veiding. On its way from Oslo to Utøya on 22 July last year drove Anders Breivik through Behring Veidings police. No request He says the Asker and Bærum Police, as opposed to Oslo and Buskerud Northern police districts, never received any request from the 22 July the Commission to preserve the historic talks. - Sorry that audit logs were deleted? - No, the deletion is something that is inside the system. It takes a lot to us that we alone should have taken care of the calls. We are, after all, no central police in this connection, answer Veiding. Police Directorate said that the storage time for districts that have implemented the new emergency network is 90 days. If longer storage time, the chief of police must take the initiative to get it. calls 40 According to the police's own evaluation received the operations center at the Asker and Bærum Police District 40 emergency calls between. 17.00 pm. 19.00 Friday 22 July last year. Eight of the conversation was broken by the caller so that the operations center answered a total of 33 on 112 It is these conversations - and communication between the operations center and patrols - who no longer exist. Asker and Bærum Police District received no national alarm Criminal Police issued 77 minutes after the bomb hit the government quarter. The reason was, according to police its own evaluation, the district was placed with the wrong email address for your PC to receive such messages. Reservations 22 July police found out that Southern Buskerud Police District in Drammen had received national alarm. Deputy Chief of Staff in Asker and Bærum called NCIS therefore to test the system and found that it worked. After the test was email the error corrected and the system worked. - That we did not receive national alarm when we had no practical significance. We listen all the time on the connection to Oslo police and knew what happened 22 July. We were therefore updated more quickly than we would have been with the national alarm, say police. not afraid of criticism Torodd Veiding has not given evidence to the Commission. It has, however, Thurs the 2nd officials who were on duty at the operations center. What they have said, he has no definite idea. - Do you fear that the Commission will come with criticism against you? - No, I do not fear. But having said that, I look forward that we will have total and complete review of what happened 22 July. It is quite clear that we can learn from what appears in the report. 22 July Commission Chairman Alexandra Bech Gjørv apologize for her at the present time do not want to comment on any of the contents of the report.

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