10 August 2012

King Harald V of Norway


His Majesty King Harald V paid a visit to Naval Basic Training Centre Harald Haarfagre (Camp Madla) and NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) on Monday 14 May 2012.

A group of second grade students from Sola and Klepp waved flags and held up flowers to greet His Majesty to Stavanger as the royal plane made its way to the gate at Stavanger Airport Sola. Two students, Emma Kristina Keane and Miriam Skjelde, presented His Majesty with a bouquet of spring flowers.

Upon arrival at Camp Madla, His Majesty was received by the Chief of the Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Bernt Grimstvedt and Commander Naval Basic Training Centre Harald Haarfagre, Commander SG Per Jan Skjegstad. His Majesty then inspected a guard of honour, received a briefing on the unit and its history, attended a parade ceremony, met and greeted conscripts and staff members, and attended a pass in review.

His Majesty then proceeded to NATO's Joint Warfare Centre where the children waving Norwegian flags lined up to welcome him at the main entrance.The royal visit to the JWC included a greeting and welcome by French Army Major General Jean Fred Berger, Commander JWC, as well as the signing of the visitor’s book. The visit also involved a briefing session on the JWC’s mission and activities, a walking tour of the facilities, and the observation of a computer assisted/command post military exercise, Steadfast Joist 12.

This was the first visit by His Majesty to NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre. His Majesty is Commander-in-Chief of Norway’s Armed Forces, and holds the rank of General in the Army and Air Force, and Admiral in the Navy.

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