11 August 2012

Commission witnesses kept secret

When I first heard that the July 22nd Commission were not going to release the details of who they spoke to I thought either that was a good thing or a bad thing.

It turns out that it was a good thing because there cannont now be political or any other type of pressure brought to bear upon 'anyone' for telling the truth and potentially silenced. It also means that any future witness statements will be kept confidential.

That is in stark contrast to the Norwegian police's handling of the case because they released all witness details in the case into the public domain which prevented further witnesses from coming forward. Even Breivik's father stated that he was not willing to give vital information (Breivik's friends) that could have helped the enquiry through fear of it being released to the public.

More undermining of the whole case by elements within the Norwegian police.

Seems to be a common theme...

Aftenposten: Commission witnesses kept secret

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