24 August 2012

French terrorist was not a 'lone wolf'

This guy killed a few people, look at the size and scope of Breivik and we are meant to believe Breivik was a 'lone wolf' connected to no one.


March this year killed Mohamed Merah (24) three Jewish children, a rabbi and three soldiers in the city of Toulouse in France.

Finally, Toulouse-terrorist he shot and killed by police as he threw himself out of the house where he had barricaded himself in.

He has been described as a "lone wolf."

But according to the French newspaper Le Monde , there is much to suggest that Merah not work alone. The newspaper has received access to confidential papers from the French intelligence agency DCRI, according to the BBC.

Called to over 20 countries

BBC correspondent Christian Fraser in Paris says the documents, which Le Monde has gained access to, draw a picture of another picture Merah than the French intelligence tried to draw early in the investigation.

The prepared Merah as a criminal as "radicalized himself".

But according to documents Merah had taken more than 1,800 calls to over 180 different contacts in 20 countries, including Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Butane and Britain.

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