20 August 2012

Russian spies in UK at Cold War levels

What do spies do?

Amongst other things they recruit 'agents' of influence.

Would a political dissident and employee within the EU controlled European Bank for Reconstruction & Development that operates in the former Soviet bloc Countries, and has links into the British Government, Swedish Government and Norwegian Government and is now involved in International political activism stretching from the U.S into Europe be a potential target for Russian recruiters?

It is a very complex issue...


Russian spies in UK at Cold War levels

Around 40 Moscow spies are believed to be operating in this country at any one time. Some are involved in traditional state espionage, while others monitor London-based oligarchs or engage in industrial spying for the commercial benefit of Russian firms.

There are fears Russia will ramp up its efforts over the coming months while the UK security services focus on the Olympic Games and the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

Britain's close relationship with America is also hugely attractive for Russia who sees it as a “back door” to US intelligence, one expert warned.

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Britain expels Russian spy

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, said in a written statement that the government had asked the Russian embassy in London withdraw a member of their staff from Britain on December 10.

He said the request was "in response to clear evidence of activities by the Russian intelligence services against UK interests."

"They broke the rules of the game," a security source said. "Once we detected what they were doing we had no other option than to act. It's just not on."

The source said it was a "question of Smiley-esque tradecraft," referring to the character from novels by John le Carre.

"There is a huge Russian intelligence operation in the UK and all over the world which is both active and assertive but in this case they have crossed a line and it needed a response," he added.

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