30 July 2008

How Long?

How long before the ultimate weapons of 21st Century Warfare are used in this present global conflict between the Islamic World and the Judeo/Christian World?

The battlefield is no longer restricted to the Middle East with swords and shields riding on horse back. The battlefield is planet Earth the art of modern warfare is guerrilla war and the weapons we face are human bombs carrying Nuclear, Chemical and Biological capabilities on their backs in rucksacks.

Its not a matter of if, it is a matter of when!

How long until this present War escalates?

Video: Nuclear Jihad

Further reading: The Nuclear threat to Britain

29 July 2008

Moslems a Majority in Europe Within 20 Years

Video courtesy of Joanne

I thought this needed to be posted.

We made frontpage on RealClearPolitics

Thanks again to Roger over at Radarsite for the Trans-Atlantic Alliance we now have and the invaluable tool his blog structure has become for getting not just my posts out there across the internet but posts from many other people who are writing about the imminent threat that we face from Islam and the modern global Holy War.

May God contnue to bless you and the works of you hand Roger.


Article: The World watches as a humble Prince becomes King

28 July 2008

The World watches as a humble Prince becomes King

The HRH Prince William the future ‘King of England’

The authentic Royal history that is intertwined with the fabric of our society, its way of life, and is a part of the DNA of the people throughout the ages upon the British Isles is being lived out in our generation in the shape of HRH Prince William and in his brother HRH Prince Harry.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 – 12 The Value of a Friend - Two are better than one, Because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, For he has no one to help him up. Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm; But how can one be warm alone? Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

This is our generation, not yesterday relegated to the books of history and the stories they tell, but today, history is being written in the present moment and shaping our future tomorrow, and a new strong and powerful ‘King of England’ anointed from the heavens is arising in our midst upon these shores, and upon the World stage.

A bright shining light within Christendom.

My only hope and prayer is that he knows the one who chose to send him into mankind at this moment in human history, because if he does then we can sit back safely, assured that he has our interests at heart as the ‘Defender of the Faith’, so we as a people can support him in his endeavors in leading us as a people as it has always been upon these Isles.

The 21st Century is no different from the 11 Century we just live in a different age with different technology and different social problems, but at the core of life, England and its ways are still the same. Today, like throughout history there are dark factions in the background who are wanting to take over rule of the Nation from the Monarchy, seeking and working tirelessly to change our ways by ‘Destroying our Ancient Realm’.

This land has always been ruled by our Monarchy, and no matter what hell throws at that divine structure that is in place over the people, we as a people will defend who we are forever, just like other Nations and people defend who they are.

We as a people have not come this far in the historical life journey only for alien religious invaders and foreign Kings to take over rule of the British Isles and its people(me and you) now, because if rule is taken out of the ‘Realm’ then we and our children become the subjects of others, bringing with it its own form of foreign oppression and subjugation that is alien to these shores.

The ultimate conquest of England and the ‘Realm’ in which we live.

In today’s Britain we have enemies within who for some reason are working with foreign Kings towards the destruction of the ‘Realm’, handing us and our Country over to those who want to rule over us at the expense of our freedoms as citizens and heirs of the British Isles, those freedoms and the inheritance that our forefathers fought and died for on the battlefields of the World for us their descendents.

The devil controlling the dark forces behind the small cabal of Marxist Revolutionaries in power who are actively working towards destroying our way of life, our history, our culture and our identity, so that they can take over rule of the Nation and enforce their agenda upon us the people.

The enemy within.

The British Isles is a Christian Nation and will always be a Christian Nation, and no demonic force can ever remove the Lord God Almighty or His divine will for a person, a people or a Nation. Light will always prevail over darkness and God is raising up His servant at this critical time to lead his people upon these shores as the ‘Defender of the Faith’.

A Godly King and vanguard of the British Isles within our sphere of influence within Christendom.

The Royal Family are the Sovereign Rulers of the British Isles, that means they are the ultimate power and authority over the Nation and its people, we are their subjects, and it is their responsibility to rule and govern us with grace and mercy, and if they do not as history tells us they are removed and others put in their place.

That is the history of the rise and fall of Monarchs upon these Isles, so how abhorrent it is to see Gordon Brown forcing our Queen to sign over the power of our Nation that rests in her hands into the hands of foreign Kings within Brussels.


Today’s British government that as Bishop Nazir Ali has said, is comprised of Marxist Revolutionaries, have taken over control of the Nation, they now control the ‘Power of State’ through their governance of the inner democratic structure that is in place for the day to day running of the Nation, thus our internal enemies have committed a coup de etat by stealth and are now working on the final phase of their end time Marxist plan.

And we wonder why this government did not give us a referendum on the E.U, they gained power by stating they would give the British people a chance to vote, and then they refused us the vote. They blatantly LIED to gain power. The small cabal in government signed over our Nation and its 60 million inhabitants into the hands of foreign Kings without asking us is we wanted it, and then forced the Queen to do the same because they are the ones in control of the Nation now, not her anymore.

And there is no open resistance to this TREASON.

Those in government control the Police who uphold the laws they themselves put in place, they control the Justice system that imprisons those who disagree with them or cross the line by breaking the new rules, they control the army who carry out their will, like bombing Christian Serbs on behalf of Moslems in Europe, and they control every local council across the Nation. To put it bluntly the small cabal in government control everything, so in reality what can the Royal Family say because they control nothing within the inner workings of State.

Those in government have their hand picked stooges in place as heads of every institute that goes towards the running of our Country, stooges who have each sold their soles out to the devil for money, on behalf of their puppet masters, and are helping sell each one of us, our children and our Country out.

What the Royal Family do control though is the ‘hearts and minds’ of many many millions of British citizens which is where the real power lays, these earthly structures ruled by evil Marxist Revolutionaries are passing, where as what is in the peoples ‘hearts and minds’ is everlasting.

50- 60 million of us and a few hundred of them ruling over us like tyrants, along with the army of Moslems that they have brought in to do their bidding for them against us.

Look at the peoples Princess, she controlled no power structure, but what she did control though was a place within the ‘hearts and minds’ of not only of the British people but of many people throughout the World, she became a part of peoples DNA, and HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry are heirs of that blessed Princess.

There is a new day coming upon the British Isles because we have reached a point where we either give up and surrender everything we are into the hands of our new masters or we fight for our freedoms as British citizens and heirs of these Isles for the sake of our children and grandchildren’s futures.

Never before in recent history has the British Isles come so close to being conquered, we are at a pivotal point in the history of the Nation, as silently and subversively our way of life and society is being changed from within, a cultural revolution lead by Marxist Revolutionaries and supported by their newly formed Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain, that is being used to cover up and distract people from their TREASON.

God knew what was coming at this point in our history that’s why he sent Prince William into mankind, his emergence onto the stage at this time is a sign that the time has come to turn back the darkness that is engulfing us for the sake of the future because if we do not then Great Britain in the not to distant future will become an almost complete Islamic State, thus covering out the light of Christianity that has shone brightly upon these shores for generations.

God will not allow that because He has faithful servants and builders of His Kingdom and Church here upon these shores, so He by His divine will and authority will do whatever is necessary to hold back and turn back that darkness, and appointing Prince William as the anointed King sends out a beacon of light across the Nation, giving those British people who feel hopelessness about what they see going on around them, hope, and uniting people, bringing us back to where we should be which is under the rule and authority of our Sovereign Ruler, and sending out a new message to the World.

A Godly Royal Knight was born on St Georges day 2008, the historic 1000th of the ancient Order.

Prince William is now in training, getting to grips with the inner structure that is in place running our Nation. He has worked in each of the departments of the armed services and now the Queen and Prince Charles have drawn up plans for him to work in every department of State so that he can see how the Country runs.

Giving him an insight into the functioning of the British State that as King he will one day rule over, and in the process making friends and allies along the way.

I imagine the present cabal of Marxist Revolutionaries despise this because they know that given the right conditions the future King could take back ultimate rule from their hands and they can see that.

But what can they say about it? NOTHING

What a wise move from the Royal household.

Prince William is young, humble and he commands respect because of who he is, so he too will win peoples ‘hearts and minds’ just like his mother, so the time comes when he will take his divine place upon that throne as King of England, leader of the British Empire, Defender of the Faith and ruler of the ‘Ancient Realm’.

What are we going to pass through before that time comes though is the question, so lets each decide where we stand, who we stand with, and dig in for what is ahead.

He knows as well as the rest of us what Islam’s intentions are upon our shores because he and his family are in their sights for murder, so lets hope and pray that he embraces that mantle of Royal Knight and makes his own indelible mark upon history.

The future ‘Patron Saint of England’ I hope and pray.

Excerpt: He is said to have agreed, however reluctantly, with the idea that he is the Royal Family's 'star of the show'.

A humble and fearful response with the weight of what modern Kingship entails upon his young shoulders, and what springs to mind was the interaction between that the prophet Jeremiah and Almighty God when he was called as a prophet.

Jeremiah 4:4 – 24 The Prophet Is Called Then the word of the LORD came to me, saying: “ Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” Then said I: “ Ah, Lord GOD! Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth.”
But the LORD said to me:
“ Do not say, ‘I am a youth,’ For you shall go to all to whom I send you, And whatever I command you, you shall speak. Do not be afraid of their faces, For I am with you to deliver you,” says the LORD.
Then the LORD put forth His hand and touched my mouth, and the LORD said to me:
“ Behold, I have put My words in your mouth. See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, To root out and to pull down, To destroy and to throw down, To build and to plant.”
Moreover the word of the LORD came to me, saying, “Jeremiah, what do you see?”
And I said, “I see a branch of an almond tree.” then the LORD said to me, “You have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word.” And the word of the LORD came to me the second time, saying, “What do you see?” And I said, “I see a boiling pot, and it is facing away from the north.”
Then the LORD said to me:

“ Out of the north calamity shall break forth On all the inhabitants of the land. For behold, I am calling All the families of the kingdoms of the north,” says the LORD;

“ They shall come and each one set his throne At the entrance of the gates of Jerusalem, Against all its walls all around, And against all the cities of Judah. I will utter My judgments Against them concerning all their wickedness, Because they have forsaken Me, Burned incense to other gods, And worshiped the works of their own hands. “ Therefore prepare yourself and arise, And speak to them all that I command you. Do not be dismayed before their faces, Lest I dismay you before them. For behold, I have made you this day A fortified city and an iron pillar, And bronze walls against the whole land Against the kings of Judah, Against its princes, Against its priests, And against the people of the land. They will fight against you, But they shall not prevail against you. For I am with you,” says the LORD, “to deliver you.”

Daily Mail article:
Prince William the apprentice

26 July 2008

700 Club World News report

A Window to the World on the inner terminal crisis, a bit like cancer in a human body, within British society courtesy of the 700 Club.

What other Nation on Earth would sit back and allow this inner turmoil against its people and National identity?

And the British Mainstream Media stay silent on the most important and critical issues of the day because they don't want to breach 'community cohesion' and be brought before the courts like the makers of the Undercover Mosque expose.

Political Correctness that is strangling Great Britain.

Its time that political rope was chopped down from the tree for the safety, security and preservation of the homeland, our people and our futures.

Thank God there are media people out there willing to report the truth in the face of the modern silencing of free speech.

It is not racist, it is not fascist, it is not bigoted and it is not Islamaphobic to speak the truth based on facts from your perspective, it is reality.

25 July 2008

United Nations say Britain must be nicer to Moslems

Daily Mail article below

When I read this I thought “is it a joke”.

Then I thought, “it seems that the British government know their game is up so they have brought in the big boys to back them up”

There is a systematic campaign by all those World Organizations, like the U.N and the E.U who think they have claim to rule over the British Isles and its inhabitants to destroy the Country because the people aren’t playing ball with their agenda.

It seems that the UK is the first Country on the agenda for destruction at the hands of the Islamic religion and the World Powers who are supporting them.

UK today, America tomorrow, because together we are the vanguard in this part of the World and final strong hold. The continent of Europe that has no borders is falling, bowing down to Allah and drowning on the sewage of Islam that has invaded and swamped the land from the four corners of the Islamic World with no real resistance from the people.

Continental Europe the new Eurabian peninsula in the making.

It seems that the UK and its people are not doing enough to let the new Nazi’s take over so we must do more to help them in the process and one of the lead International bodies has now told us such.

Those in the U.N do not live where I live, or anywhere else in Great Britain where the Jihad is unfolding, they sit back in their heavily fortified mansions in some sweet smelling place on the globe, and force us to live in our communities with our hands tied behind our backs and tell us we must let our Moslem guests, rape, pillage and steal in their quest to take over rule of the land, and that we must keep our mouths shut or else, and be nicer to them while they do all these things to us.

Those who live within the ‘Realm’ will never bow down nor surrender to their enemies, whether that be the Islamic Kingdom, the Liberal Elite within the British government, or the U.N.

We will fight to the end, even if that means to die rather than become slaves, because our ‘Ancient Realm’ and our children and grandchildren’s futures now hang in the balance and there will only be one winner after the dust has settled. Those watching should never underestimate who we are as a people upon these Isles, we have enough history within our DNA that speaks to us, and we live under the shadow of Almighty God who will not fail us as we acknowledge Him.

It is just a matter of time now.

I wonder how much Saudi Arabian oil money paid for this declaration against our people as these are the ones funding the growth of the Islamic religion within our land and telling these World organizations that everyone must be nice to Islam and Moslems or else, because of their control of what we need.

It is an utter joke, Saudi Arabia preaching to us about Human Rights when in their Country there is not one single Church, you walk down the wrong road and its punished by death, and the suppression and oppression of women is something from the cave man era. These are just a few of the examples of their Human Rights violations, and they come preaching to us in the Western World about Human Rights, telling us we must do more, and our Dhimmi leaders bow down to them and say ‘yes master’.

We have changed our Education system so that it bows down to Islam, the heart of the Nation has been penetrated by Islamic militants who are hell bent on our destruction, the police can no longer do their jobs properly because of Moslem sensibilities, the British people are arrested with the fear of imprisonment if they speak out against Moslems and Islam, at every turn now and in every corner within British society we are being forced to bow down to Islamic dominance so that we fall in line with the Islamic way of life, the new way of life the devil wants to inflict upon the British people.

And we have top officials like the Judas Bishop, Loony Lord Phillips and a top lawyer all working together towards the implementation of Sharia Law into our Country, and the U.N says we must be nicer.

Honestly, the only nicer thing we can do is give them the keys to the kingdom and let them take over rule of the Nation now.

That is their end time goal after all.

The U.N have also said: The Government 'should take energetic measures to eliminate this phenomenon and ensure that authors of such acts of discrimination on the basis of religion are adequately deterred and sanctioned'.

So this gives the British government a green light to arrest an imprison people like me who will not accept the destruction and take over of our country and are writing to tell others about what is happening.

POLITICAL PRISONERS of the RESISTANCE – Who is going to be the first?

If the Powers that be who control the Civil Authorities that goven the internal workings within our Nations, work on behalf of World Organisations to close down free speech to protect Islam, then the fight against the modern global Jihad will take a different approach, and those who are against us, working detrimentally to the ‘Defence of the Realm’ in England are neo-Nazi collaborators.

When the next serious Islamic terror attack happens, nothing will be the same again and all of those TRAITORS who threaten our way of life now, in their warped plan for our Nation, will be held to account for their treachery. That’s not a threat by me so don’t arrest me for it, that’s just how it has always been from generation to generation upon these Isles.

The U.N will not save the skins of these TRAITORS living within the British Isles, and money will be no good to them in the new order of things.

I can envisage all those power drunk individuals intoxicated to the point of oblivion on the smell of the wealth from Arab oil when it walks into the room where they are sitting, yacht, sports car, holiday home, Swiss bank account, secret gifts for the mistress, are all thoughts running through their minds when presented with this Arab servant and his silver lined tray, offering money for his masters will to be implemented.

Their eyes light up and sparkle, their hearts skip a beat at the thought of what is to come, with them rubbing their hands together with glee when they see their Arabian money man enter the room, and we the poor insignificant peasants are the ones bearing the brunt of this TREASON and TREACHORY against us, as our land is being stripped of its assets, sold to Arab oil men as they buy up our National assets, and our way of life changed so it fits the new masters, again sold to Arab oil men.

Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

I wonder whether the future King of England is a servant of mammon and his Arab masters or whether he is the saving grace for the British Isles, who lives and serves under the shadow of the Lord God Almighty – The future patron Saint of England or ?

What does it profit a man if he gains the whole World yet forfeits his own soul?

Where do you stand and who do you stand with is the question we all must answer because the future and what it contains is inevitable.

With us or against us, and that includes the likes of David Cameron.

Is that blood running through his veins truly yellow now, with the god of his family being Arab oil money, or is he a true man and leader within the ‘Realm’ with mature blue blood flowing through those veins from the ages? Time will tell.

I can’t say I personally like the company he keeps in Peter Oborne, the rabid dog of the Liberal Elite.

History will look back on these times and what we all went through, I only hope and pray that Islam does not succeed in its aims. It is all written in Biblical prophesy about what is unfolding now and what is to come, its just I am not an End time Biblical prophesy scholar so do not know what is written factually about this chapter in the life of mankind, I just go with what I know.

I do know how the story of creation ends though, so that gives me peace and comfort about the future, I just worry about the darkness we will all pass through before we get there now that we live in the Nuclear Age and face an enemy][ who wants to die in the process of killing us and taking over rule of our lands.

Daily Mail

Britain was told yesterday by a United Nations committee to take firm action to combat 'negative public attitudes' towards Muslims.

The nine-member human rights committee also criticised some of the UK's antiterror measures.
The body, which is composed of legal experts, said it was concerned ' negative public attitudes towards Muslim members of society' continued to develop in Britain.

Continue reading: You must be nicer

24 July 2008

700 Club & ABC Family - Today

At the same time I arrived back in England after my stay in the U.S with the prospect of applying for political asylum earlier this year, the 700 Club's
Dale Hurd who reports on the 'Global War on Terror' was visiting London to report on some of the things going on in my Country, so arranged to meet with me for an interview.

I met Dale and his cameraman in London and then I took them up to my community and gave them a guided tour around Fortress Bury Park, stopping off at Luton Train Station on the way which as everyone will know was the scene of the 7/7 bombers first boarding their train that morning in 2005.

I also took Dale to
Ivinghoe Beacon on the Chiltern Hills for part of the interview because this is one of many special place's within the British Isles that has alot of history dating back to the Stone Age that is situated in the area where I live.

At the place where Ivinghoe Beacon stands is an ancient Iron Age Fortress, built out of the terrain by some of our earliest ancestors to defend their territory from any invading armies of the day, it is set in what is known as the Chiltern Hills which is a hill formation that joins with other hillsides and spread across the country.

The Beacon is the highest point in the vicinity where you can see for miles around with it being a part of a long line of Beacons spread throughout the land that in times in the not too distant past were used as a warning to the people of the British Isles who were living in the surrounding areas, of the impending danger heading their way.

This actual Beacon was lit on the orders of
Queen Elizabeth in 1588 when the invading Spanish Armada arrived upon our shores.

Also carved out of the green hillside of the Chilterns that overlooks the Beacon and the Iron Age Fort is a big White Lion.

I have not seen the news programme that Dale Hurd has put together yet so I don't know what parts of our interview will be shown but I do know its on political correctness and he has said he has made mention of me.

Once I have a youtube of the programme I will post it.

Its on the 700 Club at 10am & 11pm EST, on ABC family and then a myriad of different times on hundreds of local tv stations that pick up the 700 club as well.

I thank God that He has opened the door to get my story out to the Church in America and around the World because what is happening in Great Britain now in this generation is very serious and critical, with the future life of the Nation and the 'Realm' in which we have lived here in England for generations being in the greatest of perils like never before.

The armies are no longer sitting in the water off Dover, or flying over London, the invading army is 3+ million strong camped the length and breadth of the Country, motivated by religious fervour and wanting to die in the process, with our leaders working on their behalf, handing our Country over bit by bit, piece by piece in some warped vision they have for the 'Ancient Realm' in which we live, as if we can all live side by side happily ever after.

As if the Islamic religion cares about anything other than its vision for mankind that is laid down in its Holy Books.

My personal insight into what is happening and unfolding is there for others to judge for themselves, I am either right or I am wrong but I should never have been arrested for my views and opinions especially when it concerns something of such a serious nature to the life of my Country and the future of the Civilised World in which we live.

I have not called for the murder of others or glorified in the murder of others yet I was arrested, and Moslems daily glorify in the murder of us non-Moslems, Christains and Jews and nothing happens to them. They now have a respected dominant place within our society, the untouchables, exactly as Islam teaches them to be when surrounded by the dirty kuffar, and the likes of me the English peasant are easy pickings and targets for the powers that be who have arrest targets to meet.

Its much easier to arrest me than arrest some raging lunatic Moslem who has hundreds of raging lunatic friends don't you think.

TRAITORS to the British people are those who target the British people and allow raging lunatic Moslems to roam freely within our society.

If we do not stand and fight when we know we can win then there might come a time when it is better to die than to live as slaves.

They picked the wrong person when the chose to target me because this English peasant wears a heavenly mantle. I am a servant of the King, chosen and anointed, an Ambassador of Heaven, and a 'Knight of Christ', living in the British Isles who is willing to stand before His God and fight oppression and injustice for the sake of righteousness, in defence of those who are less able, weaker and more vulnerable, and through that share what is in my heart which is my Love of Jesus Christ, the one who came and died on a Cross for me, to set me free from this life so that I can live again in the place He has prepared for those who Love and accept Him in this life.

The message of Salvation.

I'm not perfect, God knows that, He tell's us that all have sinned and fallen short of His Glory, but as Christians we can keep walking our path to heaven no matter what obstacles might come our way on the journey.

This Government that is controlled by the extreme Liberal Elite have created laws within our society and departments within the police to enforce those laws to arrest people like me for speaking out as they protect the mortal Islamic enemy that is living in our midst, you could call it National Suicide and a National disgrace by today's ruling powers over the British Isles.

Is Prince William, the future King of these Isles, and leader of its inhabitants going to arise before his God, embrace whatever heavenly mantle God has given him and stand with his people in 'Defence of the Realm' or is it going to pass him by?

The inhabitants of the British Isles have always been ruled by our Kings and Queens, that's how things are done within these lands, so how dare this Liberal Marxist Government strip that rule from the Sovereign hands of our Queen, just like they have stripped everything else from our country like they grubby little asset strippers that they are.

There are millions just like me across these Isles, they just await Sovereign instructions.

My Grandfather fought in the battlefields of the World for Queen and Country in the Second World War, so me speaking my mind at such a critical time in the life of the homeland and being threatened with prison for it is the very least I could do in respect for his sacrifice for me and the sacrifices everyone else in his generation made for us.

What are you doing?

The future will look back at these times and what we have had to go through and why we have had to go through it, I just hope and pray that the British Isles do not become an Islamic State. What I feel sure of is that darkness is going to cloud the Earth in the not too distant future, with the whole of mankind living through a very dark period of history.

As I walk my own path and journey before God I learn who is who and what is what for the days that are ahead.

People feel secure in their bubble, but believe me in an instant that bubble is going to be burst, then what security do you have?

The only real security mankind can have is to know that their lives are in Gods hands, the one who created all things that are seen and unseen.

Todays is the day of your Salvation, look up because the End draws near.

23 July 2008


I was due to attend Greyfriars Police station today to answer bail regarding my arrest on ‘suspicion of stirring up racial hatred’ through written material on this blog.

I was advised by my solicitor/lawyer yesterday that he had spoken to DC Holden regarding my attendance at the police station today and he told him that a decision still had not been made concerning me and my case so they are going to be bailing me for a further few months.

So the leash is still around my neck, but it’s more of an extendable leash now, like the one you put your dog on so they can run a little further, rather than a chock chain.

I lost
everything because of the drug dealing gangs of Pakistani Moslems from Luton, my home, by business, my way of life and over 18 months of my life.

And I thank God daily for it because my blog now stands as a testimony for others to read about what is going on in Luton & Dunstable, which is Al Qaeda’s
frontline within Great Britain, and the Islamic community that has set up camp there.

There are many cowards out there who disrespect me but just remember you’re the one who ran away not me, I’m just taking a rest now.

Let’s not forget that Luton played a central role on 7/7 and during ‘operation crevice’ the biggest anti-terror operation in British history which saw the
bomb maker of the plot who was a taxi driver from Dunstable wanting to buy a dirty bomb from the Russian mafia in Belgium, and the Emir of the plot who was also said to be the recruiter of the lead bomber on 7/7 Mohamed Siddique Khan also another Pakistani Moslem known as Q from Bury Park Luton.

All these known
factual links to International Islamic Terrorism and Al Qaeda’s War against Great Britain from this one locality of Luton.

My blog is an on the ground assessment of what is happening on the streets of Luton & Dunstable with regards to the paramilitary force of British born Pakistani Moslems, and then beyond what is happening on the streets, out of sight and mind.

Blended into the Bury Park community of Luton, living in the shadows is Al Qaeda in Britain, trained courtesy of Osama Bin Laden and the terror camps of Afghanistan/Pakistan who are now recruiting and commanding their Moslem brothers on our British streets.

Jihad (Holy War) against us and our way of life for Islam is their message.

By the time the British State have decided what they want to do with me I will have lost another year of my life to them, having the stress of these legal proceedings hanging over my head, and then I could lose another year if they finally decide to charge me and all for writing and telling people what I see with regards to Islam’s War within Great Britain and against our Western Civilisation, and calling Moslems savages.

As an uneducated man and not politically correct I think savages fits them quite well after watching beheadings, suicide bombings on buses and trains, flying planes into towers, chopping off peoples limbs for the most trivial of offences, the hatred that is aimed at those outside of the religion, and the hatred towards women and homosexuals and all because of the teachings of the religion. The list could go on and on, these are just a few examples that spring to mind of why I call Moslems savages.

The politically correct term for those who have jobs and careers to protect is - Terrorist

Ok not all Moslems act in that way but if they class themselves as Moslems by carrying the label and embracing the religion then they condone what is at the core of the religion which is the teachings of a 7th Century barbarian who was a bloodthirsty warmongering child molesting paedophile false prophet rapist.

Many who claim the label ‘Moslem’ only do so because it has been passed down from the generations, they don’t know the true heart and soul of the religion because they have never delved into the deepest depths of the pit of the religion. Those who do know the heart and soul are the religious Moslems who are committed to furthering the agenda of the Islamic religion in Great Britain and are the driving force.

Those who profess moderation and peace are a different side of the same coin they just have a different way of achieving the end time goal which is Islamic Rule upon the British Isles. This is the mandate of the Islamic Religion that all Moslems if they are true Moslems must adhere to and carry out, those who profess moderation and peace are taking the long term approach and those conducting Holy War are taking the faster approach, but both have the same end result in mind and they both work in tandem together.

So don’t believe the lies.

If a Moslem doesn’t want to live under Sharia Law then he/she is not a Moslem, it is like me as a Christian saying I don’t believe in Jesus, its that simple, and we have
3+ million Moslems in our Country.

Those who carry the label ‘Moslem’ but know nothing about the heart and soul of the religion know in the back of their minds that if they reject the label then they face a death sentence from religious Moslems as an act of apostasy which is one of the most abhorrent things imaginable and has no place within our civilized society but as with many other things it is an integral part of the Islamic religion.

If a Moslem leaves the religion he/she must be murdered for this offence, and there are many willing Moslem murderers out there willing to please Allah by shedding Apostate blood.

Those who leave Islam should find a place of safety and sanctuary within our land, and the Church is the place where you will find it, then you can break off the shackles that bind you and receive the Love of Jesus Christ from His servants, those like Bishop Nazir Ali who knows all to well about Apostasy among many other things within Great Britain.

He himself is now a target of the military wing of Islam because he dared speak out on behalf of the British people about the Islamification of Great Britain; does this not tell you something that everyone who speaks negatively about Islam has to live under fear of death?

And this is supposed to be a civilized 21st Century democracy in which we live.

No wonder there are so many cowards out there, but what does the future hold for our children and grandchildren with so many cowards in society who are doing nothing about those who are seeking to destroy all of our futures?

We cannot escape the facts in today’s British society and what they mean to our futures although this present government would like to sweep them under the carpet by saying ‘Islam means peace’, ‘Moslem and terrorist are two words that don’t go together’, ‘Islamic terror is anti-Islamic activity’, and it’s a small minority, so as to dupe the gullible British sheep people into a false sense of security by believing the lies about Labours block vote and their pet project, the British Islam they are foolishly trying to create like the deranged Liberals that they are.

You can hear the Islamic World laughing at these spineless treacherous traitors as they take over our Country, who are leading Great Britain into the gutter, surrendering and appeasing at every opportunity to save their
cowardly necks from the inevitable, even giving the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain their first State sanctioned building blocks for their own autonomy upon our Island, and releasing Al Qaeda terrorists back out into our society.

The Liberal Elite and the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain are working together towards the destruction of the British homeland and the ancient ‘Realm’ in which we have lived for generations in their quest for the unachievable utopian multi cultural dream which is nothing more than social psychosis being inflicted upon British society by those patients with the disease of Liberalism who are now in charge of the Asylum which is Great Britain who have tried their Marxist social engineering project on our society at our expense while they sit back in their tax paid ivory towers.

Over our dead bodies our enemies will have to climb to defeat and destroy the ‘Realm’ is the message from the British people, I am just one of many across the land; we will not let the sacrifices our forefathers made for us be in vain, we will fight for righteousness for the sake of our children and grandchildren who are relying on us.

I put one question to you here; what are you doing about the future for your children apart from sitting on your big behind watching TV, filling your store house for the uncertain future the World faces, and complaining about 21st Century British life.

”What does it profit a man if he gains the whole World yet forfeits his own soul”

Why not make a conscious decision today to do something, even the smallest of things because it is the smallest of things that go towards the bigger picture, just like each individual brick played in building Rome.

’Evil prevails when good men/women do nothing’

If you have read this then the decision is in your hands, decide to act and make a difference in this World in which you live or go back to your cowardly dark slumber that you believe is light because of what it contains and live out the rest of your days under the Lord God Almighty’s gaze but void of His shadow over your life because you reject to help defend His kingdom on Earth, and the innocent, weak and vulnerable people who are relying on those who God has ordained to hold back the darkness.

You are reading this for a reason, each and every person who clicked on this blog today and every other day.

Osama Bin Laden is the
Anti-Christ who seeks to defeat America and destroy Christendom in the War he has declared on behalf of Islam, and the Islamic Republic of Iran are seeking Nuclear bombs so they can wipe Israel from the Earth.

How long until the world in which we live changes again forever with this present global conflict going to the next level and phase?

The Islamic Civilisation v The Judeo/Christian Civilisation –
Nuclear War

Them or us no middle ground, are you playing your part or are you one of those people in denial of the truth, consumed with other meaningless things pertaining to daily life which are so insignificant in the scale of the bigger things happening within life on Earth.

What will be living through the coming Apocalypse be like and are you preparing?

As I will not be posting on this blog again and I do mean it this time, there is a
facebook group that I have set up that needs some life brought into it so I would ask that those who have contributed here will come and contribute there and bring some life to the group.

It’s up to you though.

There is 18 months worth of video’s, writings, facts, opinions and beliefs on the pages of this blog, so there is enough for people to read who arrive here, and if the police have not got enough to charge me yet based on my whole blog then is it not about time they let me go so I can get on with my life?

These extra few months are not going to change anything, its not like I am going to wake up one morning and start telling people to burn out the Islamic Kingdom and hang the British traitors who are against us from London bridge is it?

My beliefs and opinions are on each page of this blog and I have never once called for murder or violence against others, so why was I arrested?

I breached ‘community cohesion’, and how dare British citizens breach ‘community cohesion’, those newly formed racial hatred units in the police force need to show some work for their funding after all so I was viewed as an easy target for the detected crime statistics considering I was open and honest on my blog.

”Touch not my prophets and do my anointed no harm”

Do the British State want to make me a martyr for my words? They know I would accept it gladly because to be a martyr in any form as a Christian is the highest calling God can place upon our heads and that includes dying for our faith. The only thing different between a Christians joy of dying for his/her faith is that they die out of love for others, where as Moslems die to kill others.

No Christian would ever commit suicide to murder others that it mass murder plain and simple, but Moslems based on their religion wrap it up as martyrdom with the prize of 72 Virgins for their actions.

Islam is nothing more than a
creation of the devil as the facts emanating from its heart and soul clearly show, and those who cannot see it are blinded by a different form of devil.

Although I have enjoyed writing my point of view about the Jihad for others to read and hopefully shed some light for those who could not see, blogging does not put food on the table or a roof over your head, and those things are more important to me than writing words for others to read at this point in time.

I will be back at some point in the future but not on this blog, this blog is now finished.

A book is on its way as long as someone will dare publish it and of course you will be in it, my avid readers from
Bury Park, how rude would it be of me not to mention you for the world to read after everything.

You think your something because you hunt in packs and have instilled fear in people because of your willingness to commit brutal acts of violence and murder but in reality you aint all that, you just have had longer time to prepare for what is happening now because the British people were oblivious to you and your Islamic intentions.

Now though things are
loud and clear.

You switched the light of Almighty God upon yourselves the day your threatened my life. He knew exactly what was going to happen in Great Britain and in Luton & Dunstable that’s why He chose me to let the light of heaven shine through me into the darkness where you devils from the pit inhabit that threaten His people and Kingdom on Earth. I am called and anointed as every other Christian is, to live and serve under His shadow, so how dare you devils in the embodiment of Moslems from Bury Park threaten the Lord’s anointed, a servant and ambassador of Heaven, I serve the King, so take note of your brother Bobby Khan because God knows who each of you are, the very hairs on your head are numbered.

There will be nothing said or done in the darkness that will not be brought out into the light.

One will
chase a thousand and two ten thousand and I alone have chased and surrounded the first thousand of you, with you now surrounded on all sides with no where for to run or hide because you sit in your small encampment upon my land, the land my forefathers built for me, so what a liberty for you, our guests to throw our hospitality back in our faces by declaring war, committing acts of war and seeking to take over.

What did you think the response would be?

And those Al Qaeda in the shadows who are nothing more than psychologically twisted human beings who need their perception of life reconfigured now know who I am, and it is my pleasure to say come get me, just like I said to the cowardly
London flag burners, before the thief come gets you.

You started this, the line in the sand was drawn, you crossed it, and believe me God will finish it.

I can only say open that dark twisted mind, let a little light from above in and repent of your actions, open your heart and allow Jesus Christ the light of life into your life, and into your dark Islamic heart before it is too late for you whoever you are, wherever you are, and your eternal soul ends up in the true lake of fire.

We cannot both be right!

Lionheart of England

P.S I have one more thing I am waiting to post which I have been waiting on for about 4 months, so if it does finally arrive as ‘old news’ then I will post it, so keep checking back, and if not then God knows and its in His hands.

It is “All for the Glory of God” after all.

I am the Lord, that is my name; And my glory I will not give to another’ nor my praise to carved images.

Any posts that I do make from now on that I think are important will be posted on Radarsite.

Glimpse into the life of British Mosque's

22 July 2008

Radical Islam exposed

Atleast the Americans are talking about the Elephant sitting in the frontroom.

The next Islamic terror attack to hit Great Britain will wake people up, it will send shockwaves through the Nation, then and only then, will the British people wake up to the threat not just to themselves but to the threat aimed at our entire civilisation and way of life.

There can only be one winner in war 'them or us' no middle ground.

The Liberal Elite in Great Britain who are running our country are in deep psychological denial with their heads deeply buried in the sand and their behinds shoved right in our faces telling us that there is no problem, that 'Islam means peace', and then letting Al Qaeda's Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada free from prison just so their infidel heads are not the first in Al Qaedas boiling pot.

They would prefer it to be us instead of course!

Thank God for America, the bastion of Christendom and the defender of the Civilised World.


"In God we trust"

Deus Vult

Lionheart of England

Radical Islam Exposed - Glenn Beck - Part 1 of 6

Radical Islam Exposed - Glenn Beck - Part 2 of 6
Radical Islam Exposed - Glenn Beck - Part 3 of 6
Radical Islam Exposed - Glenn Beck - Part 4 of 6
Radical Islam Exposed - Glenn Beck - Part 5 of 6
Radical Islam Exposed - Glenn Beck - Part 6 of 6

21st Century Warfare - Nuclear Jihad

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Moslem banned from studying Chemistry

Im suprised the teacher just didnt make him stand outside in the corridor during this lesson, thats how ludicrous things are now within British life in relation to the Islamic enemy in our midst who is intent on our murder and the destruction of our society and its way of life.

For once the Home Secretary did something right and the judges didnt throw it out of court on the grounds of breaching his 'Human Rights'.

How many have slipped through the net though and have studied within our institutes of higher learning so that they can put the knowledge learned within our Western societies to good use in today's global Jihad to destroy our Nations and the Western world in which we live, that they hate so much.

21st Century Holy War is here being fought the urban way, 4G style.

Please read this important article: The Strategy

Daily Telegraph

Terror suspect college pupil banned from taking Chemistry and Biology
A college pupil has been banned from taking AS-level courses in chemistry and biology after a judge ruled he may use the knowledge for terrorist purposes.

Mr Justice Silber, sitting at London's High Court, ruled the Iraqi national, known as AE for legal reasons, had taken part in terrorist activities and knowledge from such courses could be used to make explosives.

However, AE said his purpose for studying the courses was to continue his medical studies.

The judge dismissed AE's appeal against Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's decision last September refusing to permit him to undertake the AS-level courses in the 2008-9 academic year at a regional college.

He had acted on the basis that the Home Secretary had reasonable grounds to believe AE had received terrorist training and had taken part in terrorist activities.

Mr Justice Silber said: "The use by a terrorist of the practical experience learnt on those courses to produce explosives or pathogens could lead to a substantial loss of lives.

"It requires relatively small amounts of either to cause loss of life and damage to property. It will be recollected that the bombs which caused so much loss of life on 7 July 2005 were created by individuals in their own homes.

Continue reading: Banned from Chemistry lesson

21 July 2008

BBC presenter: 24% Muslims = "tiny minority"

Minimum 500,000 Moslem's who have openly admitted that they do not want to live the British way of life within Great Britain, they want Sharia!

How many behind closed doors feel the same way?

The Liberal Elite cry 'small minority' because it tastes like honey to the ears of the gullible British sheep people, when in reality its a totally different picture as this person being interviewed points out.

More BBC Propaganda.

Listen to all the Liberal words used perfectly to wrap up the subject matter in such a way that the listener is continually fooled with the consensus of the day, and if you disagree with the words that wrap up the subject matter then you are racist bigot because everybody loves the vibrant, rich, and diverse way of life Islam brings don't they.

The brain washing techniques of the Liberal Elite and their minions paid to carry out their will.

Would this radio host still have a job if she disagreed with the BBC consensus?

Out of time: Radical Islam Taking Over Europe

Militant Islam in Britain

Further reading: MI5 threaten to arrest Glen Jenvey

Video: Sharia Law coming to Britain

Collection of terror video's: Youtube

Al Qaeda Online & In the UK

The British government deals with Islamic terrorists to save their own necks because they are on the target list.

The online statement is the same statement that was sent through to me minus the demand to have Abu Hamza and Abu Qatadar released from prison.

Further reading: Abu Hamza & British governments surrender

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Islam unmasked within Great Britain

Please click image to enlarge.

Most of these pictures are from a demonstration in Central London over the Danish cartoons of the false prophet Mohamed.

Please see the video of that demonstration below.

Further reading: 2 million Moslem terrorists in Britain

Islam & The Age of Terror

Age of Terror Part 1 of 6

Age of Terror Part 2 of 6
Age of Terror Part 3 of 6
Age of Terror Part 4 of 6
Age of Terror Part 5 of 6
Age of Terror Part 6 of 6

The British Statement to Iran

Has Gordon Brown finally seen the light and come to his senses and turned back to his first love because that is going to be the only saving grace for his failed premiership and the destruction that has caused to the British homeland.

I should imagine that he overruled everyone in his government to make this statement to Iran and become the first British Prime minister to visit Israel and deliver a speech to the parliament there on behalf of the United Kingdom because the present British government is full of Liberal traitors with many being raging anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi’s who have no problem selling Israel and its Jewish people out on behalf of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain, just so their necks aren’t the first on the chopping block.

They have two enemies now though; the Islamists who want to subjugate them and the British people who they are committing treason against.

How dare any leader of any Nation within the 21st Century call for the total destruction of Israel and another Holocaust against the Jewish people after the trauma they went through as a people group at the hands of Hitler during the Second World War.

Any leader of a Nation State who does declare such abhorrent words should be held account by all Nations who stand with Israel. Last week America led the way by stating in no uncertain terms that they will support Israel by all means necessary, and now Gordon Brown has passed a similar statement on behalf of the United Kindom.

The World is aligning itself for what is to come.

It is only a matter of time now until Israel destroys Iran’s Nuclear facilities for the safety, security, and the preservation of their homeland, and as a Nation and people they have the backing of America and Britain.

This is a turn around of events from such a liberal left wing British government that surrenders and appeases the Islamic World at every single opportunity so either Gordon Brown has over ruled his underlings or Israel and America have both put it on the British Government and said: ‘Where do you stand’!!!! ‘With us or against us’!!!!

Under those circumstances what would Gordon Browns response be considering the events that will unfold upon the Earth after the bombing of Iran occurs?

God knew the seriousness of this question that would be placed in Gordon Browns lap as the Prime minister of Great Britain at this point in time, so when he was a boy sitting under his fathers Christian ministry his father taught him the importance of Israel in God’s plans for mankind because it is scriptural and prophetic. His father was a solid staunch supporter of Israel because of his God, so how could Gordon Brown when faced with such a perplexing question now in his lifetime be anything other than just as staunch a supporter when the Nation of Israel, Gods Nation is now at risk from the devils of the Islamic Nation of Iran. God made it this way, and believe me this has dire dire consequences, where we are really truly damned if we do and damned if we don’t so we must decide where we stand and get ready for what is to come, which is what Gordon Brown has just done, so it could be close.

Nations need to get their priorities right on the World stage because once Iran is attacked the future for all Nations is going to be uncertain because the War that rages upon the Earth now is going to go to the next level and another phase.

World War III

Sanctions against Iran aren’t working and will never work, this is an Islamic Nation that believes it will be the Nation to lead the revived Islamic World and be the precursor to the Islamic Apocalypse, it is willing to lose as many of its population in the course of its present actions as a price worth paying for the total annihilation of the Jewish people and to wipe Israel from the map.

And this is an Islamic Nation in our world today that is working towards the A-Bomb that is already at War with America by proxy in Iraq and Afghanistan, and at War with Israel by proxy in Lebanon and Gaza.

People think to themselves ‘its over there, its not our problem, it doesn’t effect us’.

Believe me that when Iran is bombed it is going to effect every Western Nation on Earth, the Islamic World and its military wing the global guerilla army that is blended into our societies will no longer hold back their restraint and will have the backing and support of every Islamic Nation on Earth to destroy our Western Judeo/Christian civilization.

Osama Bin Laden will have a green light to fulfill his aim of destroying Christendom and killing 4 million Americans, men, women and children.

The pit of hell is soon to be unleashed against us and we are counting down the days until it occurs.

This isn’t a dream and it cannot be stopped, the cogs are in place on the World stage and the wheels are in motion, it is just a matter of time now.

America and Britain have both made their positions clear, Israel has conducted a practice run in the event of bombing Iran, and Iran have test fired its missiles.

All we are waiting for now is the inevitable, and once that happens the World in which we live is going to change again.

In War there can only be one winner, them or us, no middle ground, and America the most powerful Nation on Earth is at War with the military wing of the Islamic World, Israel is being forced to defend herself from a suicidal apocalyptic Nation and we live in the 21st Century – The Nuclear age

Wake up because these events are unfolding in the real world outside your front door and they are going to change our world forever just like 9/11 did.

The War has to escalate, it’s a natural progression to conflict unless one side accepts defeat and surrenders and I know America are not going to surrender and the military wing of the Islamic religion aren’t going to surrender because to them there is no higher or greater honour and nothing more pleasing to Allah than to die fighting Jihad, it’s the only sure way of reaching their paradise with 72 virgins waiting for them, so this really is a battle to the end now.

The coming Apocalypse to planet Earth, dig in, play your part, enjoy the ride and hope and pray for your children and grandchildren because they are the ones who are going to face the consequences of this generation, unless Jesus returns sooner rather than later.

Iran have already stated that they have studied some of our most sensitive sites meaning that they are ready to attack us if we attack them, so we could be in for a British Chernobyl or the like.

Just one thought; We have illegal immigrants flooding into our Country, we have lost total control of our borders so how many of Iran’s specially trained military operatives, well versed in the art of urban warfare, and Al Qaeda trained terror cells do you think are now in our country blending into the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain waiting for the orders from the helm to go into attack stage.

The Iranian butterfly effect unfolding as you are reading this and most people are totally oblivious to the seriousness to planet Earth that this means.

No body wants this other than the Islamic World, it is just inescapable just like Hitler and his Nazi party in the 1930’s, this is now our era.

(I am writing a post about the National Security of Great Britain at the moment so please come back if your interested in reading it)

If you’re a new reader to this blog all I will say is go do some research, look at the facts and then draw your own conclusion but make sure you open your mind.

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Further reading: How close to catastrophe are we?

Daily Mail: Brown offers support to Israel

Abu Hamza to be freed & The British Government surrenders

Its Official – The British Government deals with Islamic Terrorists.

Foreword: At the beginning of the year Glen Jenvey who is an expert on Al Qaeda in Britain and fighting the online front in the Jihad sent me through a statement that had been released on a known Al Qaeda website stating that unless the British government released Abu Qatada, Abu Hamza and other leaders of the British front of the Jihad from Belmarsh prison then we would be attacked.

At the beginning of the year anyone in their right mind would have said that there is no way our government is going to release Abu Qatadar, Abu Hamza or any other Al Qaeda terrorists who are locked up in Belmarsh because these are the most dangerous men to have ever walked our streets and are a very serious and credible ongoing threat to the National Security of our Country and the Civilised Western World.

Several months on we now have Abu Qatadar walking our streets a free man, released under the guise of ‘Human Rights laws’, and now the ground is being set for the British government to release Abu Hamza from prison rather than extraditing him to America to face justice for his crimes there.

Abu Hamza and his legal team are exhausting every single Law Court here in the UK and then Europe trying to stop his extradition which is costing many millions of tax payer’s money.

Now there is a Foreign Affairs Committee saying that we should not send Abu Hamza or another terrorist fund raiser Babar Ahmad to the States because the Security Services there have admitted Water boarding techniques to obtain important information from Islamic terrorists as they fight the ‘War on Terror’.

We fight a new type of War with a new type of enemy and we need to fight it with whatever techniques work otherwise we are going to lose, but it seems that the Liberal Elite within the British government do not understand that point, they would prefer to surrender the security of our society, and protect our mortal Islamic enemies who want to kill us and take our country over rather than doing what is necessary to protect the British people.

This with the Foreign Affairs Committee is all the public excuse to release Abu Hamza back out into our society just like they have released Abu Qatadar, so its now official:


In my mind I can only hope that the Americans have not washed their hands of us yet because of these cowardly acts of treason and surrender by those who profess to be our leaders, which flies in the face of everything that America as a Nation and people is fighting for in the World today in which we live.

And we are supposed to be America’s closest Allie in the World.

America is fighting for the preservation, and the survival of the American homeland and the Western Civilisation in which we live, and the present British government is surrendering and handing our Nation over bit by bit, piece by piece to the Islamic World and the newly formed Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain that has been established upon our soil.

Great Britain is so far gone and easy pickings now for the Jihad (Holy War) that Abu Hamza who is locked up in one of our most high secure prisons that houses many Al Qaeda terrorists was able to get a message out to Ayman Alzwahiri the second in command of Al Qaeda, asking him questions about the Jihad in Egypt.

What does this say about the State of Affairs in Britain?

And the gullible sheep people deny there is a problem; they turn their backs and turn a blind eye just so that the false bubble they live in does not get affected.

I’m alright Jack, so who cares about any of this is people’s attitude.

Just remember when it hits the fan you were warned!

Daily Mail

Accused: The move would mean hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza would not be extradited to the U.S.

Britain should stop extraditing prisoners to America following the CIA’s admission that it ‘tortured’ terror suspects, an influential group of MPs has demanded.

The move by the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee would prevent the extradition of hook-handed cleric Abu Hamza, who faces terror charges in the US, and Babar Ahmad, accused of fund-raising for the Taliban.

Continue reading: Abu Hamza to be freed

20 July 2008

Luton: Convicted Murderer released then sets up shop selling Heroin

Foreword: The local Heroin business to the Pakistani Moslem community of Luton is as normal an every day business to them as selling alcohol to the kuffar from the corner shop is.

It is a part of the financial Islamic life blood of the community.

It is on tap direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, transported through to Pakistan and then trafficked through the unseen network across the World and then into the U.K , it is then controlled on the streets here in the Luton & Dunstable area by the Khan Mafia.

Al Qaeda's Heroin base camp in the U.K

This is one more example of the nature of the threat that we face on the ground here in Luton & Dunstable, and everyone can turn a blind eye, pretend there isnt a problem and allow this evil to continue upon our streets but that isnt going to make it go away is it?

What happens when its your son or daughter, brother of sister, mother or father who gets caught up in this Pakistani Moslem savagery aimed at our society?

Holy War, the street Jihad with Al Qaeda's Heroin to destroy our society, kill and subjugate our people and make vast sums of black market money to further the aims of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain and their Civil War against us.

Any response to this evil, aggression, and War is just that, a response!

We never started this, its them over there the Pakistani Moslems who did, and their aims, intentions, and their conduct is clear to see, for all those willing to step back and take the time to come to a informed conclusion based upon the facts.

What are we meant to do, just sit back and allow our friends to be killed and murdered, our communities become destroyed and over run with crazed drug addicts and future generations be exposed to this present evil unfolding in their midst.

You do nothing then Al Qaeda in Luton along with their supporters win, they control the ground in this area and they will go from strength to strength as they have over the last 20 years - Is this what everyone wants?

Luton is their frontline after all.

I personally have had enough of them and all of their Islamic ways and this blog is a part of my response, and the British State arrest me for it. If those who are supposed to uphold law and order within society were doing their jobs and putting a stop to this on the streets then this blog would never have appeared, instead as the facts state, they would prefer for a convicted Pakistani Moslem Heroin & Crack dealer to operate his drug business from a fast food shop 100 yards away from a High school and arrest me for a few words that might hurt peoples feelings.

If they hadnt threatened my life, drove me out of my home and my business, drove me from community and "hurt my feelings" then I would not be writing my thoughts, opinions and feelings down about the present situation for others to read would I?

Instead I am the one who has breached 'community cohesion' for speaking the truth, I am the one who has hurt the feelings of Moslems by my words so I have been arrested for 'stirring up racial hatred', while those who have committed offences against me, my community and my friends are allowed to continue because they are Moslems, the protected species within 21st Century Britain, the ones who the police are terrified pf offending because of the reprecussions.

This story on top of every other story is just more proof to corroborate everything I say about the Pakistani Moslem's street Jihad with Heroin here in Luton & Dunstable.

And whats the betting his Probation officer is a Moslem?

My first ever post: Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad

Further reading: The Epitome of a Pakistani Moslem in Luton

Video: Luton - Mapping the Terror threat

Luton on Sunday

Released killer back behind bars after drug deal

A man who was convicted of a murder in 1996 and served 12 years of his life sentence is back behind bars for selling heroin to an undercover police officer.

Abdul Tahid, 31, of Tower Road, Luton, was released on licence in August last year, and was described as a 'model prisoner', said a Judge at Luton Crown Court.

But on March 11 this year he dealt two wraps of heroin to a police officer posing as an addict, said prosecutor Bozzie Sheffi on Friday.

He was arrested as part of an undercover operation that was running in Luton at the time.

Continue reading: Released killer
now a heroin dealer


Thank you anonymous for leaving this in the comments section

I see the effects of "White Ice" and "White Lightning" every day on the streets of this town.

As the ordinary folk drive about their business, there are alcoholics by the hundred buying these curiuosly named 11 per cent so-called ciders and lagers from the corner shops, run mostly by you know who.

At the same time, laying in a stupor in their own urine and faeces are a growing number of heroin addicts, whose main sources of supply emanate from Bury Park in Luton. They are delivered buy willing dealers who are at the end of a mobile phone.

The stuff they take is not always injected and now more often it is smoked.
The "brown and the white" a cocktail of heroin and crack cocaine is favorite.

These wasted lags and hags are forced to supplement their Social security payments by shop-lifting, prostitution and selling drugs themselves and any crime they have the opportunity to commit to make enough to buy a wrap from the "man."

It has been happening in Luton since the late 1970's, when a small number of addicts were hard to spot.
Now a growing epidemic of casualties is proliferating across the town as the coffers of the importers and dealers grow daily.

The dealers drive anonymous little cars to deliver their payload of Jihad-poison around the streets, and get into their sports cars and Mercedes when they are being part of their own community.

Just the other day I had a conversation with a person who commented on what is happening, and how it is so ridiculous that the Police, rarely if ever go after the really big pushers, although they must have the intelligence to do so.

Why is it, he asked, that we have to watch over a hundred young British Service Men die in Afghanistan at the hands of Taliban terrorists, when the organisers and financiers of the UK drug trade go about their business untouched by the powers that be?

This man had never heard of your blog, yet he could see with his own eyes what is happening.

Why do we have a Socialist Government, supposedly the Party of the People, who protect the evil-doers, for the sake of their misguided idiocy, that reacts to the provocation of terrorism by capitulation and desperately avoids tackling the heart of the matter for the sake of it's cobbled up notions of Social Cohesion, a phrase they stole from Bertrand Russel, the philosopher, and promptly used to describe their pathetic inability to face reality and do something about the problem.

They are murderers of the young British troops, just as the drug dealers are murderers of the stupid dope-heads.

19 July 2008

Islam & The Future Scenarios for Europe

By the Observer

Taken from Gates of Vienna

A scenario that has been widely debated over the last decades is a possible Muslim takeover of Europe within the next 30-40 years. It has become somewhat of an academic puzzle for the politically correct elites, a question that must be discussed, but not taken too literally. After all, according to this elite, the Muslims will eventually integrate into our societies, provided we treat them properly and give them enough time. They are simply Europeans with another color and cultural background. Nothing to really worry about.

For others with a more highly developed sense of survival instinct, this scenario is the cause of grave concern. It’s simply a problem that has to be dealt with, whether we like it or not, and the fact that we’re starting to shed light on it, is a sign that we’re willing to do so. The first step of solving a problem is to admit that we actually have one.

But there’s one scenario that hasn’t been debated to nearly the same extent, and that is how this eventual transformation from a Christian to an Islamic continent will manifest itself.

Will it be a violent clash between the two cultures that will leave the continent in ruins?

Will western Europe resemble war torn Chechnya after the final battles have been fought?

Or will it be a peaceful takeover, where the Europeans simply concede defeat and succumb to the stronger and much more aggressive tactics of the newcomers?

Or will the Europeans rise up to this challenge and resist the onslaught from the invading Muslims, and eventually win this fight?

I believe there are six possible outcomes to this crisis:
- - - - - - - - -
1. The Muslims will win by sticking to democratic principles. Peaceful victory.
2. The Muslims will win by undemocratic principles. Terror campaigns and intimidation.
3. The native populations of Europe will revolt and defeat the Muslims. A revolt.
4. Major terrorist attacks will cause the governments in Europe to reconsider their position on Muslim immigration, and start the deportations of Muslims on a grand scale.
5. A coexistence between the two cultures, where both groups are given an equal status. Not a very likely scenario.
6. An uneasy status quo, where immigration is curbed, and the Muslims will forever be a minority.

At the present time alternative #1 looks to be the most likely outcome, but of course things could change in a heartbeat. If there’s one thing that history has taught us, it is that rapid change is the norm rather than the exception.

There’s no question that the liberal laws of the present European governments work in the Muslims’ favor. All they have to do is sit back, act in accordance with the democratic principles in the societies they reside in, and high birthrates and the open border policies of the West will make them a majority within the next couple of generations.

All they need to do is blend in and seize control when they’re strong enough to do so.

But of course, there are several factors that need to be brought into the equation. Political views that are considered the norm today can easily be discarded for more radical and pragmatic ideas in the future. We’ve witnessed liberal European governments introduce very tough immigration and asylum laws, and others could follow suit.

So let’s assume that things stay the way they are for the next thirty years. Let’s assume that the European governments decide to introduce tougher anti-discrimination laws, and clamp down on what they view as anti-Muslim sentiments. Let’s also assume that they start persecuting people with opposing views on this issue. The immigration would then continue, and quite possibly accelerate, making it next to impossible to prevent Muslims from becoming a majority in Europe.

If this scenario were to take place, the question one would have to ask is: what kind of society would rise up from the ashes? Would we get a moderate form of Euro-Islam, like the proponents of the multicultural society hope for, where a relatively moderate Muslim population would accept and tolerate other religions and values? Or would they, with or without democratic means, decide to introduce an Islamic caliphate, where Sharia law takes superiority over existing criminal laws?

Like many other people, I see the term Euro-Islam simply as a smokescreen that the elites use as a means to try to pacify the native populations of Europe.

Let’s face it, Muslims believe in the writings of the Holy Koran, and not in any utopian illusions that some non-believing bureaucrats in Europe may hold. It is my opinion that the Muslims would use our undying belief in democracy against us if it came down to it, and simply point out the obvious, which would be, that they won the referendum fair and square and they’re going to introduce the Islamic caliphate whether we like it or not. And technically this would be within the boundaries of accepted democratic rules. What the majority decides, goes. The native Europeans would then have to decide whether to accept this new regime or not.

Alternative #2 is also a likely outcome. We’ve seen the emergence of radical Muslim elements in our societies that are advocating such a solution. We’ve had several devastating terrorist attacks within the last few years that has have made us reconsider our beliefs that we live in free and open democratic societies.

These attacks along with other forms of intimidation have already eroded some of our freedoms. We think twice about criticizing Islam in public, and we refrain from publishing any drawings that could be deemed offensive to the Muslim community. There is no question in my mind that the results of the scare tactics are viewed as small victories among radical Muslims, and only make them more determined to push forward with their plans for overthrowing our democratic societies.

It doesn’t take that much effort to subjugate the masses. And a small group of highly dedicated and trained individuals could easily wreak havoc in our societies if they so choose. If ordinary people feel that they’re putting their lives on the line just by venturing down to the local supermarket or by simply hopping on the tube to go to work, we’ve entered a very critical phase.

If we end up with a spiral of violence in Europe on a similar magnitude of, let’s say, South Africa, where crime is a very real part of everyday life, we’ve passed a point of no return. How long could we survive in such a violent environment? The next natural progression would be a situation similar to the one we have in parts of Iraq, a total breakdown of law and order. If the governments should prove unsuccessful in weeding out the insurgents in such an environment, which is the most likely scenario? Would it be that unheard of for them to try an negotiate a truce? European politicians have been keen advocates of “land for peace” deals in other parts of the world. Would they consider such an option in Europe if the result would be a cessation of hostilities?

The third possible scenario would be the creation of armed European resistance groups. This is very plausible option. We’ve seen such groups operate in Europe before, both during and after the Second World War. If people feel they’re being pushed too far, they’ll eventually start to push back. In the novel Hvitvasking (Money laundry) by Tom Kristiensen (Norwegian author), a clandestine group of Norwegian patriots plans to rid Norway of third-world immigrants. The methods they rely upon are similar to those the terrorists use in present-day Iraq, a war of intimidation and scare tactics. They try to create an environment so hostile and dangerous that the immigrants themselves choose to leave the country.

I believe this would be the tactic of choice adopted by such resistance groups. It has proven highly successful in other parts of the world, such as Iraq and Sudan, just to mention a few. It is very hard to fight such unconventional guerrilla groups, mostly because they can hide amongst the civilian population after they’ve carried out their attacks. It would also be very easy for them to identify members of the Muslim population, but equally difficult for the Muslims and the authorities to identify members of these resistance groups, simply because the members of these groups share the same ethnicity as the majority population in Europe. I am of the opinion that everyone sooner or later will succumb to these scare tactics. Just as the native European population are intimidated by radical Muslims at the present time, Muslims would be equally intimidated by Europeans if they were targeted in a similar way. It would be a totally new experience for them.

The fourth possible scenario is one where terrorist attacks just become too frequent and the loss of lives too hard to tolerate, or that the elite themselves are being targeted by the terrorists. If we get frequent terrorist attacks on the same scale as 9/11 or even bigger, say the partial or total destruction of some of our major cities, it would next to impossible for European governments not to introduce radical measures to rid themselves of this threat. If the number of terrorist attack victims reach into the tens of thousands, or possibly even hundreds of thousands, they would have to act. It is not unthinkable that mass deportation of Muslims then would take place, and that the creation of detention camps like the one at Guantanamo Bay would go ahead.

If, on the other hand, after incidents like these, some politicians still wouldn’t act, something that’s very unlikely, it would still create an ambiance where more radical and pragmatic politicians would win landslide elections, and the execution of these plans would go ahead. I think ordinary people’s survival instinct would override any other human instincts, including any utopian reference to human rights and religious freedom.

A fifth scenario is a peaceful or hostile coexistence between the two cultures. Where both are granted equal status, and where segregation, both cultural and demographic, only increases. It would be a continuation of today’s status quo. This is not a very plausible scenario, because both cultures have shown their unwillingness to live under such unnatural conditions. Sooner or later one of the cultures would resort to undemocratic methods to exert their will over the other.

The sixth scenario is one where the governments of Europe finally see the dangers of the influx of immigrants, and ban immigration from third world countries altogether, but allow the ones that are already here to stay. This could be the outcome if the people in Europe elect radical right-wing politicians to office. As described above, they introduce tough new measures to stop the rapid growth of immigrants in Europe. Maybe they would go as far as introducing a one-child policy for all third-world immigrants, or resort to other economic sanctions to achieve this goal. They could possibly even ban Islam altogether in Europe, or at least ban the radical approach to the religion that the Islamists follow.

This would then lead to a situation where Europe forever would have an ethnic minority within its borders, a continuation of the present day situation. The Muslims living in Europe could then of course choose to either sever all ties to their native countries and perhaps reform their religion, or still choose to cling on to their old culture and strive to change the system to their advantage.

No matter what happens to this continent, whether a full scale war breaks out or not, it’s going to get very nasty. I believe that a rapid deterioration will first occur in one nation, and then others will follow in its track, or chose to introduce countermeasures to prevent a similar fate. It is naïve to expect that an atmosphere of tranquil coexistence is going to last forever here in Europe.

War and hostilities have been the norm here, and not the exception. That’s probably also how it’s going to be in the future.