23 August 2012

The credibility of Keith Wilberg's 'official' conclusion questioned

Police Chief assistant Keith Wilberg is the officer who took center stage in the Breivik trial on-behalf of the Norwegian investigation team charged with investigating Breivik's terrorist attacks.

He officially concluded on-behalf of the 'whole team' in front of the Worlds media that "
Breivik acted alone in the entirety of his actions with no physical or mental help" which meant there is no one else to look for and no bigger story surrounding him.

Nice clean 'official' story...

This was then spread around the World's news outlets and set the public perception over 'Operation Breivik'.

I wonder if every Norwegian investigating officer working on the case stands behind that 'official' public statement presented to the World on their behalf?

There is a question and answer for any future anonymous survey for the whole Norwegian investigation team when investigating the credibility of the investigation into 'Operation Breivik'.

I wonder whether or not there are multiple lines of enquiry in the case that were prevented from being followed up because the Police Chief already had the story in mind to be presented to the public concerning Breivik, and to cross the line and publicly challenge this to pursue the line of enquiry in question was more than a mere investigating officers jobs worth, not least having no authority to investigate it anyway?

Officially preventing professional Norwegian investigators from pursuing legitimate lines of enquiry to get to the bottom of the whole truth behind 'Operation Breivik' where 69 innocent Norwegian teenagers were murdered in cold blood with many more injured and maimed for life.

We know for a fact that after 10 months the Norwegian investigators had not investigated the Liberia story, and it took the Norwegian newspaper VG 6 days to track down a witness in the case which happened during the trial, which says all you need to know about the credibility of the investigation and subsequent 'official' conclusion.

We also know that Keith Wilberg publicly stated in court that the police will not be investigating Breivik's Facebook accounts even after Breivik alluded to them finding a link to an accomplice (whether true or not).

This same police spokesman stated the 'official' conclusion in the court room but in a strange twist of conversation to the judge stated that the police investigation was still on-going whilst he was standing there in the court which completely undermined his stated 'official' conclusion in one fail swoop.

It is not like the heads of the Norwegian police have been caught lying to mislead the public and opposition political parties over the case is it, or Government ministers lying to mislead the same target audience to cover up the truth. With more accusations of lies and misleading statements from 'official's' to come I suspect.

Or a completely corrupt and biased State sanctioned psychiatric report endorsed by a criminal State appointed psychiatric commission to secure the insane label on Breivik with which to endorse the "solo terrorist" connected to no one 'official' conclusion for public perceptions.

What if there is a bigger story surrounding 'Operation Breivik' and other people's direct involvement with him but the Norwegian police under the control of their State appointed heads have shut the whole case down and prevented the real truth about Breivik from coming to light as part of a pre-planned agenda controlled from the top.

One question that undermines Keith Wilberg's 'official' conclusion is where did Breivik learn to build bombs, or are we so stupid to just accept the fact that an unskilled bomb maker was capable of building a bomb from scratch on a rented farm with no prior help that was able to completely blow up his Government building killing 8 people and wounding 30 more in the process after downloading a recipe from the internet which was successful on his first attempt?

That means someone helped him and means physical and mental help contrary to the 'official' conclusion.

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