11 July 2012

Norwegian police trained for a "Breivik" scenario the week before the attacks

You could argue that if a trained Norwegian police emergency squad had carried out a training drill that was an almost identical scenario to Breivik's attack on the Friday before he struck then why did it take them 90 minutes to arrive on the island?

Either their training isn't very good or there is another reason why they never arrived for 90 minutes which allowed Breivik time to kill as many as he could before he became to tired to carry on his killing spree.

Breivik himself commented on how long it took for the police to arrive and even called from the island wanting to hand himself over which did not work and resulted in many more deaths.

The former head of Britain's MI6 also commented on the police's response time.

Quote: Boat crew statements they were “helpless”, but reports from Northern Buskerud Police District say that the action plan was modified several times before reaching the island. Officers in charge of the operation also changed before the police reached Utøya.

It sounds like someone high up above the Norwegian police emergency response team threw a spanner in the works that day which resulted in what should have been a normal emergency response to a terrorist attack that had been trained for the previous week into a bunch of headless chickens running around not knowing what they should be doing because of all the mixed messages coming down from the top with them then jumping desperately into rubber dinghy's in an attempt to save innocent life on Utoya, ones that sank whilst they were on their way to the island.

The July 22nd commission should get to the bottom of this situation to find out the intricacies and who is at fault though which includes why the officers in charge of the operation were changed during the course of the events unfolding and by who.

But it is the present Norwegian State controllers who have white-washed and covered up the truth behind Breivik who are in charge of the commission so do not hold your breathe for any real and relevant answers because real and relevant answers could be very damaging to Norway's State masters. Expect nothing more than "we are sorry" and "we have learned from our mistakes".

90 minutes is a long time for any of the emergency services to respond to an emergency!

Imagine if you had a heart attack and it took 90 minutes for an ambulance to arrive?

This was a mass murder taking place with hundreds of 'real time' phone calls alerting the authorities to what was taking place and where.

The PST did not do a simple check on Breivik either when they were alerted to do so by their Customs department after his purchase of fertiliser used for his bomb.

Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one or Breivik the son of a former Government diplomat to London, step son of a former Army Major and best friend of a Ministry of Defence Lawyer the recruited agent used for political and financial reasons?

Which is more believable?

Aftenposten: Norwegian police trained for Breivik the week before

Quote: The four days in advance, and also the same Friday that the attack was carried out, trained police emergency squad to an ongoing terrorist campaign that was approximately equal to the situation hours later encountered the 22 police officers in the emergency squad on Utøya.

Aftenposten has received confirmation from key sources in the management of the Oslo police that the exercise was terminated at 15 the same Fridays.

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