25 August 2012

Breivik's lawyer now working on UK extradition case

VG: Geir Lippestad working on UK extradition case

What are the chances of that in the scheme of things considering there is now the very real possibility that there are UK citizens who are directly connected to Anders Breivik and his July 22nd 2011 massacre and bombing, or who hold vital key information directly connected to the case and other peoples possible direct involvement. This would mean the potential for multiple extradition cases from the UK to Norway for them to undergo police interview under caution, if they were not willing to travel voluntarily that is, with them then standing trial in the Country if there is evidence against them and they are charged with conspiracy to commit terrorist acts.

Atleast Geir Lippestad will now know the intricate details of extradition law between the 2 Countries and even though he is a defence lawyer he knows what is right and what is wrong in this case that has affected his whole Country as he has played a central role as Breivik's lawyer from the beginning so knows whether or not their is scope for people to be interviewed under police caution.

If nobody has anything to hide then voluntarily offering up a witness statement in such a serious case that they are directly implicated in should be a matter or course, but to attempt to refuse and then go down the path of fighting extradition would tell its own story.

And we already know that individuals are already partial to using lawyers to lie on their behalf over this case so extradition might be the only option.

Will be interesting to see now considering there is still outstanding evidence in the Breivik case that this Counter-jihad clique along with others still posses.

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