7 February 2021

Abandoned blog

I’ve had to abandon this blog now as I no longer have the capability to keep posting to it.  It has taken all of my time energy and resources to keep it running over the years but this is now the point I arrive at at this moment in time.  A critical time in Gods plans upon the Earth I know.  Trying to do the impossible is Gods domain which is why I’m posting this here now for anyone who visits this platform so you know why I have not been updating for a while.  It is now physically impossible for me to keep it running.

Hopefully my time and effort has been worthwhile in the eternal scheme of things.

It’s in God’s hands now, my time, my energy, my resources and this blog is now dead unless by a miracle He sends what is needed  to bring this platform back to life and continue the work on it.  This blog was never set up to be a money making scheme like most blogs (God knows) it earns me zero! and has never earned me any money except a few small contributions here and there along the way.  Money is not the motivation behind this blog but you cannot give away your time and energy forever for zero financial contribution in return can you?  Would you?  That is not what the Holy Bible teaches.  You personally do not go to work every day for nothing do you?

So if you have taken anything freely from this blog for your own life please remember that it cost me dearly yet you do not have it in your heart or your mind to give back in some way for what you received.  God knows who you are and you are in His sight and it is to Him we must give an account of our lives here on Earth.

So I am done here...

So if anyone reads this and would like this platform to continue and grow in other ways then please hit the donate button below and if I receive God willing the money I need then this blog will come back to life and I will continue with it.  Failing this the blog is now dead!

Either the blog is dead or ill end up dead trying to keep it alive.

May God bless you reading this…