31 May 2015

John Kerry & Example of Hidden Variables

The Conservative VIP paedophile 'cover-up'

The Moral dilemma of William Hague - Justice or Career Progress?

In a sane World and a true Democratic society William Hague would be up on a charge of 'perverting the course of justice' in relation to the case of mass child abuse investigation in North Wales that he presided over.

Most obviously do not live in a sane World and we obviously do not live in a Democratic society.

If you or me Joe Bloggs attempted to 'cover-up' and protect someone from a very serious crime that they had committed then we would be charged with 'perverting the course of justice' and placed before a judge and jury to decide whether or not we were guilty of the crime and then handed the appropriate sentence.

That is obviously not the case for politicians who are entrusted by the public to preside over the Governing of State as this case proves.

In a Democracy the 'rule of law' should apply to all without fear or favour but that obviously is not the case in Great Britain any more if you had not realised yet.

Those in 'Power' are abusing their positions and influence within Government and covering up very serious crimes for one another and in the process abusing our 'National Security' laws to do so.  They achieve this organised State crime by 'scratching one-another's backs' as they pursue their lifes ambitions whilst working within the political infrastructure of the Nation.

The ruling politicians of today from all 'old school' parties are in majority a creation of yesteryear's politicians and you have got to be blind not to see that most of the leaders of yesteryear's parties were all paedophiles.  Do a little research on the Internet and look at Harriet Harman the Labour caretaker who is a PIE apologist and endorser as an example.

If it is proven that William Hague or anyone else 'covered-up' for criminal politicians and aided and abetted their avoidance from the law and prosecution then should they not be charged with 'perverting the course of justice'?

If there are people in our Country who place themselves above the law through the manipulation of the organs of State then we cannot claim to be a Democratic Country, we are nothing more than a Despotic Dictatorship ruled by a self serving class of people who have embedded themselves within the State infrastructure of our Country and raped our Countries wealth to protect themselves - That is called 'Treason'

William Hague is not stupid, neither are his Conservative co-horts so its no surprise that he jacked his political life before the true nature of this scandal arose so as to prevent too much 'manure' falling on the active serving Conservative party in Government of which he was one of the top tier.

The orchestrated State-level cover-up of William Hagues involvement in 'perverting the course of justice' for other old guard Conservative MP's will now take place.

We can only hope and pray that justice will prevail and that within the State infrastructure there is a force for good who also see like the rest of us that very serious sex crimes against children are one of the worst crimes in life and our society, and that those carrying out such criminal activities should be in jail not sitting in parliament and the house of lords dictating to the rest of us how we should live our lives.

Time will tell...