27 July 2012

Opening of the Olympics - Blake's poem

Psalm 144

Blake's poem

And did those feet in ancient time.
Walk upon Englands mountains green:
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On Englands pleasant pastures seen!

And did the Countenance Divine,
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark Satanic Mills?

Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In Englands green & pleasant Land

26 July 2012

CAIR undermining American National Security

By Lee Kaplan

Website: Radical Islam

Further reading: The ISM terror connection

A study into the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon determined the various intelligence agencies in the United States that had information about Al Qaeda failed to communicate with each other resulting in over 3,000 people killed. For example, Hani Hanjour, one of the 9/11 terror pilots, actually had an FBI agent seated next to him after a flight school instructor notified the FBI of a suspicious student in his class long before 9/11, info not shared with other agencies.

This lesson inspired the U.S. government to create an interagency communications intelligence network between local police departments, state police and the federal government. No matter how small your community, your local police department has at least one officer or an entire department dedicated to gathering intelligence, particularly in cases where terrorism could become an issue, such as people taking photos of elementary school exits, bridges or railroad superstructures, religious centers or other potential targets of attack.

Regional centers were set up so local law enforcement can cooperate and pool data that protects all American citizens. This data is accumulated by police on Suspicious Activity Reports (SARS), then sent to national security centers for review.

NCRIC is the anagram for the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center. Its website states that NCRIC provides “intensive multi-disciplinary training to private and public safety professionals, with exercises to strengthen counter-terrorism readiness,” and, according to its mission statement: “Coordinates the exchange of criminal intelligence, threats, and hazards and facilitates regional communication among Northern California Law Enforcement, First Responders, Government and Private Sector Partners.”

NCRIC is part of other Data Fusion Centers in other parts of California and the rest of the nation to share data that could prevent a terror attack or alert authorities to drug trafficking or other types of crimes. But the principal goal of these centers is to prevent another attack such as the one carried out by Al Qaeda in the U.S. on 9/11.

Events in Berkeley, California, have led to a discovery that the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization that is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism funding trial , and is considered a terrorist front for Hamas per the Senate’s Select National Intelligence Committee members in Congress, has joined with several radical groups that routinely support Islamist goals like those of the National Lawyers Guild in trying to prevent NCRIC’s functions.

The National Lawyers Guild is responsible for getting a pro-Khomeinist mullah with links to Hezbollah and the current Iranian regime readmitted to the United States contrary to the wishes of Attorney General Eric Holder, Department of Homeland Security Head Janet Napolitano and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. National Lawyers Guild members also provide free legal help to Islamists imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay who were captured fighting American soldiers.

Berkeley is renowned as a city that thinks it has its own foreign policy. It has become in fact a bit of a joke, especially since a controversial attempt to ban Marine Corps recruiters from the city as such troops are fighting militant Islamists in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the fact that Berkeley can have an effect on homeland security that endangers every man, woman and child in America is no joke.

Berkeley has a “Peace and Justice Commission” populated, among others with pro-Islamist, pro-Palestinian and pro-Iranian advocates. Nothing is strange there. However, their resolutions have to be voted on by the city council that has power over the police department. In coordination with Oakland’s version of the Occupy Movement that started on Wall Street, Berkeley’s “Peace and Justice Commission” has been posing more of a threat to homeland security than one would imagine.

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Russian's invading Norwegian airspace

Russian's flexing their military muscles over the oil & gas rich waters off the North of the Norwegian coast.

What lengths would Russia go to to secure possession by-proxy of that piece of water under Norwegian territorial control that they have been in negotiations for access to for the past 20 or more years?

Further reading: Hidden in plain sight


(AP) This map shows how the Russian air force systematically flying cruise along the Norwegian coast.

Almost once a week, Norwegian F-16 fighter planes in the air off the coast of northern Norway. Mission: Find, follow and photograph the Russian warplanes. - We see that the Russians maintain high activity and fitness level. The conduct of some complex aircraft operations over large distances. For example, we have signed strategic flight from Engels base in Saratov on the border with Kazakhstan, through northwestern Russia to the Kola Peninsula, along the Norwegian coast and south of the North Sea, said Lieutenant Colonel John Espen Lien, communications manager at the Defense Operational Headquarters (FOH) to VG Nett. So far this year, the Norwegian fighter planes identified 50 Russian military aircraft near the Norwegian coast. There are more than in all of 2010 and 2011 . PICTURE SPECIAL: The Russian planes flying along the Norwegian coast, surprised not military analyst and senior advisor Harald Håvoll at the Center for International and Strategic Analysis (Sisa). More money - more flying - It is simply that the Russian Armed Forces have been given more funding. It sold not only in new equipment, it traded in increased training activity. Russia has stated that they will focus on northern areas. That we begin to see results now, says Håvoll.

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22 July 2012

British common sense: Scrap the Human Rights act

I am sure the British public (silent majority) would welcome the deportation of unwelcome guests who endanger our society.

Daily Mail

The foreign criminals the Home Office hasn't even tried to deport: 250 offenders allowed to stay in UK without letting judge decide their fate.

One terrorist, up to eight killers and rapists, 20 robbers and eight paedophiles were given permission to stay.

The Home Office accepted that deporting them would be a breach of their human rights.

Killers and rapists were among 250 foreign criminals who should have been deported at the end of their prison sentences but were instead allowed to stay in Britain without their cases being considered by a court.

At least one terrorist, up to eight killers and rapists, 20 robbers and eight paedophiles were given permission to stay last year without a judge deciding their fate.

Instead, the Home Office accepted that deporting them would be a breach of their human rights and allowed them to stay in the country.

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Inside a mosque - Wake up Christians!!!

Reporting the Truth

Video: Undercover mosque (inside British mosques)

20 July 2012

Blackmail Press Statement By Anjem Choudary's Group Threatening to Attack !

Reporting the Truth - Choudary and the Olympic dry run

In a statement by Anjem Choudary's group Izharudeen made on the 22nd of May 2012 after a police raid on Anjem Choudary’s home and a brief arrest of the UK Al-qaeda leader, the group warned the following.

If Anjem Choudary is held, his absence will have a strong impact on the Muslim youth, as he is one of the few speakers who are well known for emphasising that Muslims living in the UK are under a covenant of security, such that in exchange for their lives and wealth being secure, it is prohibited for Muslims to violate the lives and wealth of non-muslims in the UK as long as Muslim are able to propagate and call for Islam. This raid is a risky decision and a dangerous mistake by the British government that could be interpreted by many Muslims as a violation of this covenant.

Indeed, the British police are playing with fire and the ramifications of these types of raids may be more than it can handle. !

Has the covenant of security been broken now with the leaders arrest and two other sets of arrests in the last two months? If so we could soon see exploding suicide bombers once again on British streets. the full statement or rant is below.



At 6.30am this morning, 22nd May 2012, British police raided the family home of Anjem Choudary, terrifying his wife and children and intensifying their war against Islam and Muslims in the UK. Police also raided a property in Whitechapel, mimicking previous raids on the same two properties following the banning of the Muslims Against Crusades organisation. There is no doubt that these raids are a malicious tactic by the British government intended to silence the outspoken voice against British foreign policy and hinder the call of Islam as a way of life in Britain.

Anjem Choudary has not broken any British laws is only known for his strong support for Muslim causes, calling for the establishment of an Islamic state, supporting oppressed Muslims around the world like those in Syria andPalestine and opposing the tyrannical British foreign policy. Previous raids on these same properties led to no arrests, the police then arrested 22 men in a protest against US drone attacks on suspicion of membership of Muslims Against Crusades - these arrests also led to no charges and all cases were dropped, so it is becoming obvious that the British government is engaged in a policy of intimidation and are on a witch hunt against Muslims, using any opportunity to punish and frighten them into silence about its policies. Allah (swt) says,

"Nor will they cease fighting you until they turn you back from your faith if they can. And if any of you Turn back from their faith and die in unbelief, their works will bear no fruit in this life and in the Hereafter; they will be companions of the Fire and will abide therein. "
[Explanation of the meaning of the Qur'an, 2:217]

The Muslim community in the UK are under siege, continuously being intimidated and attacked by a police state and the few remaining voices that have the tenacity to speak against oppression are being targetted by the police under any guise.

If Anjem Choudary is held, his absence will have a strong impact on the Muslim youth, as he is one of the few speakers who are well known for emphasising that Muslims living in the UK are under a covenant of security, such that in exchange for their lives and wealth being secure, it is prohibited for Muslims to violate the lives and wealth of non-muslims in the UK as long as Muslim are able to propagate and call for Islam. This raid is a risky decision and a dangerous mistake by the British government that could be interpreted by many Muslims as a violation of this covenant.

Indeed, the British police are playing with fire and the ramifications of these types of raids may be more than it can handle.


14 July 2012

Will MI5 act on Anjem Choudary

Glen Jenvey has the evidence that would result in Anjem Choudary spending many years in prison for his glorification of terrorism and his incitement to commit acts of terrorism amongst many other things.

He is willing to pass all of this information to MI5 for them to act.

Will they act though is the question?

Everyone in Great Britain wants Choudary removed from society other than his militant Islamic supporters so MI5 would be doing everyone a favour by acting on credible intelligence that could do Great Britain a service, and in the process preserve and uphold the integrity of our National Security.

Him and his followers are a threat to our National Security after all.

Glen gathered all the intelligence on Abu Hamza that is now being used in the case against him in America that he is waiting extradition over so when Glen says he has the evidence he has the evidence.

He did go undercover with them all after his false conversion to Islam so knows Choudary and his group intimately.

We will have to watch this space...

Foreign Security guards for London Olympics

Any Tom Dick or Harry from any terrorist group could now be working within the G4S security infrastructure of the Olympic Games which should give the British Security Services 'peace of mind' over the whole security of the upcoming event, along with all of the public attending.

Daily Mirror: Terror sleeper cell fearsDaily Mail: Undercover with G4S Olympic Security

The Telegraph

Olympics: 'I don't know if guards speak English', says G4S chief

The head of the firm at the centre of the Olympics security fiasco has admitted he does not know if the guards hired speak fluent English.

Nick Buckles, chief executive of G4S said he deeply regretted the company's failure to recruit enough staff, which will see troops called in to fill in the gaps.

He said attempts to recruit 10,000 workers had been "complex" and that the firm had underestimated the scale of the task.

But when challenged about whether those recruited by G4S even spoke fluent English, Mr Buckles struggled to answer the question.

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "That is a difficult question to answer. They all have a right to work in the UK and have been vetted to very high standards."

When the question was repeated he admitted: "I can't say categorically."

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The Telegraph: British police attended terror training camps

11 July 2012

Norwegian police trained for a "Breivik" scenario the week before the attacks

You could argue that if a trained Norwegian police emergency squad had carried out a training drill that was an almost identical scenario to Breivik's attack on the Friday before he struck then why did it take them 90 minutes to arrive on the island?

Either their training isn't very good or there is another reason why they never arrived for 90 minutes which allowed Breivik time to kill as many as he could before he became to tired to carry on his killing spree.

Breivik himself commented on how long it took for the police to arrive and even called from the island wanting to hand himself over which did not work and resulted in many more deaths.

The former head of Britain's MI6 also commented on the police's response time.

Quote: Boat crew statements they were “helpless”, but reports from Northern Buskerud Police District say that the action plan was modified several times before reaching the island. Officers in charge of the operation also changed before the police reached Utøya.

It sounds like someone high up above the Norwegian police emergency response team threw a spanner in the works that day which resulted in what should have been a normal emergency response to a terrorist attack that had been trained for the previous week into a bunch of headless chickens running around not knowing what they should be doing because of all the mixed messages coming down from the top with them then jumping desperately into rubber dinghy's in an attempt to save innocent life on Utoya, ones that sank whilst they were on their way to the island.

The July 22nd commission should get to the bottom of this situation to find out the intricacies and who is at fault though which includes why the officers in charge of the operation were changed during the course of the events unfolding and by who.

But it is the present Norwegian State controllers who have white-washed and covered up the truth behind Breivik who are in charge of the commission so do not hold your breathe for any real and relevant answers because real and relevant answers could be very damaging to Norway's State masters. Expect nothing more than "we are sorry" and "we have learned from our mistakes".

90 minutes is a long time for any of the emergency services to respond to an emergency!

Imagine if you had a heart attack and it took 90 minutes for an ambulance to arrive?

This was a mass murder taking place with hundreds of 'real time' phone calls alerting the authorities to what was taking place and where.

The PST did not do a simple check on Breivik either when they were alerted to do so by their Customs department after his purchase of fertiliser used for his bomb.

Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one or Breivik the son of a former Government diplomat to London, step son of a former Army Major and best friend of a Ministry of Defence Lawyer the recruited agent used for political and financial reasons?

Which is more believable?

Aftenposten: Norwegian police trained for Breivik the week before

Quote: The four days in advance, and also the same Friday that the attack was carried out, trained police emergency squad to an ongoing terrorist campaign that was approximately equal to the situation hours later encountered the 22 police officers in the emergency squad on Utøya.

Aftenposten has received confirmation from key sources in the management of the Oslo police that the exercise was terminated at 15 the same Fridays.

Further reading:
A "Question" of doubt

Questions Glen Jenvey

Foreword: I was in communication with Glen throughout the time of his false conversion to Islam. The before, during and after so I know the full story behind it and we had some British black humour moments about it all, especially the bacon part at the end.

The story behind the smear job against him has not been fully told yet but I know it because I know who those who were involved in it are and their modus operandi because I was/am a target of the exact same people.

Reporting the truth

Now the truth is coming out about British Jews being terror targets of British Muslims with the court case in Manchester of a Muslim couple who were assembling components of a homemade bomb to attack Jewish neighbourhoods and other targets after becoming radicalised by al Qaeda propaganda on the internet.

Question: Can you tell us about your contact with Greater Manchester Police?

Glen Jenvey : Yes the Greater Manchester Police came to my home before the Alan Sugar story in the Sun newspaper wanting to know about internet postings used by British Muslims. The officers were attached to the anti terrorist squad running their own operations apart from New Scotland Yard and Wiltshire Police.

Question: Have you ever passed on information to MI5 ?

Glen Jenvey: Yes I have spoken with MI5 officers and had dealings with them since 2001 on a number of issues. They were aware of my operations. I had regular phone contact with them and around the Abu Hamza time a MI5 officer sent me six videos and twenty audio tapes of his speeches asking me to give them to the press and anyone else who would make a noise as the Government was stopping MI5 officers from doing their jobs.

Question: What do you mean the Government was stopping MI5 from doing their jobs?

Glen Jenvey: It was simple MI5 were told by the Labour Government that they were not allowed to monitor Mosques in the UK because of racial did after Sept 11th, so the MI5 officers monitor Mosques i.e Abu Hamza’s and gave me the video’s telling me to expose Abu Hamza but the press were not interested to start with. The MI5 officer said I would never have to go to court .

Question: Getting back to threats on British Jews was there a threat or several?

Glen Jenvey: There were several threats written across the internet not just on ummah.com but other message boards. Southwest news who wrote up the Sun story only chose ummah.com because it was based in Britain. Southwest news picked the comments for the story with out me knowing so the site ummah.com deleted others not used in the story, but the threats were real as you can see today with one of several cases the Police and security service are working on.

Question: Did you make up any postings?

Glen Jenvey: No every posting placed on ummah.com had been written by British Muslims on message forums. To make our id look real Southwest news asked me to monitor and post in the same frame of mind as British muslims on the web, this allowed us to carry on monitoring what was posted, each post myself and Southwest news posted was in fact posts already posted on British muslim message forums against Jews. The hit list of top Jews was posted by a senior member of ummah.com message forum taken from a Jewish newspaper.

Question: So you never posted the list of British Jews?

Glen Jenvey: No I in fact work with Jews alot on the internet I have even given talk’s in the UK at Jewish centers and took part in the film obsession the movie http://www.obsessionthemovie.com/about_interviews_Jenvey.php
everyone who took part in obsession has been attacked by the far left and muslims.

Question: When you put your name into google the Guardian newspaper and bloggers come up and Muslim sites, is this part of their attempt to silence you and spam your name.

Glen Jenvey: Yes even the BBC got on the bandwagon writing to all of my neighbours with an abusive letter about me in their research so I strung the BBC along with the rest of them.

Question: what do you mean strung them along?

Glen Jenvey: Well ummah.com, Anjem Choudary, BBC, Guardian newspaper, Bloggerhead and other sad bloggers all live in cuckoo land with the idea that British muslims loved British Jews at the time Gaza was being bombed, so I confessed to something I never did (make up a story) and said I had become a muslim http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyUXDzz_MH4 It was very interesting for someone connected to the intelligence services to openly be invited into Mosques and Radical circles, you would not believe it. I have collected enough information that could see Anjem Choudary behind bars.

Question: How could you put Anjem Choudary behind bars?

Glen Jenvey: If the police ask me direct I can point out something that will get him arrested but I cannot say in a interview for the internet.

Question: It’s clear now that you was right all along and the Guardian newspaper got it wrong along with the bloggers. I just did a search and its clear that British Jews are terror targets just like you always said when looking at the present court cases. You said MI5 officer said you will not have to go to court have you been asked?

Glen Jenvey: No and unless a judge orders me I will not be going to any court cases even the Abu Hamza one as promised that’s why I dropped my witness statement in the Hamza case as I was not going any way.

Question: What do you think about the Guardian newspaper getting it so wrong trying to damage your name?

Glen Jenvey: They look the Guardian newspaper and bloggers seem to have egg on their faces now, but they have not damaged my name as Glen Jenvey is not my real name or the name I vote with. I just feel sorry for their researchers again getting it wrong. It is a internet name to hide my real name. I even have a book in the name Glen Jenvey, film, and over 500 newspaper articles hidden by spam of the Guardian newspaper and Bloggers, it’s working fine protecting my real name.

Question: Do you think there will be a terrorist attack at the Olympics ?

Glen Jenvey: I am one man who other’s use my work as their own. I can only hope not as I hope to go myself and watch the Olympics, but the threat from terrorism in the UK is much higher than the present government official scales say and British Jews remain the number one target that most radical muslims would threaten as a single group or race if they could.

Thank you for your interview.

7 July 2012

Looking through the big black Breivik hole

The public perception of the Breivik case is that he is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one because this is what elements within the Norwegian State who have been in control of the case have wanted the public to believe. They are the elected 'official's' in control of the case so what they say has to be taken as fact irrespective of whether or not it is fact.

Our leaders do not lie to us...do they?

They own the media platform and they are the 'officials' in charge so they must be right and what they say must
Linkbe true when you see them on TV propagating the 'official' line.

Their stated 'official' story is then conveyed to the wider international public through the mainstream media by journalists which then creates the accepted story of the case in the public mind.

Other journalists then jump on the Breivik bandwagon and continue writing their own stories about the case on the basis of the accepted 'official' story they have been told by the first journalists which continues to endorse the 'official' story in the public mind.

This shows you the credibility of the journalists who write the articles, they are nothing more than State lackeys who cannot think for themselves with it being more than their jobs worth to question the 'official' story even when the contradictory evidence is staring them in the face.

Tools of the State working in the State controlled propaganda machine
to control the public mind of the masses for their State masters who are the ones in control of the functioning of State and want to subdue the people with their lies from what is hiding behind the real truth.

Then you question why?

Let me give you a very simple example that completely undermines the Norwegian State's 'official' story surrounding Breivik and calls into question the professional integrity of every journalist propagating the Norwegian State controllers 'official' story of the case.

Their names are on their commentary articles of the case endorsing the "solo terrorist" connected to no one line for any future job references, which is good if you want an obedient puppy dog with a writing degree and bad if you want an independent thinker with credibility and professional integrity for your mainstream media platform.

The Norwegian State controlled story is that Breivik is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one which in the public mind means there is nobody else to look for as part of their wider involvement in the terrorist attacks. In other words the State controllers of the case do not want people to believe there are others involved with him. This means that whoever was involved with Breivik gets away with their complicity in the mass murder of a group of innocent teenagers on their summer camp in Norway and their attempting to frame me as the English 'mentor' behind the crimes.

I wonder what the families of Utoya think about that concerning their children?

That was the 'official' line taken into the court room against Breivik and prosecuted on the basis of in front of the Worlds media which endorsed the Norwegian State's 'official' story surrounding the case. An 'insane' "solo terrorist" connected to no one who was/is the most successful "solo terrorist" of all time in the history of international terrorism.

Jackanory...tell us another story.

That does not hold up against the facts though when you take the time to actually look at the facts.

To prosecute someone in a court of law based upon an 'official' conclusion which is then spread around the Worlds media as fact you have to be 100% certain it is fact. Not we believe or we think based upon inconclusive evidence.

In the trial one of the detectives told the judge that the police investigation into the case is still ongoing with multiple lines of investigation not fully investigated (this was in the middle of the trial).

On that basis how can anyone say for certain (fact) that the 'official' story of Breivik being a "solo terrorist" connected to no one is a fact?

This one example undermines every single article written by any journalist who has propagated the 'official' Norwegian story surrounding Breivik and calls into question their professional journalistic integrity and shows they are nothing more than State lackeys for the State propaganda machine that is used to control public perceptions for their State masters. They are like obedient little dogs eating the crumbs from their masters table (their pay packet) not willing to speak about the real unanswered questions in the case in a real and relevant critical manner for the sake of 'truth & justice' on-behalf of the dead, injured and their families which is what wider civilised society expects from a supposed impartial mainstream media.

To do so challenges Norway's State masters and I have seen no one willing to do that yet which shows that Norway is a carefully concealed AUF Labour Dictatorship. It is not the front men but the power base behind the front men, the front men are just subservient puppets on strings.

The credibility of the 'official' Norwegian police investigation was completely undermined when after 10 months they still had not investigated the Liberia link. It took VG journalists several days to do what they could not do in 10 months.

How can you believe the 'official' Norwegian police conclusion of the story surrounding Breivik that they took into the court room in front of the World's media and be of a sound mind over it on that basis?

You cannot...

And how can the mainstream media feed the minds of their readership which creates public perceptions, with the 'official' conclusion stating it as fact when the Norwegian police in control of the investigation could not even do their jobs properly and have not even finished the investigation?

That is only one massive failure on-behalf of the Norwegian police who were investigating the case and undermines the 'official' Norwegian story surrounding Breivik.

It is like putting a million dollar Ming vase in a box with no base.

This is without even mentioning the charade surrounding the Norwegian State's official mental health case against Breivik that can be read about over the last month or so on this blog.
A charade that should now involve a criminal investigation only it was the Norwegian State carrying out the criminality (perverting the course of justice) so they will not investigate themselves and the media will not call it criminality because they are an extension and organ of the State with it more than their jobs worth to do so.

Imagine if they did?

Shock horror...and the bursting of the Norwegian State induced mind bubble the Norwegian public are sitting in with people then starting to awaken to the real truth and what their State masters have been doing and done at the cost of innocent young Norwegian blood.

Any outside observers of the case who knows the fundamental facts would have to agree on these points.

Who wants to publicly say it though?

Instead there is silence in the mainstream media over the real truth behind the cold blooded massacre of a bunch of innocent misguided teenagers on their summer camp in Norway with not even a hint of criticism or questioning of the 'official' story that has more holes in it than a golf course with all of the unanswered questions and evidence disappearing from the public mind into a big Norwegian controlled black hole.

If anyone can tell me I am wrong in my thinking and has a different perspective of the case based upon the simple facts above and the still outstanding evidence then please email me and I will post it here on this blog and give my thoughts to the different perspective.


If nobody has a different perspective when looking at the facts then you have to agree that there is substance to what I am saying and my perspective.

Then you have to question the 'official' Norwegian story and those in charge of the whole investigation and ask why the truth is being hidden from the public by a State sanctioned cover-up and white-wash and who has been in control of it.

Mass mind control...

I wonder whether or not hundreds of billions of dollars worth of oil & gas from Norway's territorial waters is motivation enough for some secretive high powered group with financial and political motivations to orchestrate 'Operation Breivik' and the political aftermath?

Asymmetric warfare and State sponsored terrorism.

With the story then fed to the masses as the window dressing of the events being that Breivik was a "solo terrorist" connected to no one who was/is insane after playing computer games in his bedroom who wanted to belong to a group because he was a loner so attached himself to a right-wing ideological movement that he did not have one single physical contact from (if you believe the official line) and then woke up one day and committed his acts in the name of that movement all alone and became the most successful "solo terrorist" of all time in the history of international terrorism.

If you believe that then you are stupid and that is a fact!

Breivik the son of a former government diplomat to London, step son of a former Army Major and best friend of a Norwegian Ministry of Defence lawyer.

Look at that pedigree.

I will give my very brief hypothesis of what I believe without going into a long winded write up as I have been stating this repetitively for months now with it being completely ignored.

There is whole investigative angle to how I became wrapped up in the case but this has been completely ignored with the door firmly shut on it which begs the question as to why and raises a level of suspicion around the question.

If the investigative angle surrounding me was to be fully investigated and proven to be correct then this would completely shatter the 'official' Norwegian story of Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one because it would prove there were others involved with him and this is what a faction in Norway who are in control of the case do not want to admit to the public which means those who are complicit in the acts get away with their actions and the truth behind the mass murder of a group of innocent misguided teenagers stays covered up.

Then you ask the question as to why?

I have consistently said Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake is Breivik's English 'mentor' based upon the facts and he fits the profile exactly.

I believe Ayling must be connected to some secretive group with political and financial motivations based in London England. He does work within the banking center inside the Square Mile after all and it is highly probable just not proven yet that he is an asset or agent of the British Security Services.

So this places him inside a secretive network in London with international contacts because the bank he works for is the EU controlled Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

We know for a fact that he has contacts in the Norwegian and Swedish Governments.

He is also the director behind the English Defence League which has become an extension and tool of the American financed counter-jihad movement so it places him directly in the middle of a right-wing ideological movement. An ideological movement that is directly connected to Breivik and his "2083" manifesto.

The exact movement Breivik professed to be carrying out his actions in the name of.

Breivik was recruited in Norway and sent to London where he was assigned his English 'mentor' in 2002 who I believe is Alan Ayling.

Alan Ayling has stated that he has contacts in the Norwegian Government.

Whoever is in control of the Breivik case in Norway does not want to admit that Breivik is a part of a network which is why they have stuck to their 'official' line since the beginning and have not fully investigated the angle on how I became involved in the case.

To admit he is a part of a network means there is a wider story than the one that has been fed to the public as the 'official' story and includes other peoples involvement in the whole case which includes their complicity in a mass murder of a group of innocent misguided teenagers which would tell it's own story.

If Ayling is the English 'mentor' then he is connected to someone (plural) high level in Norway and also a wider group and chain of command who are ultimately behind 'Operation Breivik' which would explain why there has been a white-wash and cover-up of the whole affair.

All if this information is currently in the big black hole and hidden from the public though.

Alan Ayling given a mickey mouse interview over his role as the possible English 'mentor' because they had no choice but to for protocol. He is embedded in the British State through his contacts and could even be an agent of the State, and he has direct connections into the Norwegian Government. All of this information placed in the context of the whole picture tells a story, a story that has been hidden from the public by the Norwegians in control of the case.

What story would Ayling tell if he was arrested and interrogated and who would he implicate?

3 July 2012

A question for Jonathan Evans and Theresa May

Let's hope no one in MI5 copies the German's and destroys any of the files because it would not be nice to see Mr. Evans have to fall on his own sword just like his German counterpart.

A question for MI5 in relation to the British angle of the Breivik investigation

This guy (Dave Jones) fits the physical and ideological profile of Alan Lake's anonymous friend 'Richard the Lionheart'. I've sat on this since January. I am not saying it is 100% him but it is close enough for me to place this on my blog.

I met the anonymous guy for about an hour or so over 3 years ago in Lake's London Barbican flat after Lake invited him to the pre-founding EDL discussion meeting. Ann Marchini who is linked to a Companion of Honour was the one who arranged the meeting with Lake and was also present at the meeting along with Lake's other friend Kinana.

What I remember of the guy is that he had ginger wavy hair and a ginger goatee beard and was thick set.

The person above fits the exact profile of the guy present in Lake's flat but as I say I am not 100% certain it is the same person but there are enough parallels to ask the question.

He is also a hardcore militant Nationalist exactly the same as Breivik.

Is he the conduit between Lake and Breivik?

Imagine if this person is Lake's trusted friend, what story would this tell...

Not a very good one for all of those connected to Lake and the political ideological movement he is a part of that's for sure.

Time will tell.

As I say, forgive me if I am wrong.

The Norwegian bury your head in the sand approach

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake the trusted employee within the EU controlled European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and director behind the English Defence League who is also part of the exact same ideological movement Breivik professed to be committing his terrorist attacks in the name of had a 'mickey mouse' interview by British detectives observed by the Norwegians over his possible role as the English 'mentor' Breivik speaks about within his "2083" manifesto.

Further reading: The direct link

Breivik claims his English 'mentor' goes by the codename 'Richard the Lionhearted'.

Alan Ayling has an anonymous trusted contact who uses the alias 'Richard the Lionheart' online.

The Norwegian detectives who are still investigating the case have said they are still trying to locate the English 'mentor' Breivik speaks of.

I think everyone can agree that knowing the identity of this anonymous person who is directly linked to Alan Ayling and his right-wing political ideology is crucial as part of the police investigation into Alan Ayling's possible involvement with Breivik which is why he was given his 'mickey mouse' interview in the first place.

Alan Ayling also has a contact within the Norwegian political scene and had a Norwegian secretary in one of his money funneling companies prior to July 22nd 2011.

Why has international pressure not been brought to bear upon this angle of the investigation to get to the bottom of the Breivik case and who was ultimately behind it?

The Norwegian State controllers of the case do not want to get to the bottom of it which is why they have closed the case down and whitewashed it with their 'official' story of Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one. They even forced their State prosecutors to stick to this script in front of the World's media during the trial even though there is still multiple lines of investigation not fully investigated. This worked well for the public perceptions of the case as they own the media platform and the public believe what they are told by their elected 'officials'.

Draw your own conclusions from that, I have...

With 69 innocent Norwegian teenagers murdered in cold blood with many more maimed and injured for life in the name of politics you would have thought there were some forces out there who would want answers to all of the unanswered questions that are still outstanding in the case.

Then we will know what is the truth and not what we are told to believe is the truth.

Take back UK

2 July 2012

Germany's neo-Gladio style operation

Daily Mail: Germany's MI5 destroying evidence

The head of Germany's equivalent of MI5 is stepping down in the wake of the storm over the destruction of evidence relating to a neo-Nazi death squad which executed ten people.

Politicians reacted with anger and incomprehension to revelations that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Germany's domestic intelligence agency, destroyed files relating to the case in November 2011 after the National Socialist Underground activities became public.

Aftenposten: Head of BfV resigns

The head of Germany's MI5 (BfV) has resigned from his post over the intelligence scandal under his watch concerning a group of German neo-nazi's known and managed by the State who have been linked to a number of right-wing murders and armed robberies over the last 13 years.

At the scene of one of the murders by the neo-Nazi's there was a German intelligence operative present when the murder took place.

Reading in Aftenposten today it has also been revealed that there were 7 files relating to the investigation deleted from the case files.

Clear cut case of a rogue German intelligence unit being complicit in directing right-wing terrorism in Germany along with a subsequent cover-up of the evidence.

Respect to Angela Merkel for accepting this took place within her Country and publicly speaking against it.

This case has parallels with the Breivik case with him claiming that he is a part of the same/similar network to the German neo-Nazi's
which leads you to believe there is a covert Norwegian intelligence hand involved with him who orchestrated the events of July 22nd 2011 for their higher agenda (neo-Gladio). This fits in-line with Breivik's claim of being a recruited and trained agent enlisted into a secretive group because of his family pedigree. A group who had/have political and financial motivations in Norway (oil & gas), and not the 'official' story that is nothing more than a high level cover-up (just like the German BfV destroying evidence) of him being a "solo terrorist" connected to no one.

The question is; is Alan Lake an MI6 asset or agent?

That would explain why Breivik was passed to him by his recruiters in Norway after his Liberia trip for him to be his 'mentor' within this new network of financially and politically minded people with their tentacles all over the place due to the nature of their work after their own recruitment.

He fits the profile and there has been complete silence on all of the direct evidence linking him to Breivik.

I wonder how we will ever get the answer to the questions surrounding him?

I wonder whether the Queen who is our Soverign ruler knows the answers?

These networks linked to the military intelligence infrastructure of European Nations are a fact so it is just whether or not it is proven that Breivik is connected to such a network which is contrary to what the Norwegian State controllers of the case want the World to believe.

There is only 2 scenarios to how this story will end now and then the book will be complete.

I personally believe that these networks are a good thing within the right frame work and context which is obviously why they are in place as an extension of the National Security of European Countries and for the UK the "Defence of the Realm" which is the first duty of any Government but I do not believe Utoya island was the right context within a Western Christian civilised society and those behind it should be held to account for their involvement irrespective of who they are and the positions they hold.

This network in Germany was exposed in the same time frame as the Breivik investigation too.

Never Surrender

1 July 2012

EDL Leadership's identity crisis

Video: "Tommy" in his own words

I read an article in the Daily Mail today about "Tommy" & Uncle Kev's heroics in Luton when they jumped on the Sikh bandwagon over a case concerning an attack on a young Sikh girl as part of an ongoing wider agenda of religious persecution and sexual exploitation of young Sikh girls locally.

What I found quite amusing was their desperation to be accepted by the Sikh community that they donned religious Sikh head gear.

They will do absolutely anything for a bit of media exposure irrespective of how it looks because media exposure feeds the minds of their EDL sychophants and keeps the money rolling in.

Because they are not English, what dictates their actions is different from what dictates the actions of English Loyalists which is why they run around dressing up like clowns whilst professing to be English whilst standing under the English Defence League banner whilst being followed around the Country by the last of their loyal sychophants.

They jumped up on the Zurich building when there was all the media exposure over the FA attempting to ban the England teams wearing of the poppy with placards in support of British troops when in reality their forefathers were killing British troops (peace process now in effect). Then there was the poppy fiasco in London when "Tommy" the EDL hero jumped the barrier into the arms of the waiting police protecting the moslem protestors.

Catching the moment for the media spotlight...

Dont forget "Tommy" the Rabbi either.

What will it be next?

They call them far-right leaders but those who follow them must be off the scale far-right and there should be a new name created for them, something like the EDL "cookie club" because they all must be a little cookie and empty headed to run around their Country smashing it up in a drunken stupor at their Irish leaders command whilst they fill their pockets with every scam conceivable (legal & illegal).