24 August 2012

Judge's summing up about Breivik's contacts

What are the chances of Breivik the international jetsetting political terrorist who committed the worst terrorist attack in Europe of the 21st Century not meeting any like minded militant Nationalists or neo-nazis over the course of 10 years stretching back to his mysterious Liberia London trips?

He does have an extensive historical travelling itinerary over that period.

The name Knights Templar is just the name used by the group to wrap up their group and potential terrorist campaign in, which is a textbook copy of Al Qaeda as any military intelligence analysts who have studied the rise of Al Qaeda in the internet age can see.

Take that away and you have a small ideological group of extreme militant Nationalists more than likely controlled at the top by foreign agents intent on starting a new leaderless terrorist group to bring down NATO governments using the legitimate grievances of the political right-wing i.e immigration, multiculturalism and Islamisation with which to inspire homegrown followers to follow in the footsteps and carry out 'lone wolf' attacks against their respective Governments.

Breivik actively sought out physical contact with individuals, had over 600 contacts on Facebook, is said to have attended 2 EDL demonstrations, yet the Norwegian State in control of the case want the World to believe Breivik was a "solo terrorist" connected to

The judge commented rightly "on the basis of the evidence", as a judge that is what she had to work with in summing up.

Who can put any trust in the evidence presented to the court by the Norwegian police?

There is still outstanding evidence in the case.

How can the Norwegian police confirm whether or not Breivik did meet people in London in 2002 which was 10 years ago, if they could not even trace Alpha Kallom who was an actual tangible physical person who the newspaper VG tracked down in 6 days?

On that basis how can you have any confidence in their 'official' conclusion and evidence presented in court?

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