10 August 2012

The truth is coming out

Then it is your interpretation of the truth coupled with the facts.

The complete failure or undermining of the police response and the investigation is one thing, outstanding evidence not yet presented to the case is another.

It will be interesting to know the facts that are contrary to the Norwegian police and security services reports which can be added to the known list from which to draw a conclusion from.

Let's hope Democracy and the Democratic process works for the Norwegian people who sit under a ruling Monarch.

Quote: Commission will unveil new and hitherto unknown facts that will be contrary to reports that several of the agencies - including police and PST - have been published.

VG: The police slaughter of July 22nd

VG: Where responsibility belongs

The Commission's report can be painful for many - including Jens Stoltenberg.

Everything indicates that Jens Stoltenberg get the unvarnished report of 22 July the Commission that he asked for. The question is what kind of criticism is for games. Most leaders of the responsible authorities have already gone by, including former Justice Minister Knut Storberget. But what of the Commissioner? She was the one who put Storbergets policy into reality - or in many cases failed with it. Kill Green resigned as police director until 22 July, but now sits as a secretary in the Replacement and Administration. She still has major responsibility for the Norwegian civil protection, including for security in and around government buildings. The government takes good care of its former top executives in the form of retreat positions and high salaries. One of them is former Chief PST Janne Kristiansen, who is special counsel in the Justice Department and retain the manager's salary from the PST. Is there a system which in time creates confidence in our bureaucracy? The new police director, Oystein Maeland, had barely been on the job one month 22 last July. He affected not by the Commission's report to the same extent. Nevertheless, he has his head period provided an investigation report in which the police hardly take self-criticism. The police report concluded that little could be done differently 22 July. If the Commission's report differs significantly from the police's own report, you can also trust in the new police director weakened. Many individuals failed on 22 July, but ultimately it is our politicians who are in charge of the system. Jens Stoltenberg said even in trontale debate last October: "The responsibility is mine. For the police, helicopters, hospitals and military. I take responsibility." When the entire contents of the report be made ​​public, it will be interesting to see what he puts in those words. And what the opposition interprets them.

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