11 August 2012

The street the Government never closed

Quote: In the report that the Prime Minister's office was on the table in 2004, it was warned in clear terms. Before Bondevik resigned, got Statsbygg 7 november 2004 in the task to ensure its ministries.

Shortly after the terrorist attack last year, it emerged in the media that it therefore took seven years without being completed. In the debate that followed Stoltenberg said that the government closure of Grubbegaten was only one of 197 different measures, and that most were in place.

But that is not easily measure the experts said was most important.

Also, the Police Directorate and the PST warned in 2006:

"Bomb The scenario represents a significant challenge, especially vehicles," they wrote.

You would have thought that securing your Government building the seat of your Countries political power and No.1 terrorist target for any terrorist would have been No.1 on the security to do list for any new Prime Minister as advised by the exiting former Prime Ministers office after a Security analysis. Instead it was ignored by the present Prime Ministers office and was eventually blown up by Breivik on July 22nd 2012 killing 8 people and injuring many more, exactly as they were warned of the potential.

Where does the buck stop with that one?

The present Norwegian Prime Minister and his State appointed heads of Civil State Security did not do what they were advised to do and now 8 people are dead and the Government building is/was in ruins. This is one more example of the heads of Civil State Security not doing the jobs they are employed to do by the Norwegian tax payer within this case that allowed 'Operation Breivik' to succeed.

Mr. Stoltenbergs position as Prime Minister has got to be unattainable now.

Aftenposten: The road they never closed

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