14 August 2012

Norwegian police Director caught lying

If he lied about this then what else has he lied about to cover up tracks that have needed to be covered up in this whole affair?

What better man for the job than the State appointed police Director.

Is not the legal term for that 'perverting the course of justice'? Only he sits at the top of the justice food chain in Norway so what are the chances of him being arrested and charged for the offence?

He gets caught and apologies for lying over such a serious case, how can he sit as head of the police and not in a court room to defend his actions?

He is overall head of the Breivik investigation (the insider).

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(AP) Police Director Øystein Mæland lie flat so that he is misinformed that the police did not have access to GPS information about their vehicles 22 July.

Monday was Mæland asked why the police's own evaluation of 22 July-bet did not contain information on the patrol cars' movements that fatal Friday of last year. He said then that the GPS data from the police vehicle was not available to police its own evaluation committee, the so-called Sønderland Committee. to VG he admits now that this is not correct. - I am sorry that I gave false information, said the police director in an e-mail to VG.

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