19 August 2012

Another Norwegian Government official caught lying

Seems to be a common theme of the Norwegian State apparatus when it comes to the Breivik case. What they say to the media and opposition political parties is completely different from reality.

Creating false perceptions of the truth.

What is that if it is not a State sanctioned cover-up and white-wash of the truth?

When one person lies and misleads the public and opposition political parties it can be construed as a mistake, but when multiple people from the same side of the political divide lie to mislead their audience then you have to take it as a collective effort to cover-up the truth.


I had to use a lot of energy to get me a realistic picture of the state of the police. Storberget told a completely different reality to us when he met Parliament. When missing never to resources or actions, while the more so that the situation actually was a completely different, says Sandberg. Storberget on the carpet Sandberg says he finds it difficult to understand how Storberget explanations could be so different from the reality he heard from police officers with uniform. - There is only Storberget who can answer.

There is no doubt that the descriptions we have received from the police and Storberget not match those described in the Commission report. - Storberget lied? - I would not say that he lied, but he came with incorrect information. It has been said about the police and emergency government in recent years, in stark contrast to the Gjørv Commission was so clear, says Hareide

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