27 August 2012

Norwegian Government minister has broken the law concerning July 22nd


(AP) When Rigmor Aasrud ​​requested an internal investigation in Government Administration Services, they may have broken the law by assigning a former commander to investigate his wife's work.

As the AP wrote Monday has the internal evaluation of crisis management 22 July has been conducted by the former chief of the Government Administration Services, Ivar Herø. son-Monitoring center Heroes are not only long-standing boss, but also have private relationships with Government Administration Services (DSS). The heros wife and son are employed by DSS, respectively, archive and monitoring centers in the government building. law were also at work when the terrorist bomb went off 22 last July.

Jan Fridtjof Bernt is Professor of Law at the University of Bergen and expert on conflicts of interest. He believes Hero is incompetent. - One who is responsible for the evaluation and investigation, must be quite impartial to those he is investigating. If any aspect of this report or investigation approaching the work or the work of the people he has a private relationship, then it will be a unique relationship and you will be disqualified.

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It keeps getting worse for the current Norwegian State in control of the Breivik case who currently hold the reigns of power in Norway.

You have a police Director and Government minister caught lying to cover-up the truth and mislead people, and now a Government minister who has gone one step further and broken the law in the case.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and what is known so far, imagine what has gone on that is unknown in this case.

With regards to this new serious revelation it concerns a Government minister appointing someone to carry out a review of her department with regards to the events of July 22nd 2011 but it turns out that the wife and son of the person writing the report both work in her department.

A clear cut case of corruption with the clear intent of having a biased report to present to the Norwegian public wrapped up as an 'official' report.

It is not very hard to think the conclusion the report came to is it? Which is in sharp contrast to what the July 22nd Commission came to when they did an independent review of the same department.

"DSS has handled the situation after the dramatic and catastrophic bomb explosion in a satisfactory manner, both in the acute phase and over time. All departments in the DSS from the moment of priority concern for the lives, health and security "

Krass criticism I 22 July Commission report (s 419-422) points out a number of weaknesses in the DSS 'emergency 22 July. ** There have been no large-scale exercise of the ministry staff with the car bomb or similar attacks against government officials that scenario. ** There were no guidelines, either orally or in writing, for how receptionists or security guards were acting in suspected car bomb. ** There was no notification procedures, procedures for evacuation or other measures should be taken against the employees.

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