31 July 2011


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The Conspiracy

Revelation 12:10-11 Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, “Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down. 11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

Someone who is now behind the English Defence League is directly linked to Breivik and Fjordman, I am just conveniently ideologically linked and implemented and the authorities know this. Those who are linked to Fjordman are now using Breivik’s act to further their online political agenda and ideals. That small group is linked to Geert Wilders and Lord Pearson via Civil Liberties Alliance and the European anti-jihad movement.

Video: Lord Pearson

It is said that Breivik attended the London EDL demo in support of Geert Wilders whilst Lord Pearson was hosting him in the House of Lords inside.

The very first meeting in London when Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy” assumed the leadership role of the English Defence League with Chris Knowles (CLA) and others present whose names I have, Jeff Marsh aka Joe Cardiff from Wales was due to attend the meeting but Chris Renton EDL alias John Sheridan prevented him from attending by arranging to meet him about buying hooligan books on the same day. I was sent a picture from them of a clock that was in the pub they were sitting in having their meeting, which you can see below.

It is not going to be very long until the Norwegian police know everyone in Alan Lakes little London flat that day, and who the professor talking about military strategies was. I am sure he was not English, I might be mistaken though, but I think he came from a Scandanavian Country. Chris Knowles of Civil Liberties Alliance knows each of them because I invited him and he invited them, which includes him inviting Lake to the EDL table. If they have any form of humanity and human decency, for the sake of those innocent murdered children they have no alternative but to expose those behind this atrocity.

Breivik’s actions are no small thing.

At this meeting sitting under this clock with Jeff Marsh, Renton sowed the seeds of my downfall from within the EDL by filling Jeff’s head with slander about me, and then a little later I learned his actions were being backed by Alan Lake via Dymphna of Gates of Vienna who told me about Lake’s calls to have me removed from the EDL.

Ask Casuals United to confirm the authenticity of the picture below with Jeff Marsh. He might gloat about spreading poo around toilets in his books, but I cannot imagine he would gloat about the mass murder of children.

There were some intelligent minds at that first meeting in London, the professor talking about Roman military formations based upon historical context that could be applied to the street movement. I wonder whether he knows about war strategies based upon a historical context that can be applied to 21st Century governments?

“Tommy’s” other Luton uncle was in that first meeting in London too, he knows, and as far as I am aware, other than he is blood related, he has never been involved in their actions against me, so he knows who was in that room in London and what was spoken about. Even an American Christian documentary maker interviewed him with “Tommy” at Clophill Church, as part of the EDL leadership. Word has it; “Tommy” & his uncle Kev spat in his face and sidelined him when he was the brains behind UPL. Remember what was in the boot that I didn’t know about until the police stopped us, the Christian one, so I have a good idea of things in Luton that “Tommy” and Kevin are from? Money laundering, sun bed shop, and talk of the EDL across the Country being, amongst other things, a large drug dealing network for “Tommy” & Co. Everyone who knows “Tommy” knows what he sells, or used to sell, because others do the job now: TR’s marching powder

The other uncle - notice his position to "Tommy": Clophill

Im prepared for peace but I know there are others ready for war.

Do Luton’s IRA community want me removed too or do they want a war? He is your man and this will be the second time the local Luton IRA Generals have been told what to do. Either they were not paying attention last time, or their negligence over Irish Catholic “Tommy” and his uncle Kevin speaks loud and clear. There is supposed to be a peace process and I am not anti-Irish or Catholic, I am anti militant Irish Republicanism that threatens the peace & security of Britain and those who carry out acts of war against me: “Tommy” and the IRA

The British moslem community want me dead: Threats to murder British MP
Now who wants me out of the way, and is using Breivik’s actions to achieve it?

The most extreme right wing political ideological movement in Europe want me removed and have attempted this by laying blame on me for their first terrorist atrocity against a European government!

I serve the coming King, Jesus the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Who are the leaders behind that small group who are seeking to push Fjordman’s ideals through political terrorism, and unite all extreme far-right groups to their cause and the ideology behind it?

Murdering up to 100 innocent children is nothing more than pure evil, and the work of the devil, which they wrapped up in Christianity and Templarism, that should never be accepted or used within the political sphere and anyone who uses his act to further their political agenda, are complicit with this group in their European agenda, so we know who the enemies of civilised society and humanity are.

Governments have to take what this ideological group are saying very seriously and work out their position within domestic politics based upon certain things he has commented on, if not there will be individuals or groups on the extreme right-wing of politics and others, who will commit similar acts to follow Breivik & Co's plans.

Specifically targeting up to 100 Innocent children are not legitimate targets in any war and is an act against humanity, just like Hitler sending innocent unsuspecting Jewish children to gas chambers just because they were born Jews. These children did nothing wrong, their only mistake was God allowed their birth to parents who are on the political left in Norway, and Breivik & Co murdered them in cold blood and did it in Jesus’ name.

To a trained eye, it’s a blatant stitch up of me, my associates, our name, the name of Templarism which includes a Christian Military Order going back to the beginning of all Knighthoods, the Crusades in the Holy Land, and our Christian faith we are all sworn to uphold at all costs, which is now linked to Breivik and his devilish acts in our name.

One other person should have attended the meeting in London but the Lord didn’t allow it to happen for some reason, and that mistake obviously led him to join forces against me with Chris Renton once Renton had latched onto him. This was the person from Luton who came up with the idea of just using the same name as the Welsh Defence League for the movement in England because MfE at that point were not up to the task of leading a National movement. It was a genuine mistake not to have invited him to that meeting but because of all of the security clearances he boasted on the day we were protesting in Woodgreen London, and his wanting to keep a low profile, I might have thought he did not want in? (Romans 8:28) This is one of his poems he wrote and I posted; he was very prominent on facebook straight after the disruption of the Anglian Regiment’s homecoming and even ended up on Joe Cleary’s 1 million Facebook group about Wooton Basset. We had a vocal argument on his Facebook wall when Steven Yeoman’s (not Yaxley )march in support of the troops in Luton was cancelled, which descended into stupidness and idol threats. He will remember this exactly and when we joked about it in London. Chris Renton got very close to him at the beginning and again sowed the seeds of division against me.

He is in this picture from the Whitechapel protest with Marshy: image

I wonder whether the Renton brothers are even brothers, take a look at them below. Renton was one of very few from outside Luton who was present on the May 24th 2009 protest and made a point of getting right in with leadership from the very start. Are they brothers, agents of some kind, or members of the extreme political neo-nazi far-right in Britain? Who knows their school backgrounds? Who they are and where they come from? And family connections? Mine were brought in by “Tommy” and his uncle Kevin, so let’s get to the bottom of this, and who we are dealing with.

Chris Renton was posting on Stormfront in the name of the EDL, encouraging them to attend a demo on 8/8. 8/8 means Heil Hitler in neo-nazi ideology, and it was at this point I pulled my support and publicly distanced myself from the movement, but under a false sense of loyalty because the leadership were from Luton, and I supported the membership who were there for the right reasons, I continued to support the EDL for a short while after.

BNP's Chris Renton on 8/8: image

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Anders Breivik claims he is a part of Knights Templar Order that is willing to murder nearly 100 innocent children, and he passed a comment about the thought of his ‘mentor’ possibly being the one to set up the English Defence League which puts Breivik at the scene of the first London meeting, just not in person.

What is the significance of the clock the day the seeds were sown for my removal from within the EDL, and do Chris Renton or his brother know Alan Lake personally, because if so, Alan Lake could have set up the meeting in the pub with the clock that day as proof he was behind the EDL for the future. But he wasn’t, he just latched onto it, like Roberta Moore.

Or the picture of that clock linking us all is just one massive coincidence (an act of God)?

He needed to use treachery from the very start to remove my leadership role over the movement because it was me who set all the pieces of the English Defence League in place with the streets and ideological sides together, then setting it in motion through my writings and videos. The EDL you see is a hijacked version, and I have stated this from the very beginning.

Further reading: Who really founded the EDL?

It just depends on whether or not there is another attack very shortly because that would be a real declaration of war from a group of people who want a real and bloody guerilla war against European governments, and it would show the intent of the group to continue till the end, win or lose. If this is a group, then they probably do have a couple of cells like Breivik says because it’s not too hard over almost 10 years if you have the financial capability to recruit and indoctrinate someone to your cause if you are committed. That’s why he told you, so the warning hangs over your head as a threat. It just depends on whether or not the leadership is threatened enough after Breivik because you cannot fully know the outcome from the fall out of something so evil, and whether or not they were capable to attack so soon after. Longer they leave it the more desperate the leadership will get if your closing in on them.

What about "Tommy's" little Luton puppy who acts on his masters orders, and who petrol bombed the mosque on "Tommy" & Co's command? I know exactly who you are!

Further reading: Irish Catholic EDL linked to UVF & White Supremacists

When moslems attack on this scale, there is always more than just 1 lone crazed wolf, there is a network with him and behind him, or at least an accomplice.

Just depends on whether or not he is one lone crazed political nut, or he is a part of an organised group with intent to wage a terror campaign in Norway and against other European governments. What really is my role in all of this? Just a fall guy?

Do the Norwegian government or anyone else want to admit there is a murderous group out there or is it easier to cover this up as ‘one lone crazed wolf’, inspired by me?

Everything points to Alan Lake, it just depends on who Alan Lake is and how far up the ladder do his connections go? Whether they are enough to protect him and save his life.

He has stated in his statement over Anders Breivik that he has a friend who lost a friend at both locations in Norway, which would mean to suggest, he has links into the Norwegian government, because one of the buildings was a government building.

Why would Alan Lake put him at the scene of the crime himself, when he is being questioned on being the English ‘mentor’ of Breivik. Was that because he knows he has no way out of the police knowing he has travelled to Norway, or was it a threat to the Norwegian government?

We know absolutely nothing about Alan Lake or his political connections, only his nazi ideals.

How many of you know someone, who was connected to someone else, who had been murdered at both locations in Norway? Very close to the crime, and then you ask, has he been to Norway in the past few years, although Sweden is next door and he visits there on a regular basis.

It might have been a pure coincidence that he took the name ‘Richard’, as in Lionheart-ed, before me but the Lord knows everything as He sits watching over His people. I am not mentioned once in the manifesto as Lionheart, and I have only ever used Lionheart, never Lionheart-ed.

The truth will come out.

I was put forward as the mentor because of the similarities to their secret false Templar group he claims to be a part of and our belief about the Islamisation of Europe. But their main enemy is the left wing Establishment and not moslem fundamentalists which means they are not Templars they are only cloaked in the garb for some reason. They probably knew this would happen with me because I was intertwined with Alan Lake and the EDL, so they also sprinkled some disinformation about being linked to brother Nick in Liberia and other stuff, and then you have the perfect set up for a bunch of fall guys.

Instead you have our attention and our professed loyalties go straight to the Crown of England, and I personally am not going to take this or anything else from anyone, so let’s see who is now removed because of this act of war against the Norwegian people that goes straight to their Crowned Royal Family.

Also was the name ‘Richard’ as being the mentor, the convenient smoking gun to apportion blame on me, and have me arrested for encouraging a domestic terrorist atrocity in Norway by an insane lone wolf sitting at his computer getting brainwashed by my anti-Islam ideals whilst promoting Templarism. Islamic fundementalists maybe, innocent children absolutely no way whatsoever!

That much of a fan of my work he didn’t even contact me: Eminem Stan

What is the significance of the Templar clock on the day of the first meeting in London, what is the significance to the claim of wondering if it was his ‘mentor’ who formed the EDL, who he supplied ideological information too, and is this English mentor real?

Everything points directly to Alan Lake and his premeditated take-over of the English Defence League, along with Chris Renton, unless that clock picture was fake (ask Jeff Marsh), or just pure coincidence, but that’s a long shot now Breivik has just killed all these innocent children and pointed blame in our direction professing to be by Knights Templar’s and alluding that I could be his mentor based upon the EDL.

You can only be Knights Templar’s with God on your side and these people have the devil on their side to do what they have done. They have wrapped themselves in Godly clothes professing to be prophets of a new age, and another war but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing and will be removed from the sheepfold very soon.

I wonder if Alan Lake is a twisted hereditary Knight, because we do have them of course, Knights that is, not twisted ones, although I am sure they would not want this type of blood on their hands for the anonymous Mr Lake.

We will not sit back and be stitched up by a false bunch of knights who murder innocent children in the name of Christianity and Templarism.

You will see very shortly.

1. This all sounds strange but it’s true, the Templar clock at the beginning the very day of the meeting in London when the EDL was set in place, and Marshy should have been there but met the infamous Chris Renton at another location instead (verified by Jeff Marsh).

What is the meaning of this?

2. There is the Knights Templar group that Breivik talks of being a part of, and has linked himself too the EDL, by saying that his ‘mentor’ in his Knighthood was at that first EDL meeting in London, and then the image of a Templar clock features prominently on that very day in the midst of treachery against me at the hands of Alan Lake.

3. The picture proves a very credible circumstantial link to Breivik’s implied thought that he wonders if his ‘mentor’ was behind setting the EDL up in the beginning because that clock happened for a reason.

Is Alan Lake linked to Chris Renton or his brother?

4. Chris Renton was a hardcore BNP Gold member linked to BNP leaders and especially in Wales who were going to print the merchandise for the EDL at the beginning. Breivik sent his manifesto to many in the EDL and BNP.

5. The last public statement I heard Alan Lake make was that he was ready to go to the next level now because he had fulfilled his vision of a street movement made up of football hooligans, with control of the EDL in England, and wanted to go back to Sweden to preach his ideals.

What does the next level mean? A terrorist campaign?

6. Read my thoughts over the last few days pointing out many things.

7. I look forward to news of Alan Lake’s arrest or TV interview.

Video: Chris Renton 1

Video: Chris Renton 2

Video: Chris Renton 3

What they did was not Templarism, they are wolves in sheeps clothing and will be exposed as such by the Lord, that’s if their actions don’t catch up with them beforehand which I think it will.

Why is Alan Lake hiding? What has he got to hide?

No matter how far out there this all seems to be, what I say is the truth from my perspective, with me currently being blamed for a cold blooded political mass murder of children in Norway which is as far out there as it gets.

The conspiracy!

Such a senseless tragedy against weak, innocent and vulnerable children in the name of Templarism…

And then blaming a Templar for it.

The devil is a liar.

Light v Darkness

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Why didn’t he mention Congo diamonds if I am his directly connected English ‘mentor’? Because very few people knew what I have been doing over the last 18 months. This video below was uploaded but closed from everyone except to the people I chose to show it to. I have opened it today to provide more evidence of the attempt to stitch me up as Breivik’s English ‘mentor’.

He is either nuts and a lone ‘fantasist ‘wolf, or he is attempting to frame me on-behalf of others?

Who could the others be if it is an attempted stitch up?

30 July 2011

Alan Lake's denial broken down

Further reading: 'Richard' the mentor

I do not know this man, I have never met him, and I am not his mentor
Would he say anything else, I wonder what his facial expressions would be having to deny on camera and not behind a computer screen?

I did not even get involved with any political issues until the end of 2007
Dates are debatable with Breivik and could all point to subtle clues in the linking of the 'mentor' that only him and his 'mentor' know, as a subtle personal gesture between the 2, that only they know. Thats what secret groups do, leave clues and symblos everywhere.

He is not a member of 4Freedoms, as far as I can see, and does not appear to be a member of the Norwegian Room either.
If you were involved in a group and had a Norwegian pawn willing to commit the acts that Breivik did, you would make sure he didnt ever sign up to your website. Basic fact when planning a terrorist attack against a Government.

With 600 EDL facebook friends, I am sure he would have known of the 4Freedoms site, so why did he not join the Norway group? He was active online after all.

I have no interest in the Knights Templar movement, and in fact, strongly resisted any attempts to get me involved in the promotion of such a movement, as I see it as a waste of time.

So why is the financial and political controller of the EDL going around the Country with the EDL using a Templar Cross as their emblem? Complete contradiction
"I strongly resisted any attempts to get me involved in the promotion of such a movement"

Distancing himself from Templarism when its staring you in the face, with him wearing the clothes via the EDL. He might not wear the t-shirts on the streets, but his drunken drugged up street thugs, under the command of "Tommy" do.

I categorically condemn his actions, which have also killed friends of a friend of mine - one in Oslo and two on Utoya island.
So Alan Lake is linked directly to Norway and Oslo. How many of you reading this are linked directly to Norway and Oslo, and have you ever been there? Definitely not me.

Ouch, would be very damaging for Alan Lake if he has ever been to Norway considering he is DIRECTLY linked to Norway.

In hundreds of pages of online comment over 3 years, I only made one injudicious statement which I withdrew within 1 day. 1 day exposure to your mindest was enough, and I do believe there is more. That statement has been kept alive by leftist websites eager to cause damage to society. Maybe because its only Leftist websites that are tracking your crazy mind to see who you are.

They should be held responsible for perpetuating that statement, and any damage it may cause. Not my fault your honour...I said it but its them now telling everyone that i said it, thats the problem, its their fault everyone now wants to talk to me about what I said.

There are numerous totally false and fabricated stories circulating about me in the media at the moment. Those who are doing this should reflect on the effect this latent dishonesty has on the community discourse. Shoe on other foot comes to mind, but thats no suprise with the EDL leadership.

Anyway, you just supported my claims about you posted on this blog, with hard facts linking you to Norway, and you now threatening institutions of State in the name of Breivik's, using his act to further your political agenda against the State.

By using a succession of lies and dirty tricks to discredit any messenger they disagree with, they also succeed in shutting up those people who are weak in discourse, who then lose faith in the democratic process and the institutions of government. A political statement to his enemies.

Does Breivik look like someone weak in his ability to conduct meaningful discourse?

He looks more like a willing sacrifice for a political agenda.

It is not unreasonable to think that, it is precisely this suppression which causes people like Anders Breivik to seek other outlets for their anger. For this reason, I hold those sections of the media, which use dirty tricks and dishonesty, partly responsible for this tragedy. Another political statement.

There can be absolutely justification for the cold blooded murder of nearly 100 innocent children, that is a new form of nazism, so his act should never be used to justify a political agenda.

He committed a crime against humanity, and those behind him are complicit, and believe me when I tell you I do not fear any of you, today, tomorrow, next week, or ever!

Innocent children are not legitimate targets in anything!

I am not the type of person to have that communication problem. I am fully engaged in, and committed to, the process of discourse in secular democracy. But those media that are now circulating totally false and scurrilous speculation about this sad event, should reflect on the implications of their behaviour, and the further harm they cause.

Quote: "I am not the type of person to have that communication problem" Why dont you come out and face the cameras and refute the claims then Mr Lake?

Because your scared of something, but it doesnt matter now, its too late, so only a matter of time until they bust your proverbial if they havent already.

I reckon you are fully under surveillance now, but I suppose you have been well prepared for this day over the coming months when you knew something was coming.

Why did Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer recently jump from your ship at the orders of your EDL darling Roberta Moore who said the EDL had been taken over by nazi's?

Your well and truly implicated...even worse for you if you have ever visited Norway itself which looks very likely.


And to conclude, not one single message of condolances to those caught up in the Norwegian tragedy that he is now directly implemented in. Nor a public message of support or condolance for those he said he knew who were caught up in the event (How coincidental he knew victims, whats the statistics and possibility of that one?)

Places him directly in Norway.

If I was a psychiatrist alarm bells would be ringing at that statement of denial above.

Wouldnt it be a turn up for the books if the chickens came home to roost on you and your group Mr Lake, if you are linked to this mass murder. If you are then its only a matter of time, and I would do whatever I can to help get to the truth of who was behind the act that I have been falsely implicated in, for those murdered children who no longer have a voice and their grieving families. I think there is overwhelming circumstantial evidence to have you arrested, your whole life turned upside down and you interrogated to the max.

Thats Templarism!

Under no circumstances is the murder of nearly 100 children justifiable in a civilised world, and our forfathers fought that kind of evil in Hitler to make our world civilised.

My Conclusion

Anders Breivik carried out his terrorist attack, which is deemed an act against humanity towards the people of Norway due to the nature of the event, in the name of his Norwegian mentor Fjordman.

Either I have been mistakenly accused of being his mentor based on the strenuous links to the name 'Richard', some clandestine meeting in London and my Templar ideals. Along with some very convenient pointers to the founding of the English Defence League, of which Alan Lake was present so could most certainly be linked on that point. Alan Lake lives in London, has Christian heritage and is linked to Breivik's part of the world.

Or the finger has been pointed at me to deflect blame, encouraged along in the UK media by Alan Lake & Co's EDL puppet "Tommy Robinson".

Was Breivik acting on-behalf of Fjordman, Alan Lake and their European anti-jihad group, or was he just inspired by them and a lone wolf?

There is no other conclusion!

Why have the media who have read the manifesto not reported anywhere about Fjordman and his over 100 links to Breivik, nor quoted from any of his extensive online essays that link him directly to calling for a revolution from within against the left wing multiculturalist Establishment?

2 + 2 = 4

ITV News

Interview with Norwegian press


What I was doing in 2002

I know that this does not prove that I was not at a secretive forming of a false Knights Templar Order in London, but it kind of calls the claim into serious question, showing what I was doing with my life at that point in time.

Who is Fjordman & where is Alan Lake?

Was Fjordman one of the other people professing to be a Knight in the 2002 London meeting?

Ill face the Norwegian people to get to the bottom of the truth behind their National tragedy at the hands of this cold blooded mass murderer.

All ideological influences clearly come from another Norwegian 'Fjordman', yet I and others, are conveniently being directly implemented by Breivik to deflect all attention away from his Norwegian spiritual mentor, and whoever surrounds him. Also "Tommy Robinson" linked to Alan Lake, Chris Knowles and all other support, is using his media platform from the EDL to directly and publicly call me Breivik's 'mentor' which the media lap up like the wolves that some of them are, and then disseminate those lies as if fact, thus creating a whole body of lies purported to be evidence claiming me to be the 'mentor' and linked to Breivik's.

Those newspapers better have their cheque books ready for the libel action coming your way when I am proven right.

If he is insane and a lone wolf then he took pieces from our lives to create a story (false reality) because it is lies and does not add up. Nick was in prison in 2002 and I have only known Nick in person for 2 years which would means I could not be his mentor because he links himself with Nick and Liberia, also Nick has never been to Liberia. I would have had to have known Nick before 2009 and it does not add up.

If he has a political motive then he is not insane and their are others directly involved with him, and I know for a fact it is not me, so why has he implemented me?

So which is it? Madness or political motivation? Not very hard is it?

If it is political then its certain their are others out there linked to him considering the the severity of the attack, the manifesto setting out his reasons, and his claims. Thats a committed group who have been planning and preparing for a European revolution and Breivik was the first sacrifice for the cause, exactly how he sees himself. And the EDL is under the control of the people he talks about in his manifesto via Alan Lake and Chris Knowles. The writers like Fjordman, GoV and Paul Weston endorse the EDL leadership in they eyes of their readership.

Further reading: EDL child sex offender cover up

Another attack would enforce their dominance and capability, and scare the life out of all European governments, striking fear into the heart of the EU and would change the political landscape. Other independent groups and inviduals would then be inspired to conduct their own operations creating a snowball effect which is exactly what Breivik wants, unless he is a lone wolf creating a story?

A small group of 7 - 9 couldnt change Europe on their own, but they could inspire others with similar views via acts like Breivik and force a social shift which is what a revolution is all about.

Are there others and are the committed? If yes, then Breivik has shown you their committement to the cause.

If I am right in anything I have written, then they have nothing left but another terrorist attack as they attempt to protect themselves and deflect attention. Time will tell. But if the 2002 meeting did take place then I believe what he says about other cells linked to that specific group out there is real (thats my opinion).

Why not one mainstream media report asking who Fjordman or Alan Lake is? Fjordman because he is Norwegian and has a direct link (mentioned 100 times) and association with the manifesto, and Lake because of his external links linking him to Breivik, the European anti-jihad movement especially in Sweden, Christianity in London, his political and financial control over the EDL and his extreme nazi ideals.

Alan Lake knew there was absolutely no other way other than to get rid of me because my only aim has been the removal of "Tommy" and uncle Kev from the EDL leadership which would mean Lake & Co losing control of the English street protest movement. He openly talks about executing people on TV so what lengths would him and his close associates go to, to further their political aims and neutralise their No.1 enemy? The have the money, influence and the will thats why they have been controlling and using their corrupted extreme right wing EDL movement as a tool to further their political cause and ideologies, the same political cause as Breivik based upon his manifesto. Although Breivik was on a different level than the EDL, and had a different role to play which has ended in the Oslo massacre. The EDL and the likes of the BNP are then left to dictate the extreme right wing cause in the aftermath with threats of it happening in England unless they are listened too, which is exactly what has happened with "Tommy Robinson".

Come on: Alan Lake

I am not even mentioned in the manifesto, yet I am in the centre of the storm being accused of being his mentor. You have got to be thick and stupid not to see I am being fed to the wolves as bait for the cover up of this act of extreme right wing political terrorism. Its easy to spend years writing a manifesto and then right at the end tweak it anyway you like for whatever reason you want, and how convenient for the little nazi Alan Lake that the finger has been directly pointed at me and my associates.

Play the game fair and ask where Fjordman is, and who is? The same as with Alan Lake and bring their real names and identities to the table so the media can put them under the spotlight to see whether or not they are involved in this act to further their agenda.

These fully grown men are not spending their time and money on their form of politics for nothing are they?

Geert Wilders is directly linked to them!

Now thats not going to look very good for him now is it?

The same as Lord Pearson of Rannoch who is directly linked to Alan Lake and Fjordman.

He has a choice, make the right move now and take the necessary steps to speak to the Norwegian authorities and tell them who Fjordman and Alan Lake are and his links, or be completely finished because of his guilt by association of a crime against humanity in his name because everyone in the European anti-jihad movement linked to them are now finished unless they put out public statements now.

Nows the time to show your integrity and moral compass to the world so that your beliefs and opinions about the threat facing Europe can be heard from that basis. Not tainted by the guilt by association of a mass murder of innocent children in the name of politics.

Why did Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer split away from their support of the EDL citing it had been taken over by neo-nazis, and then 2 weeks later this event happens which has the potential to destroy all of them if they are linked to anything that was going to happen (knowingly or unknowingly). Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller have got way to much to lose to be directly associated and linked with any militant activity carried out in Europe.

We are not talking about targeting Islamic fundamentalists, we are talking about the mass murder of nearly 100 innocent children just because of their parents politics.

I still class 'Gaia' as a friend even though she sat back and allowed things to happen and unfold over the past 2 years, so you have no alternative now, they are already asking about Lake and Highgate, so she is your connection.

And I know you are a Christian Dymphna so you have no alternative before the Lord, but to do the right thing and tell those who are asking, everything you know just like I have done for the sake of the innocence and their families.

Think you can stitch me up to remove me!

They thought we were the perfect fall guys for this - They were obviously very mistaken, do we look like fall guys for the likes of Alan Lake, "Tommy" and uncle Kev?

Who could have ever imagined it would have gone as far as to end up with the murder of nearly 100 innocent children, a crime against humanity. Wouldnt it have been easier and cleaner to have just come and attempted the job against me alone, rather than allow such a despicable act occur against children. Then try and point the blame towards me expecting me to get locked up for a few years for being his ideological mentor.

How stupid!

Far fetched? Imagine how far fetched to be sitting in the centre of the worlds media falsely accused of being the mentor behind the mass murder of almost 100 innocent children in Norway. There is an explanation and this is my hypothesis.

I was not at any meeting in 2002 for a fact so this is a lie unless it is someone else he talks of as being his mentor and not me. He did not feed me any ideological material at the start of the EDL, if it is true and he did, unless he is lying, and the claim about his mentor setting up the EDL clearly puts me in the frame, or Alan Lake. Taking 'Lionheart' from Richard is the only possibility, along with "Tommy Robinson" spouting Im the 'mentor'. But everyone is claiming its 'Lionheart-ed' and I have never ever used the name 'Lionhearted'.

Psalm 105:15 Saying, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.”



Norwegians trying to pass the hot potato to UK

Quote: In an article in The Foreigner Norwegian News in English is stated that Paul Ray admitted Breivik connection, instead that you may have had contact with Breivik.

The article also calls Paul Ray's denial of direct contact with Breivik as "hollow".


I would like to know on which facts is the author of this article making such statements? He does not reveals his sources.

Is it not possible that he is trying to cover Fjordman's "mentorship"? Can we exclude the theory that the Norwegians out of shame for admitting in front of the whole world that they definitely have a problem with home-grown white Norwegian terrorism try to "pass the hot potato" to the UK?

As Prof. Massimo Introvigne, the director of the Centre for the Study of New Religions stated, "the most quoted author is the popular anti-Muslim Norwegian blogger Fjordman" and "Breivik claims to be a followers of the “Vienna School of Thought”, whose leading exponent is acknowledged in Fjordman and whose name is taken from the victorious battle against Islam fought in Vienna in 1683. The anti-Islamic blog The Brussels Journal is also identified as part of the Vienna School."

Beside that, Breivik's manifesto is named after the name of Fjordman's essay "European Declaration of Independence", Fjordman's name appears more than hundred times in the manifesto, and Breivik directly follows Fjordman's advice that 'Islam isn't the cause of Europe's weakness but rather a secondary infection' which execution we saw directly in practice by Breivik...


29 July 2011

The man who wanted me killed like Theo Van Goth in Amsterdam

The man below is a member of the banned group Islam4uk, he was investigated as part of this same enquiry for which he has just received 12 years, for his calls to have me murdered. He compared his idea for my murder with Theo Van Goth's. Theo Van Goth who is a grandson of the late great Vincent Van Goth was brutally murdered in Amsterdam for producing a film about the supression of women in Islam with Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

A British MP was almost murdered because of him.

I question why has this happened and come to light now when I am in the middle of being accused of being the mentor of a mass murderer.

"Tommy Robinson's" use of Van Goth's memory in Newcastle and Alan Lake's public declaration at the same time was what sparked the very public confrontation with him that resulted in him and his uncle crossing the line of human decency into an act of war, whilst coked out of their brains.

So moslems aligned to Al Qaeda in Britain wanting to kill me, Irish Catholics targeting my family, and now being accused of being the mentor of a mass murderer, with the Times doing a proper smear job on me using the pictures from
this to imply I am a terrorist.


Am I the mentor or do I have some extreme right wing enemies with money and secrecy stitching me up as they seek to dictate to the European political debate through terrorism? If so nearly 100 innocent children murdered in cold blood doesnt get any worse and shows the world their capability.

I know what they all have to lose and the levels they would go but do you?

The enemy of Templar's is Islamic fundamentalists, and the enemy of the Right wing is the Left wing. Who was murdered in cold blood? Please read my posts over the last couple of days.

They had no option but to remove me because it was only a matter of time for them and then they would have lost everything.

Was Ander's Breivik their willing pawn?

By the way, who was coaching "Tommy" to do Freemason hand signs in some of his speeches on camera?

If a man (Alan Lake) would talk about executing people on mainstream Swedish/Norwegian TV, it doesnt take much to imagine what he would say behind closed doors, or what he would plan with those people behind closed doors.

Why has no one spoken to Alan Lake about these accusations?

Instead blame has been conveniently levelled at me.

Who was the very first person who publicly claimed that I was 'Richard' the mentor that the worlds media have run with? Who was the one using this tragedy to further his political cause in Britain through the media, and smear me at the same time?

How serious are my enemies behind the puppets, and how high do they go? I can link them to the very top of the European anti-jihad movement.

Look at Alan Lakes final solution to see his ideals of having political figures murdered. Talking about executing people on TV and passing a plan to his followers of what to do to political figures seen as Left wing or Marxist.

What is their position on the Monarchy?

War is War and have they just declared it?

Breivik has passed a manifesto for others to follow in his footsteps, and pointed everyone to the mindest of his people which includes Alan Lake and many among the EDL. I am not one of them because he never mentioned me in the manifesto, nor sent it to me.

I have been conveniently fingered by him for arrest which takes the heat off everyone else mentioned in the manifesto, and removes me from being a threat to them.

If I was not writing this line then you would not be thinking it, and the public would be happy to see me take the blame because they know nothing else because they dont know the inner workings of the European anti-jihad movement and the people involved.

Killing innocent children because they are left wing is definitely not part of my mindest, which means it is not part of this blog, which means this blog could not have influenced such an act, so where did the influence for his act come from? Fjordman & Co

You only need a couple of people with intent to carry out such an attack.

This blog has been analysed by the Security Services, and the CPS when I was under arrest for 18 months, and they know the truth.

It is easy to point the finger of blame at me.

Theres another 2 cells out there? Bit convenient if you wanted to have me arrested and taken out of the game, based upon our openess on this blog. Not very polite if I was his mentor is it? Stitch me up like a kipper?

A conspiracy to commit a terrorist attack in the name of extreme right wing domestic politics.

The truth will come out believe me!

Below is the man sentenced today who was actively engaged in encouraging others to murder me in the name of Islam4uk.

Full article:
Islamic extremist

Further reading:
British Al Qaeda

Some facts

Please read to put video into context: Our enemies

How far are the forces behind the English Defence League and the European anti-jihad movement willing to go to start a civil war in every country throughout Europe with Islam?

The EDL are supported by the Jewish Task Force and by the Canadian Jewish Defence League who want to use the EDL to start a war with Islam in the UK. They have publicly said as much. Also the nazi Roberta Moore has publicly stated that it is her and anyone with/behind her who is using the EDL, not the other way around. And what do a couple of second generation Irish Catholics care aslong as their faces are all over the media, they are dictating on the streets and making a wealthy, healthy profit in the mean time.

What is going on on the extreme right-wing intellectual financial side of the anti-jihad movement in Europe that could be behind Breivik?

Ive been out of those circles for nearly 2 years, and have had absolutely no communication with any of them during that time.

They thought I would be the perfect fall guy to deflect the blame, that I would have been arrested immediately, the worlds media would have convicted and condemned me, and that would be case closed.

Now we know who our enemies are!

I reckon the British police said to the Norwegians "no way" about my involvement, which is probably why I was not immediately arrested as being that 'other cell' out there, or being an accomplice in his henious crime against the Left wing Norwegian Establishment.

British Al Qaeda wanting to murder me

I have just received a call from West Midlands police to inform me that Bilal Ahmad has today been given a 12 year sentence for inciting murder against British MP's. Bilal Ahmad is the same person who the police investigated without my knowledge for inciting death threats against myself.

BBC: Blogger inciting murder

They did not pursue this case due to the case against the MP's for which he received the 12 years.

I was supplied information by an intelligence source about the threat against MP's and wrote a warning that can be read here: Al Qaeda target British MP's

The Conservative MP Steven Timms was then almost murdered by a crazed moslem woman: Steven Timms

The threats against my life by Bilal Ahmed of Islam4uk can be seen here: moslem threats

My official Osman warning: An act of war

Our Enemies

Paul Weston (far left) Chris Knowles of Civil Liberties Alliance (centre) and Alan Lake. I cut out the Jewish Task Force leader standing with them

Below: Irish Catholic's Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka "Tommy" and his uncle Kevin Carroll, along with their spiritual advisor an American Rabbi dictating things upon Christian England's soil - Video: Luton demo

Dont you think it strange that all of the people mentioned by Breivik in his manifesto are the leaders of the intellectual side of the European anti-jihad movement, which includes Fjordman his Norwegian mentor, who is also linked to Alan Lake and Chris Knowles at Civil Liberties Alliance. The ones behind the hijacked English Defence League.

Not to mention Gates of Vienna and their European conferences.

Pamella Geller pulled her support of the EDL before the atrocity citing that the movement had been hijacked by nazis. I told her this at the very beginning which is well documented and was slandered by her for it daring to say such a thing. Instead she ended up in being in-bed with them for the life of the EDL.

If I was his mentor then do you not think it would have been polite courtesy to mention me by name in his manifesto, or at least send it to me?

Instead he told the police there was another Templar cell out there, along with conveniently pointing towards me, so that the police would come and arrest me and the people I am connected with, thus eliminating a threat to their control over the European anti-jihad movement and their vision for Europe. British police know exactly who I am, and who my associates are, and where our loyalties lay and it is to the Crown and our Protestant faith, not some extreme far-right political ideology. This is why I have not been arrested.

They must have thought the perfect patsy to deflect blame.

Wrong move by them.

I can link Alan Lake to the very top of the political elite within the anti-jihad movement in Europe, which includes Geert Wilders. The European ideological political side of the movement which includes Fjordman and Alan Lake has set out their own vision for Europe, of which Breivik followed to a T, even naming them as the writers he most followed and quoted. The English Defence League was a part of that plan and a tool in their hands, maybe like Breivik himself (time will tell), and Lake had to remove me at the beginning because of my initial influence because it was not inline with his plans and control over the movement.

The European intellectual side of the anti-jihad call a bunch of drunk drugged up thugs the 'saviour of Western civilisation' thats the onus they put on the EDL, and "Tommy" & Kev were their leaders. We took it to them directly to remove that leadership of the EDL, so that the movement could be placed back in the hands of the people who make up the movement. Without that leadership, their plans of using the EDL to forward their political vision for Europe would come unstuck.

A couple of Irish Catholics controlling an English patriotic movement on English soil? Come on!

How much time, money, effort and political influence at the highest levels were they excersing to continue the march of the EDL across England and into Europe?

I jeapordised that.

Now Breivik has committed a mass murder against left wing children, wrapped up the act in my spiritual clothes and pointed the finger at me believing I would be arrested. Not a very nice thing to do to your mentor is it? Commit mass murder then point the finger at the mentor.

They severly underestimate me and the God whome I serve.

Let it be known that there are millions of people around the world who uphold the ideals of Templarism in their hearts and in their minds just like me, and they and their beliefs are at complete emnity with Breivik and his actions.

Alan Lake and who ever surrounds him were seeking to start a war on English soil, using English patriots, in the name of an English defence. Let it be known that if there is ever to be a war upon English soil it will be a defensive war dictated by the English, not Europeans or Canadian Jews and their Irish puppets.

We dictate what happens upon English soil, isnt that right Snowy?

Alan Lake and whoever supports him, and Steven Yaxley-Lennon & Kevin Carroll declared war upon the people of England, and there will only be one winner at the end of a war, and your world has just become alot smaller around you and your close associates.

You will see in the coming days that I am not linked to this man other than by his convinient finger pointing, but the same cannot be said for those linked right to the top and people like Geert Wilders.

You think I take my name lightly 'Lionheart of England'?

Now we know exactly who our enemies are!

List: Enemies of England


28 July 2011

No link to Breivik

Imagine if the extreme far-right ideological political side of the European anti-jihad movement of which Lake & Co are all linked, have attempted to frame me with Breiveik?

Following info courtesy of a friend who went through the whole manifesto to see where I could be linked.


The evidence that excludes you as a possible spiritual mentor of Breivik:

1. Breivik was a Freemason:

page 1369 of his Manifesto declares:

"According to the NS movement the Freemasons are a Zionist organisation. Being a Free Mason myself I know that this is not only a false claim but actually quite
ridiculous. The Freemasons is not in any way political (I wish the organisation was, believe me)..."

2. Breivik was not a Christian fundamentalist, not even religious person, as he himself states on the page 1344 of his manifesto.

He is also against religion, which he considers as a pathetic support for weak people only:

"I’m not going to pretend I’m a very religious person as that would be a lie. I’ve always been very pragmatic and influenced by my secular surroundings and environment. In the past, I remember I used to think;
“Religion is a crutch for weak people. What is the point in believing in a higher power if you have confidence in yourself!? Pathetic.” "

3. Fundamentalist Christianity is based on non-violence of Jesus:

Matthew 26:52 "Put your sword back in its place," Jesus said to him, "for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.

4. Breivik followed to the dot the spiritual mentorship of Fjordman:

-(a) Breivik chose for the name of his manifesto the name of Fjordsman's essay "European Declaration of Independence"

- (b) the name of Fjordman appears more than 100 times in the manifesto,while the name of Lionheart or Paul Ray does not appear anywhere in the document.

- (c) the person Breivik speaks about his English connection "Richard the Lionhearted", and notice here the two letters "-ed" at the end of the name. Therefore, as your nickname is Lionheart, and not Lionhearted, and you are not Richard, but Paul, it is absolutely unsubstantial claim that you ever had anything to do with Breivik or his philosophy

- (d) Breivik faithfully followed the ideas of Fjordman, as these quotes from the Manifesto clearly show:

We, the cultural conservative and anti-fascists of Europe must therefore do everything possible to defend democracy and freedom and prevent a fascist dictatorship by seizing power and enforce a harsh but just democracy. This can only be accomplished by overthrowing the current Western European multiculturalist regimes by seizing power through armed resistance and a military coup when the time is right. This is the only way to safeguard democracy long term. Sure, it will be bloody.

Fjordman, from his essay From the death of Multiculturalism:
However, just as Islam isn't the cause of Europe's weakness but rather a secondary infection, ...
Source: http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2006/10/suggestions-for-solutions-preliminary.html

“And what country can preserve its liberties, if it's rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” Thomas Jefferson
In my essay about the retreat of the Western world order[1], I mentioned the possibility of civil strife in the West caused by runaway immigration. This is no longer just a theoretical possibility.
1. http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2006/04/retreat-of-western-world-order.html

Perhaps we could derail Eurabia by dismantling the EU? This would require that Europe regain her old, cultural and religious dynamic and repel Islam. Just as Islam isn’t the cause of Europe’s current weakness, but rather a secondary infection,...

Europe lost the cold war due to the fact that we didn't persecute the Marxists after WW2. If we had executed each and every Marxist and banned Marxist doctrines (not only the economical aspects but the cultural as well – internationalism, extreme feminism, extreme egalitarianism, anti-elitism, anti- nationalism) we would not be in the current situation.

Nationalism is the anti-thesis of multiculturalism/internationalism. In order for nationalism to succeed, multiculturalism must be deconstructed and vice versa.

Many Europeans put restraints on themselves because they think it’s still hope; hope to solve our problems democratically. This leads to hesitation and delays them from joining resistance movements. Europeans needs to understand that there is no hope of solving our problems through our elected parliamentarians. The sooner people realise this, the sooner they will be able to contribute to solve our core problems. Our survival depends upon it.

An increasing number of Europeans will learn in the coming two decades that the only realistic approach to saving our identities, cultures, traditions and even nations will be to contribute in various ways in the emerging European Resistance Movements.

7 out of the 8 resistance fronts are non-violent. As of now, in phase 1, most people refrain from reacting through armed resistance since they live in economic prosperity, and to stand up for their ideas would send them into suffering. However, soon enough we will have an economic collapse that will make the current recession look like a picnic. And then, ordinary citizens will face suffering day in and day out. And at that point standing up for their ideas through armed struggle will come at no extra cost.

Extreme Far-Right

Firstly I would like to make it perfectly clear that I have absolutely no problem with travelling to Norway and speaking with the Norwegian authorities about anything considering the blame that has been apportioned towards me over Anders Breivik. Contact the Associated Press video interviwer, she will make all the necessary arrangements I am sure.

Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy Robinson” leader of the English Defence League has used his media platform to publicly state that I am ‘Richard’ the mentor, with absolutely no supportive evidence to that claim, and due to his public profile the media have run with that claim. Thus the worlds media are printing his claim as if it is a fact.

Lets be clear here, he never booted me from any organisation as he claims, he is using this inhumane crime to further his own political agenda, and he is using his media platform gained from this tragedy to single out myself to deflect blame from his leadership of the EDL. All very good for him considering I was his biggest critic.

Anders Breivik was in contact with 600 EDL members, and sent his manifesto to many of them along with his BNP contacts. Who within the extreme far-right of the British political spectrum was he in communication with? I was not mentioned once in his manifesto, did not receive his manifesto and was not in contact with him in anyway shape or form.

He claims the anti-jihad writer Fjordman is his most influential person within the European anti-jiahd movement.

Breivik targeted the extreme Left wing of the political spectrum, as can be seen from the Marxist hunting club logo. There is a similar organisation in the UK linked to the Far-right called the UAF hunting club.

The Far-left is the enemy of the Far-right in politics, and both have attempted to achieve their aims against each other through violence, never before to this level though, but it is a fact of the political conflict between the 2 opposing sides.

Why did Breivik dressed as a Knight and professing Templarism, not target moslems, the historical enemy of any Christian Knighthood?

Was dressing himself up in the garb to deflect blame from others in the extreme far-right movement in Britain and Europe, because he definitely was not a Christian, even saying as much in his manifesto, and he definitely was not involved with any credible knighthhood with any type of moral code of conduct.

I have stated my belief about Alan Lake and supported that claim with compelling circumstantial evidence.

How serious, how organised and how far up the social ladder does the extreme far-right go?

Doesn’t always have to be black boot wearing nazi tattoo skinheads who are a threat, those with money and influence mixing in their little groups are a lot more dangerous.

Who are the influential people in society supporting the EDL via Alan Lake?

I know for a fact from the beginning that Alan Lake attended social groups where Lords and politicians etc were present because the people he was connected to came out in conversation and how he was connected to them via these different groups and meetings he attended. He is directly linked to Geert Wilders in Holland (ill name names if anyone denies it), and Geert Wilders is directly linked to Lords and Politicians in the UK.

Bit different from the run of the mill football hooligan who make up most of the EDL feet on the streets, and isn’t it spoken of that Breivik attended the London demo because Wilders was in town?

The rent-a-mob of the EDL has been a very useful tool for the extreme far-right within British politics, and Alan Lake is a prominent figure linking the intellectual and the street thugs together. How far and how high does the extreme far-right go and how willing to commit acts of violence to further their political agenda are they.

Breivik targeted the political left-wing but blamed it on anti-jiahd.

If Alan Lake has nothing to hide, why does he not come into the light of the public sphere and answer the allegations that have been put to him? How come nobody in the media can trace him in anyway? He has turned into an enigma, which leaves people wondering whether or not he was MI5 or some form of government agent provocateur.

What is it going to uncover once the world knows who Alan Lake really is and who he is connected to within British politics and high society.

I have not hidden from any news outlet and have not tried hiding from anyone, because I have nothing to fear, other than from the very convenient implications implied by Breivik and others.

How much money, time and political influence has Alan Lake consumed in forcing his English Defence League agenda forward?

I nearly brought down the EDL leadership a couple of times but they survived due to his and those around him like Chris Knowles, influence and support. I was one of the biggest threats to the future of the EDL leadership, which made me a direct enemy of the extreme far-right, and an enemy of all of those who had extended their resources towards Alan Lakes agenda.

Was Alan Lake a lone intellectual extreme far-right member directing and influencing the EDL or was he part of a bigger circle of people with money and influential power? The EDL boasted of their links in the Australian documentary, and those links even go into the judiciary with a judge present as they claim in film.

That shows you how high their support goes.

Video: Australian 60 minutes

Was Breivik in anyway linked to these people?

I am working class, Breivik and Lake are both upper middle class, and the 2 just don’t mix, unless there is a mutual reason, like the EDL and domestic political extremism.

I know the media have just latched onto the idea that I was his mentor because it sounds realistic based upon certain things, but I am sure the police are trying to find out why and is it true, the same as I am trying to ask myself why. How could I not when the world’s media are pointing at me as his mentor and I know absolutely nothing about this.

I am trying to question and understand.

There can only be 2 scenarios, either this is a proper stitch up, which then means who by? Or he really did get inspiration from me.

I was a very public enemy of the key figures in the European anti-jihad movement because of their support of the EDL leadership, and I was a very public enemy of the EDL under Steven Lennon’s leadership. How powerful is their support, and to what lengths would they go?

Or am I his inspiration? If I was then I would have at least thought he would have sent me his manifesto, or he would have been in communication with me over the years, but over the past 2 years I’ve been away from frontline anti-jihad work and never come in contact with this man.

If he was a follower of my work then he would have targeted moslems and not innocent children, in the name of anti-marxism, that’s a political conflict and not religious one which I write about, and they are both completely different although they lap over now and then.

One thing is certain is that killing nearly 100 children is the action of a lunatic, but what and who has influenced him to carry out these acts?

I am getting the blame at the moment which is serious for me, but I know I have done nothing wrong so have nothing to fear, and am more than willing to travel to Norway. All of his named most influential writers are not Christian, and I am not even mentioned amongst them, yet this supposed Christian fundamentalist wrapped up in Templarism is supposed to have carried out these acts in my name?

Something doesn’t add up.

Why is Alan Lake so elusive and in hiding when his name is being linked to the cold blooded murder of nearly 100 children? Innocent children goes beyond the realms of any form of normality, and anyone linked has no alternative but to come forward and speak.

We are not talking about a couple of jihadis being targeted; we are talking about the cold blooded murder of innocent children for no other reason than their parent’s political ideology.

How big a threat is the extreme far-right, how organised are they, and how willing and capable are they of committing acts of terrorism in the name of their political ideals?

Breivik was extreme far-right politically and was in no way Christian or his beliefs founded upon Templarism, these were the clothes he dressed himself up in, maybe to deflect blame and allow finger pointing to take place after his actions.

Speculation soon turns to hard facts, and the world is still waiting to hear from Alan Lake, the political controller behind the EDL and linked to everyone Breivik talks about, even the anti-jihad movement in Breiviks part of the world.

2002 cannot be linked to me, and the only thing that is being linked to me is his mention of ‘Richard’ which is very convenient, his fear of Islamic fundamentalism, and the garb he dresses in. How many more people in Europe have the same fears about Islamic fundamentalism? So this doesn’t mean anything, and many on the extreme far-right who are not even Christian, run around promoting their politics in the name of Christianity and Templarism, just like the EDL, which dispels this circumstantial evidence pointing towards me.

There is nothing linking him to me, apart from a few very convenient pointers that the leader of the extreme far-right anti-jihad movement the EDL (of which Breivik had 600 friends), Steven Yaxley- Lennon, has used to slander me with, that the worlds media have now run with, making me an accomplice in the public eye, to one of the worst mass murders in peace time European history.

Who really is behind Breivik, either physically or influentially? I never got his manifesto but several hundred EDL & BNP supporters did.

27 July 2011


I would like to firstly send my deepest heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the people of Norway over this National tragedy that has affected the whole of Europe, and especially to the families involved personally who have lost love ones who might be reading this blog page now.

No words can describe the magnitude of the horror of the cold blooded murder of nearly 100 innocent children in the name of domestic politics, and there are no words that can condone it either.

My mind cannot comprehend the mass murder inflicted upon the people of Norway, even though I am forced to confront the reality of it due to the fact that I have been implicated in the story surrounding it.

Only time will now unravel the truth behind Anders Breivik and the European psyche adjust to this trauma inflicted upon its people by this one event.

I have been implicated by this man (and by others claiming I was his mentor), through his 1,500 page manifesto and the labels he claims over his life of Christianity and Templarism. I do not shy away from the truth of my beliefs which is why this blog stands, and why I now sit in this position which is clear for everyone to see.

My only question is why? What was the motivation behind him directing the attention towards me and others, after his atrocity? Is it all just a big coincidence?

I have never met the man, have never spoken to the man, and knew nothing about the man until the day news started flowing in reporting on the tragedy and the acts he had committed. Then a day later the finger pointing started and has resulted in my direct implication in one of the worst mass murders in European history during peace time.

As I hope you can imagine that is quite a big thing to comprehend and understand, and places me in a direct position with the people of Norway and all those affected by this event. I am not the only one who is now implicated in this dreadful situation, and I am not even spoken of to my knowledge in the manifesto, but because of my beliefs and opinions the fingers have started pointing and I have been placed in the same category as Anders Breivik even though we are polar opposites of each other.

He claims to be a Christian, and the news reports have now branded him a Christian fundamentalist, but no sane minded Christian or anyone one else for that matter would ever commit such acts of inhumane barbarity. I will accept that I am a Christian fundamentalist, but to me that means I believe in the fundamentals of the Holy Bible, and especially the New Testament where I base my life on Jesus’ teachings about repenting of my sins, living my life according to His word and awaiting His coming kingdom upon the Earth or my place in heaven.

He has dressed himself up in the cloak of Templarism but no Templar past or present or one with a Templar heart who stands under the blood Cross of Jesus Christ would murder innocent children under any circumstances. A Templar’s ideals are to defend the weak, the innocent and the vulnerable within society no matter what creed or colour they come from, and above all defend the faith to which they belong.

Anders Breivik acts are antithesis to Christianity and Templarism which means the man is completely insane and has used these garments to cover himself up in as he seeks to justify his actions and promote his own form of political ideas and action. But his actions are a complete contradiction to these garments which means he is a wolf in sheeps clothing just like being dressed as a police man to lure his victims into a false sense of security before gunning them down in cold blood.

For some reason as a Norwegian he has based much of his attention on England which is strange, and there has been talk of his English mentor ‘Richard’. It is this name that has been linked to me through the nom de plume ‘Lionheart’ that I use to write my anti-jihad, anti-EDL leadership writings in. I personally believe he must have strong links to England and inparticularily someone who he has been in contact with over the years which is what the news reports are saying, but I can categorically say that I am not ‘Richard’ so the question is; who is this ‘Richard’?

I have given my belief here: Norway - English mentor ‘Richard’

I know each and every person he talks of within his manifesto who have been his influence over the years within the anti-jihad movement, and over the past 18 months pretty much all of them have become my opponents within the movement due to their unswerving support of the English Defence League leadership of Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy” and his uncle Kevin Carroll, and the direction of the movement upon English soil.

He talks highly of the EDL, has attended demonstrations and boasted of having many EDL followers as friends on the social networking site Facebook. For anyone who knows the internal politics of the English Defence League, and has been following the movement for the past 18 months they will know that I am one of the leaderships (“Tommy” )most ardent critics which has put me in direct opposition to the leadership and membership and has resulted in much unsavoury behavior from them directed towards me and my family. Not only that you can read several anti-Paul Ray posts on their main Facebook page.

The main focus of my critisicm has been that the EDL was hijacked at the beginning by the extreme neo-nazi far-right of the political spectrum and other interest groups wanting to use a justifiable patriotic cause that I helped set up (implementing the Christian Templar banner), along with its unwitting followers, for their own political agendas, which is exactly what has happened. My ardent anti-EDL stance put me in direct opposition with those people Anders Breivik talks very highly about within his manifesto because they are the EDL’s most high profile online support. I took this severe anti-EDL leadership stance from the beginning, even though it might have seemed contrary to my anti-jihad beliefs because they were wolves in sheep’s clothing, wearing the cloak of Christianity and Templarism and abusing the name and image to promote themselves in others people’s eyes. Not only that, further along the line “Tommy” & his uncle Kevin committed acts far worse and much more personal that if I was the same as Anders Breivik then I would have hunted them down. I am not like him though and took the same approach as the Grandmaster of the Knights Templar Jacques de Molay who when being burnt at the stake, said to the Pope and king of France that they would be dead within a year, and they were. So I have left judgement and justice in the hands of the Lord over them and their actions.

There is nothing Christian about the EDL and neither do they uphold the ideals and integrity of Templarism that has come through history and carries a rich heritage for those who proclaim the name to live up to today. Yet they run around England and Europe in the name of anti-jihad, drunk and drugged up on their marching powder under “Tommy” & Co’s direction wearing the garment of Christianity along with the blood Red Cross, exactly like Anders Breivik who has gone on to commit this unimaginable act of mass murder against innocent children in the name of those garments and using the anti-jihad movement as his vehicle.

They are no different, and are the same part of the extreme neo-nazi far-right of the political spectrum that has resulted in the horrors of Norway in the name of domestic politics, although the leadership of the English Defence League and their supporters like to lie to everyone and promote the mask of being a peaceful respectful organisation.

Throughout pretty much all of the last year that Ander’s Breivik was intoxicated with the EDL and boasting about his 600 odd friends within the movement, I had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the movement, and had no hardcore EDL supporters or followers on my facebook friends list either. Their online community is definitely something I wanted no part of and actively sought to avoid them like the plague.

I have not had any real public involvement within the anti-jihad movement in any way for nearly 2 years since leaving the UK, and the majority of stuff posted on this blog has been against the EDL leadership. So any die hard supporter of “Tommy” & Co and the EDL movement as a whole like Anders Breivik would hate me, like many do.

The EDL leadership is now telling the media that they booted me from the movement because I was too extreme for them, which is a complete lie and hypocrisy of the highest order, especially when you look at the extreme mindset of their political controller Alan Lake.

I have never once called for violence, condoned acts of violence or spoke of committing acts of violence, and have not been arrested for any acts of violence. “Tommy” the EDL leader has just been before the court and sentenced for his part in a pub brawl in the name of the EDL against an opposing football team’s supporters, and at an EDL demo he could have had someone killed when he started an affray on camera: Blackburn disgrace

Anyone who knows anything knows the truth behind his money laundering charge too.

Not only these, but after the disruption of the Anglian Regiments homecoming in Luton a mosque was firebombed in the Town and whoever did it sent letters with Templar/Crusader iconography to the mosque making it look like I was the one who had committed the act. The Times and Daily Mail at the time both in-directly linked me to the attack, the same as the Telegraph and other papers are now doing with this Anders Breivik story because of his promotion of Templarism and anti-Islam. I know who it was who firebombed the mosque on Irish “Tommy’s” orders though, and it was the English community who got the blame for it in the end - Me

So when you read their official statement over this Norway tragedy about being peaceful and against terrorism, remember that the firebombing of mosques which is a place of worship, regardless of whether you agree with them or not, is an act of terrorism, and it goes right to the top of the EDL leadership who want you to believe they are peaceful and non-violent – Liars and hypocrites

Read through the Expose: Website

If people want to commit acts of sectarian violence/terrorism using iconography that draws other people and other sections of the community into the fray, at least have the guts to do it properly and issue an official statement accepting responsibility for your actions rather than apportioning blame upon others. “Tommy” didn’t even have the guts to show his own face at the start of the EDL until he was outed: “Tommy” unmasked

When the people of Norway look to England and the English Defence League when looking to try and make sense of your National tragedy in the name of extreme neo-nazi right-wing politics, please take note that the EDL do not represent anyone but themselves which is a very small minority of the population. The extreme neo-nazi far-right of the political spectrum in the UK and Europe, the same as what Anders Breivik comes from. The leadership is not even English and neither are the majority of their ideological supporters who Anders spoke so highly about. And to see how vile a person the leader of the English Defence League Steven Yaxley-Lennon is, he has been cashing in by charging journalists 50 pounds each to attend an interview with him over your National tragedy because his organisation has been implemented in it, thus giving him more media exposure. Not only is he cashing in on the tragedy but in interview, he is not stating that no words can describe or condone what has happened against innocent children, his line is “this is coming to England unless people listen to him” (The same type of statement that Islamic fundamentalists he professes to be protesting against threaten the government and British people with).

“Tommy” justifying Anders Breivik and his bloody inhumane actions, and using them for his own warped political gain against the British government and Country, and people in the media are pointing the finger at me as being one and the same as this Norwegian psycopth?

My plea to the people of Norway is please do not place me or any other person who promotes Templarism in the same category as these people because they are completely different to me and the polar opposites which is why they are my enemies and not my allies. Ander’s Breivik might have clothed himself in the same garments as me and others but our hearts and minds are definitely not the same although the witch hunt for someone to blame has started and is now heading in my direction because of the garments I wear whilst promoting my beliefs and opinions.

What the mainstream media also fails to tell you about the leadership of the English Defence League whilst giving “Tommy” a platform is that they are all linked to the right-wing British National Party which was spoken of highly by this man. I am indifferent to the BNP, I have naively written stuff in support of them in the past but that’s how far my support has ever gone. “Tommy” was a family member and pictured at a BNP meeting with the leadership of a hardcore neo-nazi group November 9 society, his uncle Kevin elected his local BNP councilor so that he could enter for a chance to become a local MP, Hel Gower their PA is a hardcore C18 supporter and BNP member, their Brazilian Jewish leader is a hardcore neo-nazi, and Chris Renton one of the initial people who was used against me to remove my influence over the EDL at the beginning was a Gold member. Not to mention all the divisional leaders linked to the BNP.

Video: Another Pinocchio moment

Is it any wonder Ander’s Breivik with his neo-nazi ideals gravitated to these people and their movement in England? That’s not even taking into consideration the racist nazi ideology behind their political controller Alan Lake.

If it is true and Anders Breivik is connected to someone in England then it can only be someone involved within the ideological political side of the European anti-jihad movement, which then narrows down who the person is considerably because there is not that many active, and who are connected to the EDL. Then take into account the people who he writes positively about who have influenced him and in my opinion it only leaves one or 2 people.

That is for the police to now find out as they delve into the life and mind of one of the worst mass murderers in peace time Europe to find out who else out there is a danger to society.

Why this man could have based key bits of his manifesto on myself and others I am connected with is something I am sure the police are now trying to work out as they wonder whether we are involved with any of these ‘figment of his imagination’ cells based upon our belief in true Templarism and our political beliefs.

One thing is for certain though, is that his friends and influences in the anti-jihad movement are definitely not my friends and influences, and that is well documented.

My prayers go out to the people of Norway and the families grieving the loss of their loved ones at this sad time, that the Lord will help with the healing process and bring to light the things that are hidden.