23 August 2012

'Operation Breivik' Part 1: From Russia with Love

Someone now holds the trump card in the Breivik case which determines whether or not my hypothesis about who was behind him and involved with him is correct, and that is the still publicly unknown evidence that surrounds Alan Lake and his Counter-jihad clique in the UK which was the ideological movement Breivik came from as outlined in the “2083” manifesto.

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I am willing to accept I am wrong on presentation of the evidence, and until that time my hypothesis is open to speculation based upon the factual evidence that is publicly known, and the still publicly unknown missing evidence in the case.

I believe ‘Operation Breivik’ was ultimately a Russian operation and I give my reason and motive supported by the facts here: The new Arctic war-zone

If I am right then how do you relate that story to the masses, and what about the implications for international relations, and for the Norwegian people as a whole who were inflicted with this savagery against a group of their innocent misguided youth on an isolated summer camp island in the name of politics?

Is it better for all concerned to hide the truth but know behind closed doors who was ultimately behind the worst massacre and act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century?

I wonder what the families of the dead and injured in Norway think about that question as they seek truth & justice for their dead and injured children.

What implications would it have for Norwegian society and their political/military position in the World if I am correct?

Straight after ‘Operation Breivik’ a Norwegian General was elevated to the
top position within NATO’s Syria mission which was a clear signal from NATO. A conflict that now sees NATO lined up against Russia, not to mention the escalating Iran situation here either.

Would such an act of State sanctioned terrorism like ‘Operation Breivik’ by a foreign power not be an act of aggression and War against Norway’s Sovereignty and by default an act of aggression and War against the NATO Alliance?

That has very serious ramifications if correct which is why ‘Operation Breivik’ was so carefully concealed by multiple layers. Call it “smoke and mirrors” in the World of international espionage, although those within that World can read between the lines, which would mean that carrying out an attack against Norway was deemed an acceptable step by those behind it, thus directly challenging by-proxy other Government powers (NATO Alliance) which is exactly what the Cold War was all about.

Only this time in the heart of Europe with a planned new terrorist group to bring down NATO governments using homegrown militant Nationalists like Breivik.

What can Norway say or do to their Russian Super Power neighbour? And will a foreign Government declare war upon Russia for carrying out a terrorist attack inside Norway?

A strategic step worth taking by those military strategists and thinkers behind it considering what is at stake in this new Cold War that is taking place in the Northern hemisphere.

Russia under Putin has made this region its No.1 priority.

Sweden have recently stated they would join NATO and defend Norway if attacked by an outside force, so you have to question why they have made such a serious public political statement at this moment in time. Also Russian Generals have just warned Finland in no uncertain terms about joining NATO which shows the escalating political/military tensions in that Northern/Eastern European region. This is on-top of the Cold War scenario taking place in the Arctic Circle between Eastern & Western Super Powers with little Norway (5 million population) in a key strategic position in the middle of the whole scenario, with the Russian military already invading Norwegian airspace and flying regular sorties along their Northern coast.

Government’s of the World who have a vested interest in the Arctic region and have already carried out major military operations there know that what happens politically and militarily over the next 5 to 10 years in this part of the World is crucial as Government powers converge there so you cannot rule out that ‘Operation Breivik’, as a political event, was not a part of a foreign Government’s short to long term strategy for political control and dominance over the region.

Is the ruling AUF-Norwegian Labour party staying in power under Jens Stoltenberg’s leadership in Russia’s short to long term political interests in the region?

That is a question for serious political analysts who know Norwegian and Russian politics, and if the question is yes then that is a tick in the box to support my hypothesis.

Proving Breivik was directly connected to Alan Lake (if it is proven) would be bad enough for the Ruling Political Establishment in Norway, especially on the back of the catastrophic July 22nd Commission report but beyond that if there is a bigger story surrounding him then the potential social and political ramifications that stretch beyond Norway’s borders are in the hands of allot more knowledgeable people than me.

I just want to get to the bottom of the truth behind why I was accused of being the English ‘mentor’ behind Breivik, and if proven right then they should be held to account for their complicity in his crimes, and if there is a bigger story surrounding them which I believe there could well be based upon my hypothesis then that is other people’s concern.

You can only wonder whether or not the truth to be known is in the strategic interests of a friendly NATO Government or Allie in the region. One thing is for certain and that is the outstanding evidence surrounding Alan Lake who was interviewed by police over the possibility that he was the English ‘mentor’ behind Breivik has not been publicised yet for some reason and someone must now possess this evidence and know how it fits into place or not as the case may be which is the trump card to determine the outcome of this case and potentially Norway’s political future and standing in the World.

Norway cannot escape its position in the World now or its destiny which was, and is, in God’s hands.

Is ‘Operation Breivik’ going to be allowed to be continued to be covered up in Norway by World powers or are they going to force the truth to be known, or atleast several layers of the truth which will then leave enough speculation aimed at the front door of the Kremlin?

Time will tell...

Either the Norwegian and British police have interviewed Lake’s Counter-jihad clique to ascertain the identity of his friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’ and who is friend in the Norwegian Government is, or they have not. We do not know. And considering the Norwegian police have stated they are still trying to identify the English ‘mentor’ ‘Richard the Lionhearted’ from the “2083” manifesto and have interviewed Alan Lake you would think that knowing this person’s real identity who was invited to the pre-founding English Defence League strategy meeting in Lake’s Barbican flat before the founding of the EDL meeting took place, is an integral part of the on-going police investigation and an important part of the public discourse over the Breivik case. Everyone else’s identity over this case has been in the public domain so why not this still unknown person’s identity?

What would his identity reveal which could be the reason why it has not been revealed yet?

I have only seen one newspaper article admitting this persons existence so why the complete silence about this integral piece of evidence by the mainstream media?

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