29 November 2009

Mr & Mrs Chandler hostages in Somalia

Daily Mail: A Royal Navy catastrophe

A British couple kidnapped by Somalian pirates, now being held for a 4 million ransom under threat of death, along with Al Qaeda in Somalia hunting for them.

Not a nice position to be sitting in when you watched the Royal Navy 'watching' you being kidnapped and could have acted to save you.

But were told not to by someone!

Now they sit wondering if todays the day their throats are going to be cut, or even worse based upon other hostage situations carried out by Moslem guerillas groups around the world.

4 million is a small price to pay for their freedom, or the S.A.S are the best in the world at hostage crisis.

I pray God takes care of them, protects them and opens the door for their escape from this ordeal.

EDL: Nottingham 5th December promo video

5 November 2009

Leeds EDL speech Oct 31st 2009

EDL Leader Tommy Robinson & former British soldier

1 November 2009

Police brutality in Leeds

Does this mean that the Police wherever EDL demonstrations take place are now enemies of the people?

Beating unarmed men with batons and setting dogs onto them?