27 August 2011

Norway police don't suspect gunman's British 'mentor'

AFP: website

Norwegian police said Friday they have finished questioning Paul Ray, the British man thought to be the "mentor" cited by Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik, and that Ray is only a witness in the case.

Ray, a far-right activist and former member of the English Defence League, spoke to Norwegian police voluntarily to deny claims that he had contact with the man who has confessed to killing 77 people in the July 22 twin attacks.

"He had the status of witness before and during his interview and he still has that status today," police prosecutor Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby told AFP, referring to Ray.

Ray, who lives in Malta, is widely considered to be the unnamed "mentor" mentioned by Behring Breivik in the 1,500-page manifesto he posted online shortly before carrying out the attacks.

Ray "was cooperative enough", during 15 hours of questioning over three days and "denied any link with the suspect", Hjort Kraby said.


Video: Newcastle EDL (Under Tony Williams leadership)

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26 August 2011

Fraudman who was Fjordman

Fraudman: The Norwegian blogger mentioned 111 times in Anders Breivik's blood soaked manifesto that is dripping in the blood of 69 innocent Norwegian kids who were murdered on a summer camp along with 8 adults from the bombed Government building.

Not only is this man mentioned 111 times inside the pages of the 'cursed manifesto' but it is also named after one of his essays - European Deceleration of Independence

He hid from the world behind his anonymous alias for a number of years and encouraged through his online written direction, the likes of his countryman Anders Breivik to commit his murderous atrocity against the people of Norway.

It is a known fact that the 2 were in direct email contact too.

Then as soon as he was exposed to the light of day, a little nerdy leftie come out of the shadows as the mighty Fraudman, the so-called dark prophet of Norway and the man 'ideologically' behind Breivik.

(Continued below)
Only one thing though. Once standing in the light of day after his words created the monster "Anders Breivik" who committed his murderous atrocity against the people of Norway in the name of extreme right wing politics. He decided he no longer wanted to play the online extreme right wing ideological political game and said he would never write under his writing name again.

Bit late don't you think?

How can anyone take the man serious again and print his words in a mainstream newspaper when he does not even have the courage of his convictions to stand behind his 'own' words that he has been spreading across the online world for the past years that helped create Anders Breivik?

He thinks he is intellectually superior to most mere mortals which is why he plucked up the courage to call me an 'old fashioned fool' through email to a Norwegian newspaper.

The one thing this old fashioned fool can live with is the fact that he proved his innocence from being complicit in such a horrendous crime, of which the trial by media initially found him guilty. Sadly the same cannot be said for the mighty Fraudman and his family though, who now have to live the rest of their lives with the knowledge that he is inextricably linked to the monster Anders Breivik and his cold blooded mass murder, with the blood soaked manifesto that has been given to our world dripping in the innocent blood of 69 Norwegian kids, being named after one of his own essays - Live with that one big man!

He has not even got the 'courage' to debate a local Norwegian moslem who has called him out over his online words either. Instead he sends emails to newspapers attacking people who hold him to account in the public eye.

Dont forget either that he hid his computer from the Norwegian police too which in the scheme of things shouts out "GUILTY" complex about something.

He should crawl back into the darkness of the sewer he has come from and hope that death does not catch up with him as it hunts him down over this Norwegian tragedy he played his part in.

"It is better to make the right friends than the wrong enemies" - Lionheart

25 August 2011

Testimony - A diamond in the rough

Further reading: The Hope for our Nation

A blast from the past with a starring role.

The life changing Christian testimony of ex-local Luton Town Football hooligan Badger.

Statement from Evangelist Daniele

Paul Ray Lionheart, is the orignal founder of EDL which when he formed this group was totally non-facist. All though Paul is very radical and fundamental in his Christian view-points, he is by no means a racist and would condone any violence. He withdrew from the EDL membership because of their connections to racist & political groups and football hooligans who make up for the hard-core majority of members of the EDL. Most of the 'Mig Crew' - Luton's football hooligan firm are active members. They are the ones who have completely changed Paul Ray's (Lionheart's) original plans for the English Defence League as a non-racist Christian group into what it has become now - a new BNP!!!

24 August 2011

23 August 2011

Breivik's 'friends continuing work abroad'

Quote: Friends of Anders Behring Breivik, who “think the same way” as the Norwegian massacre gunman, will continue his “work” abroad, the killer believes.

Telegraph: Friends continuing work abroad

Further reading: Anders Breivik "lifting the flag"

21 August 2011

Anders Breivik – Lifting the flag

Click image to see all International organisations behind the writers and commentators mentioned in Breivik's manifesto. All linked to, and surrounding Fraudman and the leadership of the English Defence League via the SIO organisations.

A powerful influential click who wanted me removed because of my continued assault on "Tommy's" control over the EDL, which has become their international street army, made up with what is commonly known as 'useful idiots'.

Anders Breivik the Norwegian mass murderer/political terrorist lifted up his flag on the day of July 22nd 2011 and declared war in the name of that flag, its ideology (manifesto) and for all those who now stand behind it. His flag is comprised of a very extreme right-wing anti-EU and anti-jihad ideology based around his Norwegian comrade Fraudman and Fraudmans wider circle of online political commentators who are now using Breivik’s acts to propagate their own political ideals and agenda in Europe.

Its not rocket science.

I can safely say I, and those I am associated with do not stand behind his flag. I and those with me are now standing facing him, his flag, and all those now standing behind him, and have done so for quite a while now, although Breivik came from nowhere to the front of their queue but he is safe in prison now.

For the past few years we now know that he has dwelt relatively anonymously in the midst of the online European anti-jihad movement, and more importantly in England amongst the EDL, even going as far as leaving the EDL membership a comment of support on their forum as an act of solidarity before embarking on his cold blooded murderous mission to further their mutual political aims.

He committed his acts in the name of his fellow Norwegian Fraudman & Co and then subtly conveniently pointed the finger at me which was then supported by “Tommy” leader of the basterdised EDL street protest movement who also continued the finger pointing in my direction across his media platform in the UK.

Another attempted smear job and character assassination by the EDL against myself, which many now know is a well worn tactic used against anyone who threatens the EDL leadership of Irish “Tommy” & Co.

Is it a coincidence that everyone standing behind Breivik and the flag he has now lifted up, and the manifesto he released, is linked to Fraudman and EDL’s “Tommy” and have been my direct enemies within the anti-jihad movement over the past 18 months?

Further reading: Motive

All my enemies within the anti-jihad movement standing behind the EDL leadership of “Tommy” and uncle Kev were mentioned in his blood soaked manifesto numerous times, yet I was not mentioned once. Not once, but the worlds media have done a very nice job of smearing my name and reputation linking me to Anders Breivik which is probably the very least Breivik & Co expected would happen after the event.

Video: "Tommy" & Breivik

I see Alan Lake has successfully burrowed deep into a rat hole somewhere due to how serious his guilt by association is, and how messy that could be for a lot of people higher up the food chain than him, if he is exposed and they are directly linked to him.

On this basis I can safely say with almost 100% certainty that Anders Breivik was in direct communication with one or some of the people contained in the nucleus surrounding Fraudman, even possibly Fraudman himself (they did have email contact), because any subtle finger pointing towards me after the crime was a planned hostile act by Breivik, so the question has to be; why and for who? Then the picture becomes clearer, irrespective of outsiders narrow minded personal opinions.

To show how disliked I have been within a section of the European anti-jihad movement because of my righteous and justified continued criticism of the EDL leadership and the hijacked movement as a whole. Most mainstream online commentators heavily influenced by Breivik’s American connections mentioned in the manifesto do not even mention me on their blogs or websites anymore, even though it’s all over the world news that I am alleged to be his ‘mentor’ and ‘inspiration’. Yet Fraudman who is mentioned 111 times and is 100% Breivik’s ideological inspiration is hailed as a hero on them same sites.

Work that one out?
Further reading: EDL & the collective denial syndrome

Shows just how low a large section of the Western anti-jihad movement has sunk into the depths of human depravity (A large section linked directly into the highest realms in America government and military via a small nucleus of people). To use the murder of almost 100 kids on summer camp in the name of politics, to further their own political agendas, and in the process lift up the true ideological inspiration behind the mass murderer Breivik as a hero.

I reckon my name must be taboo in the mainstream online anti-jihad world as they bend on their knees licking the boots of the likes of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, the onetime Royalty of the movement, entertained by Lords, Ladies, politicians, the business world and military figures to further their political ideals and fill up their big fat bank accounts. Not to mention the mainstream media platform they preach to the general public across too.

I wonder what their supporters are now thinking about their links to Breivik and his blood soaked manifesto. I have not finished yet either, bringing more explanation and understanding to this situation so as to attempt get to the bottom of Breivik in my own mind for not only my sake but for the sake of those he murdered whose memories deserve justice, rather than a State sanctioned lie - ‘Lone wolf’

Even though we know for a fact he was actively involved in the extreme right wing and European anti-jihad movements, and was in direct communication with people inside, even EDL leaders, and some of those mentioned in the manifesto, we are being told ‘lone wolf’.

I was once, even hailed as one of the anti-jihad ‘heroes’ on the Gates of Vienna blog because of my contribution and sacrifices to the movement in the West, and now not even a single mention, nor a little whisper? (Thank God)

This should show those who have been involved in the movement over the past 5 years and been following things, how deep the animosity is between me and them (the Fraudman nucleus in the manifesto) brought on by the hijacking of the EDL movement by Alan Lake and his neo-nazi collaborators, supported and endorsed by Lutons Irish “Tommy” & Co which clearly proves my point about Breivik and their convenient communal finger pointing in my direction.

There is, in my mind, credible talk of Serbians and ex-Soviet’s in Belarus, but being in the middle of this, I cannot escape the facts that I can clearly see, and that is, that I was the No.1 threat to ‘their’ control over the EDL, and then low and behold, next thing Breivik commits his horrific murderous acts in the name of ‘anti-jihad’ and then turned pointing the finger at me, when all along Fraudman & Co mentioned in the manifesto are the ones standing right behind him and the flag he has just lifted up which includes the hijacked EDL.

Tactical move to silence and remove their opponent and critic.

The world’s media are not legitimately portraying Fraudman as his inspiration; instead that lying accusation is still leveled at me. Probably because they are not humble enough to accept they made a mistake at the beginning stages of the media story, or don’t care about destroying peoples reputations in the name of a ‘good story’.

Breivik also wrapped up his actions in Christianity when he was definitely not a Christian by his own account, and then he went on to conveniently point the finger at me, a Christian, which is a classic tactic of the devil (the accuser). He also wrapped up his crimes in the garments of Templarism, yet when he called the police he called himself “commander of the anti-communist resistance”. Does that sound like a Templar or a Crusader? Of course not, it sounds like a godless extreme violent political right-winger who killed left wing kids because of their politics and not their religious beliefs, and then dressed it up in other clothes in an attempt to deflect and apportion blame at the initial stages. The same as dressing up as a policeman to lure his victims out so he could murder them (wolf in sheep’s clothing) Breivik & Co thought they had their perfect scapegoats with the Christian and Templar labels based upon the ideology and iconography behind this blog, and it’s not the first time I have been accused under similar circumstances based upon other peoples acts, who are now linked to Breivik.

Can you see the anti-thesis between the props on the stage show created by Breivik?

Breivik did not lift his flag up for me or those associated with me, I had already lifted my flag up in my own Country that has had an effect in other Countries. This blog contains the work and ideology behind the flag I have lifted up and it’s a continual work in progress completely different from Breivik’s.

Nothing on my blog can add up to the cold blooded murder of nearly 100 kids on a summer camp because they were left wingers, and nothing anyone who is associated with me has ever been involved with, in the past, can link them to such a crime either, regardless of people’s thoughts, opinions and judgments.

"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm."

All factual circumstantial evidence points in a completely different direction to this direction, the only thing making people look this way are the clothes the act was dressed up in and the convenient subtle finger pointing through the worlds media for public consumption. But we know that the clothes do not fit, so what’s the real story behind Anders Breivik?

Imagine Alan Lakes picture all over the world’s news if it is proven that he was involved in this act of political terrorism in Norway, taking it from a ‘lone wolf’ into a small extreme right wing conspiracy. The shock horror of all those on the next level above him who are indirectly linked to him personally or via some of the names and groups mentioned on this blog. Not to mention his contacts in the Swedish and Norwegian governments, that’s when things certainly get a little bit stickier for everyone if they are not already. From what I can gather from what I have been told, Lake is MI5, or at the least an asset of MI5, so it’s not going to look good for them either, with all that circumstantial evidence pointing to him and him being under their control? Maybe that’s why, so far, he has been able to burrow himself away from any media attention, not wanting to protest his innocence in the public eye because he is guilty in some capacity.

Video: Alan Lake & Breivik

He looks guilty as charged and I see the old stained wood of the old bailey (unless it’s the inside of a coffin I see) and scales of justice already…

We do not need Anders Breivik or anyone else, to commit any act on our behalf or in our name. We are more than capable of dictating our own agenda.

The main objective has got to be to desecrate and destroy that extreme right wing flag Breivik has lifted up, and then watch as each of those standing behind it who are using it to further their own agendas, fall from the ‘curse’ placed upon it through the sacrificial murder of nearly 100 innocence. Let death track those who are using Breivik’s murderous acts and his manifesto just like it tracked the innocence that died at his hands in Norway. When you hear of the first to fall, that’s the proof of the dark curse upon that blood soaked manifesto Breivik & Co gave to our world.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

18 August 2011

Islamic Emirate of Britain project

A press conference will be arranged in relation to Al Mujaroun's planned Islamisation of Europe and deceleration of War against the British people upon my return home from Norway.

“I do utterly testify and declare in my conscience, That the Queen's Highness is the only Supreame Governor of this Realm, and of all other her Highness Dominions and Countries, as well in all Spiritual or Ecclesiastical Things or Causes, as Temporal; and that no foreign Prince, Person, Prelate State or Potentate, hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction, Power, Superiority, Preeminence, or Authority Ecclesiastical or Spiritual, within this Realm; and therefore I do utterly renounce and forsake all foreign Jurisdictions, Powers, Superiorities and Authorities, and do promote, that from henceforth I shall bear faith and true Allegiance to the Queen’s Highness, her Heirs and lawful Successors, and to my Power shall assist and defend all Jurisdictions, Preeminence, Privileges and Authorities granted or belonging to the Queen’s Highness, her Heirs and Successors, or united and annexed to the Imperial Crown of this Realm. So help me God, and by the Contents of this Book.”

16 August 2011

The macabre Breivik re-enactment and whats behind him

In amongst his human savagery on the day of his slaughter of nearly 100 kids on a summer camp, Breivik has attempted to show us there was some humanity within him by not shooting the 2 kids he said were 11 and 12 because they were too young. He must have asked them how old they were, so in that moment of madness in the middle of the slaughter of innocence he paused and wondered what he should do.

Was this the ‘psychopaths’ act of playing god in the midst of committing a cold blooded mass murder?

Was this the act of a ‘lone wolf’ brainwashed on the internet?

Or was this the act of an organised group, who trained him to be a cold blooded political killer and showed him how to build a remote detonating car bomb, like the one he blew up the government building with?

Or did he learn how to build that type of specialised bomb at home alone on the internet?

How did he fund his terrorist attack?

(Continued below)

Other sources are linking Breivik to training camps in Belarus being run by ex-Soviet Union military figures, possibly moslem converts after the Chechen war. You can google it and read through the information and see whether or not it is true.

The ideological thinking behind his manifesto was based upon a small influential section of commentators and writers behind their own form of extreme right-wing anti-jihad Western thought. His fellow countryman Fraudman in Norway, to Gates of Vienna, Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer in America, back to Alan Lake and the English Defence League in Britain. It is an attempted European extreme far-right ‘call’ to begin a civil war against the political Left to influence domestic politics, and not a religious war against Islamic fundamentalism. Possibly trained, funded and influenced by former Soviet officers who want to help destroy the 'peace and stability' and infrastructure of an emerging United Europe. Then Islam as a religion will seek to assert its dominance under the mayhem as they seek to convert Europe into Islamic rule from within as they propagate their religion and turn Europe into the planned Eurabian peninsula and eventually bring down the United States.

What if it is proven and he was trained and influenced in Belarus for his ‘home grown’ terrorist attack, by ex-Soviet officers, possibly moslem? What would this mean?

If he did take part in a meeting in 2002 and was assigned an English mentor, his English mentor would have influenced his thinking to his own domestic political ideology in England which is what is contained in the manifesto linking Breivik to the ideological influence behind the EDL so he was knowledgeable about the UK for a reason.

A group declaring war is no joke, and Breivik is the proof.

If Alan Lake is English, how did he get his contacts into the Swedish government who he preached anti-jihad to at a Stop the Islamisation of Sweden conference, the same Swedish MP who he wants to go back and visit now he is going to the next level with his extreme right-wing anti-jihad plans.

What contacts in the British government and ‘House of Lords’ does he now have on the back of his control over the hijacked English Defence League street protest movement?

A Russian living in Sweden has come on TV saying he was friends with Breivik and that he visited him often in Sweden.

Video: RT News

Alan Lake operates in Sweden and Norway, and is currently using the EDL to upset ‘peace and stability’ by using the extreme far-right in the UK and those following on, to start race riots and inflame tensions within the Country. The EDL is controlled by 2 Irish Catholics from Luton, a well known (historically) IRA base on the mainland.

Where did Gadaffi send his IRA men when they were being funded to fight a terrorist campaign against the people of Ulster in Northern Ireland, and on the UK mainland?

Further reading: Game on

Under the supposed ‘peace process’ there are a high number of terrorist attacks and attempted terrorist attacks still going on against the people of Ulster who are a part of the United Kingdom.

What State sponsors of international terror do we now have to watch out for? Oil rich Libya connected to the IRA and their continued campaign of violence is one, along with oil rich Iran connected to anyone who is against America, Israel and Europe another. Not to mention either, the spread of Wahhbi Islam that influenced Osama Bin Laden and his followers now being spread across the world with Saudi oil money.

Video: Undercover mosque

There is already a global terrorist network of ideological and trained jihadi’s preparing to take their war to the next level to defeat America and the West, and now we have a ‘home grown’ terrorist attack by a wolf dressed up in sheeps clothing, possibly trained and influenced by a former Soviet Colonel in Belarus.

Who is the connection between Eastern Europe and Western Europe, if Breivik did travel to the East to be military trained, via somewhere like his Russian friends in Sweden, which is also a safe environment to meet his English ‘mentor’ outside of Norway to plan what happens inside Norway. Alan Lake has got an excuse for being in Sweden, when he visits his friends in the government there.

Alan Lake fits the English ‘mentor’ perfectly apart from the ‘perfect Knight’ title.

What is Alan Lake’s Nationality, and is he an MI5/MI6 asset?

If Breivik was invited to the meeting in London in 2002, then he was already going to be used against Europe and Christendom and not in defence of it like he seeks to promote. His acts are completely contrary to anti-jihad (they are right-wing left-wing domestic politics issues and not religious), and in the process he wrapped up his crime to damage the public image of Christianity, Templarism and anti-Jihad in the West and in the Arab moslem mind which was a good p.r coup for any forces against the ‘peace and stability’ of a United Europe and America, when both are very vulnerable to another collapse and widespread civil unrest.

We are gloating about the Arab spring.

Didn’t we help the former Soviet Union collapse after the Cold War, and fund Al Qaeda and the Taliban against the them in Afghanistan?

Real Knights Templars and associated Christian Orders have always historically played their part in defending Christendom from the onslaught of Jihad because all Orders are sworn to uphold the Christian faith and all that that entails. Today is no different and Breivik slaughtered innocence and then told the world he was a Templar and a Christian, when he was neither.

This means there is an organised group intent on waging war against Christendom, attempting to bring down Europe, or force it to its knees which will mean widespread unrest and possibly civil war throughout many European countries between moslems and non-moslems on the ground. We know that the global jihad in-line with Iran/Libya/Afghanistan/Pakistan/ and Somalia is the No.1 force out there, but what about another rogue terrorist force or a part of the same force, with government backing helping the process along through funding, training and influencing?

What does the Queen of England say?

This group that Breivik is linked too (if he is linked) is more ideological aligned with the global jihad, than the Crusade to defend Christendom which is what Breivik is professing to be a part of, and they could have a hold of the Irish/IRA led English Defence League via Alan Lake and all of his rogue Jewish American/Canadian financial and political support, to stir up unrest across the Country which is what has happened and is happening now, exactly as they have planned it. Who knows whether Gadaffi is back funding the IRA, or any Eastern European military figures intent on waging a terrorist war against the EU and Nato?

Alan Lake being instrumental in stirring up civil unrest within Britain using the hijacked EDL, and being directly linked to Breivik’s part of the world Sweden/Norway, even in a documentary on Norwegian National TV.

Video: Alan Lake & Breivik

Alan Lake might believe he is a knight and Breivik might perceive it to be so, but no ‘English Knight’ would be complicit in the cold blooded sacrifice of innocent kids in the name of Christianity and Templarism to further an extreme right-wing political agenda, and to say otherwise is preposterous.

So he could not have been of ‘English’ heritage, and he has links into the Swedish government, and Northern and Central Europe.

Isn’t it about time the lights were switched on towards Alan Lake so we know whether or not he is circumstantially linked to Breivik’s, and what are his links into MI5/MI6?

The other worrying aspect of this terrorist attack against a European Nation State is that the blood soaked manifesto has map co-ordinates embedded within it, and one of them is linked very closely to the murder of the MI6 code breaker Gareth Williams. Gareth Williams was working on tracking the Russian mafia’s money into Europe and was found dead, his body zipped up in a bag from the manufacturer “North Face”.

What Country is Facing North of the UK? Norway.

They say the Russian mafia is run by former Soviet KGB agents who used their military skills and took up organised crime as a profession after the collapse of the former Soviet Union. It is said that they swapped nuclear suitcase bombs with Osama Bin Laden for heroin, which made them serious players in the global market of Afghani heroin controlled and supplied by Al Qaeda. There was a threat leaked through wikileaks about Al Qaeda using the nuclear option if Bin Laden was killed. Could we now be on a count-down to a nuclear bomb being let off somewhere, possibly supported by former Soviet KGB officers who had/have access to nuclear devices?

Further reading: Nuclear terrorism in London

It has also come to light that 2 Russian diplomatic cars were seen in the vicinity of the Pimlico flat on the day of the murder of the MI6 agent, so they were not really being very discrete about it.

If we are now at war with another extreme ‘right wing’ influential force within Europe, in a defensive position because of possible planned future attacks from this group, with rogue extreme right-wing European operatives now being trained in places like Belarus. Would it not be good to know who the enemy is and who is supporting them on State level?

Who sold Gareth Williams out to them, from within?

How did any outside forces stoke up the flames of the recent ‘English’ riots, and how could someone like Alan Lake and his Irish puppets stoke up more riots in England and the media then call them ‘race riots’ to cause further civil unrest in Britain which would mean another p.r coup for our enemies, for the World to see?

Plus also destabalise the Nation right up to threatening the future 'safety and security' of the throne of England and the faith the Monarchy is sworn to uphold.

In war there can only be one winner at the end and we are in World War III so chemical, nuclear and biological devices going off somewhere are inevitable. It’s a matter of when and where not, if.

International Terrorism is the new form of warfare in the 21st Century, backed by rouge Arab regimes, their oil money and more worryingly the proliferation of their technology.

“Nation will rise against Nation and Kingdom against Kingdom”

Video: "Tommy's" threats against the UK

(November 2010)

15 August 2011

In light of the English riots 2011

When I was the age of the majority of the young people across London who took to the streets, I would have been out there amongst them, so I cannot condemn them. Thank God that He saved me and changed me, so that now I understand that that kind of meaningless violence goes against civilised society.

For the most part there were no political goals so it was meaningless and just a bunch of youth letting off steam, although in some places there were overtones, especially because the young guy murdered by the Met police was connected to the top figures in the Manchester underworld.

(Post below)

Posted 3/8/08

Christianity the Hope for our Nation

Extract: One of the biggest ills of Our society that is separate from the War that is unfolding across our land is what the media calls ferrell youths, these are the ones who are killing one another, wounding one another and murdering innocent people in the process of terrorising their communities and leaving an environment of fear for others within society. Children and young adults who are lost with no vision for the future, on a path to destruction that they are forcing others against their will by their actions to join them on because they have no real understanding or comprehension about life and its true meaning and purpose because they are so young to realise this, and the true irreversible consequences of their actions. Those amongst us who have had no adult guidance to teach them the right path in life, left alone to grow in a messed up Country, of which this (Labour) government has created.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there on the streets where our children are growing up and its only the toughest who survive, a bit like the Lord of the Flies.

I know this from my own personal experience and thank God that He Himself chose to show me the truth and place me on the right path before it was too late and I threw my life away as a consequence of my actions like so many young people are doing today.

We are not all that fortunate to be saved from that path of destruction though but that what saved me is exactly what a Chief Constable is saying should be used to help the ferrel youths within our society.

Full post: The Hope for our Nation

11 August 2011

Norwegian cover-up

Daily Mail: Breivik acted alone

Anders Breivik committed an act of terrorism which will hopefully be classed as a ‘crime against humanity’ in the name of domestic politics. His main points were Islamisation and immigration facilitated by Norway’s Marxist left wing politicians, so he killed their children. Just before he carried out his terrorist act a right wing politician in Norway was recorded at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference making threats to kill opposition members of parliament and targeting the whole Norwegian government. He has since been charged with these offences and is currently awaiting trial.

Can you see the parallels?

Further reading: Norwegian domestic terror cell

Although it has been claimed I was his inspiration behind the attack which was a very convenient deflection tactic by those involved with Breivik for the early stages after the attack, in reality it was his fellow countryman Fraudman who he was inspired by. The whole ideology behind Breivik’s manifesto even including the name (European Decleration of Independence) came from Fraudman, who is supported by an online network of ideological supporters throughout Europe and the US like Gates of Vienna, Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer to name just a few.

These people named in the manifesto who are centered around Fraudman are all actively involved in the Stop the Islamisation of Europe and America movement that the Norwegian Democrat MP was attending when making his treasonous statements against his opposition government.

Breivik might have acted alone on the day he committed his terrorist acts but no intelligent mind when looking at the facts can say he was a ‘lone wolf’ inspired in his bedroom to go out and commit his acts alone. Definitely not when looking at the complexity of his manifesto and the embedded codes. Breivik is just a pawn in a much bigger plot.

It just doesn’t add up when looking at the larger picture, although for the gullible masses these are the easiest clothes to wrap the tragedy up in, rather than alarm everyone without being able to prove it. The only thing with this is that the general consensus in the media is that I was his ‘mentor and inspiration’ which is a lie, and is an abominable accusation to have leveled at me.

The only way I will be exonerated is if the full truth is told, and claiming he acted alone is not telling the full truth, it is a cover up of the truth. Maybe the Norwegians have not got the stomach to confront the reality of this act going right into the heart of Washington DC and the US military via the likes of Pamella Geller, Robert Spencer, and Gates of Vienna & Co who all have high level backing. This backing means they are complicit when those they support use Breivik’s act to propagate their political message.

To me what happened in Norway centers on Alan Lake, who is rumoured to be either an MI5 or MI6 asset, but this has yet to be confirmed or denied. Alan Lake has used the EDL to gain direct links into Washington DC, the Teaparty movement, the Stop the Islamisation movement, the Swedish government, the Norwegian government and the British government, to name the few that are known so far.

Alan Lake is directly linked to Norway, lives in London, professes a Christian background, is from a similar social background to Anders Breivik, they both the same political ideology about murdering liberals, and is the right age to be Breivik’s mentor. Yet I was conveniently pointed out to the world as being the ‘mentor’ and ‘inspiration’.

Further reading: Motive

Mr Halto quote: After initial speculation that others were involved in the attack, Norwegian police increasingly believe Breivik planned and committed the attacks alone.

Quote: A special police unit set up to investigate the attacks has been looking at whether Breivik acted alone or if he had contact with other cells of right-wing extremists in Western Europe opposed to the immigration of Muslims.

The prosecutor stated that after 40 hours of questioning, they are fairly certain Breivik acted alone and that he appears to be telling the truth.

The Norwegian government wants the World to believe Breivik acted alone which leaves the accusation of me being his ‘mentor and inspiration’ hanging on my front door.

Mr Hatlo quote: Police have been able to verify much of what Breivik told them about the attacks, and that they had not discovered 'any direct lie, yet'.

So if Breivik acted alone in the whole scheme of things and he has not told a ‘direct lie yet’, then Mr Halto must be lying which means there is a cover-up underway.

Breivik claims he was at a meeting in London in 2002, which based upon Halto’s claim of there being no direct lie from Breivik means that this meeting did take place, which means Breivik is part of a larger group.

Breivik claims he had an English ‘mentor’ assigned to him during this meeting in 2002. This means Breivik is a part of a group (cell) unless he is lying, but Mr Halto states they have not discovered a ‘direct lie yet’ which means Breivik is a part of a group.

The prosecutors say he is a lone wolf who planned and carried out the attack on his own and is not linked to anyone.

Who is lying?

Breivik claims he sent ideological material to the leadership of the EDL at its start, and wondered if his ‘mentor’ was the founder of the movement.

Is Breivik lying? According to Mr Halto they have found ‘no direct lies’ yet which means he is telling the truth, which then means he is a part of a group via his English mentor, but the prosecutors say he acted alone in its entirety.

In the scheme of the bigger picture, him committing his acts and then the media blaming me as being his ‘mentor and inspiration’ was all very nice and easy, only it’s a lie and the devil is the author of all lies, sent to accuse Gods elect.

Who is the English ‘mentor’ who was part of the group in 2002? Unless Breivik is lying about this, but Mr Halto has said he has found ‘no direct lies’ from him.

Mr Halto quote: 'That is also why we, with a certain confidence, we can say that he was alone, but I have to emphasise that we have not concluded yet,' Mr Hatlo said. 'Nothing supports suspicion about other cells [being involved], rather the opposite,' he added, declining to give details.

Anders Breivik & Co had been planning this act of terrorism for a long time, and who knows the level of intelligence behind any other people who could be directly involved with him. It is highly unlikely, if not impossible, that Breivik was going to leave factual evidence directly linking any others within his group to him and his act because that would give the bigger game away. So from that basis the prosecutors are never going to be able to link him directly to others, so a ‘lone wolf’ is the easy option to feed to the public.

I would stick him with a syringe full of CIA truth serum.

His act was committed on-behalf of Fraudman & Co because they were always going to be the ones left behind to dictate the ideological battle in Europe and the US for the heart & soul of public opinion which is what is happening right now. Disgustingly enough sites like Gates of Vienna and Fraudmans online support now using this act to further their own political agenda which is in-line with Fraudman and Breivik’s agendas. Anders Breivik knew this was going to happen because it was the whole point of his actions in the first place and why he released a manifesto pointing out his influences like Fraudman.

Fraudman could then take up the torch and carry things on.

I didn’t get a mention.

Breivik has been led to believe that he is the man who will go down in history as starting the war in Europe, which was probably the indoctrination tactic of his English ‘mentor’, if this ‘mentor’ is real.

A bunch of cowards who targeted innocent defenceless children on a summer camp, in the name of anti-jihad, and should now separate the good from the bad within the whole EU – US anti-jihad movement, either online or on the streets.
Breivik, his act, and those who support it should be held with the scorn and contempt they deserve from civilised society.
The Norwegian police might not be able to directly link Breivik to anyone, but I have enough circumstantial evidence to make a case in my own mind, and I will hold those people to account on this blog, and I would ask anyone who can help and support me in that aim to do so too.

For the sake of those voiceless children, the honour of Templarism and the faith I am sworn to uphold, I will take the ideological battle to them and hold them to account for what they are complicit in.

Fraudman & Co have a trait of being complicit in a lot of things, which shows they have no integrity or morals when seeking to achieve their political aims, which kind of fits in with them and Breivik, and casts a disgusting shadow over the legitimate anti-jihad movement. Fraudman has not even got the morals or integrity to stand by his words that indoctrinated Breivik, and now wants to go running back into the shadows and hide like the little wet back he is.

Further reading:

They, Fraudman & Co which includes Alan Lake & Co all had good reason to silence me and hay presto the whole world now thinks I am Breivik’s ‘mentor and inspiration’. They are all directly linked to him through his manifesto and I am not.

I think the Norwegians have a duty to throw us some meat of truth linking Breivik to Fraudman & Co’s ideological network, and even to Alan Lake even if it is circumstantial. We know Fraudman was in email contact with him, and Pamella Geller has been caught doctoring emails from a Norwegian.

Fair is Fair!

Justice is Justice!

8 August 2011

Norwegian MP charged with threats to kill

Further reading: The Norwegian domestic terror cell

The Norwegian Democrat MP Havar Krane who was secretly recorded talking about killing elected government officials in his Country at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference has been charged with threats to kill.

The police seized his computer and found further evidence of him wanting to target the whole government.

It is not looking good for the Democrat party in Norway in-light of the mass murdering child killer Anders Breivik.

I wonder whether or not Alan Lake is linked to this man?

Norwegian article: Havar Krane charged

"Tommy" Breivik & Alan Lake

For the investigating team analysing all of the information to get to the bottom of Anders Breivik and his network, please make sure you put me and the nucleus of people associated with me, completely separate to these people.

Video: "Tommy" another Pinocchio moment

7 August 2011

Breivik's 46 map co-ordinates

Cryptologists have discovered 46 map locations inside Anders Breivik's blood soaked manifesto. One of those locations is in Luton.

I wonder if EDL's "Tommy" drinks in any of the pubs in that location before the football? Or if the pub he was photographed here in, is in that location?

Type the location into google: Breivik & Luton

Seems like Breivik is giving a little shout out to someone in Luton linked to that location by alluding to it within his manifesto.
Out of 46 locations he has pinpointed, Luton gets a mention for some reason.

How comes "Tommy" got married a couple of weeks ago before Breivik's terrorist atrocity? Does he know something we do not, so it was an act of preperation (getting his house in order)? He is under the control of Alan Lake after all, and we still dont know yet, whether or not Breivik was also under Lakes control either?

What did Alan Lake mean when he said he is ready to go to the next level?

Breivik sent his manifesto to several hundred EDL & BNP supporters in the UK.

You never know, Alan Lake might be a good mind manipulator to use his willing pawns to further his right-wing political agenda through violence and terrorism. Look at Breivik as an example, if they are linked through SION and those Norwegian Democrat MP's.

Who was the one who came out on British TV using Breivik's act, to threaten similar attacks in the UK unless he is listened too, which is inline with using the act to further a mutual political agenda? Irish Catholic Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka "Tommy" Alan Lakes EDL puppet on his financial and political strings.

The same person who immediately used his EDL platform to accuse me and label me as being 'Richard' the English mentor of Anders Breivik.

You cannot hide from the truth - It just depends on whether or not people choose to ignore the truth...

Fraudman the Norwegian blogger

Dictionary: Fraud

I think Norwegian blogger Fjordman should now be called Fraudman because he is nothing but a Fraud to the legitimate anti-Jihad and Stop the Islamisation of Europe movement.

For an educated man his anonymous writings carried weight within the movement but as a man he has no substance or courage of his convictions, which has now been clearly shown which means he is a fraud.

Peder Jensen began blogging in 2005 but was so afraid to face the world with his words that he hid behind the alias Fjordman (Fraudman) and went into deep cover shutting down his blog in 2005, and then only allowing his writings to be published in America through Gates of Vienna so that he could not be traced by anyone. America where the most financially and politically influential anti-Jihad movement is that he is directly linked too via Baron Bodissey at GoV.

This makes you wonder what his future plans were to go into such deep cover at an early stage.

Funny how the Norwegian child killer Anders Breivik was able to trace him though, with them both having direct email contact in 2009 - 2010. I wonder how that one worked out?

After the cold blooded murder of nearly 100 innocent Norwegian children on their left wing political summer camp, it emerged that Fraudman was the ideological inspiration and mentor behind Anders Breivik the Norwegian child killer.

I call him child killer because he specifically targeted children because they were children.

Although I was conveniently initially implicated by Fraudman and his political ideological network that crosses Europe and into the U.S, which includes the pawn Anders Breivik and the EDL puppet "Tommy" to deflect the blame away from themselves and their involvement in the larger political conspiracy.

Even knowing that he, himself, Peder Jensen was the central figure behind Anders Breivik and his mass murder spree in his native homeland, it did not compel him to immediately come forward and own up to being Fraudman the Norwegian blogger who inspired Breivik, (being mentioned 111 times) and shed light on the investigation. Instead he went to ground and was eventually forced out into the open by the ideological political heavyweights of the European anti-jihad movement who are/were behind him who gave him no alternative but to own up to being Fraudman the anonymous Norwegian blogger.

So he did not attend the police station of his own free will as he would like everyone to believe, he attended the police station under duress, after nearly 2 weeks in hiding. Not only this he even attempted to hide his computer from investigators, by taking it to a lockup out of the way of those investigating the atrocity. Guilty consciounse about something comes to mind.

Once in the police station for being the brains behind Breivik and his mass murder of Norwegian children in the name of European politics, he did not accept this interrogation as a part of the process in such a horrendous crime, which is a crime against humanity. Instead he publicly claims police harassment, even though he is the central figure behind Breivik and the mass murder.


Any police harassment over such a serious crime that has effected a whole Nation, that you are implicated in, is worth it if you have nothing to do with it. Although Fraudman does have something to do with it because he was the ideological brains behind it, which is why he went to ground for 2 weeks and tried hiding his computer.
After the police interrogation Fraudman comes into the light and the world now knows his real name is Peder Jensen, whose father is a part of the extreme left in Norway, with he himself working against the Jewish State with some left wing group in Hebron as part of his studies whilst at Cairo University where he was studying Arabic.

A little perplexing to try and unravel the personality of Fraudman after such influences, and is no wonder he is directly linked to the mad-man Anders Breivik.

Now the whole world knows Peder Jensen as Fraudman, he has decided never to blog under that name again. That's all well and good but his words under that alias and spread across the internet have been the inspiration behind a mass murder spree in his home Country and now he wants to disassociate himself from the crime, and deny being the main influence and motivational force behind them.

He does not even have the courage of his convictions to stand behind the words he has written over the past nearly 10 years. So he sat on a computer behind his anonymous alias, he communicated to his followers via the anonymous world of the internet and then when the 'bomb exploded' into such devastating consequences at the hand of Breivik and his network, he wants to now disassociate himself from his involvement.


At least put your name and your face to your words and have the courage of your convictions to stand by them when something happens, otherwise do not write them in the first place.

I stood by my convictions on every TV interview and newspaper interview over this crime, and point blank told each of them that this event in Norway has nothing to do with me because I know what I write on my blog and will stand by my words, otherwise I would not write them. And to link Breivik's act to me and my writings was wrong because they were completely at enmity with each other and did not add up.

1 day in the eye of the media storm and not knowing what was going on, I admitted it was logical to think I was his inspiration, but it still did not add up to me. If it was found to be true that my words were his inspiration and I was his mentor then I would have had to address that then, but nobody knew at that point.

Fraudman & Co is what added up to me.

After Fraudman came into the light, we then found out about his left wing anti-Jew, anti-Israeli work in Hebron, which obviously makes things look a little bit more suspicious concerning him and his involvement within the European anti-Jihad movement and the political mass murder of innocent children in his country.

I am all for Stop the Islamisation of Europe, but not at the price of Fraudman, Anders Breivik, Alan Lake & Co, and the cold blooded murder of almost 100 innocent Norwegian children because of their political leanings.

I wonder what we are going to find out about Alan Lake's involvement with Fraudman and the Norwegian Democrat MP's talking about murdering opposition members of parliament and bombing the government building?

Rumour has it that Alan Lake could be operating for MI5 or MI6 but we do not know yet because he has disappeared and will not talk to the press. He does have high level contacts though, right into the heart of the British and Norwegian governments, on whose side we do not know yet. He is also directly linked to the House of Lords and the financial and politically influential heavyweights in the anti-jihad movement in the U.S and Europe.

Gaia has always been my contact, only she was the one who brought Alan Lake to the table via Chris Knowles, with Alan Lake then setting about removing me and hijacking the English Defence League street protest movement.


P.S Fraudman, I wonder if they will stick you in the same 'silence of the lambs' cell as Breivik now when they directly implicate you, if not and you go on a normal wing watch out because they dress men like you in make up and womens clothes and then pimp you out across the different wings for fun.

6 August 2011

The Norwegian domestic terror cell

Update 8/8/11: Charged with threats to kill

Treason or Civil war in Norway?

There is a recording of 2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s, one of them the Democrat parties speaker talking about killing other members of government and bombing the government building at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference: Norwegian article

(Ander’s Breivik’s main point was Islam and, moslem immigration.)

Not only that but these 2 Democrat MP’s are presently both Mayoral candidates in their Country.

Is that the usual talk (treason) of Democrat MP’s in Norway?

Doesn’t really look very good after Anders Brievik killed almost 100 left wing children at a summer camp, after bombing a government building in the name of Stop the Islamisation of Europe does it?

That’s civil war if Breivik is part of a group linked to opposition government members.

Alan Lake is directly connected to people in the Norwegian government after stating that he has friends who lost friends at both crime scenes in Norway. Are these 2 Democrat MP’s who are talking about killing members of their elected government the people he is connected too?

Let’s see.

They were taking part in a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference when they were recorded.

Alan Lake travels to Sweden and Norway talking at Stop the Islamification of Europe conferences about anti-jihad.

Everyone Alan Lake is connected too is in-directly linked to all Stop the Islamisation groups which includes SIOE and Pamella Gellers controlled SIOA. I do not believe the SIOE leadership of Anders and Stephen was involved though, but they are both now indirectly linked to Breivik’s act through Alan Lake though.

I’m all for “Stop the Islamisation of Europe” but not at the price of Breivik (a monster) and innocent murdered Norwegian children, no matter what their parent’s political affiliation, and then leveling the blame at me for being the inspiration behind the monster.

Video: Al Jazeera interview

During the recorded discussions they talked about the Norwegian Defence League and how it is under the control of its parent group the English Defence League (EDL). This means it was under Alan Lake’s political control because he is the middle man. Alan Lake is operating for many other groups with financial and political influence and getting funding from those groups, which includes the American Teaparty via Rabbi Schifren, to further his political agenda. “Tommy” and uncle Kev are just the willing English puppets, although they are Irish professing to be English.

These 2 Norwegian MP’s were also talking about joining the Norwegian Defence League and there being a secret list of members and supporters to join.

Is this a secret list of high level support that has government influence in different European Countries and have been in-directly supporting Alan Lake’s aim of war against the Norwegian government. I wonder what the American’s Christine Brim and Frank Gaffney have to say about the European anti-jihad groups and conferences they are linked too, and who are directly linked to Alan Lake and the EDL leadership of “Tommy” and uncle Kev via the likes of Fjordman and Gates of Vienna?

Alan Lake is a pure hardcore nazi and could quite possibly (time will tell) be an accomplice to the murder of nearly 100 innocent children in your name.

Has Alan Lake declared war in your name, or is he an accomplice to a mass murder of children in Norway supported by no one? Or was Breivik a lone wolf inspired by me who he did not even have the courtesy of mentioning in his blood soaked manifesto for the world to read?

Who is behind Breivik?

Alan Lake talks about executing people on Norwegian TV, 2 high level Norwegian Democrat MP’s are recorded talking about murdering members of government and blowing up the government building with the political opposition inside, and also supporting the rightwing street protest movement the EDL and its NDL off-shoot that the murderer Breivik was directly linked too.

That’s some hardcore stuff that has resulted in the murder of nearly 100 innocent Norwegian children on their summer camp that no civilised person can justify or support, whether or not they were playing lefti pro-Palestinian games. It’s the same as the Chechen jihadi’s laying siege to a Russian Orthodox school full of innocent children and then attempting to kill them all, or firing katusha rockets into Israeli schools all day to kill innocent Jewish children because they are Jewish.

Breivik lured them out into a false sense of security dressed as a policeman and then set about murdering them all – child killer

That cannot be justified in any war and is a war crime, a crime against humanity which is why we have The Hague.

Where is the dignity and humanity, it is pure evil and the work of the devil.

And then they attempted to blame me as being the inspiration for this inhumane act to deflect attention and blame from themselves and have me removed from the anti-jihad field because of the threat we pose to Alan Lake and their bigger political European agenda, that the EDL street protest movement is central too.

Breivik’s manifesto was born into our world at the price of blood from innocent murdered/sacrificed children, so those who believe in the act and support the cold blooded murder of innocent children can justify that act in their own minds to further their own political ideas and ambitions against the democratically elected Norwegian government and Crowned Royal Family.

That was the whole plan.

To gather all groups and like minded people together around the same political ideas and agendas with those named in the manifesto as the influential ones to follow once you are awake and listening to the rhetoric coming out from these writers after Breivik’s act. It’s exactly the same political tactic of the moslems when they attack a country, it is an act of terrorism.

That is unless their plan backfires and they have no government support anywhere, which means they are on their own now, with all eyes now on Alan Lake, Fjordman, and these 2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s.

A small group of hardcore influential fascists from different Countries and Nationalities, all united around the anti-jihad banner that have serious intent to wage a war in Europe to topple a democratically elected European government to further their own political agenda in Europe. They are all mentioned in Breivik’s manifesto surrounding his compatriot Fjordman, Breivik’s real mentor and inspiration.

Do those mentioned in the manifesto still support the real ideological brains behind Breivik – Fjordman or is he now a pariah (Judas) within the anti-jihad field?

Everyone mentioned in the manifesto who supported the EDL leadership of “Tommy” and uncle Kev over the last 18 months were my direct enemies via Alan Lake, and it included Fjordman and GoV. I stayed true to my calling and supported the grass roots EDL when I could, and at times when I had no other alternative but too over the last 18 months.

Alan Lake did what he did, and him and his EDL puppet “Tommy” needed me removed.

Irish ‘Tommy’ the puppet was the first to propagate the lie of me being Breivik’s mentor for his political masters (Alan Lake & Co) across his EDL media platform because the EDL was mentioned in the manifesto with Breivik linked to EDL Divisional commanders that “Tommy” then lied about on National TV (no change there then). All the blame and attention was directed at me for Breivik’s inhumane act, which was the plan from the start which is why Breivik pointed the finger directly at me as being one of the other Knights Templar European cells.

Blatantly obvious to a trained eye.

Further reading: Motive

Further reading: The Conspiracy

Nobody can justify or support Breivik’s act, and under no circumstances am I going to accept being the inspiration behind it, along with our names and what we represent being tarnished with it.

So who was behind him?

Further reading: ‘Richard’ the English mentor

Is Alan Lake the political controller behind the EDL now using pawns like Breivik to direct international terrorism to further his groups Fascist political Europe agenda? Almost 100 innocent children murdered for political purposes by a group of people is an act of war.

While Alan Lake is free, the threat of another attack lingers, unless the threat is there so he is not arrested?

He declared war on Christianity and the honour of Templarism, as well as against the Norwegian government and against civilised society as a whole via Breivik and his act. His EDL puppet Irish “Tommy” then proceeded to threaten on National TV that similar attacks in the UK will be carried out by EDL supporters within the next 5 – 10 years, as well as accusing (devil) me of being Anders Breivik’s English mentor ‘Richard’.

Devils…no other word for them!

All in the name of an English Defence, and supported by a bunch of English sheep running up and down the country at Irish “Tommy’s” command, smashing up Towns and Cities, and terrorising innocent people – E – E – EDL under the Templar Cross in the name of Christianity. Wolves dressed up in exactly the same sheep’s clothing as the child killer Anders Breivik which is why he mentions them in his manifesto.

How to win friends and influence people the EDL way.

I don’t care who you are or what you might threaten to do to me, those innocent children did not deserve to be gunned down in cold blood to further someone’s right wing political agenda, wrapped up in Christianity and Templarism to add the desired after effect, and then accuse me and those linked to me of being involved. I wonder whose idea that one was.

Maybe it’s just me that thinks that way…

The only thing I can think is that Alan Lake is a lone wolf, with his own agenda and attempting to use others to finance that agenda with them not knowing the full extent of the agenda, Breivik now showing those people the extent and capability of that agenda. 70 Innocent murdered children on their political summer camp lured out by Breivik dressed as a policeman and then gunned down in cold blood by him. That is not a justified or supportable tactic in my eyes.

I am either right or wrong; I cannot see any middle ground?

I wonder when Alan Lake is going to go on camera in news interview to answer his critics and deny all involvement with the child killer Anders Breivik.

Fjordman was in direct email contact with Breivik in 2009 – 2010. It was hard to have email contact with Fjordman in 2008 - 2009 because that’s when I was in America attempting to seek political asylum and he sent me an email of support via GoV. This was at the same time/just after there was an online anti-jihad dispute in America with the Little Green Footballs blog.

How and why, did someone like Breivik have direct email contact with Fjordman?

Gates of Vienna were the hub to contact Fjordman.

Fjordman has been an anti-jihad blogger for many years if he closed his blog down in 2005. He then went to ground and just sent essays to GoV which were published on their site.

Why did he go to ground and change his whole modus operandi, which is what happened?

Strange places of Education too, he looks like a Leftie and its normally only Leftie students and intelligence community type people who study Arabic in places like Egypt. His Dad is on the extreme left of politics in the Country too which must be perplexing.

Bi-polar family.

Strange that Fjordman was an observer to the percieved persecution of Palestinians at the hands of Jews in Hebron, which is as Leftie as it gets: Fjordman the observer

This is my in the West Bank to see the difference: ISM terror connection