29 November 2012

28 November 2012

"Tommy" charged with fraud

Luton Today: EDL leaders charged with mortgage fraud

Makes you wonder where all the money donated to the English Defence League cause over the past few years has ended up?

The money was definitely not used constructively that's for sure.

This fraud stems from him trying to hide the proceeds of his cocaine dealing operation, with the drugs he sold being supplied by the Pakistani moslem drug gangs in Luton who he works/worked for.

Everyone on street level from the area knows the truth...its common knowledge on the streets.  Those who do not live in and around Luton, Dunstable and surrounding areas cannot pass a comment on a subject they know nothing about.

Notice how its his brother in-law on the drugs charge and not him.

Quote: Stephen Vowles, 24, of Heron Drive, Luton, with two counts of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation in relation to a mortgage application, two counts of false accounting, possession of cocaine with intent to supply, being concerned in the supply of class A drugs to another, and money laundering:

This charge all stems from the points in the video below, and word is that he also sold out the young guy who is currently serving a long sentence for cocaine and firearms mentioned at the end of the video.

He also sold out the identities of 53 of his most loyal followers by throwing them into a removals van and driving straight into a police sting operation before being remanded.

26 November 2012

Steven aka "Tommy's" new reality

Those who cover-up for paedophiles some would say are as bad as the paedophiles themselves. Steven aka "Tommy" is surrounded by them now so lets hope he thinks about the innocent child victims at the end of the cover-story they attempted for Richard Price in the name of the English Defence League.

Galatians 6:7

EDL Noncegate

23 November 2012

Breivik's Polish link

A Polish professor was recently arrested for planning to blow up his Government building the same as Breivik.

He was traced and uncovered as part of the investigation into Breivik and his international contacts.

This dispels the 'official' Norwegian myth of Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one when this one track has led to a Polish professor getting ready to wipe out his Government just like Breivik attempted.

Although the mainstream media will not report critically on the Norwegian story concerning Breivik and the completely false 'official' conclusion that has yet to be ripped to shreds just like the state of the Norwegian State infrastructure through the July 22nd Commission report and the State's prosecution case against Breivik that they took to court in front of the Worlds media.

How damaging will it be when the 'official' Norwegian conclusion is proven to be false? Who in Norway will take responsibility?

What would a thorough investigation into the Norwegian police's investigation into 'Operation Breivik' show?

That Breivik was not a "solo terrorist" as the Norwegians in control of the case have consistently stated which then begs the question as to why they would want to cover-up the truth and refuse to admit that Breivik is/was connected to others?  This recent Polish arrest proves the point in question.

Not a hard one is it...

'Operation Breivik' & The Norwegian political project at a time when Norway takes center stage in a new Cold War being played out in the Arctic Circle for oil & gas.

All roads behind Breivik lead to Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake the EU banker and City of London employee accept he is protected by people in the deep dark recesses of society which means at this stage the outstanding evidence surrounding him is being ignored in the public sphere.

What if Breivik was Gladio or from a similar group and is linked to Lake in London?  This means his network are able to work outside of the law because him and his contacts are beyond the reaches of the law that is supposed to protect and defend all people within a Democracy.

Anyone complicit in the cold blooded murder of 69 innocent misguided kids on their summer camp in the name of politics should be held to account and not protected by influential figures either in the military or politics.

Someone was behind Breivik, so the question is who?

Who is Lake's friend 'Richard the Lionheart' who was present at the pre-founding EDL meeting, who Lake deemed important enough to invite to that meeting, along with the employee of a Companion of Honour Ann Marchini which is another example of the high level political influence of this group to avoid serious police investigation over Breivik.

Imagine the reputations on the line high up within the British Establishment if is it proven that Lake & Co were behind Breivik.

2 Tier justice - The rich & the poor.

Quote: "Breivik allegedly bought some of the chemicals used for his bomb attack on Oslo in Poland, and the prime minister said that the investigation into his Polish contacts had led the authorities to Brunon K."

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19 November 2012

13 November 2012

Royal Navy - Selling secrets to Russia

This is in keeping with the Russian espionage and asymmetric warfare angle on the Breivik case which is my personal opinion on the whole affair, which sees an aggressive Russia leaving footprints all over the World now that declare the Nations intent and position in the modern World.

Truth is Truth.

Maybe MI5 should thoroughly investigate Alan Lake who worked in the Square Mile London inside the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development that has had a mandate in the former Soviet Bloc Countries and Serbia, and reveal who his friend 'Richard the Lionheart' is.  Then we can determine with public evidence based upon this persons profile whether the Norwegian State controllers in control of the investigation into the massacre in Norway who say he was a "solo terrorist" connected to no one are right or wrong.  Either Breivik was superhuman which is why he was able to carry out a faultless terrorist mission with uncanny help from the Norwegian police or he is connected to others as he says.

The silence is deafening surrounding Alan Lake the Square Mile employee and Counter-jihad activist who was/is the director behind the hijacked EDL who is also connected to Breivik's ideological movement and members of that movement mentioned by Breivik himself inside the "2083" manifesto, along with him having direct links into Norway including the political class (go through the pages of this blog).

Who is Lake's controller is the question or what funny handshake group does he belong too?

What connections does he have with political, financial and intellectual Russians via his EU bank job?

None or some if MI5/MI6 have done their jobs properly, and if some then what are their stories/profiles?

Who Lake's friend 'Richard the Lionheart' is is still the big missing question that has been refused to be answered by everyone in control of the Breivik case until this moment in time which says all you need to know about the real people behind 'Operation Breivik' and their influence especially in Norway where they have been able to completely close the investigative case down on Government level and publicly claim Breivik was/is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one which means there is nobody else to look for.

Very convenient...

If my assumption based upon facts is right then Lake is the first domino to fall which would inevitably lead to others higher up the social political financial ladder, its just how far and how high does the domino effect lead?

His immediate connections are the first because they hold direct evidence.

Those innocent misguided kids on Utoya were cannon fodder for a political project in Norway at a time when Norway takes center stage in a new Cold War scenario being played out in the Arctic circle for access and control over the last remaining 30% of Earths natural energy resources and the hundreds of billions of dollars on offer.


Enemy of the State: Royal Navy officer faces jail after being caught trying to pass nuclear submarine secrets to Russians in MI5 sting

Edward Devenney was filmed trying to leak sensitive information by British Secret Services

He thought he was meeting Russian spies but it was MI5

The 30-year-old offered code-breaking secrets and data about submarine movements He will be sentenced next month after admitting breaching Official Secrets Act

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