23 April 2009

Happy St George's day 2009

The true Christian spirit of St George lives on!

Not the secular politicaly correct version of today that is being enforced upon the English people.

19 April 2009

People of Luton Protest against Muslim Extremists

Update below: Comment taken from comments section

Thank you anonymous for leaving this comment.

Take alook at this video at 5:30, you will the policeman to the left, using hislong attack-baton to beat his horse twice on it's right flank.

No ONE has the right to abuse horses like this.
It was not a horse-whip, it was a large BATON.
Disgusting behaviour.

There have not been serious use/abuse of police horses in Luton since July 19th. 1919, when the People of Luton turned against their feasting Council Officials and the Mayor, after they refused to allow a march in support of the returning Heores from the trenches of the First World War!

That day the old Town Hall was burned to the ground.

A disgusting display of bad Policing.
Following the announcement about the wearing of Police badge-numbers by Officers, why were they not evident on that day?
From where were the Poice horses drafted in?

Luton Borough Council caused this fuss by refusing the march, and this is what they generated.
Scum Luton Council, run by Hazel Simmons, Labour Councillor.

They deliberately pitted Police against Public, for no good reason.
The Police should not be the servants of political has-beens and cowards of L.B.Council.
They are servants of the whole People, and this sort of use turns good people into conflict with those who serve them.
Considering the large number of angry people, this was a peaceful rally and no damage was done except to Public/Police relations.
Shame on you Labour Council.

An example of the handy-work of these Socialist scumbags is contained in a leaflet posted today by the M.E.P. (Europe Parliaent) Labour Party, here he proudly claims to have influnced European statement on Kashmir on behalf of "Lutons Muslim Community."
We know that means the Pakistani community.
So why is such a politician working on behalf of one community and not another.
What about the Indian Community who do not want to see Pakistan take over Kashmir?

These scum will do anything to get votes.
Remember to vote out Labour at the Euro Election in a couple of weeks time.
Vote for UKIP or Libertas, both want to get the Euro Socialists off our backs.
Only a few bother to vote, just a few votes against will get these Cowards out.

Luton Council hang your heads in shame, for your cowardly one-sided discrimination against the good people of Luton.

Stuff them at the election.

18 April 2009

D-day march promo video: The heroin Jihad

Facebook group: St George & D-day in Luton

Short promo video stating one reason why people should join us on the streets of Luton this coming June 6th.

10 April 2009

St George's day parade in Luton

Take a read of the facebook group to see the background to this potential St George's day celebration including it aims.

There is a lot more to come so please keep coming back.

The spirit of St George still lives upon England's shores, in the 'hearts, minds and souls' of many of the English people.

Facebook group:
Luton St George's day

Please click to read article:
St George's day

My arrest: L & D Express

6 April 2009

Stirring up Religious hatred whilst on police bail

Militant Moslem 'Rahman' talks about him and his followers targeting the Queen and Royal family as enemies of Islam, and he is stirring up religious hatred towards her, her family, and our society, including the police force whilst he was on police bail for this horrific demonstration in London over Danish cartoons.

You have to ask the question; Is not he and those like him spewing the same ideology, a threat to National Security and a danger to society?

Influencing young Moslem minds, and radicalising a new generation of Islamic militants who have been born and bred in Britain.

The Government are pumping millions of pounds of 'tax payers' money into the Islamic Kingdom of Britain in the hope that it will prevent young Moslems becoming radicalised and turning against wider society. What is the point of pumping all that money in when the likes of this man are walking free? If he was locked up then the recruitment and radicalisation process from this one individual would stop.

Round them all up, lock them away, and then the recruitment and radicalisation process will come to an end and a clear message will go out to the rest of them about what will happen if they continue their path of war and hate upon British shores.

Shame this Government does not have any backbone to tackle Islamic extremism!

Instead 'we the people' are left with these aiming their
religious hatred at us.