27 December 2011

Chris Knowles linked to Breivik enquiry

(Sunday Times article below)

The Norwegian police have now confirmed that Anders Breivik was in London in 2002 and 2003 (Below). This is on top of the confirmation that he was also in Liberia in 2002 during the civil war there (upon invitation from someone), and also that he was paramilitary trained in Belarus.

Anders Breivik was not a 'lone wolf', he was a part of a group/network with Liberia and London being pivotal moments in the birth and baptism of Anders Breivik the political terrorist.

The only question left that now needs answering is did Alan Ayling/Lake disclose his actual friend 'Richard the Lionheart' in police interview or did he withhold vital information to the Breivik enquiry?

3 witnesses can confirm that Alan Ayling/Lake invited another man to his London flat at the pre-founding EDL meeting who called himself 'Richard the Lionheart'.

Who is this anonymous person whose identity Alan Lake, Ann/Gaia, and Kinana all withheld from the enquiry so that I would take the fall and blame for their actions against the Norwegian government and people?

Breivik was recruited in 2002 by a network/group.

Council suspends worker linked to Norway gunman

By Dipesh Gadher

Published: 18 December 2011

A council worker has been suspended following a Sunday Times investigation into a network of far-right groups.

Chris Knowles, who is employed by the children’s services department at Leeds city council, has been questioned over his links to the English Defence League (EDL) and a website featuring anti-Muslim content.

Knowles has been accused by Paul Ray, a former senior EDL figure, of operating under an alias to disguise his controversial views. He has been using the name “Aeneas Lavinium” on Facebook and other websites linked to Anders Breivik, the Norwegian gunman who massacred 69 people
in summer.

Last week Oslo police confirmed for the first time that Breivik travelled to Britain at least twice — in May 2002 and December 2003.

The gunman has claimed in his 1,600-page “manifesto” that during a trip to London in 2002 he met an English “mentor” who inducted him into a modern-day version of the Knights Templar Order. Police, however, have no evidence to verify this claim.

Ray says that Knowles attended a meeting in July 2009 at which members of the EDL were introduced to key ideological figures in the so-called “counter-jihad” community.

He was involved at the time with a right-wing organisation called the Centre for Vigilant Freedom (CVF), which used an address in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, for correspondence. Another member of the organisation was Ann Marchini, a buy-to-let property tycoon who was revealed last weekend as an EDL backer.

The CVF is now part of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) whose website includes many contributions from a writer called “Aeneas”. One article is about Fjordman, an anti-Islam blogger named 111 times by Breivik in his manifesto.

The site also features favourable items on the EDL and a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed with an exploding bomb on his head.

When Knowles was asked if he was Aeneas, he said: “I’m not willing to confirm anything.

Leeds council launched its probe after being shown the ICLA website. A spokeswoman said: “We take the allegations made by The Sunday Times very seriously and a member of staff has been suspended while we undertake a thorough investigation. If there has been any breach of
the council’s policies or code of conduct we will take appropriate action.”

Additional reporting: Mark Lewis in Oslo

25 December 2011

2 crucial pieces of information

Norwegian police confirm Anders Breivik's trips to Liberia and Belarus.

These 2 key pieces of information that are now in the public domain prove that Ander's Breivik was not a 'lone wolf' as has been consistently spoken through the media, and was, in reality, a part of a neo-Gladio style network.

A 'lone wolf' is radicalised and trained in his bedroom and then goes out on his own under his own inspiration and commits a small terrorist attack in the name of his beliefs, which is the type of people Breivik & Co are hoping to inspire through the "2083" manifesto.

Further reading: Questioning the 'lone wolf' scenario

Breivik was recruited into a group (false Knights Templar's) who financed him, trained him, and then sent him out to declare war on their behalf. This is now proven by the fact that he was in Liberia during the civil war in the Country in 2002, and that he was paramilitary trained in Belarus later on.

What about the London meeting in 2002 and the formation of the false Knights Templar group? Have the Norwegian police confirmed whether or not Breivik was in London when he says he was?

You can safely assume that if Liberia and Belarus are facts, which they are, then London is too.

Who were Ander's Breivik's contacts in the 'group'?

Who is Alan Lake's friend 'Richard the Lionheart'?

How serious is this group that is linked to Serbians soldiers, and do they have access to small scale nuclear weapons to threaten to use as their ultimate deterrent?

Who has a grievance with Norway and was linked to arms smuggling who could have been the bridge between Breivik and Liberia in 2002, and who could possibly be linked to the old style Gladio networks and London?

P.S Dont be too surprised if
Fraudman is much more involved with the Norwegian/Mainland European field of operations for individuals in Breivik's false Knights Templar group. He is directly linked to Breivik and to a certain connected clique of ideological inspirations that are linked to all SIO groups and Alan Lake. Also there is too much circumstantial evidence and suspicious behaviour directly linking him.

He hid himself from the world around 2005. WHY?

Is it all coincidence?

Aftenposten: Police confirm Liberia and Belarus link

Further reading: The birth & baptism of Anders Breivik

16 December 2011

Speak up for Christianity

Quote: ‘I believe the Church of England has a unique opportunity to help shape the future of our communities. But to do so it must keep on the agenda that speaks to the whole country.’

At an event to mark the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible, he said: ‘We are a Christian country and we should not be afraid to say so.

'The Bible has helped to give Britain a set of values and morals which make Britain what it is today. Values and morals we should actively stand up and defend.

‘Whether you look at the riots last summer, the financial crash and the expenses scandal or the on-going terrorist threat from Islamic fundamentalists around the world, one thing is clear, moral neutrality or passive tolerance just isn’t going to cut it any more.

Continue reading: Speak up for Christianity

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15 December 2011

Im done with Breivik & Norway

As the Maltese saying goes "Oil always comes to the top in water".

Further reading: Alan Lake's friend 'Richard the Lionheart'

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In my defence

Breivik: Some intelligent pointers

The “2083” manual was written in perfect English and signed by Breivik under his anglicised name. He points to the fact that he has an English ‘mentor’ and he talks glowingly about the EDL inside the manifesto and online. He boasts about the amount of EDL contacts he had on Facebook and he sent his manifesto to a number of EDL members.

Breivik and the network behind him want the next serious extreme right-wing terrorist attack to happen in the UK and it is my opinion that they are hoping to recruit if they have not already done so from within the ranks of the EDL because there is a large number of people sympathetic to their mutual cause and amongst those it is logical to say there are some who would be willing to carry out a large scale terrorist attack similar to Breiviks, it is just a case of finding them.

There must be a recruiter.

There must also be real ‘lone wolfs’ who are inspired by Breivik amongst their social scene.

Breivik went to Liberia in 2002 so who were those involved with him at this time? I believe I know, and I believe they know I know, but that’s for another time: Neo-Gladio

Breivik was in London in 2002 after Liberia and states that he was at a gathering of like minded individuals who called themselves Knights Templar’s which was their ideological founding meeting and fits in with my belief. He also states that he was assigned an English ‘mentor’ who he called ‘Richard the Lionhearted’. It was this man who gave Breivik the idea of the perfect Knight, and now Breivik succeeded in his terrorist atrocity he now claims that false mantle which is in-line with what he was told.

Did this person exist to explain to him about the perfect Knight?

If he travelled to Liberia and was in London that same year then it’s safe to say the person did exist and fits in place with everything else.

Further reading: Alan Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’

Breivik was trying to communicate directly to the UK right-wing scene of which the EDL is the most prominent, so the question is why?

In my opinion it is because that is where his alleged English ‘mentor’ lives (obviously) and is actively involved in the UK right-wing scene of which the EDL is the most prominent, so has his hand on the whole agenda that goes beyond Breivik and Norway, into the Day after Breivik and the next serious attack from those behind this network, which is most likely going to be inside the UK.

Although I do not think things are going to plan as they had hoped at this moment in time.

The EDL was originally made up of many from across the Country involved in the Casual Culture (Football hooliganism), now it is made up of many disaffected young/old people and shunned by much of those with any credibility involved in the Casual Culture because of the disgrace it has become, but Breivik wouldn’t know this because he doesn’t know what goes on within internal streets politics in the UK. His insistence of wearing his Lacoste jumper was because it was a little signal and show of unity to the Casuals still involved with the EDL because the Lacoste label is a part of the culture the same as Stone Island. So Breivik knows what he is doing by insisting on wearing that jumper, he is communicating in his small way to people inside the EDL who support him.

The picture above shows Yaxley/Tommy the leader of the EDL wearing his Lacoste t-shirts.

Yaxley/Tommy has already stated that he agrees with Anders Breivik, and he has also stated on News Night that there will be terrorist attacks within the UK in the next 5 – 10 years. Anders Breivik wrote within his manifesto that there should be similar terrorist attacks to his own every 5 – 12 years.

Yaxley/Tommy is Alan Lake’s EDL puppet.

Yaxley/Tommy also got married a few weeks before the attacks. Was this a case of getting his house in order for when the hurricane came just in case?

Video: Tommy & Breivik

(Continued below)
Fraudman is directly linked to the Breivik enquiry because the manifesto was named after one of his own essays, and he is mentioned 111 times inside its pages. Fraudman has a superiority complex and when the Aftenposten journalist I had met in Malta and given an interview too spoke to him about me he stated “He is a dog that barks and doesn’t bite” in relation to me.

In light of Anders Breivik’s atrocity, probably 7 days after the events, where 69 innocent kids were executed in cold blood, and his direct implication in the ‘whole affair’, what did he mean by saying I am a dog that barks and doesn’t bite?

Was he saying he is a dog that bites?

Sounds like it to me.

If so then he is admitting to being behind Breivik to some degree of complicity because Breivik did what he did on the basis of Fraudman’s writings, thus he is a dog that bites and I am a dog that doesn’t bite because I had nothing to do with it.

Fraudman is directly connected to a specific ideological network who are all linked to Breivik.

I did query this exact quote with the journalist because of what his statement immediately said to me and you can ask the journalist this who I am sure must have thought the same as me.

Fraudman was also in direct email communication with Breivik and tried hiding his computer from the police in a lock-up when he knew they were about to come knocking on his door.

Is that the sign of a guilty complex?

Looks like it to me.

(Continued below)
A few weeks before Breiviks terrorist attacks, Roberta Moore the Brazilian head of the EDL Jewish division warned Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer to cease supporting the movement which they did immediately. The reason cited was that the leadership had been taken over by neo-nazis. The thing with this though is that the people Roberta Moore claims had taken over the movement, which is only really some of the on-line Facebook control and PR to the leadership who are still in place now, had been in place for well over a year before this time, so why did she wait that long before telling anyone to cease supporting the movement when she knew all along about them and had said nothing?

As you can see from the picture above, Roberta Moore was/is very close to Alan Lake.

3 weeks before Breivik strikes and Roberta Moore warns her 2 high profile Jewish colleagues in America who have a lot to lose, to distance themselves from the EDL movement and cease their support which they did immediately.


This incensed Chris Knowles of Civil Liberties Alliance who had put so much time and effort into the EDL and it forced him/them to draw up a list of high profile signatories for continued endorsement of the EDL in the online anti-jihad community because of the damage to the reputation of the EDL, having 2 of their most high profile supporters publicly distance themselves from the movement. But the schism was there 3 weeks before Breivik struck for all to see.

I had warned many people for a long time about the neo-nazi influence over the leadership of the EDL, even Pamella Geller so to say 3 weeks before Breivik struck that it had been taken over at that point is a complete lie, when it had always been that way but suited peoples agendas at that point.

Roberta Moore has even stated that she knows there are neo-nazis in the EDL but just as long as they keep it private.

Further reading: Roberta Moore

Further reading: EDL Jewish Division endorse Breivik

13 December 2011

Breivik - The EDL & Street Politics Part 1

I am against the Islamisation of Great Britain which includes the mass building projects of mega mosques all over the country funded much of the time by oil money from Saudi Arabia where there is not one single Church and from other foreign sources wanting to see Islam take its hold over Britain. Also I am against Islamic fundamentalists in government and on the streets who are actively engaged in a cultural war to convert British society into an Islamic State ruled by sharia law.

My position does not entail the cold blooded murder of 69 innocent kids on their summer camp.

From the very beginning of this blog I have put my name and face to my words because I have nothing to hide and I do not fear murder from anyone who wants to kill me. It is the Almighty’s responsibility to watch over that angle of my life and direct my steps because He is the One who called me to serve Him and when He wants me to take my place within His Kingdom then He will call me home.

The anti-Jihad movement should not be in the shadows if all of those who are actively involved in it believe in what they are saying, and if they have something to say then they should not hide from the words that they speak.

But this Ander’s Breivik case has brought the online anti-Jihad world into the mainstream psyche and what do those see that are now looking see other than people hiding from their words and deeds and denying that their words are in-part responsible for Anders Breivik.

I was voluntarily arrested and spent 18 months under arrest because of my words on this blog and was willing to stand in a court of law to defend my position. When Anders Breivik struck and I initially got the blame for being the man behind him I was willing to take responsibility for my words which is why about 48 hours after the event I admitted that the accusations could be right as all I heard was moslems, Islam, Islamisation, immigration Knights Templar etc coming at me from reporters and trying to make sense in the immediate aftermath and blame being leveled at me I owned up to my words and position on this blog.

Then I sat back and thought “no way” my position and anyone following my position on this blog over 5 years would know that I could not possibly have driven someone to execute 69 innocent kids on their summer camp because of their left wing political ideology. It did not fit me, so I had to sit back and think long and hard about what was going on and the only conclusion I could come up with was that I had been set up to take a fall by someone.

Then I thought to myself who could possibly have done this and wanted to do this and my only conclusion was Alan Lake.

He had reason, motive and means.

Now after 5 months all circumstantial evidence points to him, we don’t know about any factual evidence yet, and all ideological evidence points to him.

Alan Lake and his colleagues wanted rid of me because I was an imminent threat to their long term political agenda that they had been working on for several years so I had to be removed before all their hard work came to nothing with no more political agenda in place using the EDL which would mean back to the drawing board with everything they had already achieved lost, and nothing left in their hands, and then back to the day job.

Part of Alan Lake’s inner circle includes the alias Kinana Nadir and Ann/Gaia and they had factual evidence of a real life ‘Richard the Lionheart’ and not me ‘Lionheart’ yet to my knowledge did not offer this information up to the Breivik mass murder enquiry, instead they were more than happy to see me take the fall as his alleged ‘mentor’ and potentially remove me from being a threat to all their hard work that they would have eventually lost anyway because of their endorsement of the EDL’s leadership of Irish “Tommy” & Uncle Kev.

They had made their bed and had to lay in it with them no matter what the cost.

Further reading: Alan Lakes friend 'Richard the Lionheart'

Not a very nice thing for them to do to me was it? And fits in-line with them wanting rid of me for good.

Not a very wise thing for them to do either, withholding critical information from the Breivik mass murder enquiry that is the biggest act of right-wing political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century which can only mean complicity at some level, either knowingly or unknowingly. That’s a job for the investigators to determine now though.

And what about the reputations of all their high level political contacts they are connected too?

Imagine how damning and damaging it will be for them if I am right and these people did use Breivik, not only to commit a terrorist atrocity in Norway but also attempt to frame me for it.

I know who some of them are and I am sure there are many more we do not know about yet, and all these influential people connected to them on the back of their control over the EDL is more reason to want rid of me because with no hands on a political agenda to raise money and prestige then what use are they walking in high political circles, and what reputations do they then have, when shown for who they are and what they have done to innocent people.

How high their political contacts go we do not know yet, but the Security Services do.

It was only a matter of time for this click, from my point of view, because I could see clearly what was coming their way, and they could too which is why I had to go because it was either me, or them losing all their hard work and future political aspirations that they had worked long and hard on.

I wonder whether they will want to take another pop at me before this is completely over? One thing I do know is that I have been sold out by all institutions of State employed to offer assistance to a citizen in need, and have been left to sit in the middle of all of this whilst faced with a very wealthy and politically connected click of people who want rid of me for good so as to silence me.

The plot gets much thicker and dirtier when you look at the whole truth, and I thank God that we have a just Queen sitting upon the throne who must also look at the concerns of her loyal people when faced with such darkness within her realm that also threatens its ‘peace and security’, and those who have brought shame upon Her Nation in the eyes of others.

That is if the plot to commit cold blooded murder in Norway does actually emanate from Britain, we don’t know yet, but I am certain enough to share my thoughts and opinions and point my finger in Alan Lakes direction and give all of my evidence for others to judge upon.

The integrity of the Queen’s realm will be instilled in others eyes when the truth is told and those responsible for Beivik are brought to justice and any future extreme right-wing terrorist ambitions against the UK thwarted.

To say that Anders Breivik was a ‘lone wolf’ who successfully carried out the worst act of political terrorism of the 21st Century defies belief in any intelligent mind, not least because the evidence contradicts that point of view.

Only time will tell now.

Contrary to the lies that are told by the EDL leadership Alan Lake has been the director behind the movement, he has been the point man between all political/ideological individuals who have endorsed the movement. This is proven by Rabbi Shifren himself who is the access for the EDL to large funds from the U.S Teaparty movement: Video – Alan Lake & Breivik

There was a discussion and strategy meeting that took place in Alan Lakes London flat about the way forward with the street protest movement before the actual founding meeting that took place several weeks later in the same London flat.

I have already stated in numerous posts who was present at both meetings.

So Alan Lake was there at the very beginning, and is also the person who for whatever reason set about sowing discord amongst the leadership group on both the ideological/political side and the boots on the ground side to have me removed from having any influence over the EDL movement.

After 2 ½ years the list of high profile anti-jihad figures in the online world has grown and you can see the core supporters on this list here: EDL supporters

This list of influential people was drawn up after Pamella Geller and Robert Spencer publicly removed their support of the EDL after advice from Roberta Moore the Brazilian head of the Jewish Division of the English Defence League. This happened a few weeks before Anders Breivik struck and the reasons for their support being withdrawn needs to be explained in detail because the reasons given conflict with reality. This is for another time.

Alan Lake is the point man, so Director behind the EDL, and Chris Knowles and Ann/Gaia of Civil Liberties Alliance are his endorsement and the endorsement of the EDL in the wider anti-Jihad community because it is one and the same and they have all been there since the beginning of its formation.

After 2 ½ years the EDL has grown under their direct control and influence along with that list of supporters above, which includes Fraudman and Gates of Vienna. It has also spawned off shoots all over Europe and further afield because at its core in its original form it was a righteous cause and just movement.

All of these off shoots come under the control of the EDL Directorship, and not the leadership of “Tommy” & Uncle Kev who are just puppets, and that is Alan Lake and his group of wealthy politically minded supporters and endorsers.

These are all directly linked to all Stop the Islamisation groups spread around Europe and the U.S that is ultimately traced back to Frank Gaffney of the American Center for Security Policy and his Center for Vigilant Freedom organisation.

I am not saying any of these are behind Anders Breivik himself but their silence and tacit support of Alan Lake’s agenda if he is involved with Breivik means their complicity because without their continued endorsement of him then the EDL would have had no credibility and validity in the wider online anti-jihad community. They turned a blind eye to the truth about the EDL leadership of “Tommy” & Uncle Kev and what they had done and continued to do against Loyal Patriots whose Country Britain is, and also some other very serious things that I will come to next time.

All these external forces using what can only be described as useful English idiots to further their right-wing political agenda, upon English soil and under and English banner which is an affront to any true Loyal Patriot.

A hijacked basterdised version of what was originally a righteous movement and just cause.

The EDL as a movement supported all of those on the above lists political agenda’s and they did not care about anything else, let alone very serious internal disputes within the EDL.

Alan Lake, Chris Knowles and Ann/Gaia still supported “Tommy” & Uncle Kev so that was good enough for them.

Remove “Tommy” & Uncle Kev from the equation and then what did Alan Lake & Co have left as a street protest movement? Definitely something that was no longer under their control.

Remove Alan Lake, Chris Knowles and Ann/Gaia and what did their supporters have left in the EDL, and what did the EDL leadership of “Tommy” & Uncle Kev have? Nothing...

It was only a matter of time until one of those scenarios became a reality and they knew this, because both myself and Nick+ had attempted this coup from Malta so as to give control over the movement back to the people who made it what it was, rather than a Dictatorship under their control, using and abusing the membership with all of their lies and making vast amounts of money in the process on the back of the movement.

We were unsuccessful at that point in time because I was living in self imposed exile and Nick+ was banned from entering the UK.

The way we aimed at taking back control was to take the domain names from their hands and give them to a neutral third party, then they no longer had the propaganda control over what the membership were fed to base their opinions on, and their continual lies and conduct to the membership could be exposed for all to see and then the EDL members could form an their opinion based on the facts with which to base a judgment over.

Democracy not Dictatorship.

The domain names were under the control of the BNP Renton brothers (Jack Smith) who knew how critical control of them were after the attempted coup within the BNP that was only averted because who had control over the domain names had control of the propaganda, so they knew what they were doing and the importance of the domain names with advice from others. They are now working with expelled BNP members in the BFP and one of them was the BNP’s web controller.

That fearful of this attack on their leadership (“Tommy” & Uncle Kev) and the potential to rip everything from their hands led to their very serious and desperate actions against my family, of which the British police have done absolutely nothing about up until this point in time?

Video: Tommy "Grass" Robinson

At that time the coup was also unsuccessful because most of the EDL membership and any high level figures within the movement were still blinded to the lies they were being told and supported “Tommy” & Uncle Kev.

Since that time they have all now seen the error of their ways and realise what was said and attempted was right and justified in light of everything being proven since it was stated, when at the time they laughed it off.

This internal attempted coup is well documented.

But as you can see the danger to that EDL leadership of “Tommy” & Uncle Kev and Alan Lake was ever present especially after what they did.

Remove both those elements and what is left of that politically/financially influential groups control over the EDL?

Something that is no longer under their control that they have spent so much time, money and political influence on over the past 2 1/2 years.

It is for others to judge how much emphasis was placed upon the EDL movement by those involved with it and endorsing it, and whether or not that fits in with the motive to frame me.

Without “Tommy” & Uncle Kev they had nothing and without Alan Lake, Chris Knowles and Ann/Gaia, “Tommy” and Uncle Kev had nothing, well nothing that was going to last and become credible because they needed the support from the online ideological/political side of the anti-jihad movement that the list further above brought to the movement to seem credible in other people’s eyes.


Alan Lake, Chris Knowles and Ann/Gaia are now attempting to further their political agenda using the EDL and their puppets “Tommy” & Uncle Kev by forming an allegiance with the British Freedom Party under Paul Weston’s control, who has been another one of their endorsers since the beginning.

Further reading: EDL backers directly linked to Breivik enquiry

My name was inextricably linked to the EDL from the beginning and I had seen what they had done and were continuing to do with the movement that I had formed by bringing both elements together, and to the people involved with it on the ground who were there for the right reasons, and because of what they did to me and my family personally I relentlessly exposed them for who and what they are for others to see and judge upon over the last 18 months.

I was a direct threat to their whole plans and their reputations and was not going anywhere until the end.

Is that reason and motive enough to want to get rid of me if they could?

Remove me and there is no serious threat to themselves and their future political plans all over Europe.

They did absolutely everything to me bar killing me and I stood my ground against them and continue to stand my ground against them. And anything that comes upon them now is their own fault for what they did to me and attempted to do to me because what you sow is what you reap.

Then all of a sudden out of nowhere Breivik commits a right-wing terrorist atrocity and all fingers point in my direction as being the man behind him when I did not even know him. The carefully crafted manifesto left pointers directing to me so I was originally smeared all over the worlds media as the English ‘mentor’, thus destroying my reputation, whilst they sat back in silence with damning evidence crucial to the investigation.

Further reading: In my defence

Funny thing is, is that many of Breivik’s inspirations who he wrote so glowingly about inside its pages have been some of the EDL’s most ardent supporters and that includes Fraudman who the manifesto is named after, and Pamella Geller.

Anders Breivik was mentally immersed in that anti-jihad scene of which they are all a part of, and that includes the EDL who he spoke so glowingly about, and I had had absolutely no involvement with them for almost 2 years and was one of their most ardent critics because I knew what was going on from the inside.

Then he commits his terrorist atrocity and I am originally set up for the fall for it.

See my point?

The question is, was he working with someone else with his agenda, was it a coincidence that I got the blame, or did he set this up all on his own?

I go with the first opinion and believe Alan Lake was behind it from the beginning, but that is for others to judge based upon the evidence.

I will cover the EDL leadership of Irish “Tommy” & Uncle Kev tomorrow as Part 2 so people can see the type of people that list of influential supporters have been endorsing amongst other things that I believe are relevant to this perception of the Anders Breivik enquiry.

12 December 2011

Breivik: In my defence


We know Liberia is a fact, so we will go with the assumption that the English ‘mentor’ is a fact too which fits in-line with the evidence. If the English ‘mentor’ was false and from the outset Breivik was a ‘lone wolf’ which we have been told by the Norwegians, then I should never have been publicly outed by the Norwegian prosecutors in search of this elusive figure. They tarnished my name, and that of my family along with ruining my reputation and my life for being the alleged man behind their Norwegian monster that was then spread across the world’s media. I was then left by everyone including the Norwegians who I had voluntarily helped, looking guilty because they did nothing to rectify my position and sitting in a very dangerous situation.

We will talk about that when this is over though!

You could argue that Breivik just wanted people to read my blog to re-enforce his ideology and thus I was his inspiration which is why he committed his acts, which on the outset looked likely, but in context was completely false and wrong.

Fraudman was his inspiration: Delusion or Reality?

The mainstream media have now gone from calling me his English ‘mentor’ to being his “possible inspiration” which is a fallacy and a complete turnaround from the original facts because I have proved in everyone’s eyes that I am not the ‘mentor’ by voluntarily travelling to Norway, but linking me somehow seems to still be the agenda so calling me his possible inspiration is now the only alternative left after their original false libelous claims can no longer hold up in the public eye.

My counter argument to the claim of being his ‘mentor’, is not only that I was not present at any meeting in London in 2002, and that I have never met Breivik or spoken to him in my life, but him pointing me out, or somebody else pointing me out was a hostile act towards me. This act was aimed at having me arrested and locked up as terrorist accomplice to Breivik himself which as you can understand isn’t the thing you do to your supposed long term friend and ‘mentor’ who has just directed you to commit a very grave terrorist atrocity against your own people in Norway. At the very least after the events my reputation would have been ruined with always being known as the man behind the Norwegian extreme right-wing monster Anders Breivik which would have suited everyone whether or not it was true or not which would have resulted in me losing all credibility within the anti-jihad movement that I had been involved in for the past 5 years.

Certain elements directly linked to Breivik himself, namely Alan Lake, Fraudman and Pamella Geller had already done their utmost to achieve this result and failed.


Breivik commits his terrorist atrocity, wraps it all up in Templar iconography, names “Richard the Lionhearted” a his English ‘mentor’, says there are more cells out there ready to strike, says the base is in Malta, and talks of his ‘mentors’ links with the EDL, who he wondered was the one who formed it.

The newspapers go directly to Yaxley/Tommy of the EDL leadership who immediately fingered me and I then became the alleged English ‘mentor’ who had been sitting in Malta under self imposed exile for 2 years, so it looked like a nice clean case all round.

Get the picture?

If I was his assigned English ‘mentor’ then he sold me out at the first hurdle which even the most stupid can understand is a little bit too suspicious even for a very coherent alleged paranoid schizophrenic?

If Breivik wanted people to look at my work on this blog then all he had to do was mention me inside the manifesto like he did with Fraudman, Pamella Geller, Alan Lakes EDL and everyone else, which he did not do, not once “thankfully” which shows he did not respect me within this field. Instead he or someone else placed intelligent pointers inside the manifesto with the hope that as soon as the police started looking I would come to the top of the list and would then be arrested as part of another terrorist cell ready to strike like what Breivik has talked about in police interview. I would have then been removed from society for as long as it took to prove my innocence and not be able to publicly defend myself leaving me always tarnished with the label of being complicit to some degree with Breivik himself and, thus removing me from being a threat to anyone who deemed me a threat to their right-wing political agenda and now potential future terror campaign.

Why? The only one who had reason and motive to remove me from being a direct threat to himself and his colleagues extreme right-wing political agenda was Alan Lake, the director behind the hijacked EDL.

It was me who brought the ideological political side of the UK anti-jihad movement together with the leadership of the UPL street protest group from Luton to form the National street protest movement the English Defence League.

Video: First ever EDL interview

Alan Lake was brought into the picture by Ann/Gaia from the UK wing of Center for Vigilant Freedom that is now Civil Liberties Alliance under Chris Knowles’ control who was also present at the founding EDL meeting in Alan Lake’s London flat, along with others already mentioned.

How did Alan Lake enter that CVF group and who knew anything about him before this time that he first appeared on the scene?

Who amongst the CVF group knows anything about his real background before this time?

Alan Lake obviously had his own agenda with the UK anti-jihad movement/street protest movement because he was the first person to start sowing discord by telling the core EDL leadership and CVF group that they had to get rid of me. This can be confirmed by Dymphna of Gates of Vienna who I was friendly with at that time before they at GoV continued to support the EDL leadership of Yaxley/Tommy & Kevin after what they did to my family.

Dymphna told me directly that Lake was telling people they had to get rid of me (I have the email).

Why did Alan Lake want to get rid of me, the one who had invited him to sit at the table and not the other way around?

This suited others in the EDL leadership (BNP’s Renton/Sheridan) who also disliked my outspoken leadership and influence of the movement. The smearing of my reputation, and then an attempted character assassination ensued by Renton/Sheridan and his girlfriend at that time Gail, which ultimately ended up with very serious threats against my family by the EDL leadership of which the police have a 999 call on record from Malta. It is now common knowledge within the broader street protest movement in the UK outside of the EDL cult, that Yaxley/Tommy with his large profits from drug dealing amongst the EDL membership, pays heavies to visit people’s homes to intimidate them into silence or to back down from threatening his leadership position, like he did to Snowy for example and also Daryl Hobson who he denied ever knowing on the BBC News show with Jeremy Paxman even though there are photos of them together. Mr. Hobson was one of the people on the list of recipients of the “2083” manifesto and Yaxley/Tommy wanted all knowledge of his links to Hobson denied so paid people to terrorise his family into silence.

It boiled over to the point of no return with myself and Nick+ in 2010 which is well documented with video statements when Alan Lake publicly lied at the Newcastle demo and Yaxley/Tommy showed just how much of a disloyal disrespectful little rat that he was and ended up with him and big uncle Kev entering the sanctity of my mother’s home and threatening me. But that’s for another time to explain or they can explain it to the police.

Firstly Kinana, Ann/Gaia and Alan Lake now have to explain the meeting in Alan Lakes flat where an elusive and until now unknown ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was present, and I have all of the evidence to prove this meeting took place and who was present.

Further reading: Alan Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’

(Continued below)
Breivik being an intelligent man, although now certified as insane, would have known all about the EDL and any high profile internal disputes with the leadership as any in-depth research on the movement carried out by anyone with an active interest will inevitably bring up mine and Nick’s+ anti-EDL videos and posts.

I am hated within EDL circles because of my continued assaults upon their ‘messianic’ leadership of Irish “Tommy” & Uncle Kev because they perceive the attacks upon them themselves. It is only those who have escaped the cult mentality formed around the lies they are told from within who have seen the light and truth about Irish “Tommy” & Co and their abuse of what was a righteous movement, that he and they turned into a money making venture with a little infamy on top. Also many now see the IRA links that are emerging that is looking like turning the EDL into a terrorist organisation on the verge of starting a terror campaign on the mainland under the English banner, using unwitting fools like Breivik. That is another story with facts for another time though, but would fit in with Breivik part 2 now he has passed the baton to the UK extreme right-wing scene under Irish “Tommy’s” leadership.

Breivik has no concept of internal UK street politics because his perception is of someone looking on from afar in Norway which is why what I know of his manifesto being strange, and the mish mash of EDL’s international financial backers do not care about the street politics of the UK as all they care about is their extreme right-wing agenda that is anti-Establishment, and the EDL is the perfect vehicle for them to use against the Establishment which is why they over look the concerns of the Loyalist community and continually endorse an IRA influenced leadership that has continually threatened and intimidated Loyal Patriots and their families to secure their power over the leadership of the EDL machine.

That being the case all someone like Breivik cared about was what he saw in the EDL which was a movement that professed to be against the Islamistion of Europe, and had the veneer of this being projected to the outside world for anyone looking from afar, and was endorsed by all the online right-wing international anti-jihad thinkers who he supported and followed and who were written into his manifesto.

With, as my belief states, his English ‘mentor’ Alan Lake being the director of it, and we don’t know who his friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’ is yet either.

I was a thorn in their side and a direct threat to someone’s future agenda with the EDL and all of its European off-shoots and Breivik would have known this, along with his English ‘mentor’ so what better way to remove me from being a thorn in their side and a threat to their agenda than to write me into the manifesto as his alleged ‘mentor’ and hope for the best? And at the worst it would still be a job well done if they destroyed my reputation and my life in the process.

Not directly name me inside because it was a blatant lie that would never hold up, but with enough intelligent pointers pointing in my direction so that I could not escape the hurricane he left behind, and then he just sits denying everything in police interview not willing to name his English ‘mentor’. This took the heat off of his real English ‘mentor’ because I took the blame.

Below are Breivik’s words to the EDL before he committed his terrorist attacks, and in light of my complete dislike of the movement because of its leadership and what it had become under their reign, if me and Breivik were friends or I was his ‘mentor’, then he would not be this supportive of a group that it was common knowledge I completely detested which puts another light on the situation.

Breivik boasted of having up to 600 EDL friends on Facebook when I have no EDL friends on Facebook so our thoughts were at odds with one another.

Quote: “Hello. To you all good English men and women, just wanted to say that you're a blessing to all in Europe, in these dark times all of Europe are looking to you in surch of inspiration, courage and even hope that we might turn this evil trend with islamisation all across our continent. Well, just wanted to say keep up the good work it's good to see others that care about their country and heritage. All the best to you all Sigurd”

Is it any wonder he did not promote me as someone to read within his manifesto?

Just noticed the spelling mistake too, I don’t know whether that was from the page I lifted the comment from but if it came from Breivik himself, it’s a bit different from his 1500 page manifesto written in perfect English that would be a feat for any Norwegian without a degree in English grammar.

11 December 2011

Questioning the ‘lone wolf’ scenario

Update: The credibility of Keith Wilberg's 'official' conclusion

Update: French terrorist was not a 'lone wolf'

Further reading:
Alan Lakes friend Richard the Lionheart

Further reading: EDL financial backers linked to Breivik enquiry

Further reading: Breivik owed no money to bank

Further reading:
Luton bombers secret accomplices

Quote: He appeared to be a ‘lone wolf’ suicide bomber, who blew himself up on the streets of Sweden in an act of solitary vengeance against the country’s presence in Afghanistan. But a fresh investigation into Luton bomber Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly’s last 24 hours before his attack in Stockholm has exposed some glaring holes in the lone suicide bomber theory. Swedish prosecutors, who examined evidence from December 11 last year, have questioned how the unemployed father-of-three was able to finance his mission.

If the Norwegian prosecutors stick with the ‘lone wolf’ scenario with regards to Anders Breivik then any future examination of the evidence is going to come to exactly the same conclusion as the Swedish, and that is that there are glaring holes with no explanation other than the fact that it was not a 'lone wolf' attack.

There is enough contradictory evidence in the public domain already that puts to rest the notion that Breivik acted completely alone, although the Norwegians are at pains to admit this for some reason.

The Swedish suicide bombers actions are rooted in his radicalisation in Luton which is the area I am from, and he comes from a long line of UK based Islamic terrorist acts that have originated in the area, and was the whole reason this blog was set up in the first place in 2007.

To say that Anders Breivik was radicalised, trained and “financed” online through watching youtube videos, reading blogs and websites whilst interacting on extreme right-wing forums defies belief. The one key point to bring to attention there is the financing of his operation just like with the Swedish bomber.

Where did Anders Breivik get the money to finance his whole terrorist attack from? From planning and preparing for it over a length of time, to actually committing the acts themselves?

It is public knowledge that Breivik moved back to his mother’s house and lived with her and had no financial means or income, this is supported by his sisters claims about her worries and fears concerning her brother.

So how did Breivik go from being homeless and penniless living at his mother’s house, to renting out a large farm and then buying all the necessary equipment to carry out his terrorist attack?

A glaring hole unless the Norwegian police have different evidence to support the ‘lone wolf’ theory.

There are countless glaring holes in the whole case that completely shatter the ‘lone wolf’ scenario, but for some reason the Norwegian public are force fed that Breivik was a lone nut who successfully carried out the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century, all alone from the confines of his bedroom whilst playing video games.

Are you kidding me?

The other main key point that I continually point out here on this blog is Breiviks trip to Libera in 2002, that I know is a fact because I was told in police interview that it was a fact. This is where “Operation Breivik” began and any explanation about Breivik's acts now have to be understood in light of that key piece of information.

Nobody would have traveled to Liberia in 2002 during the civil war in the Country unless they were invited, and invited by someone credible enough for Breivik to have believed he would be safe there, and what was the real purpose of him going there in the first place?

This is the birth and baptism of Anders Breivik the political terrorist.

What happened after this event is the historical evidence that led to July 22nd 2011, which includes the meeting in London in 2002, with Anders Breivik’s connections then being made to a wider group of people who had an extreme right-wing political agenda and were willing if need be, to use violence to further that agenda. For whatever reason Anders Breivik was the one chosen to be the first person from within the group to carry out an atrocity on their behalf. He was probably chosen because from their point of view, he was willing to go that step further, which would fit in with the explanation of his psychology assessment that is based upon his family background.

A willing sacrifice with a mind pumped full of ideas by those intelligent enough not to commit the acts themselves, of Breivik being a Knight, Commander, and Hero and the Saviour of the Norwegian people if he commits the terrorist attack and starts their terror campaign, based upon an justified by Fraudman's writings.

To say and believe that Anders Breivik was a ‘lone wolf’, then you might as well leave some mince pies and whisky out for Santa Clause this Christmas.

For reason we don’t know, it seems easier for the prosecutors to claim ‘lone wolf’ and then they do not have to go after the network behind Breivik that is fraught with difficulties but how does that serve justice for the memory of the 69 innocence murdered on Utoya island, or the 8 government employees killed in the bomb blast?

If there are people behind Breivik then do not the Norwegians have a responsibility to bring them to justice rather than let them walk free until the next time they commit a similar terrorist attack?

Where are the credible Norwegian counter terrorism officials giving their opinions on Anders Breivik and his terrorist attack?

Do they have any?

A quote from a Swedish expert about the Luton based Swedish suicide bomber taken from the news article: Magnus Ranstorp, research director at the Swedish National Defence College and a leading
counter-terrorism expert, told CNN: 'My understanding is that there was a level of sophistication in the detonation mechanisms and the wiring,.’

Swedish authorities say they continue to investigate whether Abdulwahab was linked to terrorists overseas, or received help in carrying out the attack.

Anders Breivik’s terrorist attack was far more sophisticated than this one in Sweden, yet we are led to believe by the Norwegian prosecutors that this was all the work of a ‘lone wolf'.


EDL backers directly linked to Anders Breivik enquiry

Further reading: Alan Lake's friend 'Richard the Lionheart'

Sunday Times article

Unmasked: wealthy backers behind far-right league

A City investor and a property tycoon are trying to turn the English Defence League from a rabble into a political force

Dipesh Gadher and Robin Henry Published: 11 December 2011

A property tycoon and a City-based financier quizzed by police over his links to the gunman who slaughtered 69 people in Norway are exposed today as key figures behind the rise of the far-right English Defence League (EDL).

A Sunday Times investigation has revealed that Ann Marchini, a mother from Highgate, north London, and Alan Ayling, a former director of an investment fund, have sought to mould the thuggish anti-Muslim group into a credible political force.

They are both linked to the murky world of the online “counter-jihad” movement from which Anders Behring Breivik drew ideological inspiration before committing his massacre in Norway in July. They have remained in the shadows until now by using aliases on the internet to mask their true identities.

Breivik repeatedly mentioned the EDL in his 1,600-page “manifesto” and once belonged to an Oslo-based offshoot called the Norwegian Defence League.

The EDL, whose support has mushroomed since it was formed in Luton in 2009, has organised a string of protests against what it perceives as the growing “Islamisation” of Britain.

Many have descended into violence perpetrated by a hard core of football hooligans.

However, the “brains” behind the group — which plans to field candidates at the next council elections — come from a different background.

Marchini, who is thought to be in her fifties, runs a buy-to-let property empire from her £1.6m mock-Tudor home in Highgate, a leafy suburb usually associated with liberals.

Marchini, who is believed to be divorced from an Italian banker, operates under at least two aliases: “Gaia”, the Earth goddess from Greek mythology, and “Dominique Devaux”.

She is said to have helped organise a “pivotal” meeting between EDL figures and anti-jihad thinkers in July 2009 and recently attended a discussion where the EDL agreed to consider an electoral pact with the right-wing British Freedom party (BFP).

A report by Gaia on the BFP website states that Stephen Lennon, the EDL leader, “explained that the EDL need to move up a notch — they cannot go on forever staging street demos. They are still widely perceived as a rabble, and as such cannot possibly obtain funding or be taken seriously by the political class”.

Marchini was photographed alongside Lennon, 28, at a far-right demonstration this year and the image was posted on the website of Hope Not Hate, an anti-fascist group. Her name and address also appeared on a leaked list of EDL donors.

The 2009 EDL meeting took place at the £500,000 flat of Ayling in the Barbican in central London. Lennon attended with two relatives from Luton.

Paul Ray, who claims to be a founder of the EDL, was also there. He says he travelled to the venue from Highgate with Marchini, whom he knew at the time as “Ann”, “Gaia” or “Dominique”. He says he had previously stayed for “a few months” at one of her rental flats on British Street in Bow, east London.

Ray regards the Barbican meeting as “pivotal”. “It was the key people being brought together,” he said. “It was bringing together the ideological and political side with the boots on the ground.”

Two days after the meeting, Ray received an email from “Dominique Devaux”, using the account “gaia2600@hotmail.com”. “Still very interested in helping EDF [sic] grow as a movement,” it stated. It was signed off by “Ann”.

Another email, seen by The Sunday Times, gives a mobile number used by Marchini for letting her properties.

Ayling, 57, has been operating under the alias “Alan Lake”. He is an IT expert and was a director of Pacific Capital Investment Management until January this year. The fund was dissolved in August.

Last month Ayling was interviewed by officers from Scotland Yard at the behest of Norwegian police who were investigating whether he was a possible “mentor” of Breivik.

Paal-Fredrik Kraby, an Oslo police prosecutor, confirmed that “the man known as Alan Lake” had been questioned. “But his real name is not for us to give to the press,” he said.

In an interview with a Norwegian newspaper nine days ago, Lake denied having any contact with Breivik. However, he admitted to having met a prolific anti-Islam blogger called “Fjordman”. “People ought to read him, he is good,” Lake said. Breivik named Fjordman 111 times in his manifesto.

In the same interview, Lake said Breivik was “wrong”, but added the following about Norway’s immigration policies: “You let in dangerous people who do not share your values, who will destroy your society and take your freedom. You will have to pay the price for that.”

When shown a photograph of Lake last week, two separate sources at the Barbican confirmed that the man in the picture was Ayling. A man inside his flat denied he was Ayling when contacted over the intercom and refused to step outside. Ayling did not respond to a written list of questions.

Norwegian police say Lake was interviewed in London as a “witness”. They have also spoken at length to Ray, 35, who voluntarily flew to Oslo to try to clear his name after speculation that he could have unwittingly inspired Breivik.

The Norwegian gunman, 32, who has been declared insane by psychiatrists, claimed in his manifesto that he once had an English mentor called “Richard (the Lionhearted)”. Ray, a born-again Christian who subsequently fell out with the EDL, runs a blog called Lionheart.

When The Sunday Times first approached Marchini about her EDL links on November 30, she slammed the door shut on a reporter. Last week, she and her son, Paolo, hung up at least three times when contacted by telephone.

On Friday, a lawyer for Marchini said: “Ann Marchini does not operate under the alias of either Dominique Devaux or Gaia. She is a member of British Freedom, but joined only to show support for her personal friend Paul Weston [the chairman].”

Two names on Dominique Devaux’s list of Facebook friends — Paolo and Bianca Marchini — disappeared on the same day.

Weston, a former UK Independence party candidate, said he could not recall befriending Devaux on Facebook. He described Breivik as “a psychopathic lunatic”.

Lennon admitted knowing Marchini under the Devaux alias, but denied she was influential. He said Lake was a “nutjob” and had not been involved with the EDL “for ages”. Lennon, a former member of the British National party, denied the EDL was racist and said Breivik was “a monster”.

10 December 2011

UK Breivik enquiry – Alan Lakes friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’

Now that Alan Lake has been interviewed by British detectives observed by the Norwegians under police caution some new revelatory information that I possessed has now come to light. I will explain this in a moment.

If Alan Lake/Ayling has lied to the police under caution then you can only deduce that he is complicit with Anders Breivik to some degree otherwise why lie, and if he has lied then he has “perverted the course of justice” in the legal discourse over the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century.

This is a question for the interviewing Detectives.

1. Did Alan Lake/Ayling deny ever knowing anyone called ‘Richard the Lionheart’? Other than pointing the finger at me who has never ever used that name once?

If yes then he has lied under police caution.

You now potentially have an extremely dangerous man out there who is an imminent threat to society who is directly linked to Anders Breivik and Alan Lake.

Why would Alan Lake deny all knowledge of him other than to protect him? This we don’t know yet, the only ones who know are the investigating officers reading this and them themselves.

Below is a screen shot of an email sent to me by Kinana in July 2009 after the first meeting in Lake/Ayling’s London flat before the founding EDL meeting a couple of weeks later. My mind was completely blank about who was present at this meeting at the time of my police interviews which I will explain in a moment.

I did state that this meeting took place though, just at the time I was not thinking deep enough and just stated Lake and Ann/Gaia.

As you will see there was a man present at that meeting who called himself ‘Richard the Lionheart’, it is the same man who posts on Jihad Watch under that alias. He is a big ginger haired guy from London, and if my memory serves me correctly he was more militant about the anti-jihad movement and that violence was the way forward, but don’t quote me on that as it was 2 ½ years ago and only a 2 hour meeting which is why it slipped my mind until my mind was jogged on Friday night.

This was a meeting to discuss and strategise about the way forward concerning the street protest movement that I was actively involved with at that time. This fits in line with Breiviks claim of his ‘mentor’ possibly being the founder of the EDL and that he sent ideological material to this person at the start of the EDL. This ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was present before the founding of the EDL leadership.

I would think, just my thoughts, that maybe Lake was the English ‘mentor’ and this ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was one of Lakes assets, just like Yaxley/Tommy and possibly Breivik if it can be proven, so could have been a conduit between Lake and Breivik. That’s for others to determine.

(Continued below - Click image to enlarge)

I have been assisting the Sunday Times on a story they have written in this week’s publication about Alan Lake, Breivik the founding of the English Defence League, and their attempt now to go into politics through the British Freedom Party and other people’s involvement in the agenda.

The Director behind the EDL (Alan Ayling/Lake) has been questioned by police over his possible links to the extreme right-wing political terrorist Anders Breivik, only unlike me whose face was splashed all over the worlds media as the English ‘mentor’ his possible involvement has gone completely under the radar so nobody knows anything about him being questioned under police caution only the Norwegians who did a little, very revealing, story about it.

Due to the little cabal’s denials over certain individual’s involvement with historical events that puts the said individual directly in the frame as a witness or suspect, the Sunday Times asked me to go back over all my old emails to prove that what I was saying was the truth. I did this because it is the truth as I am not a liar and have nothing to hide.

It was whilst going through my emails to confirm the dates, events taking place and certain individuals being present at the meetings that I came across Kinana’s email. I was shocked and stunned at what I read and amazed how I had totally forgotten. Here in front of me was written evidence from Kinana about the meeting I had forgotten he was present at inside Alan Lakes flat naming the other person present as ‘Richard the Lioneart’, as you can imagine it was a shock to me and then it all came flooding back. I had forgotten this as it was 2 ½ years ago, and my only explanation is that the Almighty blocked my mind to see it, until the right moment for it to be revealed which is now after Lakes police interview because if I had of released this information before his interview he would have been prepared for this evidence being presented to him by them.

Did he lie or didn’t he lie is the question now?

I remember saying to the Detective Inspector who interviewed me in Norway that there must be a reason why God placed me in the middle of this, and there is information out there linking whoever it is, it is just a matter of finding that evidence. Is this that bit of information/evidence?

Only time will tell now.

This email came to me by chance, although we know that nothing is by chance with God because He knows everything. I had sent an email to who I thought was Alan Lake after that first meeting, but I had actually sent it to the wrong person and sent it to Kinana instead who then replied with the information contained in the email you see above that has now sparked my memory to who was actually present at that first meeting.

An unnamed individual in Alan Ayling/Lakes flat in London who used the alias ‘Richard the Lionhert’.

Who invited him to that discussion and strategy meeting is for the police to find out.

Ann/Gaia was the person who took me to Alan Lakes London flat and when we arrived Kinana and the big ginger guy ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was present.

Kinana is I believe a Catholic priest so cannot lie about the email he sent to me because he sent it from his email account, and states himself that he was at that meeting along with ‘Richard the Lionheart’. If he lies then he will be perverting the course of justice in a very grave crime. At this stage nobody is saying Kinana has any involvement in the Breivik case other than a possible witness but it is his decision what information he tells the police when questioned. If he lies under police caution on Alan Lakes behalf then he is perverting the course of justice based on his own email, and if he tells the truth then the police will know that this unnamed ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was present in Lakes London flat and possibly who he is.

If I was Kinana I would pick up the phone and call the police and offer up a voluntary interview if not already done so. After 5 months of silence whilst sitting on critical evidence it does not look good in anyone’s eyes, not least when sitting in the dock of the Old Bailey especially when held against the light of what Anders Breivik did, and if this ‘Richard the Lionheart’ is the man Breivik talks of, then silence means complicity and could also mean very many years in a Category A British prison, somewhere like Belmarsh, Brixton or Wormwood Scrubs for being an accomplice to mass murder, or at the very least perverting the course of justice in the Anders Breivik enquiry.

This is not Norway, with the comforts of their prison system, this is Britain.

I don’t know whether the police have this information or not from Kinana, but if not, I would not like to be sitting in Kinana’s seat as I have the evidence from his email account as you can see above.

Time to put disjointed loyalty to the side and give the police the truth they need for your own sake, unless you are directly involved then you have to explain away that email, and hope that Ann/Gaia lies on your behalf.

God will forgive you for not giving the information until now, but lying and refusing to do the right thing when 69 innocent children lay dead, ripped from their families and their futures when challenged to do so is a completely different matter all together.

Ann/Gaia was also in that meeting in Lakes flat so is another witness to ‘Richard the Lionheart’ being present.

I have all the email evidence. This is no ordinary crime; it concerns the mass murder in Norway of a bunch of innocent kids on their summer camp and this groups attempt to frame me and those associated with me as accomplices.

Yaxley/Tommy the leader of the EDL was true to form when questioned about the founding meeting in London and has lied through his teeth and denied that Ann/Gaia was present at that meeting. This is nothing unusual for anyone who knows him and has watched him over the past 2 years.

“Perverting the course of justice”

You have to ask yourself why would they be lying and withholding evidence, what are they trying to hide and cover up?

The only one who did not lie because he obviously knew the legal implications of lying was Chris Knowles who just would not confirm or deny anything put to him. He knows he has committed no crime so has nothing to hide, so there is no need to lie. It’s better to say nothing, and then he is not dropping his friends in it, or himself in the process.

If Ann/Gaia lies under police caution then she will be perverting the course of justice over her possible involvement in a very serious crime in Norway, and I have all of the email evidence, and so will the police in due course.

Time to tell the truth or spend a very long time in prison for perverting the course of justice in the worst mass murder in Europe of the 21st Century, where the memory of 69 dead children seeks justice.

Ann/Gaia, Alan Lake, Kinana, ‘Richard the Lionheart’ and myself were all present at that first discussion strategy meeting in Alan Lakes flat.

At the second meeting there was Gandalf of the Up Pompeii blog, who is the military strategist/tactician professor, Kinana, Alan Lake, Chris Knowles, Ann/Gaia, myself and Yaxley/Tommy, Kevin Carroll and another one of their family members.

Jeff Marsh was meant to be present but was diverted and sat at his meeting under the Knights Templar clock whilst third parties sowed discord, and there was another lad from Luton who should have been present at the meeting, the one who came forward with the name for the movement, but God obviously wanted him kept out of all of the trouble that He knew was going to ensue for his own protection so arranged it so he was not there, irrespective if I got the blame for it at that moment in time. God knows everything.

Makes sense in the end.

The big question now that only the police know is whether or not Alan Ayling/Lake denied ever knowing a ‘Richard the Lionheart’ separate from myself who has never used that name in my life, if he did then you have him on a plate and If he admitted knowing him then who is he, why was he at that strategy meeting and who invited him?

Anders Breivik said his friends will continue the work he started. Are these his friends?

This cabal of influential and wealthy extreme political right-wingers Alan Lake, Ann/Gaia, Kinana all knew there was another ‘Richard the Lionheart’ and did you hear any one of them come forward to state this fact at any point over the unfolding of the Breivik enquiry? Even sitting back and allowing me to take all the blame at the beginning stages before I defended myself, when they had this piece of crucial information that had slipped my mind until the Sunday Times journalist made me go looking for evidence. This journalist is a credible witness concerning this new piece of evidence and how I found it because he was the one who made me go looking.

Considering the gravity of Anders Breivik's crime why did they stay silent?

They all sold me out expecting me to sink and not swim when the hurricane came, that is their integrity and proves their motives towards me, which is in-line with my belief that it was they who used Breivik to frame me.

Now they themselves are up the creek, so let’s see if they have any paddles. From where I am sitting the only paddles that will save them are words of truth in the hands of justice, because more lies will take them to the bottom sharpish in light of the factual evidence, and more than likely mean many years in prison by the end of the investigation.

How would you feel if that was one of your sons or daughters murdered by Anders Breivik on Utoya island in the name of your extreme right-wing political ideology and agenda? Think about that one before the police come knocking on your door for your witness statement, along with the potential for a perverting the course of justice charge if you tell lies under police caution.

Lies can never stand up under the light of truth…as has been consistently shown with Yaxley/Tommy and Alan Lake.

Ann/Gaia and Kinana you both now have a choice, ignore whats coming your way or take the first steps voluntarily and cut a deal for your evidence against Alan Lake/Ayling and his friend 'Richard the Lionheart' who you both know, or at least know was in his London flat that day.


Maybe Alan Ayling/Lake has been completely honest with the British & Norwegian police and they already know about this 'Richard the Lionheart' who was present in his flat, and have his name and address so Ann/Gaia and Kinana will only confirm what they already know.

More evidence to follow linking them all.

Further reading: Sunday Times article

(Continued below)

(Below are copies of 2 emails I sent to the Norwegian police)

Just so you know, the anti-jihad movement is primarily based online, that is where the foundation of the movements ideology lays and where all figures within the movement are to be found.

Some figures go mainstream with their opinions but very few because the media does not give a platform to the concerns of the online global community when it comes to the perceived threat of Islamisation and Islamic fundamentalism in the West.

The EDL was only able to survive because it was endorsed by many leading online commentators like Pamella Geller, Robert Spencer, Paul Weston, Fraudman and others.

I believe you have a list of their endorsers, with some influential names on the list.

Without their ideological support network, justifying them and endorsing them in the online anti-jihad world they would never have survived or grown.

Alan Lake, Gaia/Ann, Chris Knowles were integral to that endorsed support, so in the online world they were championed as the saviours of Western Civilisation and they all believed in their superiority and invincibility because they believed in the propaganda they were being told by the ideological side of the movement.

Things went wrong about 3 - 4 weeks before Breivik struck when Roberta Moore told Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer to remove their moral support which is well documented.

My greivence with all of these people has been their support of Tommy and Kevins actions of enterning the sanctity of my mothers home in their dispute with me. They all knew what happened and chose to ignore it which was an affront to me especialy with Ann/Gaia when it was me who knew all of them before they knew Tommy and Kevin, and was the one who set the whole thing in place in the first place.

All supporters who continued to support and endorse that leadership after that event with my mother was now a direct enemy of mine.

For 18 months i continually exposed them and their lies through my blog and on the internet, and was destroying their reputations in the process.

That powerful online click with their unknown backers and supporters had much to lose after 2 years hard work with the EDL, politically and financially for their political agenda in Europe and they had made their bed and backed their horse with that leadership so now had to continue laying down with it until the very end.

I was going nowhere until the very end either.

Then all of a sudden Breivik comes from nowhere and i get the blame, thus potentially removing me from being an obstacle to their continued agenda, and taking all heat away from themselves in the process.

It was a hostile act from Breivik towards me and the only picture that fits with reason and motive is the above.

Who could have set that in place was the question i asked myself, and my only conclusion was Alan Lake.

Then it all started to fit into place and all evidence started to point in that direction.

The Swedish guy who interviewed me the other day said its funny as you have 2 people pointing the finger at each other and one has been blamed and the other hasnt. I said yes funny that, and the one who got blamed has absolutely no links to Breivik except imagery on his blog, and the other who has not been blamed has all the evidence pointing at him.

That online network has some very powerful backers for their agenda, and they have been working in this field for several years now. The EDL was the natural progression, and you could say Breivik was too, in-light of everything.

You have to ask yourself the question; did someone want me out of the way or was it just a coincidence with Breivik?

I am not his inspiration, that is Fraudman, i was alleged to be his mentor, but i was at no meeting in 2002 and have never had any contact with the man, and what he did was his/their attempt to remove me.


Funny thing aswell, is that in the beginning stages they would smear and assassinate peoples characters across the online EDL platform of anyone who challenged the integrity of the leadership and the direction the movement was taking with wicked and vicious lies that i mentioned to you about. I was one such person on the receiving end of this tactic. And then one of the original leaders who was there at Whitechapel and Birmingham on July 4th 2009 - Richard Price - was arrested for downloading indecent images of children. He is now on the sex offenders register for 5 years due to his disgusting conduct.

This was completely covered up by the EDL leadership, even going as far as supporting him, defending him, and then denying all knowledge of him.

Is that the type of moral leadership you would endorse?

(My name was linked to the EDL from the beginning so i had a responsibility to those who joined because of me, and also my reputation of being linked to what had turned into something that at its core, was a disgusting movement.)

Of course not, but that powerful and influential network didnt care, just like they didnt care with my mother, it was just swept under the carpet as if it never happened because their agenda was set, and they had backed that leadership.

Just another example of the integrity of that network and how much emphasis was placed on Tommy and Kevin, because of all the hard work and money already spent on them and the movement.

Full details covering the whole story can be found here.