30 October 2010

28 October 2010

The EDL clowns and their merry men

I would like to point out that I have no issue with anyone within the EDL except these 2, their adviser, and anyone who supports them. All will be explained in my last post to this blog. This was going to be my last but then this new thing came up.

After what these 2 EDL clowns did to my family, with not a hint of an apology, and just acting as if nothing happened, supported by everyone elses silence, I feel I am justified to write some thoughts down on a computer screen.

If things were different the whole situation would be different, but they are not and that’s probably the reason why they are not as there are a lot more serious things in life than wasting it on these 2 clowns. They are in God’s hands, who judges justly and righteously on behalf of his people.

Kind of like a bit of justice that these 2 clowns talked about putting a price on my head. I don’t have to put a price on anyone’s head, not that I would, as Steven Lennon (Tommy Robinson) is now the most wanted man in Britain, with every single jihadi, and every single wannbe jihadi in the country having his picture after being front page news, now wanting to chop it off on behalf of the Ummah and to please allah.

The reason for me writing this now is for the sake of the EDL membership and their wider support, to give YOU a little bit of a reality check considering what you are protesting about concerns everyone in the country and not just YOU “The Famous EDL”. Whether it will do any good I doubt as nothing else has over the past months, most of you cannot think for yourselves and do not have the balls to speak out when something happens that is clearly wrong.

Look at what has happened to Snowy recently as a prime example (This will be explained later). A man who has done more for the English cause than most, hung out to dry in front of the whole of the EDL and the world on youtube, on the lying words of Steven Lennon. You could say, exactly the same as me, but mine was with a lot more people than just Lennon and Chris Renton (John Sheridan). Ok there have been maybe 10 supportive comments on the note Snowy wrote defending himself, but where is the real support from people saying “Hold on a minute, this is wrong, a hero of the EDL cause being treated like a bum and a thief in front of everyone”? Where have the voices of the regional organisers and division leaders been about one of your own people? Someone who helped push the Dudley mosque to the negotiating table, have them suspend its construction, and who spent time in prison over it.


Speaks volumes…

People are so committed to the cause which is a good thing that they are terrified of the consequences of speaking out publicly because of the hateful smear campaign that ensues by the devils who have entrenched themselves within the bowels of the movement, who spread their smears and slander across the internet on-behalf of the leadership, to silence any voices of discontent and truth. I should know I have been on the receiving end of them, which ended up ultimately in Steven Lennon and Kevin Carol going into my mother’s home and threatening me with kidnapping her!

It’s a shame as I know for a fact there are good and true English patriots throughout the country who are a part of the movement, just being blindly led along like willing fools, endorsing the current EDL leadership.

Steven Lennon’s threat that was on the front page of the Times this week, was issued on-behalf of the EDL, which every member and supporter of the EDL endorses because he is YOUR leader. So if YOU are an EDL member or supporter reading this then that threat was issued on YOUR behalf.

This threat just goes to show the lack of logic and creativity at the leadership head of the organisation YOU are a part of and its not the first time so there is a pattern which proves my point here about not just me saying it as its been said before in the past, about your lack of leadership. (Telling everyone online to go to a certain city or town to protest isnt hard is it?)

The threat was aimed at every council in the country, that if they changed the name of Christmas then the EDL on Steven Lennon’s orders would shut down their town or city centre. I too have an issue about councils changing the name of Christmas to pander to moslems, but for several key reasons doesn’t the EDL, a thousand man strong on the streets and 40,000 online, have better things to be protesting about?

Also why shut down town and city centres over Christmas when the only ones you’re going to hurt are the general public who are doing their Christmas shopping who YOU are ultimately trying to win over to YOUR point of view?

Not a very good leadership decision is it?

To name just a few, there are monster mosques being erected all over the place, halal slaughter houses taking British jobs and shutting businesses down, halal meat being distributed unsuspectingly by large supermarkets into our food chain which includes schools, 6 men in Gateshead arrested for burning the Koran, and Tower Hamlets council with a 1 billion budget has just been taken over by Islamic radicals, and on the orders of Steven Lennon, YOU, the EDL 1000 man strong and 40,000 online, are going to effect your own peoples Christmas shopping period by smashing up someones town or city centre.

How to win friends and influence people…the EDL way

Someone commented to me last night, and quite rightly so, that the EDL should be targeting heroin dealers and stopping the supply of that on our streets. Do you not think that's a more worthwhile constructive cause than stopping someone innocent British families Christmas shopping day?

So, YOU the EDL have forced the media to report on YOUR movement and the English cause, and YOUR leader uses this prime time slot to threaten not the Islamic radicals taking OUR country over and pumping it with Al Qaeda heroin, NO, instead he uses it to throw his weight about, which includes each of you endorsing that weight, against the British people whose Christmas period might be effected by one of YOUR protests.

And all the blind dumb fools cheer “
Tommy Robinson – Legend” because he is in the paper, regardless of what he said on your behalf, against the British people and the potential damage it does to YOUR long term goals.

Are there not more important things happening to our country?

Exactly the same thing happened with Kevin Carol the sidekick when he was filmed in the BBC documentary. You have prime time TV reaching several million viewers, so the greatest opportunity to get YOUR message across about the Islamification and degradation of YOUR country of which YOU all are protesting, and what does he talk about?

Childrens play parks!!! Come on…EDL No.2 talking about childrens play parks.

Video: Young British & Angry

An issue completely irrelevant to the EDL cause that the local MP completely rubbishes in the same breath.

Dur, what shall I talk about…ere, I know…childrens play parks as I walk past it every day and its unsightly…

Al Qaeda declared war on our Country from Luton on 7/7, killing 52 and injuring 700 and YOUR leader from Luton talks about play parks?

Honestly, is this why YOU joined the EDL, is this why you go on the streets month in month out, and work tirelessly each day with your division? So that YOUR leaders can make clowns out of themselves and YOU in the process?

How is anyone in authority ever going to take YOU seriously? At the moment they only take YOU seriously because you go from town to town smashing YOUR own country up, which is why the police are heavy handed on YOU.

How are YOU going to win the silent majority over to YOUR view point and get them behind the cause morally, which is the same cause as mine, when all they see is this?

If YOU want a riot, then just cut to the chase and go back to Birmingham.

John Cruddas has been reported recently as saying that the EDL is being advised by Alan Lake. When I read that I just shook my head. Honestly, if Alan Lake is advising the EDL leadership then you have nothing to worry about Mr Cruddas.

Just look at the evidence so far.

If your scared of the car crash that is the current EDL, 1000 drunken louts smashing their own country up, and training the police in the process, then you haven’t seen anything yet. The first Manchester protest in 2009 should give you a little taste of the potential.

The EDL leadership cry about infiltration and the police trying to bring the movement down, when Alan Lake has been a key factor from the beginning, working behind the scenes to remove me from the movement (this will be explained later), when I was the one who brought people together, laying the foundations to make the EDL a National movement, which included bringing him and those who surround him into the equation.

How any serious EDL player can take advice from him is laughable, if you have ever met him you would realise why. No disrespect but we should all realise our limits and our skills.

He was brought in at the beginning for the online web side of the EDL as he is a computer expert, but he had ideas above his stations, and the only way for him to exert himself was to get rid of me from the EDL because I wasn’t playing ball with him the same as with Renton. Once my back was turned and I was out of the country he then went to work the same as Renton.

This is all stuff that happened at the very beginning of the EDL.

Now Steven Lennon, on-behalf of YOU the EDL talks about shutting Christmas down –
Bravo – and you wonder why all the negative press. Honestly, take a step back and think about it, there is always a right way and a wrong way, and the EDL was originally set up to be a peaceful protest movement against the Islamification of Great Britain, comprised of men who will not flinch in the face or moslem threats of violence.

What has it become?

Yes YOU wave banners about the issues but it has all been lost, and is nothing more than a battering ram against the UAF.

The police dont need infiltrators to bring the EDL down because at the present moment, the only threat YOU are, are to YOURSELVES, for acting like drunken louts and ending up in prison because of your behaviour fighting with each other and smashing up someones town or city as if your at an away game.

I am sure that this post will result in the devils in the EDL under belly coming out bitching to each other and smearing me again but it doesn’t matter. They have smeared me, attempted to assassinate my character, made videos about me, made pictures of me, set up pages against me, threatened me, threatened my family, physically violated my family, and for what? Because I have my own mind!

And these are not even moslem militants , these are the leaders of the EDL, supposedly English patriots, who we know are Irish Republican immigrants (06.12), and their brown tongued English followers.

This picture below is funny, as they really think they are saving Christmas so make pictures up to that effect.

27 October 2010

Al Qaeda's British frontline

First posted: August 2008

Documentary: Undercover mosque

Dunstable taxi driver: Al Qaeda bomb maker

Luton Emir of 7/7: Mr Q Khan the taxi driver

I was currently on what turned out to be an 18 month arrest without charge when the video below was made: My arrest

This picture below will be fully explained in my last and final post to this blog.