29 May 2008

The Met police targetting Moslem drug gangs

Foreword: They have called this Moslem drug dealer a General of a street gang, he is a leader on the street of an army of young footsoldiers who hate our society.

Is it any wonder young kids are now armed when faced with Moslem street gangs of up to 100 people who are armed with guns.

Survival of the fittest for our young in some places of London now.

This leader of a street gang is only 20 years old so he has the next generation above him. Those above are a little more cleaver because they have been in the business a bit longer and know how to play the system, they buy cash businesses like Taxi firms and Fast food shops for example in which to launder their money through and make it clean, so the confiscation orders wont work on them.

The Heroin business to the the Islamic Kingdom is the
Golden Sword of Jihad, they are killing us, destroying our society, using it to finance the building of their gangs, their using the taxi business to launder their money through, they drive the drugs around in taxis and use them as undercover transport, and the fast food shops are a haven and meeting place for Islamic Jihadists (most of the Moslem youth) like we see with the Exeter bomber who was radicalised in a fast food shop.

This one is a Somali Moslem who is also an illegal immigrant, he got 4 years for selling Heroin & Crack cocaine on our streets, so within 2 years he will be back out in our society even more radicalised because of the Moslem gangs in prison.

If he was the leader of a notorious London street gang who are shooting guns and selling drugs on British streets, then should he not have gotten more than 4 years?

What happens once he is released back into our society in 2 years?

Daily Mail

A 'general' in a London street gang has been stripped of his personal possessions by a court - including a collection of nearly 60 baseball caps and trainers.

Musa Mohammed, 20, was also ordered to hand over a plasma TV and ?1,500 bike. His two pitbull terriers were seized and destroyed.

The move is part of a campaign against gang members using laws aimed at confiscating the proceeds of organised crime networks.

Mohammed, a key member of Wandsworth-based gang SUK - Stick Up Kids - was ordered to hand over his possessions after pleading guilty to supplying class-A drugs.

Police successfully argued that the drug dealer, who was unemployed and not claiming benefits, had paid for items with profits from drug dealing.

The list of items he was forced to hand over included: 29 pairs of ?110 trainers, 29 baseball caps, a laptop computer, a 42in plasma TV, an Xbox, a PlayStation, designer clothes and two bicycles.

Pc Laura Milne, who led the investigation into Mohammed, said police found 21,000 worth of drugs and ?7,000 in cash after searching his flat.

‘The one thing he was really upset about was the loss of his trainers. He told us we could keep the drugs and the money but he wanted his trainers and his property back,’ she said.

Mohammed, from Southfields, was arrested in January as he drove to Surrey to deliver drugs. He had wraps of heroin and crack cocaine hidden down his trousers.

Police described him as a ‘general’ in SUK, which has about 100 members and has been associated with tit-for-tat shootings with rival groups.

Wandsworth detectives began targeting the gang after the murder of 16-year-old Eugene Attram in Mitcham two years ago. So far around 50 members have been arrested and others ‘disrupted’.

Detective Superintendent Guy Ferguson said: ‘They think they can make money quickly - up to 1,000 a day dealing drugs. But systematically, using confiscation powers, we're taking away their cash and the things they spend it on.’

Mohammed, a Somali illegal immigrant, was today beginning a four-year sentence after appearing at Kingston crown court. He tried to challenge the application to seize his property but failed.

28 May 2008

The British State’s leash around my neck

An update on my situation with regards to my arrest on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred through written material on my blog.

I was arrested, and placed in a police cell for hours, then questioned over the police investigation into me and my blog several months back.

I was bailed without charge to attend the police station yesterday to answer bail to see whether or not I am going to be charged with the offence and put before a British Court, or whether they did not really have enough on me for this case against me to be in the public interest to be brought before a British Court and then released without charge.

Due to the charge, the case load has to go to the CPS and then to the Department of Public Prosecutions for them to decide whether or not to place me on trial.

I was re-bailed again yesterday to appear at the police station once again in two months time to see whether or not they are closer to making a decision on me and my case.

The police had the information on me since June last year, and then 6 months later over Christmas I get the call saying that they needed to arrest me over my blog. Then 3 months later I return and hand myself in for arrest and interview. So 9 months up until my arrest, and now a further 3 months to answer my first bail and they still have not decided whether or not they are going to charge me with anything, so I now have to wait a further 2 months to see whether or not to prosecute me is going to be in the public interest.

12 months and they have not decided on me.

My legal team have stated that they could have me on bail for anything up to a year, but if they have not got enough to charge me yet, then what is going to change in another 2 months or in a year?

I think I have been pretty consistent with my message on this blog over the past 18 months, so I cannot see that changing.

This is the British State’s leash around my neck.

I wonder who wants to pull that leash or who wants to set me free from it?

All I can say now is that I have to continue waiting while big brother decides whether or not I have upset ‘community cohesion’ enough in today’s British Nanny State to warrant placing me on trial for defending myself and my country from the 21st Century invasion of Great Britain.

Those people who prevent the British people from speaking out in defence of their Country and all that is happening in this generation are TRAITORS to the British people, there is no other word for it.

The Military wing of Islam is at War with us and we cannot even speak about it through fear of arrest and imprisonment.

The British State is allowing Islam to spread unhindered within our Nation, and passing laws to protect its growth within our society, and in turn tying the British peoples hands behind their backs whilst they face this Goliath that is seeking to destroy their way of life and enforce an Islamic one in its place.

I serve the same God as David the shepherd boy.

Put me on trial and if convicted send me to one of your over crowded prison’s for my words, or release me so that I can get on with my life, it is not a hard choice to make is it?

Either I am guilty in the eyes of those looking or I am innocent, and considering I have not been stripped of my right to use a computer or my blog being shut down, it cannot really be that serious a matter for it to be in the Public interest to take me through a lengthy and very costly Court case can it? But then again people are being hauled before the Courts over leaving their bin lid an inch higher than they are told they can, or for throwing apple cores to the Earth, so who knows what will happen in today's schizophrenic British society.

I hope they are not Moslem eyes looking, because we are all guilty in their eyes, and considering Islam has infiltrated every area of British life I would not put it past those within the halls of power to be conferring with God’s enemies who are now entrenched within the fabric of our Judeo/Christian Nation.

I know my life is safe in God’s hands though, He is watching my back in those areas I cannot see, because He sees all things and I am His son.

In service of the King – Jesus – The Lion of the tribe of Judah

Paul Ray

27 May 2008

British Moslems taking over control of prisons

Info courtesy of dominique devaux

The Guardian

Prison officers at one of Britain's maximum security jails are losing control to Muslim gangs, according to a confidential report obtained by The Observer. An internal review of Whitemoor in Cambridgeshire warns that staff believe a 'serious incident is imminent' as several wings become dominated by Muslim prisoners.

The report, written by the Prison Service's Directorate of High Security, says there is an 'ongoing theme of fear and instability' among staff at Whitemoor, where just under a third of the 500 prisoners are Muslim.

It claims: 'There was much talk around the establishment about "the Muslims". Some staff perceived the situation at Whitemoor had resulted in Muslim prisoners becoming more of a gang than a religious group. The sheer numbers, coupled with a lack of awareness among staff, appeared to be engendering fear and handing control to the prisoners.' The situation has become so acute that white prisoners are routinely warned about the Muslim gangs by staff on arrival.

The report says that apprehension about Muslim prisoners has potentially damaging consequences and is in danger of 'leading to hostility and Islamophobia'. It serves to highlight the growing concern about extremist activity in the UK's jails. The Home Office is concerned that young male prisoners are being radicalised by Muslim gangs and that the prison system is becoming a recruiting ground for al-Qaeda sympathisers. Similar problems have been experienced at Belmarsh prison in London and Frankland in Durham. A number of high-profile al-Qaeda sympathisers at Frankland have been moved as a result of increased tensions within the jail.

Frances Crook, director of the Howard League for Penal Reform, said she was alarmed at the report's findings. 'The difficulties of running a high-security prison such as Whitemoor cannot be underestimated, but much of what this internal report uncovers is extremely disturbing,' she said. 'It is vital that the problems uncovered at Whitemoor are addressed as a matter of urgency.'

The report was commissioned partly as a response to the deaths of five prisoners at the jail within 12 months. Muslim prisoner support groups have also complained that Muslims are suffering harassment from staff. Recently a number of Whitemoor staff have been suspended on unrelated corruption charges.

The tense stand-off between staff and prisoners is causing problems, the report warns. 'Staff appeared reluctant to challenge inappropriate behaviour, in particular among BME [black and ethnic minority] prisoners for fear of doing the wrong thing,' the report states. 'This was leading to a general feeling of a lack of control and shifting the power dynamic towards prisoners.' It adds: 'A wing itself felt particularly unstable with a general lack of confidence among staff.'

The emergence of gang culture in Whitemoor has alarmed some prisoners. The team that compiled the report found that over the Christmas period the segregation unit was full as inmates sought refuge from the gangs over debt problems and drugs.

Henry Bellingham, the Conservatives' shadow justice minister, who has raised concerns about the running of Whitemoor in parliament, said he welcomed the report. 'However, I'm very concerned about some of the findings,' he added. 'They point to a systematic breakdown in the chain of command. It's in everyone's interests that these problems are sorted out soon. Whitemoor holds some of the most dangerous prisoners in the country.'

Continue reading: Moslems taking over prisons

24 May 2008

Lord Ahmed's last gasp of air before his public death

Lord Ahmed who killed someone when he drove into the back of their stationary car whilst sending a text message on his mobile phone while he was driving along the fast lane of the motorway, has now publicly stated that Moslems who prey on the vulnerable should be hung.

He says that we should bring back the death penalty for such crimes.

I wonder if he thinks bringing back the death penalty for killing someone whilst driving dangerously would be a good idea?

He is not a stupid man, he knows full well that public opinion is running very high over this recent failed Islamic bombing attack in Exeter, and he is sitting facing serious criminal charges himself which if convicted would see him go to jail for several years. So he has thrown his voice into this matter over the Exeter Moslem nail bomber as a way of trying to salvage something from his now dead public image, by calling for the death penalty for this type of crime because he knows that is a very topical public interest subject at the moment, as if it will some how prevent criminal charges being brought against him when it is a clean cut case.

Good P.R don't you think, except anyone with even the slightest bit of intelligence who knows about this matter can see straight through it for what it really is. Anyone can make wild claims to grab the headlines at a time of heightened awareness, but making them to try and save your skin and public image when you have killed someone is a little bit beyond the pale of civility don't you think.

Someone did die after all, somebodies son or brother, maybe a father now lost to a grieving family in this World because British law was broken by Mr Ahmed.

Did you hear a word out of Lord Ahmed when a down syndrome boy was used as a human bomb in Iraq, or when a little 8 year old girl had a bomb strapped to her which was detonated by remote control in Iraq? Nope not a peep out of the fellow, yet now his whole future hangs in the balance, with the very real possibility of a prison sentence for killing somebody he chirps up to score some brownie points.

The only way he can get out of this one is corruption at the highest levels but Lord Archer couldn't get out of it so Lord Ahmed shouldn't either, or does the Moslem label go in his favour more than what Lord Archer had.

Daily Mail

‘Hang extremists’ call

Britain's most prominent Muslim politician last night called for the return of the death penalty for extremists who urge the weak and vulnerable to carry out terrorist acts.

Labour’s Lord Ahmed spoke out as police continued to question an Islamic convert suspected of detonating a nail bomb in Exeter city centre. They have been told that Nicky Reilly, 27, who has a history of mental health problems, was brainwashed by Muslim radicals.

Lord Ahmed said: ‘Decent law-abiding Muslims are outraged that people who claim to be followers of Islam should prey on the mentally infirm and encourage them to murder people on a large scale. We should consider hanging for this type of crime.’

Operation Crevice - The fertiliser bomb plot

Operation Crevice was the biggest anti-terror operation in British history, it centred on an Al Qaeda cell with a ton of fertiliser stored in a lock up and was dubbed the 'fertiliser bomb plot'.

The bombers targets were Bluewater shopping centre, the Ministry of Sound night club, major utility centres to cripple the Nation, and the bomb maker of the plot who was a taxi driver from Dunstable was caught discussing buying a dirty bomb from the Russian Mafia in Belgium.

This plot was linked to Diren Barot, Al Qaeda's then British General, who had also scouted out targets in the U.S which included the U.S stock exchange.

This recent shopping centre attack shows the military wing of Islam with Great Britain's desire to hit innocent shoppers going about their normal daily lives. This target is one of the easiest to hit considering shopping centres always have people walking around in them with large bags and suitcases, especially in City centres near large train stations and airports. They are open targets for attack.

How can you stop a clean skin going into dispatch stage and walking into a busy shopping centre blended in with everyone else with their suitcases and rucksacks?

Go ask the Israeli police and security services they will tell you how to stop it.

On part two of the Crevice bomb plot video you will see the Emir of this plot, a man named Mr Q Khan from Luton, he is caught on video in a chicken and chip shop in Luton Town Centre along with his Pakistani Moslem brothers. An anonymous commentator to my blog has pointed out the link between these fast food shops and this recent failed nail bomb attack because it is said that he was recruited and radicalised in a fish and chip shop.

Don't they mean a
chicken and chip shop?

This 2 part operation Crevice video gives a glimpse into what we now face within British society by the military wing of the 'religion of peace'.

Watch it then think about my other post:
How close to catastrophe are we?

Further reading: MI5 report Nov 2006

Operation Crevice Part 1 of 2

Operation Crevice Part 2 of 2

Anti-Terror police criticise the Exeter Nail bomb white wash

Within hours of the failed Nail bomb attack on a busy shopping centre in Exeter, the liberal politically correct police force in Devon along with the all of the main stream media went to work on their white wash of this failed Islamic inspired bombing campaign by claiming that this was a mentally ill man who had been recruited and radicalised by extremists.

I should think that considering how quick this story and the subsequent white wash had hit all of the major news outlets he had not even been interviewed yet.

But the common consensus from within literally hours after the attack was that this was a mentally ill man with the mental age of a 10 year old who had been duped by Moslem extremists.

As Scotland Yards anti-terror police have pointed out, in cases of such magnitude this type of information would never be released so quickly, and definitely not before they had done their thorough job of investigating the facts first.

So why were the British public treated to a white wash over the events in Exeter?

Is it because Labour are in control down there and as soon as the news hit about the attack the libearl elites multi culti propoganda machine went into play so as to protect the protected species within today's British society, the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain, and cover up the true horror of what was narrowly avoided?

Scotland Yards anti-terror police are the ones on the front line in fighting this horror in our midst, and I am sure that they really do see the picture of reality which we do not, as truly a horror of undescribable magnitude that our innocent society now faces in relation to our new civil Islamic enemy.

Thank God that Scotland Yards anti-terror police are there for us and that they are willing to speak up when something reflects badly on their important work, especially when a white wash takes place that looks like it is them doing the white washing.

Its a shame the Daily Mail only mentioned this in their very last sentence, probably a very touchy politically correct subject at this moment in time.

Daily Mail

The Muslim convert held after a nailbomb restaurant attack had been under surveillance by the security services, it was claimed last night.

Counter-terrorist officers suspected mentally-ill Nicky Reilly had forged links with known Islamic extremists at an internet cafe near his home.

The revelation raised serious questions about how he was able to travel on a bus with 54 passengers for the 44-mile journey from his home in Plymouth to Exeter, where the home-made bomb exploded.

The 22-year old - who detectives believe was exploited by militants - even received a text message of encouragement before setting off on his failed suicide mission on Thursday, say police sources.

The bomb was a 'viable' fireball-type device constructed of drain cleaner, kerosene, strips of aluminium foil and nails.

It was extremely volatile and may have been detonated by shaking. Reilly suffered severe cuts and facial burns when it went off in the lavatory of the Giraffe restaurant in a Plymouth shopping centre.

Police suspect the terrorists who built the bomb, and two similar devices found at the scene, thought they would have been powerful enough to blow out the front of the restaurant - causing untold death and injury.

Continue reading:
White wash

23 May 2008

2 more arrests in Islamic nail bomb attack

Daily Mail

Armed police investigating the restaurant nail bomb explosion arrested two men outside a cafe today.

Eye witnesses said that the two men were picked up by police a day after the bomb was detonated.

Detectives had already arrested Muslim convert Nicky Reilly, 22, after the explosion.

Rebecca Pope, 25, said she was looking out of a window when she heard shouting.

She said armed police pointed weapons at the men, who were sitting at a table outside the cafe in Plymouth with a child in a pushchair.

"Everyone was screaming," said Ms Pope.

She said both of the men were searched and put into paper suits before being placed in unmarked cars.

The pushchair with the two men was taken away by a policewoman.

Another eyewitness, Paul Marples, who works in the HSBC bank across the road from the cafe, said he saw around 10 armed officers descend on the cafe.

He said they pointed weapons "point blank" at one of the men sitting outside.

He said the first he knew of the incident was when "everyone came rushing into the bank".

"Everyone thought it was a nail bomb like yesterday in Exeter," he said.

Police sources revealed tonight that the bomb was a "viable" device constructed of sodium hydroxide, kerosene, strips of aluminium foil and nails.

Reilly also received a text message of encouragement moments before leaving his Plymouth home on the failed suicide mission, sources said.

Continue reading: 2 more arrests

English teacher threatened to blow up English shopping centre

How long before they are successful considering they have been planning and plotting to blow up a shopping centre for several years now, with yesterdays nail bomb attack the closest they have got so far.

Daily Mail

A Muslim English teacher today pleaded guilty to threatening to blow up the giant Bluewater shopping centre.

Saeed Ghafoor said he was going to bomb Europe's largest shopping complex using three limousines with gas canister explosives.

But when questioned further, the former English teacher said Bluewater was in Exeter, the Old Bailey heard.

When told it was near the Dartford tunnel in Kent, Ghafoor said he had not 'finalised' his plans, the Old Bailey was told.

Ghafoor, 33, of Southampton, pleaded guilty to threatening to cause criminal damage.

He was remanded in custody for reports before sentencing next month.

Continue reading:
English teacher planned shopping centre attack

The Exeter Moslem Nail bomber

Foreword: This Islamic terrorist attack that could have been a major terrorist incident within an Exeter shopping centre is now being watered down by stating that this man has a history of mental illness so that explains why he did what he did.

He did what he did because Islam teaches violent Jihad against the infidel, he was a Moslem convert and his recruiters obviously chose him because he would have carried out their orders which he did, its just that his competence for the task was not the best.

The only thing is, is that by the grace of God again the British public were saved from murder, bloodshed and carnage upon our streets again with untold innocent shoppers being murdered and maimed.

The mental illness factor is now the Politically Correct answer for this planned Islamic terror attack.

We have been saved from horror on our streets twice in a row now, I don't think we are going to be so lucky next time.

Daily Mail

A Muslim convert with a history of mental illness was being held under armed guard tonight after he apparently detonated a nail bomb in a family restaurant.

Nicky Reilly, 22, who suffered serious facial injuries in the blast, is thought to have carried out the alleged attack after being 'preyed upon and radicalised' by Islamic extremists.

Police and bomb disposal teams were called in after diners at the Giraffe restaurant in Exeter city centre heard three blasts go off in a toilet as they were having lunch.

Deputy chief constable Tony Melville, speaking just yards from the restaurant, said: "Witnesses described how a male entered a toilet in the restaurant shortly before an explosion was heard."

He said police and other emergency services went to the scene and the man was arrested in connection with the explosion.

Mr Melville said: "This male, who we now know is called Nicky Reilly, suffered serious facial injuries but these are not life threatening.

"He is currently in police custody undergoing treatment at a hospital."

Bomb disposal experts made safe two explosive devices which are now being forensically examined, said Mr Melville.

"After the arrest, police searched an address in King Street, Plymouth, linked to Reilly using armed officers from the tactical aid group."

Mr Melville said the premises were still being searched

Continue reading:
Exeter Moslem nail bomber

22 May 2008

Exeter Nail bomber is Moslem convert

Daily Mail

A Muslim convert was being held tonight after two bombs were found in a family restaurant toilet following an explosion at lunchtime.

Police and bomb disposal teams were called in after a young white man apparently attempted to detonate a nail bomb.

Diners heard three blasts which sounded like gunshots go off in a toilet at the Giraffe cafe in Exeter city centre as they were having lunch today.

Eyewitnesses said officers had to break down the cubicle door because the 22-year-old refused to come out.

When he emerged, wearing jeans and a dark t-shirt, blood was running down his face and all over his clothes.

Continue reading:
Moslem convert nail bomber

Britain Under Attack: 2 Nail bombs found in busy restaurant

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the Nail bomber is a Moslem convert - In my view, expect more attacks on similar targets around the Country as they always hit multiple times.

There is no denial in this report saying that it is not terror related, the question is, is it Islamic terror related as the report does mention animal rights extremists.

I will post more when the details emerge.

Restaurant, Cafe and Shopping Centre does not sound good though, thankfully they never achieved there aim and only one of the bombs went off near a busy cafe and only injured in the blast the one who had planted them who has now been arrested.

If it was Al Qaeda I would expect more are on there way.

Shopping centres, Cafe's and Restaurants are the easiest targets to hit, and if this was the work of Islamic terrorists then we have once again been saved from a scene of mass murder and carnage.

The picture below is of one of the nail bombs discovered in the boot of the 7/7 bombers abandoned car at Luton railway station.

Daily Mail

A city centre was evacuated today after two bombs were found - at least one of which exploded - at a busy lunchtime cafe.

A man, who is believed to have set off the explosive device, was injured and has been taken into custody. At least one of the devices was believed to be a nail bomb.

The Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall, Stephen Otter, said tonight: "We can now confirm there were two explosive devices found at the scene."

He said they were both in the same area of the Giraffe restaurant at the Princesshay shopping centre, in Exeter, although he would not give exact details of where.

He said they had both been made safe. He could not say what kind of devices they were.

The 22-year-old man was taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and the area was sealed off by police. Officers said he suffered lacerations to his eye and some facial burning.

Continue reading: 2 Nail bombs found in busy restaurant

Kick him out of our Country like his father

Abu Hamza's convicted international Islamic terrorist son who once worked on the London Underground.

Daily Mail

The son of hate preacher Abu Hamza has been arrested over a suspected burglary attempt.

Mustafa Kamel, 18 - one of hook-handed extremist Hamza's seven children - was one of two youths arrested after a man caught someone breaking into his home.

The householder saw the suspect climbing in through a window at the rear and managed to chase him off.

Continue reading:
Kick him out

MPACUK in their own words

And the NULabour Government funds these type's of organisations that are in our midst who are working towards the destruction of the British Way of Life, so that they can live in an Islamic land.

Over my dead body.

Event: The Mosque – Its Role, Position and Importance in the Revival of the Deen
Friday, 02 May 2008

"If the leadership is entrusted to those unfit for it, expect the Hour."

By Allah the signs of the end of times are all around us, a hundred million Zionists desire with all their hearts to plunge this world into the final battle, and all around the Muslims are betrayed and bewitched. Muslim Leaders in the Mosque concern themselves with the minor points of fiqh while all around the Ummah cries in pain and fitna and those with hatred in their hearts plan and plot.

Great civilisations and movements were brought down by the infiltration and destruction of their institutions.

Can we save ourselves from the hands of those who seek nothing but evil on this earth?

Does Islam Allow Us to become idle on this time? Do we seek to improve ourselves while mankind is lost?

Does the mosque have a role to play or is it an empty prayer hall for old men and nothing more?

“And who is worse in oppression than the one who prevents the name of Allah being mentioned in the Masaajid of Allah, and works to destroy them?” [ Al-Baqarah: 114].

You have to read this in the knowledge that it is aimed at the British Moslem community and their perspective on life and not the British people's.

From a Moslem perspective who are the leaders they are talking about?

"Great civilisations and movements were brought down by the infiltration and destruction of their institutions."

Is it any wonder when this is what British Moslems from within the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain are being taught by their leaders that every area of the British State that goes towards the functioning of our democratic society has now been infiltrated by Moslems who are intent on our destruction and downfall.

Further reading: Islamic terrorists have penetrated the heart of Britain

We have Al Qaeda operatives working within the Metropolitan police force who are under surveillance by the British security services. We have had NHS doctors set up car bombs with the aim of killing and maiming untold innocent British citizens. We have our biological labs that hold some of the most contagious diseases known to man with Moslems working on the inside. Our DNA database has been compromised by British Moslems who were caught copying the database. We have high level Moslem police officers who are compromising the safety and security of our society on behalf of their Islamic communities. We have Pakistani Moslem police officers operating as criminals whilst working inside the police force. We have Moslems working within government who operate outside the realms of their role acting as our foreign diplomats. We have Mosem teachers teaching hatred direct from the Koran to their young Moslem students. The NHS system is upheld now by large numbers of Moslem doctors and nurses, with this NULabour government telling us that we must graft more of these people into Civil service posts so as to make British life more inclusive to our new Moslem guests as part of their failed Marxist multi-culti dream that has destroyed British society.

And Omar Bakri the head of the British army of Moslem soldiers has said that it is only a matter of time until Moslems in the police fore rise up.

They are just doing what their religion teaches them after all, as this statement from MPACUK clearly points out.

Yet the gullible sheep people listen to the NULabour Marxist multi-culti lie's that Islamic terror is anti-Islamic activity and that it is only a small minority of the religion.

"Does the mosque have a role to play or is it an empty prayer hall for old men and nothing more?"

The Mosque should be the base for the Jihad after all, with the gathering of the British Moslem youth preparing and conducting Jihad against the non-Moslems, not a place with old men teaching them that their is a new British Islam void of all of the fundamental truths of the Islamic religion, on behalf of their NULaour masters.

NULabour Reality check

An excellent article in today's Daily Mail but the NULabour osteriches still have their heads buried deep in the sand, sticking their butts out in the air at the rest of us.

Daily Mail

Well, what a contemptuous slap in the face for the electorate. On the eve of the crucial Crewe and Nantwich by-election, MPs have starkly demonstrated that they are living on a different planet from the rest of us.

By voting on Tuesday night not to reduce the upper time limit for abortion and to remove the requirement for a father figure for IVF babies, they showed they have simply departed from elementary common sense.

Indeed, to certain Labour women, common sense is now a thought crime.

Emily Thornberry MP actually denounced it as "a cover for discrimination, narrowness and an inability to face the 21st century".

Thus normality itself is demonised, along with the millions who live by its tenets. Welcome to the crackpot world of Labour zealotry.

As a rare voice of realism on the Labour benches, Geraldine Smith observed: "Is there any wonder that people think politicians are out of touch with ordinary people when we have debates such as these?"

Indeed, as today's by-election will most likely show, a chasm now yawns between MPs and the public they serve.

An astounding 82per cent of Labour MPs have now declared that children have no right to a father - and find it outrageous that anyone should think that they do.

How extraordinary that the British Parliament should assert that anyone who continues to support a principle common to all cultures since the dawn of time is guilty of homophobic bigotry! So much for the rights of the child.

How chilling that it should demonise those who want to protect babies capable of living from being killed. So much for the human rights of babies.

Continue reading: NULabour reality check

21 May 2008

Dirty bomb fear at Olympics

Daily Mail

'Terrorists are planning a dirty bomb at Beijing Olympics,' atomic agency warns

Terrorists are trying to obtain nuclear material in a bid to cause widespread chaos at the Beijing Olympics, it has been claimed.

The International Atomic Energy Authority warned that terrorists may try and use dirty bombs to disperse radioactive materials during the high-profile event.

The UN nuclear watchdog issued the stern warning as it staged its biggest ever security training exercise in the Chinese capital.

The agency's head of nuclear security, Dr Anita Nilsson also claimed that the same threats will loom over the London Games in 2012.

"There is a threat at some level that these [radioactive] materials could be used," Dr she told the BBC.

“The awareness that these materials do exist in circulation is enough in itself to trigger the measures that we are now working together with the Chinese authorities to implement at the major venues of the Beijing Olympics."

However, the agency admitted there was no specific information about a potential or imminent terror attack.

But Ms Nilsson said there was intelligence which showed terrorists are trying to obtain dirty bomb material in a bid to cause fear and high levels of exposure to nuclear radiation during the games.

A spokesman for the agency added that it was providing advice and assistance on nuclear security in the lead up to and during the games.

Bomb scare at Nuclear plant

My post yesterday was very timely: How close to a catastrophe are we?

Daily Mail

A welder carrying the same explosives used in the London Tube bombings has been stopped trying to get into a nuclear power plant.

The site in south-east Sweden was sealed off after the man was halted at the entrance with a plastic bag containing traces of an explosive substance.

Plant operator OKG downplayed the incident, saying there was no threat to the safety of the plant, about 150 miles south of Stockholm.

Police said the man carried a plastic bag with an unknown amount of triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, an explosive used in the London bombings in 2007.

However, plant spokesman Anders Osterberg said there were no explosives inside the bag, but traces of an explosive substance were found on the bag's handle.

A security perimeter with a 1,000ft radius around the plant was set up, but workers already inside were not evacuated. The plant was continuing to operate normally.

The Oskarshamn plant has three nuclear reactors, which produce about 10 per cent of Sweden's electricity supply.

Police received a call from the plant at 7:58am.

"They told us a welder who was going to perform a job there had been stopped in a random security check. He had been carrying small amounts of the highly-explosive material TATP," a spokesman said.

TATP, or triacetone triperoxide, is a high explosive which is extremely unstable, especially when subjected to heat, friction and shock.

Used in the 2005 London terror attacks which killed 52 people, it is a favourite of Al Qaeda and known as the "Mother of Satan" because of its devastating power.

Continue reading:
Bomb scare at Nuclear plant

Heroin seized in Bury Park Luton

The start of the snowball effect.

If there are any Christians reading my blog then please pray for the situation the town faces from the epedemic of Al Qeda Heroin that is rampant on the streets and that the Police will get the leads that they need to take them all the way to the top of the chain, pray that those who are caught will open their mouths.

Luton on Sunday

More drugs arrests made

Officers in Luton have arrested two more men and recovered 16 bags of what is believed to be heroin with a street value of £2,200 following an operation yesterday(Monday) as part of the national 'Tackling Drugs Week'.

The arrests were made in Dallow Road after officers from the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) team saw the suspects drive past, prompting their suspicion.

They stopped and searched the car, and the Class A drugs were found. Both men are currently being questioned at Luton Police Station on suspicion of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply. The drugs have been sent off for forensic analysis.

Continue reading: Heroin in Luton

20 May 2008

How close to catastrophe are we?

Whether you realize it or not there is an enemy in this World today whose ultimate aim’s and intentions towards our Country of Great Britain is the destruction of our way of life and the democratic society in which we live so that they can enforce what they believe is god’s will upon our land and its people.

This is the fundamental teaching of the Islamic religion as laid down in the Koran and Hadiths by Mohamed and his companions. Together they conducted Jihad (Holy War) in the 7th Century on behalf of their god Allah, and converted lands and people over to Islamic rule (Dar al-Islam), and Moslems today must follow his example.

This is how Islam was birthed and spread throughout the Middle East, and how it is spreading around the World today.

It is a religious obligation to carry out Jihad for all religious Moslems who follow the tenants of Islam. This claim is supported by one of the biggest Moslem organizations in Britain who state this fact on their
own website. Moslems are taught that it is an abomination to Allah for them to be ruled over by non-Moslems because they are god’s chosen enlightened people, the whole Earth is god’s, so they should be ruled over by god’s laws and not by non-Moslems and their ungodly secular laws that are in direct conflict with them and their religion.

The Koran calls us descendents of apes and pigs so it is pretty obvious they believe themselves to be superior to us, so there is no way we should rule over them and their religion.

It is their religious mandate to convert lands and people over to Islamic rule, the same as for Christians the mandate is to preach the gospel of Salvation.

The Islamic religion splits the World in two within the Moslem mind, the Dar al-Islam which is lands that are ruled by Islamic law, and the Dar al-Harb which is the land of War, lands not yet converted over to Islamic rule.

So any land that has a Moslem population who are not living ruled by Islamic law are living in the Dar al-Harb (House of War). It is every Moslem’s responsibility living in the Dar al-Harb to conduct Jihad so as to convert the land and its people from Dar al-Harb into Dar al-Islam.

Dar al-Harb is the abode of War, so Moslems living in this abode have to view themselves as soldiers for Allah, and conduct themselves as such against the infidels within the War zone.

No one can escape this fact because it is a fundamental teaching within the Islamic religion.

So now within the United Kingdom, we have upwards of 3 million Moslems living in the newly formed Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain who are taught that it is their responsibility to Allah to conduct Jihad against the British people and our society so as to convert our land over to Islamic rule, the Dar al-Islam.

This is the future Vision for our Country from the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem followers.

The Jihad takes many forms but it all goes together and adds up to the collective Jihad against the British way of life and our society on behalf of Allah and Islam. There is the Religious wing that is teaching the 3 million strong Moslem population of the Islamic Kingdom their religious responsibilities to Allah whilst living in the abode of War. There is the Political wing that is the voice and political force for the Islamic Kingdom that is using its influence and power to change British society and culture so that it falls more in line with Islam, this is the process of converting us into a state of dhimmitude. Then there is the military wing that is conducting Warfare on the ground upon our streets so as to enforce Islamic dominance upon us and our society through violence, terror and murder.

If your enemy controls the ground then you have lost the War, everything else is just then the formalities of the transference of power.

The Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain has everything in place within the fabric of our society for when the transference of power happens after the Marxist multi-culti elites who are in charge of the reigns of power have bent over backwards to graft this cancer and its people into our society, and wherever they have their large Islamic communities they have taken over the ground through the street Jihad conducted by the Moslem youth who are the military wing. There is no clearer example of this for me than in Luton. Moslems teach their children about their religion from birth, that they must uphold Islam at all costs, so is it any wonder that there are 3rd and 4th generation Moslems amongst us who live with an us and them syndrome? It is their religious belief taught direct from the pages of the Koran.

This is the British front in the global Jihad.

Great Britain is the Western province of Eurabia, and the stepping stone into America the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century. The Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain has its War machine in place on the ground in which to fight the global Jihad with due to the ignorance and incompetence of our present leaders who have allowed this to grow in our midst. There is not greater book that explains how we have ended up at this point with this Islamic War machine on the ground in the UK than

This modern global conflict that is being waged against us and our way of life within Great Britain so as to conquer our land for the Islamic religion is being led from the Middle East by Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda leadership, and he has his army of willing British born Moslem followers living on the ground here.

People are blind to the harsh reality of what we face because they do not see a massive land and sea invasion with large platoons of troops invading our shores. So they think it is stupid to think people are at War with us because they cannot see it. This is a silent subversive War that is unfolding within our society and outside, with the ultimate aim being to destroy our way of life and take over. This is the aim of War after all, and War has been declared against us.

Osama Bin Laden is conducting his War against us with 4th generation Warfare where you do not need a large land and sea invasion; he does not have the means to fight a conventional War against us. This is what makes the situation we face with this new enemy that much more dire because he is the master of this type of warfare and is the leader of a global non Nation guerilla army who are positioned in every Nation on Earth and in this instance amongst the 3 million strong Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain.

Within a guerilla War you only need a small number of people to carry out horrendous acts of War, and then coupled with 21st Century technology it makes what we face so much more serious.

The gullible masses of British sheep people are force fed the lie’s that Islam is a religion of peace and that it is a small minority who are at war with us. So they are asleep to the real horror that we face from our so called peaceful neighbours from the ‘religion of peace’.

Osama Bin Ladens aim is to destroy our British way of life, and the society in which we live so that the Islamic religion can take over and convert our land into the Dar al-Islam. Why do you think it was so bad what Judas the Arch Bishop said about allowing Islamic law a place within our society? That was the very worst possible case of surrender and appeasement you will ever find, and it came form the highest place within the Church of England, the one who should be defending our society from Islam.

Thankfully we have Bishop Nazir up there in the Church of England who knows what he is doing and what he is talking about.

The question is; how could Osama Bin Laden achieve his aim against us?

Our minds cannot comprehend or don’t want to comprehend any real true horror being inflicted upon us and our country so it is easier to shut the mind and reject any thoughts of potential horror and put it down to madness for someone to think such things, or believe falsely that it could never happen.

The thing is though is that it can happen, because nobody knows what the future holds, so no one can say no and dismiss any thoughts of what our future may contain, especially when you look at the facts in the present.

Osama Bin Laden is at War with Great Britain in his global Jihad for the Islamic religion. He has an army of Moslem followers on the ground that was born here. We live in the 21st Century with the technology that modern Warfare now contains, chemical, nuclear and biological for example. And the enemy we face has no problem killing themselves in the process of killing as many of us as possible because they believe they will go straight to heaven for their actions and be greeted with 72 brown eyed Virgins.

This is reality.

The only way that Osama Bin Laden could destroy Britain, our way of life and society is by breaking down the infrastructure of our Country. If he achieves this then the Islamic Kingdom on the ground are on their own to do what Islam has taught them to do, all out open warfare, Jihad, so as to take over and enforce Islam upon the land.

Why do you think the situation on the ground with the street Jihad is so serious because the army is in place, is heavily armed, extremely wealthy and united ready for what the future holds.

What are the British people doing? Nothing, apologizing for the Islamic Kingdom, telling everyone Islam means peace and that it is a small minority, and denying what is going on because they listen to what this appeasing government tells them.

When it hits the fan what will be the result?

All it takes is one serious unthinkable Islamic inspired terror attack to hit the homeland and the infrastructure of the Nation would collapse, with the population living in a completely different environment on the ground to what they are now. Government would collapse and become non-functioning, the police force would become defunct and ineffective, the military would only be in control in certain areas, and there would be total anarchy on the streets with people fighting over food and water just to survive.

Could never happen you say.

A Russian died
in London recently due to nuclear radiation poisoning with polonium 210, polonium 210 is the nuclear chemical used for the trigger mechanism in suitcase nuclear bombs. What type of devastation would one of these cause in the Centre of London? I should think it would wipe most of London out considering London isn’t that big. The Russian who died had become a Chechen, which is one of the most extreme Islamic military organizations in the World.

It is a
known fact that Osama Bin Laden has suitcase nuclear bombs in his arsenal.

Why gather this technology if your not going to use it? You gather it to use it in War; it is a weapon of War after all.

If London was wiped out then the infrastructure of our Country would collapse in an instant.

Al Qaeda have already gathered intelligence on our
Nuclear power stations, so what would happen if several of these were blown up with planes like on 9/11? How easy would it be for Al Qaeda to hijack a plane from Pakistan whilst it was flying over Britain and then crash it, or several of them into these power stations? Not very hard considering Pakistan is an Islamic Nation that supports the Taliban.

Wiping out several nuclear power plants would cripple the Nation and destroy a large part of the infrastructure of the Country.

There have been several attempts at acquiring the technology for a
dirty bomb to be detonated upon our streets. This is a minor attack in size and scope compared to the above but it will bring the Nation to a halt for some time.

What would happen if the River Thames was
ruptured which is what Diren Barot was planning to do? Would it flood London? If it would then this would again bring the Nation to a halt.

If any of these serious attacks were to happen there would be panic and pandemonium, with anarchy and lawlessness on the streets through fear about the future and survival. Our prisons are full so there is no where to lock people up, so it will be a free for all. All of this toppled with an organized military wing of the Islamic Kingdom who have been preparing for this eventuality does not fair well for the future of our country and society does it.

Where would we place several hundred thousand Moslems who all stand with one another and are rioting in our streets?

We don’t know what they have been taught and told about what is coming whilst they have been training in the terror camps of Afghanistan and Pakistan, all we know is they believe that Islam will one day rule Britain.

Where do they get this logic from?

Our military is about 140,000 strong I think, and Al Qaeda in the UK have double if not triple that who support their War against us and our country who will join together on the ground once it hits the fan.

The police I would think would be more concerned about protecting their families than policing these new murderous lawless streets that they aren’t being paid for, and the government will be in hiding because of their treason to the British people. The only real sort of order will be the military, but that will only be in certain areas.

If there was a King upon the throne who commanded the respect of his people, he would be the only one able to control and keep order in the ensuing chaos, because he would have an army of Royalists across the land who stand behind him and listen to him.

It will be a dog eat dog environment on the ground in Great Britain, with no functioning Country, what happens then and how we recover is a different story.

Great Britain is a tiny tiny island compared to America, so one serious attack would destroy the infrastructure of the Nation and stop it from being a functioning country, exactly what Osama Bin Laden wants to do.

Osama Bin Laden has been fighting Jihad his whole adult life; he has spent a large proportion of this time acquiring modern weaponry with which to fight his war with. Why spend that much time and money if your not going to use it in your war? Also if you know your going to die at some point why not leave your mark upon mankind, especially if you believe you will go straight to paradise and be greeted with 72 Virgins for your actions.

Osama Bin Laden has declared War against us and is leading a global Jihad to destroy the West, how do you think he is going to
achieve that aim?

Think about it.

If anything this bad does hit the homeland then I feel certain that those traitors in government who will have been the ones who created this mess for the British people will then be held accountable, and I know there are factions out there who would be more than willing to hang them for treason. That is not me being extreme that is just the truth to the situation on the ground in Britain. Those who have led us into this position will be held accountable by the British people for what they have done, exactly like in every other generation that traitors have committed treason against the people and their homeland in the past, that’s just seems to be the way things have always gone in this land.

History also has a habit of repeating itself.

Those in government act like gods because they are protected by the police and security services, but remove that protection which will happen if something really serious does happen to the Country, and based on the facts there is a high probability that it will. Then they are on their own with the wrath not just of a small few but a majority who will have awoken to what they have done to them and their children.

Why do you think this present government has changed the treason laws? It’s because they themselves are committing it.

I won’t name names because I don’t want to make enemies but the list of traitors and appeasers is endless and I am sure there are those out there with the lists of people who have committed treason against the British people.

Please don’t arrest me for my thoughts, that’s all they are thoughts, this is not a thought crime, I am just giving something to think about based on facts.

Some people will read this and think that none of it could ever happen, all I will say is that we live in the Nuclear age remember that, there is a World War unfolding upon planet Earth, and nobody knows what tomorrow, next week, next month or next year holds.

Who would have ever thought about 9/11 before it happened.

Look at the facts in the present to see what could happen in the future.

If we are in World War III what will the consequences be?

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Check the links embedded too if you doubt anything I have written.

Is France on the way to becoming an Islamic State?

Info courtesy of Nika Jane

Daily Telegraph

France, wrote Luigi Barzini, wouldn't be the great and endearing country that it is, la lumière du monde, if its quarrelsome people had not been "moulded down the centuries by antagonisms and tensions between tribes, clans, cliques, classes, coteries, guilds, camarillas, sects, parties, factions, regions..." The French are ever at the barricades.

Last week the barricades were at the prime minister's office, the Matignon, where the government was discussing the awkward business of France's proposed new law designed to ban the Muslim headscarf from schools. The Bill, portentously named "Application of the Principle of Secularity", will go to the National Assembly on Wednesday, with a peppy addition to ban beards from schools as well.

Dominique de Villepin, the foreign minister, gravely explained that the law is not aimed at any particular minority, community or religion, though there is, he said, some difficulty in making the essential tolerance of it clear to Arab countries.

Domenica Perben, the justice minister, felt the whole thrust of the issue revolved around the equality of men and women - which clears up why the French may be forcibly shaving prematurely mature Sikh schoolboys: they are a gender offset for de-scarfed female Muslims.

France is facing the problem that dare not speak its name. Though French law prohibits the census from any reference to ethnic background or religion, many demographers estimate that as much as 20-30 per cent of the population under 25 is now Muslim. The streets, the traditional haunt of younger people, now belong to Muslim youths. In France, the phrase "les jeunes" is a politically correct way of referring to young Muslims.

Given current birth rates, it is not impossible that in 25 years France will have a Muslim majority. The consequences are dynamic: is it possible that secular France might become an Islamic state?

Continue reading: The New Islamic Republic of France

Top Judge: France must prepare for Civil War

Picture of French riots.

A Judge Warns: France Should Prepare for Civil War
From the desk of
The Brussels Journal

A quote from the French judge, Jean de Maillard (Vice-president of the Superior Court of Orléans, and a professor at the Institute of Political Science in Paris), 28 November 2007 [here is an English translation]

When two schools, a library, a police station, a garage and several other buildings on a list already forgotten are set on fire, not to mention dozens of vehicles each day, we are used to it. It has become almost a routine.

However, the second night of Villiers-le-Bel marks an escalation that the media and the government would probably prefer to hush up, but which may be the start of a new stage: the use of firearms. In truth, the surprise is not that the rioters began to use them, but first, that they hadn't done it sooner [...] and second, that they are still confining themselves to hunting rifles and lead shot. The suburbs however have been armed for a long time with caches of quality war weapons, lethal weapons, against which the bullet-proof vests will be useless.

In other words the situation is explosive in both meanings of the word. It seems that from one riot to the next the techniques harden, the methods become more professional and the police and gendarmes will soon have to confront, if they have not already, experts in urban guerilla warfare [...]

I am convinced that up until now we have been lucky that the thugs and future murderers in the suburbs have not yet dared to use their fire power. I hope that the public authorities will become aware of the imminence of calamity and especially that they will finally seek solutions. I would not like to be in their shoes, for the margin of maneuverability, if there is one, will be very narrow. Yes, the perpetrators must be mercilessly punished. But repression, in the long term, solves nothing.

And people must stop dreaming, those on the Left and the others: neighborhood police are not a panacea either. You cannot graft an ethnic police force ["police communautaire"] on a society that is this sick and torn apart, in which the members are in open rebellion against society. Police are a means, not a solution. Educators will not be useful either: you cannot cure cancer with a placebo. To shower the caids [a type of governorship, originally found in North Africa and Moorish Spain] with subsidies to buy armed peace will be the chosen way: it will provide only a short respite. Is there another solution? I don't know, and I am very happy not to be in government.

Keith Hellawell: The dangers we all face now Police cannot think for themselves

Daily Mail

This has been a difficult week for West Midlands police. It is rare for public servants to be sued for libel, and the High Court apology the force gave to Channel 4and the Dispatches programme was both humiliating and unprecedented.

For all its unique features, however, this case is symptomatic of a broader set of failings: a loss of nerve, a warped sense of priorities and, in particular, a culture of weak-minded politicisation that should concern us all.

Undercover Mosque, the edition of Dispatches at the heart of the legal case, made disturbing viewing.

Broadcast in January last year, it showed clerics at mainstream mosques making extreme and inflammatory statements, advocating the murder of homosexuals, for example, and praising the killer of a British soldier in Afghanistan.

Yet, instead of lauding the programme makers for their careful and enterprising work, West Midlands police said Channel 4 should be prosecuted for stirring up racial hatred.

They accused Dispatches of deliberately distorting the views of the clerics through misleading editing and, when their own investigations foundered, they complained to the broadcasting regulator Ofcom.

The whole sorry episode reached its conclusion on Friday with a joint apology from the police and the Crown Prosecution Service, and a promise to pay £100,000 - out of public funds, presumably. They had no evidence to support their case.

Such an astonishing lack of judgment is difficult to comprehend, perhaps, but it is by no means unusual. Police forces around the country grow ever more bizarre in their decisions on who and what to prosecute, leaving the public angry and confused.

How can it be, for example, that prominent figures from the worlds of art and fashion seem immune from prosecution despite clear evidence of drug-taking, while unassuming office workers are dragged through the courts for dropping an apple core or placing the wrong piece of rubbish in the wrong bin?

Why do complaints from ethnic minorities appear to be given so much more attention than those from the majority?

Why do police forces take action against parents who shout at their children while refusing to act in cases where property has been damaged by fully grown adults?

As a former police officer of 36 years experience, who worked my way up through the ranks to become Chief Constable of Cleveland and then West Yorkshire, later becoming "drugs tsar" for the Government, I am disturbed by what I see around me.

Continue reading:
The dangers we all face

Oona King: A NULabour Saviour

I don’t know why, maybe Oona King is a Christian and God has His hand upon her life, but it is my personal opinion that she would be the saving grace for Gordon Brown’s Premiership, the sinking ship that is NULabour, and for the destruction that this crumbling government is causing to our British democratic society.

I know for sure that Almighty God would not want old Gordy boy to go down as the worst P.M in our history out of respect for his father, but if you reject the one who is looking down from above then things will never go right. What greater proof did Mr. Brown need to know God was looking over him than for the car bombings in London and Glasgow to fail to detonate on the day he took over the reigns of Power?

Several car bombs that would have caused unimaginable horror and bloodshed if you look at what was planned, yet not one single innocent life was lost, and this bombing campaign was planned and plotted by some of the best brains in our society – Trained NHS doctors

Only a miracle could have stopped the outcome of that attack, and in my opinion, a miracle chain of events unfolded which did stop it.

Then everything started to go wrong and has gone wrong ever since.

Maybe God has sent Oona King to Gordon Brown.

It has been said that she is a lightweight and no good for the position she has been put forward for because NULabour need a big hitter, how much bigger hitter can there be than someone who stands on their principles and knows right from wrong and is willing to stand up and say it, as was proved with the Crewe by election campaign.

Oona King said not to campaign as they have done, she was rejected and ignored, with the campaign now completely backfiring on them, with everyone now seeing how despicable and hypocritical NULabour are in Crewe.

You should have listened to the lightweight lady who has a big heart and a big vision, and then you might have gotten somewhere.

It is my belief after reading what I have, that Oona King knows exactly what the people of Great Britain face in today’s society after modern politics terrorized her and her family, so there is no one with greater wisdom who understands the racial religious divides now within society than her. She also has the respect of the innocent peaceful people from all communities who just want to live law abiding and peaceful lives within modern Britain.

It is just a shame that there are those out there who are making that impossible.

People will say that I am one of those making that impossible, that’s why I have been arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred through this blog. This blog is my response to Moslem aggression to me personally, to my community, to my country, to the innocent people living within society, and the threat this new menace poses to the whole of the civilized Western World. What was I meant to do just shut my mouth, run away and go into hiding after these Pakistani Moslem savages threatened my life? I know that other people have taken that route but I am not them and they are not me.

Throw me in prison I don’t care, Al Qaeda and their British born Moslem followers are at War with Great Britain and they are going to attack the Country again, my Country.

I never committed 7/7, I have not killed anyone in the name of my religion, I have not planned and plotted mass murder against innocent people, I have not called for others to commit acts of violence and murder, all I have done is pointed out the facts from my perception about those who are committing these acts, facts that cannot and shouldn’t be ignored because of the seriousness of the facts that I am pointing out.

RUSI which is one of the most respected military think tanks in the World, and a think tank that has the interests of the British homeland at heart, have stated that Government must make “Defence of the Realm” its No.1 priority.

Think about that.

How serious is the threat to British society and our way of life for one of the most respected military think tanks in the World to say that the Government must make “Defence of the Realm” its No.1 priority.

Pretty serious stuff in my humble opinion don’t you think?

Al Qaeda and its British born Moslem army of followers have already attacked us, and they are continually planning and plotting to attack us, so it is only a matter of time until another Islamic inspired atrocity unfolds. The size and scale of the attack is anyone’s guess, but we know for sure that they have planned to rupture the River Thames, they have planned to target some of our busiest nightclubs and shopping centers, and that they have tried acquiring the technology to detonate a dirty bomb.

Not a very nice picture given the evidence already is it.

In my opinion Gordon Brown needs Oona King’s political skills for the days that lay ahead, who knows what is going to happen today, tomorrow, next week or next month, but based on the present facts of 30 known Islamic terror plots against us in place, 200 networks of British born Moslem Jihadi’s intent on our destruction, and over 2000 Al Qaeda inspired Moslem’s under surveillance, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that at some point in the future another devastating Islamic terror attack is going to be inflicted upon our society, and these figures I have mentioned are only the figures of the known facts, how many unknown facts are there out there? It only took an Al Qaeda cell of 4 clean skins last time to hit us and kill 52 people and wound over 700, so it is not beyond the realms of logic to say there are clean skins out there now preparing to attack.

We know that 400,000 British born Pakistani Moslems travel freely between the UK and Pakistan every year, with an unknown number ending up in Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, then returning to Britain and blending back into their Islamic communities and our British society.

The enemy is out there in the shadows, and it is an enemy that has suicidal intent who wants to die killing as many of us as possible in the process.

And our Home Secretary who is charged with the National Security of the British homeland has said that this terrorist activity that is aimed at us is not Islamic terror, it is anti-Islamic activity.

And we have the human rights laws which Islamic terrorists within our land are protected by, so we cannot even throw them from our shores, instead as an act of complete psychosis we let them back out into our society, the exact society they were removed from in the first place for wanting to destroy it – Work that one out?

No wonder there is a National psychosis within society when these are our present leaders.

Arise the new ‘King of England’ who will bring order out of this chaos for his people.

Daily Mail:
Oona King tipped for No.10

19 May 2008

Police apologies over Undercover Mosque slander

The Police officer who brought disgrace upon the West Midlands Police force should be sacked or demoted back to pen pushing because it is his front door where the buck lye's.

And the British police force and Security services have enough evidence on video of Treason, Glorifying Terrorism, Stirring up Racial/Religious Hatred, Stirring up Civil War, calling for Murder, Sex discrimination and condoning Paedophilic activity amongst the Moslem population of Birmingham.

I wonder of those captured on film will now be arrested over their hatred towards us and our society.

The Mosque where these films were made is Lord Ahmeds place of worship, with him stating on film that entering them Mosque is like entering heaven on Earth.

Watch the film then tell me whether that is like heaven, especially when you see the leader of Islam in Saudi Arabia, he looks like a devil who has just crawled out of the pit of hell.

Undercover Mosque

The test of our British justice system

Dangerous ground...

Will those in charge of the Crown prosecution service have the guts to press charges against the first Moslem peer Lord Ahmed for killing someone whilst he was driving dangerously, and placing him before the British courts system with prison at the end of it if found guilty, as they would with one of us mere mortals, or will this be another case of the two rule British justice system that seems so prevalent in today's day and age?

One rule for them and one rule for us.

Lord Ahmed said yesterday :
"I would strenuously deny any allegation of death by dangerous driving. Other than that I cannot comment."

He drove into the back of a stationery car and killed someone, how much more clear cut can it get? Also ontop of that there is the belief that he was texting someone whilst driving in the fast lane of the motorway based on his phone records.

If nothing else the records prove that he was texting whilst driving which is a criminal offence under British law.

Dare they strip the first Moslem peer of his Lordship as they did to Jeffrey Archer?

Daily Mail

Britain's first Muslim peer may face charges of death by dangerous driving after allegedly sending a text on the fast lane of the M1 before ploughing into a stationary car, killing its driver.

Lord Ahmed was at the wheel of his gold-coloured X-Type Jaguar when it ploughed into a red Audi A4 on the M1 near Rotherham on Christmas Day.

The Crown Prosecution Service is now trying to decide whether he should face the charge after a traffic police investigation led to the suspicion that he texted a journalist friend at the time of the crash.

As part of the investigation traffic police examined Lord Ahmed's mobile phone on which he made a 999 call from the scene. It is alleged that shortly before the emergency call a text message was sent to a journalist friend.

Police investigators have now completed a file and have submitted it to the CPS who will decide if there is sufficient evidence for any charges to be brought.

Lord Ahmed said yesterday : "I would strenuously deny any allegation of death by dangerous driving. Other than that I cannot comment."

The peer's 28-year-old victim, Slovakian Martyn Gombar, died instantly in the impact and Lord Ahmed suffered severe facial injuries and shock.

Continue reading:
The test of the British justice system

Heroin: Lifting the lid on the Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park

I posted my opinion on the recent cannabis bust in Luton that was praised by the Home Secretary in the House of Commons and thought I would add this as a follow on.

It is common knowledge on the streets, so I am sure it is common knowledge throughout Bedfordshire police force and has been common knowledge for as long as I can remember, that the Pakistani Moslem drug gangs who originate in the Bury Park community of Luton, are the ones who control the supply of Heroin in Luton/Dunstable, surrounding areas and further a field.

This is the fact to the situation on the ground that cannot be disputed.

Diren Barot who was Al Qaeda’s General in the UK before he was imprisoned for planning to create a black day in British history for Islam, along with acquiring the capability to detonate a dirty bomb upon our streets, outlined in a thesis to Al Qaeda’s British born army and supporters, to use street drugs against our society as a weapon of war under the label ‘chemical warfare’.

Diren Barot had direct Islamic terror links into the Bury Park community of Luton.

90% of the Heroin on the streets of the UK originates in the poppy fields of Afghanistan and is controlled there by Al Qaeda and the Taliban. This is then transported through to Pakistan and then ends up on the streets of Britain, and in this instance Luton & Dunstable where I live.

This is a highly prized commodity for Al Qaeda, an elixir of Jihad, which is why I have called it the Golden Sword of Jihad. They are funding their guerilla War against the West through the high profits made from the Heroin which they own, they are killing and destroying the addicts who end up hooked on this stuff, they are breaking down society, creating zombies who go out committing serious violent crime for their next hit and causing a tidal wave of criminals who are ending up in the court system and then into an overflowing prison population.

So Heroin in the hands of the Islamic enemy now living in our midst is having a pretty devastating and destructive effect on Great Britain. Exactly the effect that Diren Barot and his Al Qaeda comrades knew it would have, that’s why he outlined for the Jihadi’s to use street drugs against us.

Kill us, destroy our society and make themselves vast sums of money in the process with which to continue fighting their Jihad against us in other areas with – Win Win situation

This chemical weapon is the biggest threat to the British homeland in the hands of the British born army of Islam, because it is making them vast sums of money, more than we can imagine, and causing daily destruction that goes on unseen from the general public. Out of sight and out of mind until the problem washes up on your front door and one of your loved ones ends up hooked on this present day evil, or you have your house burgled, or your robbed by a drug addicted zombie.

They and you, then become a cash cow and slave to your new Pakistani Moslem masters who then own your loved one through the drug they own and control that your loved one needs daily just to function normally.

Pretty powerful weapon in the hands of the paramilitary enemy that is fighting a guerilla War against us don’t you think?

Why when Heroin is causing so much damage to us and being used as a weapon of War against us are the Police in Luton & Dunstable not clamping down on the Pakistani Moslem Heroin barons and their networks on the streets from Bury Park?

Instead they are ploughing their resources into clamping down on cannabis barons, and leaving the Heroin reservoir untouched that is flooding our streets from the Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park. I have always blatantly said who it is through my blog because I know the facts that cannot be denied by everyone who knows what I am talking about.

There is a large, well organized, heavily armed, extremely wealthy, Pakistani Moslem network of Heroin dealers who control the supply on the streets, the same ones who inspired me to start my blog by threatening my life.

This situation with Al Qaeda’s Heroin in Luton is a threat to the National Security of the British homeland. The 7/7 bombers were linked to the town and the biggest ant-terrorist operation in British history centered on here. Yet nothing of any real consequence is being done about this chemical weapon. Now and then there are a few drug addicted street dealers in the papers who have been caught but never any Mr. Big’s, the Pakistani Moslem CEO’s of this local black market trade that is killing our loved ones, or their Heroin dealing networks of street dealers being smashed.

I know the facts on the street and they have an unhindered reign.

Does the Home Secretary and her Civil servants not want to target the source of this devastation on our streets because they do not want to target the Pakistani Moslem community for some reason?

The known factual source of where the Heroin is coming from and who controls it, that is flooding our streets and killing our loved ones.

If that is the case then the Islamic enemy which is at War with us, with all the facts in the public domain proving that point, are being left unhindered to build their paramilitary army who are already conducting a guerilla War against us in the name of their religion. They already have a paramilitary army on the streets anyway so it is just growing by the day at our expense.

What is the ultimate end result of this situation? They control the streets now anyway and have everyone living as dhimmi’s through fear of the consequences of upsetting them.

Why do you think I have written about this for the past 17 months on this blog?

Id rather die a Christian man or go to prison for my beliefs than be a pathetic weak second class citizen -dhimmi.

Is it a case that the police have got absolutely no control of this Islamic community so have absolutely no way of stopping this part of the military wing of Islam’s Jihad against our society?

Or is it a case of no one wanting to be called RACIST or ISLAMAPHOBES for targeting this community through fear of breaching community cohesion?

I know that in the North of the Country the Police there would not target the Pakistani Moslem gangs who are targeting, raping, drugging and forcing young children into child prostitution and turning them into child sex slaves, who are then trafficked across the North of England because they feared upsetting ‘community cohesion’.

So little girls (children) and their worried sick parents were left at the mercy of these Pakistani Moslem beasts who had turned their young children into drug addicted sex slaves, because the Police who are supposed to be there to protect them would not do their jobs through fear of upsetting the Pakistani Moslem community. The parents of these young children were then forced to act against these Pakistani Moslem beasts themselves.

Sound familiar?

Mohamed who is every Moslems highest ideal of moral conduct was a child molesting paedophile if you didn’t know, he married a child when she was 6 and then had sex with her when she was 9, and so all Moslems believe they can do it because Mohamed did it.

The insidious evil that is at the core of the Islamic community is left because no one wants to upset ‘community cohesion’, with the innocent British people, you and me, on the receiving end of this madness.

Something wrong there don’t you think?

Is it not about time the lid was lifted on what our Pakistani Moslem neighbours are doing to our society with their Heroin, with the British government clamping down on it for the sake of our futures?

Our children are the ones on the receiving end of all of this after all.

Heroin is a weapon in the hands of the Pakistani Moslem Jihadi’s who are at War with us and our Country.

How long until Islam’s Jihad washes up upon your front door?

Don’t worry because it will one day, whether it’s your front door or your children, or grandchildren’s.