31 October 2007

Britain no longer Christian - Lets remove Christmas

Read this article and weep Christians.

Our Prime Minister's Labour think tank that creates National policy has publicly stated that Great Britain is no longer a Christian Nation and that Christmas must now be down graded in favour of other religions - namely Islam - for the sake of community cohesion.

Submission to Islam the Islamic mind views this lunacy as!

At least Conservatives Sayeeda Warsi is on the same page as the people of Great Britain, she has publicly stated that Gordon Brown's think tank has lost the plot "Well said"; can you arrange to stop the funding of these lunatics now before its too late then?

Does Gordon Brown's think tank think the people of Britain whose children love Christmas will just sit back and accept this destruction of one of their most special times of the year?

At every turn our society is being forced to submit to Islam with our loony left wing leaders serving the Islamic Kingdom's interests from a position of Dhimmitude, if this act of betrayal regarding Christmas was not proof enough then take a read of what some weak pathetic school teachers had to do under the banner multicultural diversity - Submission

I hope that there will now be some strong Christian leaders who arise in condemnation of Gordon Brown and his loony left wing think tank.

Together we can make a difference and change this madness for the sake of the future.

Daily Mail: Christmas should be downgraded

The Sun: Teachers dress up as Moslems

You could not dream this stuff up!

Can it get any worse? - Terrorists Human Rights

These people are at War with us, conducting a military campaign to murder innocent people and destroy our civilization and way of life, and because we are civilized people we place them on control orders rather than locking them up in detention centres where they belong, but it seems that that is not even enough now for the Islamist's and the Loony liberal left wing leaders of our country because those in charge of the Asylum have now said that control orders breach the terrorists human rights - You can see the Islamist's now laughing behind close doors at this lunacy of British culture and society brought on by our modern leaders.

I say again; Why are we putting up with this rubbish when these people are at War with us seeking to destroy our children's futures?

Those people making such ludicrous decisions show by their actions that they are as much the enemy to the people of Great Britain as the Islamic terrorists themselves; their actions are a form of State sanctioned terrorism.

We now sit back and wait for this to blow up in their faces with innocent British citizens seriously harmed and murdered in the process!

Daily Mail:
Breach of terror suspects Human Rights

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A Miracle - Madeline McCann

The Daily Mail
Sources close to the inquiry said today the police "need a miracle" and are now re-evaluating all the original evidence gathered in the immediate aftermath of the four-year-old's disappearance almost six months ago.

Continue reading: Police need a Miracle

Father, Almighty God, your word clearly states in Hebrews 2 that you bear witness to the truth with sign's wonders and Miracles, also in 1 Corinthians 12 you talk about giving those of us who believe in you, the gift of Miracles, so I humble myself before you and ask that you will give those who need the miracle to get to the bottom of this tragic case, the miracle they are seeking.

You are the only one who can grant them this desire and you along with those at the heart of this investigation are the only one's who know exactly what is needed to crack this case and bring closure for everyone watching and most importantly for Madeline McCanns family who are void of this important part of their lives.

I commit this into you hands once again and pray that you will open those eyes that are blinded to the truth and bring into the light that which is hidden.

In Jesus name - Amen

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A Prayer - Madeline McCann

Continued: Is this the Miracle

Continued: or is this the Miracle

It is only a matter of time now until the truth is revealed.

30 October 2007

More 'Proof' of the lunacy in the Asylum

The new European Human rights laws that have been enforced upon the innocent people of Great Britain against our will are putting innocent British subjects in extreme danger and harms way, and we have judge's who are personally sanctioning that harm against innocent British people.

This most recent case of lunacy proves that Judge Sir Henry Hodge is not fit for office and should be removed for the safety and security of us innocent British subjects and if he is not then it is only a matter of time until one of his loony liberal left wing decisions causes grave harm to someone and un-imaginable hurt and pain to an innocent British family (if it hasn't already).

Why are we putting up with this rubbish?

We have Loony Liberal Left Wing leaders governing the reigns of power over the United Kingdom which is putting all of us in extreme danger, and destroying our children's future's, is it any wonder that this Judge with his loony idea's and decisions is married to a Labour MP considering the state of our Country now due to this Labour government?

What mental illness can make a Judge pass decisions like this Judge has?

Scary thought to think that this man along with several others are in control of the British Legal System.

One day we will wake up and it will all of been a dream but until then we have to live with extreme danger surrounding us on a daily basis because of these modern sociopaths who control many aspects of our daily lives.

Daily Mail: Judge allows Foreign SEX attacker to stay

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29 October 2007

Madeline McCann update

We thank God that there is a sad and hurting family in this World today who are going to be re-united with their missing child due to the tireless efforts of a specialist Spanish detective agency, after a young blond haired American child was found in the mountains of Morocco whilst they were in their pursuit to find Madeline McCann.

My continual prayer is that you Lord will direct the steps of those searching to uncover more of the truth about this heinous exploitation and trade in abducted children and in the process lead the investigators to Madeline McCann whose silent cries of the heart you hear.

Your word clearly states that there will be "nothing hidden that will not be revealed" - Luke 8:17

In Jesus name Amen.

A Prayer -
Madeline McCann

Daily Mail
Private investigators searching for Madeleine McCann found a blonde girl who had been kidnapped by a Moroccan family, it was claimed today.

The discovery will give new hope to Kate and Gerry that their daughter is still alive and in a "similar situation".
Sources inside Spanish detective agency Metodo 3, which has been hired by the McCanns, said Interpol is investigating the discovery of the blonde girl living in the Rif mountains — the area where they are searching for Madeleine.

An insider said: "She was not Madeleine but she was an English speaker, possibly an American."

The boss of Metodo 3 said he believed Madeleine was abducted by a care worker on the instruction of a paedophile gang who stole the child to order.

Continue reading:
Blonde American child found

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28 October 2007

A Message to the Neo-N4zi's

Time to Repent.

I myself have been called a Neo-N4zi because I have written blog posts in support of the British National Party, this is so far from reality that those who think it and speak it have themselves lost touch of reality and reason in this modern crazy world which we now live in.

They are the new supporters of the new form of Neo-N4zi's - The Islamic agenda

The reason for me writing this post is to call upon all those British Patriots out there who still stand behind, and use the N4zi logo's and salutes as signs of their allegiance and ideology to think about their actions and allegiances now because those who use these signs are enemies of all freedom loving people of the civilized world, you stand in the same camp with the murderous warmongering Islamists who themselves use the N4zi logo's and ideology as a weapon against the Jewish race.

One of the biggest selling books within the Islamic Kingdom is the Arabic translated version of Hitlers Mein Kampf, and the Islamists are the ones who have declared war upon the World the same as Hitler in our grandparents generation, so those who stand with Hitler stand with Islam's modern war against the world.

You are the enemy.

I know that the British National Party has endeavoured to remove this stain from upon its character because I speak to people, but the disgraceful signs still appear as if aligned with the BNP still - Like a noose around their neck's.

I have personally had to remove links from my site because there were N4zi logo's attached to these sites and mention my reasoning for this and thankfully the British Patriots whose sites they were on understood where I was coming from and removed any association with this disgusting propaganda from their sites straight away.

There is no place in today's society for any civilized people to use N4zi signs or logo's as a means of showing hatred to Jewish people - What have they done to you? - Imagine if your relatives were murdered in gas chambers by N4zi's, how would you feel about supposed civilized British Patriots throwing that in your face as an act or meaningless hatred for being born Jewish?

It is a disgrace yet their are people out there who call themselves British Patriots and stand behind Hitler and his logo's - In my mind you are not a British Patriot if you stand with Hitler.

Have we not got enough hero's and heroines from our history in which to align ourselves with in this modern age rather than the mass murdering anti-Christ Hitler?

Hitler is a hero to the Moslem world because of his attempt to exterminate the Jewish race and they are seeking to finish that what he started in the 1930's, so there is no clearer sign of whose side you are on in this War that is now upon us than promoting Hitler within your daily lives, you might as well wear a beard, chuck a pair of pajama's on and change your name to Mohamed because its no different.

If you promote Hitler and hatred of the Jews then you are an enemy of the civilized world and stand with Islam in its quest to destroy our world and enforce Sharia law upon the Earth, and you call yourself a British Patriot.

What type of world do you want you children and grandchildren to grow up in?

Below is a short promo video for an inside documentary on two of Europe's most infamous guerrilla soldiers, "The General" Johnny 'mad dog' Adair and German Nick.

German Nick was at one time one of the most vicious and violent Neo-N4zi's in Germany who ended up in prison due to his N4zi ideals and "The General" Johnny Adair was one of Northern Ireland's most infamous paramilitary leaders.

German Nick has repented of his N4zi ways, has aligned himself with the Cross of Christ and pledged his allegiance to "The General" Johnny Adair. He can see clearly what is befalling his homeland, the continent of Europe and the future War that is now upon us because he clearly states that the war that is coming is a religious war between Moslems and Christians.

9/11, 7/7 and all other acts, and planned acts of terror are good examples to base that logical thinking upon.

If there is any doubt in your mind about the War that has begun in Europe then take a read of this short article, why should we of the Christian World put up with the destruction of our civilization - The War in Europe

German Nick has removed his N4zi logos so that he can move on into the new future that is upon our world, what about you who still wear those signs, what do you intend to do, where do you stand and who do you stand with?

A New sign for the Christian armies - Templar Heart

At the end of the promo video Mr. Adair clearly says that the last chapter of his life is yet to be written, I am sure that I can safely say that Johnny Adair's allegiance will never be with the likes of this man - Enemy combatant, let us hope and pray that "The General" stands behind the Cross of Christ with the armies of Christendom for the sake of the future of the civilized world.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.


Further reading: Atlas Shrugs

Mcintyres World video promo; click to view: Johnny Adair & N4zi Nick

"The General" Johnny 'mad dog' Adair

27 October 2007

A glimpse into Al Qaeda's British army

What your local Taxi driver, school teacher, council worker or general Moslem within the U.K gets up to at the weekend with his friends.

These are the pictures that show a group of terror fanatics undergoing intense military-style training in Britain, a court heard yesterday.

They were taken on a mobile phone during a camp for alleged holy war warriors in the New Forest.

The footage shows a group crawling, wrestling, jumping across streams and throwing themselves into forward rolls to prepare them for attacks on British soldiers, a jury was told.

26 October 2007

Luton to the Holy Land

Flights direct from Luton Airport to The Holy Land

London Luton Airport:
Travel to Israel

22 October 2007

Washington Leaders are asking about Biblical prophecy

Info courtesy of Mrs. TG

It seems I'm not that crazy after all - They do say that one persons madness is another's reality.

The Holy Bible is God's revelation to man, it contains prophecies revealed to the Jewish people and then to the Apostles of future World events that must take place bfore the return of Jesus the Messiah.

The most significant prophecy to be fulfilled in recent times has been the establishing of the Nation of Israel after the dispersal of the Jewish people around the world over the last 2000 years.

I am not a Biblical scholar all I know is that what is contained within the pages of the Bible is the truth, and it talks of a time at the End when there will be a battle called Armageddon - The Apocalypse

Is what is unfolding today in the Middle East and around the World the beginning stages of Armageddon?

It seems that wise Leaders in Washington are asking that same question considering the nature and
complexities of what is unfolding.

I have personal irrefutable proof that Bin Laden is to fulfill the fantasy role of the Mahdi - The Third Anti-Christ

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Audio: World War III

Video courtesy of ForZionsake: War of Gog and Magog

21 October 2007

There is NO England Anymore!

Courtesy of Up Pompeii

The fight is not over yet - We have not stepped forward, we have stood up, but not out, and when we do the whole World will know that the War of Our times has truly begun.

At this moment in time the only ones who know about this war against our civilization is our Islamic enemy that is in full swing attacking us and our way of life with our Dhimmi loony liberal left wing leaders actually helping then achieve their aims of conquest against us, that is the modern madness that this New Labour government has created and enforced upon us and our children.

There is only so much of this lunacy that we can take, our forefathers never shed blood, sweat and tears for us their decendents upon the battlefields of the world, for us to sit back and allow this warmongering lunacy to continue in our generation.

Where are the powers that be who are on our side? This is your country and future too.

To everyone who drops by my blog to read my views and opinions, I ask you one question; what are you going to do about what is happening to your homeland for the sake of your children?

My blog and my actions are my response, what is your response? Or are you like a slimy little snail that pops its head out of the shell looks about gets scared then hides for cover leaving others to face the consequences of the resistance to the destruction of our homeland and children's futures?


Watch this Video and realise your inaction is aiding the destruction of Great Britain and if that does not stir something deep within you for the sake of your children then nothing will - Go back to sleep in your shame and let the guilt never leave you.

While the innocent children slept safely in their beds, their fat greedy parents sat comfortably watching TV whilst their country burned outside...


Email: lutonlionheart@gmail.com

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The future of Our land could be safe!

A Prophetic picture

Is this God's way of showing us that behind closed doors the third in line to the throne 'Prince Harry' was born with a Templar heart?

And is the second in line to the throne 'Prince William' praying to Jesus or Allah?

There is only one God and Jesus is the way - John 14:6

The future Royal leadership of Great Britain rests in these two young men's hands, so we can only hope and pray that they are going to exercise true Godly Christian authority over the 'Reigns of Power' within England when their time comes, that is of course if 'New Labour' have not totally stripped them of that Sovereign Power over their future inheritance before their time comes.

Maybe their time to exercise that 'Royal Sovereign leadership' is upon us now considering what is befalling our Nation in this generation. Time for them to stand up and step forward with us the peasant people of the British Isles against the invading armies of Islam that are camped deep within our land declaring Jihad (Holy War) against us and our way of life, and to stand with us against the modern tyranny that has been inflicted upon the innocent people of Great Britain by our Modern Marxist leaders who have taken ultimate control over the affairs of our Nation and placed them into the hands of the European Kings of the New World Order!

Our children are the ones who will bear the consequences of our inaction and our modern leaders treason!

The modern treasonous traitors, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Miliband have done a exceptional job so far of removing the Royal Sovereignty of the United Kingdom by stealth and placing it into the hands of the New Kings within the new EU Super State, with us British subjects now the subjects (slaves) of the EU rather than Our Queen.

Kingdoms Rise and Fall but the people live on!

Long live the British Royal Family and may Almighty God continue to bless them as they lead the people of Great Britain into the future no matter how dark and perilous it may be.

Let us hope and pray the best for these two young 'Christian Knights' as they stand up for their Royal household and for their future inheritance - The British Empire

We the people are a part of their inheritance that has come through the ages and we look to them as Our Royal leaders for their 'leadership' in these dark modern times.

(Picture: Montfort Knights Templar Castle - The Holy Land)

Further reading: Military Order of the British Realm

In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the Tribe of Judah


Iran - The War front in the Shadows

There is an undeclared War going on with Iran which is the build up to the open War that is coming.

The Iranian's have been supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan against coalition troops as they seek to become the most powerful Nation in the Middle East.

What would a Nuclear Iran mean to the Middle East and the Whole World?

Further reading: The Future Equilibrium of Planet Earth - The Iran Question?

Further reading: Bush - Iran & World War III

The Timesonline:
BRITISH special forces have crossed into Iran several times in recent months as part of a secret border war against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Al-Quds special forces, defence sources have disclosed.

There have been at least half a dozen intense firefights between the SAS and arms smugglers, a mixture of Iranians and Shiite militiamen.

The unreported fighting straddles the border between Iran and Iraq and has also involved the Iranian military firing mortars into Iraq. UK commanders are concerned that Iran is using a militia ceasefire to step up arms supplies in preparation for an offensive against their base at Basra airport.

An SAS squadron is carrying out operations along the Iranian border in Maysan and Basra provinces with other special forces, the Australian SAS and American special-operations troops.

Continue reading: SAS raiders enter Iran

19 October 2007

Jihad - War booty from the dirty kuffar

Picture courtesy of Israpundit

This is already happening in England.

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Pakistani Moslem slave masters & English child sex slaves

Further reading: Moslem Gang-Rape of 12 year old girl

Further reading: Moslem master's & Christian sex slave within England

In Pictures:
Your future if you ignore the warnings

Extreme Video: Al Qaeda's British Islamic Generals

HRH Tony Blair - The First King of Europe

If only the people of Great Britain had of seen the signs when this poster campaign was launched 10 years ago (picture below).

Look how close to the mark the creators of it were.

Is it any wonder that this Labour Government has signed over the Sovereignty of our Land to the EU Super State, Tony Blair took the initial steps before leaving office and Gordon Brown has now sealed our Nations fate.

It seems that Tony Blair was presented with an offer he just could not refuse - The first European Kingship of the New World Order.

I wonder what Gordon Brown and David Miliband's gifts are for screwing the innocent people of Britain?

How must the Royal Family now feel knowing what Tony Blair has done to their Nation, people and 'Ruling Monarchy', he has stripped them of every single bit of 'power' and left them as nothing more than token figures upon English soil to draw the international crowds each year.

I have noticed that the armed services are still under the Queens ultimate command though considering they pledge their allegiance to her and not the British Government, I wonder what they think and feel about the subversive take over of Great Britain by this Labour Government?

This is their homeland and children's future's after all.

I wonder how long until the pledge of allegiance to the Queen changes now because that is the only thing that could throw the spanner in the works of these Labour traitors.

The Daily Mail:
The Government seemed lukewarm towards a suggestion that Tony Blair should be first to take up the newly created post of EU president.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy put forward the former prime minister's name for the job, which has been created as part of the EU Treaty.

No 10 was said to be "relaxed" about the French move and pointed out there had to be unanimous agreement on the choice among the 27 leaders. That could prove difficult because of Mr Blair's pro-US stance on Iraq, which put him at loggerheads with Spain, France and Germany.

Continue reading: Sarkozy suggests Blair as first president of the EU

The Enemies of the British people - The tool in the hands of the Islamists (useful idiots)

We are losing this War against Radical Islam because of the loony left wing liberals who are in charge of what can only be described as the 'Modern Asylum'.

There are voices of truth and reason out there and as long as we do not buckle and do not bow then the children of our Nation who are our future have a chance.

The loony left wing liberals have their freedom of speech preserved because they control the political line and the voices of opposition are gagged and silenced, and people call this a Democracy, this is nothing less than Modern Tyranny.

Why are we putting up with this?

Daily Mail:
The science Museum has just made a fool of itself. In fact, it has done worse.

In cancelling an invitation to the Nobel Prize winner Professor Sir James Watson because it regards his recently expressed view on racial differences in intelligence as "beyond the point of acceptable debate", it has chosen censorship over open scientific discourse, thus betraying everything for which it is supposed to stand.

We are used to attacks on freedom of speech these days. At present Martin Amis is coming under heavy attack from radical Muslims for his trenchant criticisms of the violence that is inseparable from extreme Islamism.

We surely live in a mad world when Mr Amis is condemned as a bigot yet Ken Livingstone, a self-styled champion of gay rights, is proud to embrace Yusuf al-Qaradawi of the Muslim Brotherhood - a man who thinks it's fine for a Muslim state to chuck homosexuals off cliffs.

Continue reading: Gagging of the Truth

"21st Century Legal Treason"

This is the most historic act of betrayal and treachery against the people of Great Britain by any Governmental leadership in the history of our Nation.

Gordon Brown and David Miliband the legal criminals who are now in charge of Great Britain.

These two men have signed over our National Sovereignty, meaning the Government of the new EU Super State now runs the affairs of Great Britain with our British government nothing more than a Town Council administering Government of the EU across our Land.

These two men signed your Country away without even asking you whose country this is, whether it was in your interest or the interest of our Country by giving us a vote on the handing over of power to the EU Super State.

Whilst this Government is still in place and this historic act of betrayal stands, Great Britain is no longer Great Britain, it is now nothing more than a section of the EU Super State "the Western Province" so everything your forefathers fought and died for in the last Great Wars, protecting the Sovereignty of our Nation from Foreign invaders has just been removed in one fail swoop by a Scots man.

I wonder how much money they have just earned by selling us out, and what future job positions for themselves and their families in the New Super State they have secured.

What part does the British Monarchy now play in British life because it has now become completely powerless because of these two men? They have signed over the rule of us the 'British subjects' to foreign leaders, the New Kings of Europe, the European Kings of the New World Order.

These men and the International groups that they belong too, are taking control of the Earth with the intention of subduing us the people and making us into nothing more than slaves to fill their vast store houses with wealth beyond our imagination - No wonder they are smiling from ear to ear.

Biblical prophecy unfolding before our very eyes, keep look on the Horizon for the battle of Armageddon which is also written down as an event that must unfold.

Is that Armageddon I see in the distance: Bush - Iran & World War III

Daily Mail:
The Prime Minister went ahead with the most fundamental transfer of power to the EU for at least 15 years - still insisting British voters wouldn't have a say on the matter.

He took the biggest gamble of his short Premiership over a dinner of vegetable crepes, grilled sole and chocolate cake with fellow EU leaders in Lisbon.

The Prime Minister said: "The reform treaty has now been agreed. The red lines have been secured. The British national interest has been protected.

"It is now time for Europe to move on and devote all our attentions to the issues that matter to the people of Europe - economic growth, jobs, climate change and security."

Mr Brown said he was ready to "have the debate" over the Treaty but made clear he would not bow to demands for a referendum, claiming he had protected Britain's national interest with a series of opt-outs.

Continue reading: Brown faces backlash

18 October 2007

Martin Amis - A Voice of Truth in the Modern Asylum

No one can get away with criticising Islam within Great Britain now, if we do we are classed as racist, Islamaphobic and made to feel like we are not a part of British society, as if we are the new outcasts, the odd ones out for standing up and voicing our real concerns about the Islamic War against our civilization, the Islamification of our Country and the murderous Islamic terrorist attacks perpetrated against us.

The loony liberal left wing media that has rule over British TV is duping the gullible British people to their way of thinking and making the real voices of truth out to be the lepars within society - Thus leaving the Islamic Kingdom wide open to grow and control our society with no voices of resistance.

I personally salute Martin Amis for taking his 'sane' stand and speaking out within this mental asylum that Great Britain has become, let us hope that more will follow him and have the guts to refute the accusations that then follow - We are not racist we are just defending ourselves from Islam's Jihad against us.

The Islamic Kingdom is at War with us and we cannot even speak about it, we are silenced by our own people, it is utter madness, brought on by this Labour government and the psychosis they have created to keep themselves in power at the complete expense of our Country and our children's futures - Where are the people in positions of power to help turn back this destruction of Great Britain?

Thank you Martin Amis for having the guts to speak the truth from the platform that you have.

May God bless you for your actions,


The Daily Mail:
The 58-year-old defended a proposal he made last year that Muslims be deported and strip-searched in a crackdown on terrorism.

His latest comments came in a TV news interview last night and during the Cheltenham Literature Festival last week.

The Muslim Council of Britain branded them racist and 'shameful'.

In an interview with Jon Snow on Channel Four News, Amis declared: 'I feel morally superior to Islamists, by some distance. I feel an intellectual distance to Islam.

'There are great problems with Islam. The Koran recommends the beating of women.

'The anti-Semites, the psychotic misogynists and the homophobes are the Islamists.'

Days earlier, Amis shocked festivalgoers in Cheltenham with claims that Muslim states are less 'civilised' than Western society.

'Some societies are just more evolved than others,' he said. 'I am not saying these people are genetically incapable of not being terrorists.

'These societies are arming themselves with weapons like the AK47 and blowing people up on buses and Tubes.'

When one member of his audience suggested not all Muslims were terrorists he retorted: 'No one else is doing it.

Continue reading:
Islamic States are less evolved

Bush - Iran & World War III

Its not just me talking in terms of Iran and World War III, even George Bush is talking in them same terms and the Daily Mail are printing it for the general population to read - Preparing us for whats ahead.

Lets face it, we cannot avoid what is coming, sanctions are all talk for the Iranian's to stall for more time so that they can reach the Nuclear threshold (when they do its then down hill for everyone), and because the Americans and Israeli's do not really want to be forced into bombing Iran because of the consequences.

Its the unavoidable question though because the Islamic Republic of Iran are not going to give up their Nuclear ambitions, especially knowing that they have Russian backing, and they will then put the whole world in grave peril.

Better a World without a Nuclear Iran than a World with.

World War III has been aligning itself on a geo-political scale for many years and its seems that the Islamic Republic of Iran's Nuclear ambitions is the straw to break the hair on the camels back.

Then Osama Bin Laden will arise from the shadows commanding his global army of suicidal Islamic maniacs.

Daily Mail:

Iran must be stopped from developing a nuclear weapon to avoid World War Three, George Bush warned yesterday.

He claimed that Iran would pose a "dangerous threat to world peace" if it was allowed to continue with its nuclear ambitions and urged other leaders to take responsibility for failing to admonish the Islamic republic.

The US was "disappointed" with the Iranian government and its president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but bore no resentment towards the Iranian people, he added.

Continue reading: 'Don't let Iran cause World War Three'

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17 October 2007

The Future Equilibrium of Planet Earth - The Iran Question?

The Weight of the World is soon going to be brought to bear upon the Iranian Nuclear issue, this is an unavoidable situation planet Earth faces, as unavoidable as your own death, is the Iran question.

Does the civilized free World allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to go past the point of no return in relation to the Nuclear threshold or do we step in and thwart its actions and prevent it from joining the Club of Nuclear Nations and then start exercising its Islamic agenda and dominance across the Middle East and throughout the world?

Can you imagine a modern leader with Hitlers hatred, who wants to wipe the Jewish race from the Earth owning the A-bomb; would he use it against his enemies?

He has publicly stated that he wants to wipe Israel from the map so the A bomb would come in quite handy for him to achieve his murderous Islamic aims.

What would a Nuclear Iran mean to the peace and stability of the Whole World, considering we have the armies of Islam marching across the globe in their modern Jihad (Holy War) against us to conquer the Western World, bring us to our knees and then enforce Islam upon our lands already?

The Islamic Republic of Iran along with Saudi Arabia are at the forefront of exporting Global Islamic terrorism, we are in an undeclared war with Iran in Iraq and Afghanistan and the leaders of Iran have arisen as the biggest threat to the Whole World, in as much as the survival of our planet is now at stake because of the consequences of the unavoidable question - Do we or don't we thwart the birth of the bomb in the Islamic Republic of Iran?

We are dammed if we do and dammed if we don't!

We are not fighting with swords and spears anymore, we are living in the 21st Century with Nuclear and Chemical capabilities and the countdown to a military confrontation with Iran is an inevitability that the future holds.

How far in the future is in the hands of the American and Israeli Generals who have to decide on this most pressing historical question that faces our generation, but be certain of one thing - The future holds the answer of that unavoidable question that you and I cannot escape from.

Bomb the facilities and hold the defences is what I say, better a world without a Nuclear Iran than with one, then we can bring about a new equilibrium on planet Earth after the ensuing turmoil, once we have crushed the armies of Islam and the dust of war then settles.

There is already an Islamic War raging against us so this is just a natural response to prevent our enemies from gaining ground and murdering millions of innocent people and causing mass global chaos.

If we attack Iran's facilities we will inflame the Moslem World and unleash the pit of hell against our civilization and if we do not attack Iran then the pit of hell will continue to be unleashed upon us as it is already and then burn Israel once they have the capability too.

Is the Iran question the trigger for Armageddon - The coming Apocalypse.

You look at the factors and consequences of the whole of the situation for yourself and draw your own conclusion from it.

There is no Peace in this generation so get used to it and prepare yourself and your family for the future.

Further reading: Bush - Iran & World War III

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Video/Audio: World War III


Mind Games - The Iranian 'Check' in the War game strategy

Info courtesy of Alotfmanesh.

The War with Iran has been underway from both sides for a long time now, this excellent article gives a glimpse into the Iranian Mind Game that has been very successful in holding back the inevitable and overwhelming force of the American and Israeli military might whilst it acquires its Nuclear capability.

The Clock ticks towards Iran's judgement day.

Full article: Mind War victory for Iranian Nukes

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The Simplicity of a "Dirty bomb"

6 Degrees of Seperation

Please click this link:
The Dirty bomb scenario

The "Dirty bomb" scenario is a very real threat, a threat that we are counting down the days on until one happens somewhere in the Western World.

Are the British Emergency services ready for such an atrocity here in England?

Look at 9/11 that was a large scale attack and it is only a matter of time until the next big one.

Further reading: "Dirty bomb" in the UK

Maybe the next attack to hit Great Britain will be a "dirty bomb", considering the plans and preparation for this type of attack have been on Al Qaeda's planning table for a while now.

We all know that Moslem's have unrestricted access to 'Hazardous' radioactive material throughout our NHS system, as the deep infiltration of our NHS system became apparent after the failed car bombings recently that were carried out by Moslem doctors.

How many Moslem doctors own the keys to this technology in our Hospitals?

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The Soldiers of Islam within Britain

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Short video: Watch this Video - Islam revealed

Be prepared because Al Qaeda's terror attacks are coming - They are at War with us after all!

Labour's Surrender - We have lost control

The Modern Invasion of Great Britain that has been orchestrated by the last 10 years of Labour's mismanagement of British affairs is finally tacking its tole with Labour ministers now admitting there are problems with mass immigration.

Who are the lucky ones who are now faced with these problems?

You and me.

Who are the ones who are going to have to clean up this mess?

You and me.

Labour do not care they keep the doors wide open for mass immigration, handing the power of our country over to the European Super State and force us their new subjects to comply of face arrest.

We have this to look forward too:
Milliband gives Turkey the front door key

Immigrants are placing a huge strain on public services, Labour finally admitted.

Crime is up, schools are struggling to cope with Eastern European children, community tensions are rising, health services are coming under enormous pressure and house prices are being driven up, the Government said.

The findings, based on a survey of public sector workers, are the first published by ministers after ten years of an 'open door' immigration policy.

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Immigration IS placing huge strain on Britain

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British Foreign Secretary is a "Traitor"

The Nazi Parallels

'Appeaser': David Miliband

The EU treaty row turned bitter last night as a Labour MP drew parallels between the Government's stance and the appeasement of the Nazis.

In hostile exchanges before a Commons committee, Foreign Secretary David Miliband's handling of negotiations was compared to Neville Chamberlain's dealings with Hitler in the run-up to the Second World War.

Michael Connarty, chairman of the Commons European Scrutiny Committee, was damning of the Government's intention to sign up to the treaty in Lisbon this week.

"I have visions of peace in our time," he said, referring to Chamberlain's 1938 speech in defence of the Munich Agreement.

Continue reading: Miliband the EU 'appeaser'

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15 October 2007

Saudi's Preaching Human-Rights

Listen to his words carefully because they are based on the truth.

I've got to give it too you for this one Mr. Condell definately on the mark.

Further reading: A Plea to the Queen - London Mega Mosque

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God bless you


An Epic Hollywood Tale

The real meaning of Friday 13th

Almost 1000 years ago a Christian military order was birthed upon the Earth with a mandate from the church, to defend Christian pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land, and in turn defend the whole of Christendom from the dark murderous forces of Islam.

The Knights Templar were born.

The Knights Templar became so powerful and influential throughout Europe that the Catholic Church under Pope Clement V, after much persuasion by King Philip IV of France, ordered them to be arrested, and burned many of them at the stake.

This all took place on October 13th 1307 and is the reason why still today, people talk of doom and gloom on a Friday 13th.

The Knights Templar was such a blessed Order because they lived and served under the shadow of the 'Lord God of Israel' that the day in which the darkness fell upon this Christian Knighthood carries infamy throughout history, even up until the present day, 700 years later.

The darkness tried to stamp out the Light and etched a scar in the fabric of our lives.

Many Knights then dispersed into the shadows with their descedents never truly able to come out of those shadows for hundreds of years, even till today the true descendants of the Knights Templar are shrouded in secrecy, that secret in fact that people wonder whether they still exist at all.

This year sees the 700th anniversary of that 'black day' October 13th 1307 and the Vatican has finally unlocked the key on the history of this Christian Order and opened the door to the truth, allowing the Light of Day to once again shine upon the Military Order of the poor Knights of Christ.

The Shadows are no place for Knights Templar's to be hiding now that Islam has declared War against Christendom - Those that hide cannot call themselves Christian Knights.

The survival of our Civilization is now at stake due to the 'Islamic Holy War' that is being fought against us within our Judeo/Christian World.

The Catholic Church is once again giving acceptance and a mandate to the Knights Templar's - Those who sit in the shadows.

The History of the Knights Templar and the part the Catholic Church has played then and now would make an epic tale for people to watch, especially after the Davinci Code and the supposed knowledge this film portrayed about the Knights Templar.

A New Day has arrived with a New Crusade upon us and only one will survive once the dust settles - Let us hope and pray that it is not Nuclear dust.

Deus Vult


further reading: Vatican archive yields Templar secrets

Knights Templar Historian: Born a Templar

13 October 2007

The Soldiers of Islam within Britain

Take a look at the picture above those of you who still doubt what is befalling our British homeland and ultimately our peaceful free Judeo/Christian Western Civilization - Ask yourself how many people looking like these Islamic terrorists do you now see walking your streets, driving your taxi cabs, delivering your pizza's or serving you your chicken and chips?

This terror cell that is linked to the July 21st failed bombing terror cell are the most recent Islamic militants to be placed before our 'Crown Prosecution' on charges of terrorism against innocent people within British society.

Treason is the only charge befitting such people.

You cannot tell me they are not Moslem and you cannot tell me that they are not a part of Islam! - British appeasement

These are part of the British military wing of the Islamic Faith, and the apologists who come out saying these people have nothing to do with Islam are the political wing, both wings work in tandem to fulfil the command that is central to the Islamic Faith - Jihad against the infidel and the conversion of the host Nation from Dar al-Harb (Non-Moslem rule) to Dar al-Islam (Moslem rule)

This is the 'Eternal War' that has reached the 'Beautiful Green Shores of England', as the facts clearly prove.

The countdown to the next Islamic attack upon mainland Britain is upon us, when, were, and how is any ones guess, one thing is certain though is that it is coming.

The ring leader of the Islamic terrorist cell pictured above called himself "Osama bin London", obviously not the sharpest tool in the box but gives us a glimpse into the dark murderous hate filled psychology of the military wing of Islam that is now camped deep within our land calling out 'Jihad' (Holy War) to the 3 million strong Moslem Kingdom now living upon our soil.

Full report here: The Daily Telegraph

The Light Shines Again

After 700 years of darkness that has covered the Military Order of the Knights Templar it has come to Light that that darkness is now coming to an End, with a new beginning in sight.

The dawning of a 'New Horizon' for the armies of Christendom.

Article courtesy of Mr Smith

Knights Templar win heresy reprieve

It seems to fit into place now that the Islamic World have presented their 'declaration of War' to the Christian World.

Who else is going to defend Christendom other than the Knights Templar?

Further reading: Knights Templar – 21st Century Christian Crusaders

In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the Tribe of Judah


Continued: An Epic Hollywood Tale

11 October 2007

Islam's 21st Century declaration of War

In Islamic theology the Moslem army has to invite the enemy to convert and embrace Islam before they are allowed to go to war and kill them.

They must first give the infidel the opportunity to convert by the 'Word' and then comes the 'Sword'.

Muslim (19:4294) - "When you meet your enemies who are polytheists [Christians...], invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them ... If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya (tax). If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah's help and fight them"

It seems that the steps are now being taken for all out global conflict with Islam, now that the Islamic World has issued a decree signed by 138 of the Worlds most prominent Moslem scholars from every different Islamic sect and issued it to the Christian World.

Once you have read the article ask yourself; who should be asking who about 'Peace' - Hypocrites

Full story: The Daily Mail

Pastor John Hagee - All the Gospel to All the World

Declaration of truth: World War III

Ken Livingstone the devil in disguise

Get this man out of the office of 'London Mayor' while the innocent people of London still have a chance because if you do not then your children face the consequences of this mans irreversible actions.

Why no one has toppled him and placed his head on the silver plate for the Queen yet shows how far into the abyss of destruction London the Capital City of Great Britain has fallen.

Please take a read of my post about Moslem Taxi drivers here and abroad and you tell me if having this ethnic minority group taking over this industry is a good thing for London?

Pakistani Moslem Taxi Cartel

Every Taxi driver in London should have a sticker in their car saying 'Get Livingstone OUT' and then when they are asked about the sticker they can give their reason and get between one and four more coverts to the get 'Livingstone OUT' campaign.

Take a look at what the devil living in London is now trying to do to one of the oldest and most respected London trades that is a trademark of London to the tourist industry.

Article: Cabbies Fight Back

Who is going to set up the get 'Livingstone' out campaign?

Ken Livingstone the greatest traitor London has ever known - Off with his head


4 October 2007

What Planet does 'Top' judge live on

Britain's most senior judge has defended the 'rules' within the modern asylum saying that the Human Rights laws are a key weapon in fighting terrorism.

How does he work that one out while he sits in his splendour a million miles away from the normality that most British people live?

The innocent people of Great Britain have human rights too, and they pay their taxes for those rights to be protected, over and above the terrorists human rights.

Human rights laws are being used against our society by Islamic terrorists, look at the case of Abu Hamza, he is one the most dangerous men to have ever walked our streets and could well be free soon under the human rights laws. Free again to continue his war against our Country and paid for by the good decent hardworking taxpayer who he claims his benefits from, so how can this judge say that these laws are a weapon for fighting terrorism when they help the Moslem terrorists evade British justice and leave innocent people in danger - Has he got it the wrong way round or is it me?

There are many more cases like this where Moslem terrorists have endangered the lives of British people, enough to show any sane person, even a judge in a 'court of law' that these laws should be scrapped for the protection of the innocent people of Great Britain, yet those in charge of this asylum say these laws are good for Britain - You tell me if there is something wrong here?

At least we now know that this judge is backing the person who introduced this lunacy into our Country, the lunacy that threatens the life of our Nation, and it is pretty certain that this Judge is also a Labour supporter and backer because they are the ones in charge of this sinking ship who introduced this lunacy into our country and then enforced it upon us in the first place - Look at Blairs wife maximising her inside contacts and becoming a human rights lawyer.

These people at the top have the utmost contempt for us peasant people at the bottom, they do not care about us and our children, only themselves and each other so will support and defend one other against the peasants wherever possible, even if that means leaving us in danger - What do they care when they sit back as 'Lords of the Manor' in their estates and luxury.

We the peasants are left to deal with their enforced lunacy and if we object they silence us because they are at the top of the food chain.

Atleast everyone who is now looking at this modern enforced lunacy against the innocent people of Great Britain know where this judge stands so he can be removed when the time is right for the security of our Country.

If you get to read this 'Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers', may I ask you where the human rights were of the British children who were being kidnapped, raped and abused because I am sure their Mothers & Fathers would like to know.

It is because of the likes of you sitting 'high and dry' in your modern castles dishing out your laws upon us peasants that leaves us in mortal danger and forces the police to take no action through fear of offending the human rights of our Moslem guests.

One last thing in signing of to show just how far out of touch from reality you are, and to give whoever wants your job the clear cut case for your removal. You say the human rights laws are good for Britain, well as you are reading this their are Al Qaeda trained terrorists and sympathisers working within our police force who cannot be removed for the protection of our Country because of their human rights - The human rights you say are good for our country.

I hope my words act as medicine for you Doctor.

Article: Human Rights Act key to fight against terrorism


3 October 2007

Watch this Video - Islam revealed

This Labour government that is now in control of British affairs whether internal or external is seeking to silence any 'voices of resistance' to Islam's War against our society on behalf of the Moslem leaders from the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain.

Gagging the truth from being told in the midst of a 'bloody war', a bloody war against us and our children where the future of our way of life is now at stake.

'Community cohesion' is a lie, it is a tactic used to dupe us and then silence any dissent, and those that do cause dissent are racist and against 'community cohesion' and should be arrested and imprisoned.

There was no such thing, and there is no such thing as 'community cohesion' in relation to British, Africans, Asians, Sikhs, Hindu's or Buddhists because we all get along as 'friends' with different view points of the world, in peace and harmony.

The only ones that none of us get along with are those from the religion 'Islam', Islam by its very nature causes disharmony because it is eternally at war with us, the non-believers (infidels). 'Community cohesion' is being used to silence the 'voices of dissent' that Islam and its Moslem followers are causing.

Who are the ones causing disharmony amongst everyone?

Them over there the Moslems!

Now this Labour government wants to prevent the truth from being told - Government black out

Further reading: The claim to our land

Further reading: The now caged monster - thanks to Glen Jenvey and Co

Website: Jewish Task Force

Watch this important video:

Government enforced blackout

Is this now the start of silencing the 'voices of resistance' to the Islamification of Great Britain.

One more weapon in the Islamic Kingdoms arsenal to silence and subdue the innocent people of Great Britain who have had enough of the Islamification and take over of their Nation, and guess what, it is our 'Dhimmi' government and its loony liberal left wing politicians who have given it to them, it is like handing the gift on a plate to the big fat Moslem master while he sits their with all his harems around him feeding him his grapes. The terrified English politician walks in with this new gift on a plate for his master, who in turn sneers at him, before the terrified slave departs.

The Islamic Kingdom owns the monopoly on the Human rights laws, it owns the monopoly on racism and discrimination laws, so this is one more monopoly for them to eventually own as they subdue us with our own civilized laws.

Creating laws to govern our land for our 'New' masters.

I wonder who will be the first to be cut with this 'new sword' in the hand of the Islamic kingdom.

Info courtesy of Britney British

The Register: Religious hatred a crime


2 October 2007

Part 4 - The 'ISM' on Home soil

Video courtesy of Atlas shrugs

Once the 'International Solidarity Movements' Islamic Palestinian indoctrination programme has taken its course on the young students supple mind and the civil disobedience tactics have been learned out in the West Bank, they are then sent back to their respective Countries as leaders to radicalise and recruit more gullible sheep to their extreme anarchy and then act like complete morons within our Western societies.

This is the type of disorder that the 'International Solidarity Movement' revel in, it is in their blood, that is why their blood keeps getting spilt and the reason why they should be prevented from continuing to poison young minds with their propaganda.

You can just imagine their Moslem Palestinian handlers and trainers like Hisham Jan Joun sitting out in Israel rubbing their hands together with a twinkle in their eyes as they watch these, their indoctrinated and trained guerrilla soldiers (useful idiots) demonstrating against 'America' on their behalf, on American soil.

The indoctrination programme of young impressionable students is so successful that they even burn their own National flag - Whats that all about?

A victory for the Islamic world in their war against Israel and the West.

They now have armies of Western students willing to fight their Jihad (Holy War) for them, the Islamists in bed with the loony left wing liberals who live in cloud cukoo land.

Part 1 - "The International Solidarity Movement unmasked"
Part 2 -
"ISM & The Price of 21st Century Anarchy"
Part 3 - What is the 'International Solidarity Movement'?
Part 4 - The 'ISM' on Home soil

A Prayer - Madeline McCann

Father, I humble myself before you and bring this situation once again into your presence and make my petition known to you. I have felt for weeks now to make this situation known before your eyes and before those eyes who are also watching. You are Almighty God, the Creator of all that we can see and You know all things that happen down here upon the Earth within humanity, the good and the bad. Our civilized world has come alight over the missing child Madeline McCann, the peoples of the civilized world cry out over this little girls disappearance, wanting and hoping for her safe return to her family and to settle each of our hearts that have gone out over this situation. We must acknowledge that there are so many more little girls and boys like Madeline out there in this world today who are separated from those they love, whether in death or in life, I pray that you will comfort those families that mourn and send your Angels to those children in need of your help and comfort. I pray that you will give those people searching for children out there in our world the eyes they need to see the truth; you are all truth and know all truth so I pray that you will lead those people out there to the truth. You know the whole truth about Madeline McCann, you hold the answer in your hands and I ask that you will bring your presence to bear upon the tireless work that is going on to get to the bottom of this tragic situation. You know that all eyes have now turned on the parents, accusing them of causing Madeline’s death and then covering it up, this is very plausible yet not proven, then there is the other scenario that young Madeline is still out there somewhere in our world today crying desperately for her Mum, Dad and young brother and sister. You know the truth and I pray that the weight of you Almighty God will now bear down and that the Light of your Glory will shine forth into this situation to bring closure for everyone. If Madeline is in somebody’s hands then I pray that as they watch events unfold it will spark some compassion deep within their soul that they never thought they had so that Madeline can go back to those that she loves. If there was an accident and Madeline’s parents covered it up then I pray that you’re over bearing presence will fall upon them and that they will open up and release the truth, either way you yourself know the truth and I pray that you will now reveal that truth to us.

We are starting to see the darkness of modern slavery inflicted within our Christian societies by Islam; we are now learning about child slavery, the light is exposing the darkness of something that most people are ignorant of. We are now learning that this trade in our children is rampant and rife within the Islamic World and that they are stealing white children for their own purposes as this human trade in children flourishes in our supposedly civilized 21st Century society. Moslem slave masters are stealing children to order and I personally believe that this is what you are saying happened to Madeline. I first listened to this about Islamic slavery "
Islam & Slavery" and now the stories about what is happening within my very homeland by the Islamic Kingdom here is shedding more light. This barbaric behaviour aimed at non-Moslems is intrinsic within Islam and no child is now safe, now that we have armies of Moslems at war with us in our lands and throughout Europe.

This is another fact to what is unfolding in our world as Islam seeks to subjugate, humiliate and desecrate our civilization, taking us back into to the 7th Century.

The truth is the truth even though Labours ‘community cohesion’ policy wants you to believe the lie.

Father I pray and thank you that you are waking us up to this new horrific phenomenon that is now being inflicted upon us in modern times. People must wake up to the reality of war and to the ways of our Islamic enemy who is fighting a Holy War against us.

The McCann family now have the very best people possible on the job of tracking down the truth, ex SAS and MI6, it doesn’t get any better than that other than you yourself intervening. I know the truth of Your words that are contained within the Holy scriptures, so I pray that those in charge of tracking down the truth will read your words and then look to you to lead them into the truth.

New King James Version: Luke 8:16-18

I pray in the name of Jesus.


A prayer for Madeline

Continued: Madeline McCann update