14 August 2012

A voice for the people in Norway - VG

VG lead the way in calling for Stoltenberg to resign from office.

This is not a case of political capitalism this is a case of common sense from a center ground political position when you see the complete and utter failings of the current ruling Norwegian Government that leaves them culpable for July 22nd 2011 but more importantly the 8 people killed in the government quarter.

Stoltenberg has blood on his hands...

Just like the Dictators in the Middle East where we now spread our Democracy.

VG: Stoltenberg must go

Aftenposten: VG say Stoltenberg must go

Without adopting tempting subject and fuzzy formulations turned it unequivocally clear: The terrorist campaign against the Government buildings could have been prevented, and the police could have gone ashore on Utøya many vital minutes earlier

The tragic reality behind these conclusions are lost lives. Life that did not need to be lost.

Commission Chair Alexandra Bech Gjørv have been surprised that the country's top leadership "has not taken into account the fact the threat they have described."
For the unthinkable was thinkable. So realistic was the threat of a terrorist act against the Government buildings that already in 2004, made a presentation in which the terrible effects of such a car bomb was simulated and calculated.

This did the Prime Minister's Office. Justice Department knew. As did the Ministry of Justice - and an overall government was informed March 28, 2006. Yet was not secured Government buildings - not even temporarily.

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