10 August 2012

History professor comments on the impending report

Quote: The report to be presented next Monday, will include addressing what could have been done differently and what institutions and social management can learn from. But Grønlie doubt that it will lead to major changes.

- I do not think that we get some great effects at all. It is too heavy structures in Norwegian politics and society that over time can be fundamental change, even such a dramatic event, he says to Our Country.

Grønlie that the effect of the report depends entirely on how politicians and society follow it up.

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That all depends on how serious the flaws in the report are when held up against all of the other evidence in the case and placed into context and how that is then presented to the public.

The report is about getting to the route causes of the failure to stop Breivik and what went wrong on the day and why, and whether or not there has been an abuse of State power which includes a cover-up of the truth with false and misleading statements released through the media that then created the public perception over the case.

I know of a few examples off the top of my head.

Whether or not the report claims there is still outstanding evidence in the investigation that the Norwegian police have not acted upon is a completely different matter and there is a factual trail in the UK with Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake who was interviewed by British detectives under Norwegian police observation as the possible English 'mentor' 'Richard the Lionheart' who the Norwegian police are still trying to locate. He is directly connected to someone who calls himself 'Richard the Lionheart' online, he is a part of the exact same ideological movement as Breivik, and Breivik claims that his 4Freedoms website is identical to the ideology behind his Knights Templar group.

You could argue; why has there not been a full and thorough investigation into Alan Ayling and his political right-wing associates on the basis of that evidence alone. The fact that there hasn't been and none of his active political associates have been interviewed as witnesses in the investigation proves that there is something untoward going on. Probably because of how high their connections go and the reputations of those people sitting in high places that are now at stake.

Alan Ayling worked for the EU controlled bank within the Square Mile London before he was sacked because of his extra curricula political activities after a new head of the bank was elected, he is connected right up into the heart of the British Establishment via specific contacts and he has a contact in the Norwegian political class possibly even part of the AUF-Labour Government. He is also publicly known to be linked into the Swedish Government too.

Bring this evidence surrounding Alan Ayling to the public domain and test its validity and then see whether or not there will be radical fundamental changes within Norwegian society, most importantly among the current ruling political class if it is proven to be right and he was the man behind Breivik and someone (plural) has attempted to cover that up.

If Ayling is Breivik's mentor then he has already pointed the finger at someone in the Norwegian political class which explains why the police and PST who were in charge of the case have not budged one bit from their claim of Breivik being a "solo terrorist" connected to no one even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary which places a level of suspicion from anyone with an ounce of intelligence following the facts of the case. If Breivik is connected to someone then there is a trail that leads to the truth behind Breivik and other peoples direct involvement with him and it is this that the Norwegian State controllers do not want the World to know about.

The unraveling of the truth...

What would the Norwegian people think if they knew their ruling Government has carried out a high level State sanctioned cover-up of the Breivik case when 69 innocent misguided fellow Norwegian teenagers lay dead, with many more maimed and injured for life in the name of politics, which would also mean that their Government is complicit on some level and are now reaping the political and financial benefits for a long time to come from the terrorist attacks.

You cannot say they are not because they are riding high on public sympathy and are at an all time high in the polls and their oil negotiator has become Norwegian political nobility with his Mega salary and monthly percentage from oil revenues.

Then see what the people of Norway think about their political AUF-Labour ruling class intertwined with them getting stinking rich through the backdoor with the Norwegian people's natural wealth that is stored in the oil and gas in their territorial waters they have inherited and has been signed over to the Russians by their ruling AUF-Labour political class - Political Dictatorship

The people of Norway and all neutral allied Nations expect Democracy to prevail in the heart of Europe and the necessary steps taken by those from within to make sure that is what happens.

The innocent families of the dead and injured have a right to the answers of all the unanswered questions that still remain in the case and if there is a cover-up of the truth taking place then those carrying it out will be exposed because the buck stops at someones door where the refusal to investigate certain lines of enquiry took place, and where false and misleading statements were made to the media.

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