11 August 2012

Psychiatrists critical of their own role in terror trial

Quote: They have thrown in its alternative diagnoses by sitting a couple of days in court and study a person - without talking to him. It can probably undermine confidence in psychiatry in general, says Grondahl.

VG: Psychiatrists critical of their own role

That statement can only be used against those who passed a clinical opinion on Breivik without having any contact with him other than observing him during trial.

If I am not mistaken, all but the 2 who wrote the first report who did observe Breivik during his first period in detention found him to be 'sane' which includes a whole team of prison psychiatrists who dealt with him on a daily basis who ruled him clinically sane.

The 2 who wrote the first report did so after telephone calls with Breivik and did not even record their discussions. How professional is that, to not record such important and critical sessions with a mass murdering political terrorist, when you have been chosen by the State to determine his mental health?

The whole trial has been about his mental health which has its own story as to why.

No evidence now to go back over and look at, just like with the Norwegian police and their deleted data, and just like the secretive group set up after the event to direct the case to their predetermined goal who did not keep minutes of their highly important meetings.

The Norwegian State has a habit of either deleting data or not saving it when any sane minded person with nothing to hide would know its is common sense to save such critical data for future reference. Look at the size and scope of what Breivik did.

What do you think?

The issue is the accountability of the first psychiatric report, those who wrote it and the psychiatric commission.

Opinions are just that...opinions.

Facts are facts.

The Norwegian psychiatric profession under the spotlight because of the 2 State appointed psychiatrists and the State appointed psychiatric commission. Bringing the Norwegian professional medical field into disrepute so other psychiatrists will have to come out and defend their colleagues professional reputations.

Attempting to carry out a State controlled white-wash of the story surrounding Breivik under the guise of the professional integrity of Norwegian psychiatry on-behalf of their State employers who paid their invoices.

Look at the facts.

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