18 December 2013


Courtesy of Eric Martin

MISSION STATEMENT OF A NEW CHRISTIAN RESISTANCE MOVEMENT IN AMERICA We have come together to stand against the oppression and murder of Christians all over the Moslem world. Martin Luther King is our inspiration, and we are guided by his example, and words. Of particular importance to us is this statement he made to the millions of Americans, of all colors and creeds, who marched with him in the Civil Rights campaign in 1968:

“Our lives begin to end on the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Christians in America can no longer remain silent in the face of the violent annihilation of our brothers and sisters in the Moslem world. Radical Islam is waging a genocidal war against Christians, resulting in the murder of millions of innocent followers of Jesus Christ.

In the Middle East, we are witnessing the mass exodus of Christians from Iraq Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, and other Moslem nations. Under Saddam Hussein, Christians in Iraq were protected, and Bagdad alone had a population of close to a million. Since 2003 however, after the American invasion, with Coalition forces, the number of Christians has dwindled to less than eighty thousand. Most have fled the country as refugees. In deposing a secular dictator, we unleashed radical Islamic forces which now threaten the very survival of the Chaldean Christians.

In Syria, Christians are targeted for religious cleansing by the Islamists, whose hatred is driven by Saudi funded Salafist Imams. They follow the Path of Islam, which makes Allah the only God, with Mohammed as his Messenger. All other religions are an abomination to Allah, and Muslims have a religious duty to wipe them out. The seminal Surah 8, verse 39 states this very clearly: “ Wage war on non-Muslims, and kill them until they submit, and the only religion is Islam.” This is the bloody agenda which is being followed in many Muslim countries.

John Eibner of Christian Solidarity recently said: “If things continue as they are in Syria, there will be no more Christians, or other minorities in the near future.”

Make no mistake, we are witnessing another holocaust of Christ’s People, and we have a duty to break the politically-correct conspiracy of silence that conceals it from men and women of good conscience. We are now called by Christ to save his People. 

Monsignor Silvano Maria Tomassi, speaking for the Vatican, recently made this statement to the U.N. Human Rights Commission: “Credible research shows that an estimate of 100,000 Christians are violently killed every year because of their faith.” This estimate is backed up by the Center for the Study of Global Christianity in the U.S. They go on to specify the Moslem nations in which this persecution is taking place, naming: Egypt, Syria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, and many others.

The atrocities committed against Christians by radical Moslems have been carefully catalogued by Amnesty International, the Internation Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, Voice of the Martyrs, and many other respected organizations.There is no longer any doubt about Moslems torturing and murdering Christians for their faith…

We are therefore committed to ending this tyranny, as Martin Luther King ended segregation and injustice in the ‘Sixties: by protesting against evil in the streets!”

Americans Against the Persecution of Christians in Moslem Countries is a coalition of concerned Christians, led by Pastor Stephen Broden of the Fairpark Friendship Center in Dallas. The aim of this coalition is to break the conspiracy of silence, created by the Liberal Elite, and to expose the holocaust of Christians that is now taking place.

We will inform Americans, and the world at large, of the rape, torture, and religious cleansing of Christians in Islamic nations. We will also expose the slavery which is commonly practiced by Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and other Muslim nations in Africa. We believe that Black Americans will join us, and Martin Luther King in bringing an end to the enslavement of millions of Black people, which is sanctioned by Islam.

We realize that our leaders, in America, and the western world, have done next to nothing to confront and end this persecution. In the absence of clear moral guidance from our governments, it falls to American Christians, and Christians all over the world, to bring an end to tyranny.

We are calling on all American pastors, of all Christian denominations, to join us in organizing mass protest marches, following the example of Martin Luther King. These marches will be held in all major American cities, culminating in a mass march in Washington, D.C.

We accept this challenge to the very existence of our Christian faith, and we accept our moral duty to assert justice where it does not exist.

Albert Einstein wrote: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil…but by those who watch them and do nothing.” Let us not be complicit in the murder of our fellow Christians by our apathy, and inaction.

We believe that Jesus Christ went to the cross so that we may have life everlasting, and we accept the cross of our persecuted brethren as our own. Christians in Moslem lands have the fundamental right to live on this earth in freedom, and peace. We shall imitate Christ, and give it to them.

3 June 2013