9 August 2012

Top Norwegian police removed from their posts

6 out of 7 heads of Norway's police & security infrastructure have been removed from their posts.

What does that tell you?

Quote: The professional responsible for the entire Norwegian police response 22July, Commissioner, resigned shortly before the tragedy happened. No one can expect that her successor, Oystein Maeland, would subvert the whole thing in the few weeks he had been in the position.

That statement implies that there is the possibility that someone (plural) within the police subverted the whole Breivik case to cover-up the real truth behind 'Operation Breivik'. That is why he was able to carry out a succesful terrorist mission and then the bigger picture surrounding him which involves other people was covered up with the "solo terrorist" connected to no one 'official' line.

Why did the previous police commissioner resign shortly before the July 22nd terrorist attacks?

Convenient depending on what angle you are looking at it.

Aftenposten: Fear of the truth

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