10 August 2012

Secret data that should have been deleted was saved on a mirror image


"The difference between life and death"

GPS data to the cars should have been deleted, but they were accidentally saved because of a security of computer systems. Previously, police officers and treasury management in the police were very concerned that such data should not be stored.

It took several months before the commission discovered that the data existed. 6th. January 2012 the Commission called for "mirror copy" of the Locus database.

- With respect to data from the database, this data after the Agency has learned should have been deleted, but due to various reasons is still intact, said assistant police director Vidar Refvik 30 January. A few weeks later, the Commission data.

- This provides such information when an emergency vehicle called out and when it is promoting. You can see where you are at all times, says Magne Glittum, technology director of product provider Locus.

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