12 August 2012

Chris Knowles linked to Breivik enquiry sacked from Leed's City Council

(What do you think Mr. Coren, for a Council employee working in child services?
What would any parent think? Either I need my head tested or you do.)
"The Network"

Foreword: Funny how both Fraudman who the manifesto was named after and Chris Knowles one of his (Fraudman's) main contacts and head of a much bigger UK based Counter-jihad organisation who are both directly linked to the Breivik case both worked with children, I wonder what the meaning behind that one is.

Working with children in their day job and secretly plotting their political revolution from the shadows in the evenings and at weekends.

Strange...which one is the escapism?

When I voluntarily offered up my witness statement to the Norwegian police and traveled into their care I stated in interview that it was my belief that the motive behind framing me for being behind Breivik's actions was that I was a direct threat to a small group emanating out of the UK's political agenda in the UK and Europe.

That exact small group of which Chris Knowles is a part have just been entertained in the European parliament to espouse their Europe wide political agenda.

That kind of proves my point and supports my evidence along with all the other evidence that is now in the public domain that supports my official witness testimony in the Breivik case.

I am all for anti-jihad but the cold blooded murder of a group of innocent misguided Christian European teenagers and blaming me for it does not equate to that in my mind. On the face of it, it is a case of extreme right v left wing politics in Norway carried out for political and financial reasons inside that Country, with Breivik himself claiming he is a militant Nationalist and not a Christian fundamentalist.

So the exact ideological movement Breivik claims to belong too with the manifesto bearing witness to the individuals in that movement have been center stage in the European parliament.

Many influential political and financial individuals from all over Europe congregated around Breivik's ideological network. The question is; did Breivik have any physical or mental help from individuals from within that network?

Based upon the evidence my answer is yes, but the Norwegian police say no. Then you look at the evidence of the complete and utter failings in this case against the Norwegian police and ask yourself whether or not anything they say has any validity and can be trusted. Then you look at the outstanding evidence I have provided and ask yourself whether or not anything I say has any validity.

There is still a whole investigative trail around my evidence that has not been investigated yet and Chris Knowles is a part of that trail so before you comment you should see the outstanding evidence not yet presented.

A factual trail based upon my official witness statement and a year’s work on this blog.

Another direct witness in this case is Chris Knowles' close friend and Counter-jihad colleague Ann Marcini. Ann Marcini is a close friend and employee of a Companion of Honour who has obviously been her political endorser over the years, so that shows how high their connections go and the reputations that are now at stake.

They cannot get out of the fact that Marcini and Knowles are both witnesses surrounding Alan Lake and his political activities along with knowing the identity of his close friend the alias 'Richard the Lionheart'.

At this stage nobody is saying they have anything to do with anything concerning Breivik but to lie means there is something to hide so time will tell (after they have been interviewed by the police) whether or not they are complicit in the terrorist attacks in Norway.

There is already witness testimony on file in which Ann Marcini used her lawyer to lie for her about her identity that can be held against her at a later date.

I am sure the Companion of Honour would have advised his close personal friend to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth in police questioning about the Breivik case which exonerates him from the whole affair.

The question is; Who is Alan Lake and how did he become a part of their movement?

Ann Marcini and Chris Knowles are governed by their American counterparts so if their hands are clean you would expect that these are questions they would like to know too, so as to clean the air from any damage done.

If Alan Lake has nothing to hide and his close friend 'Richard the Lionheart' is not involved with Breivik then why has this information about his identity not been brought to the public's attention yet?

I am sure the families of the dead and injured in Norway would like the answers to the questions surrounding my allegations considering I was the one accused of being behind the murders and injuring of their children at the beginning stages of this.

There has to be an explanation behind how I ended up being smeared all over the World news as the English ‘mentor’ but that explanation has not been given to me yet which is why I have had no alternative but to work that explanation out for myself.

My explanation is not complete yet because this small cabal of Ann Marcini, Chris Knowles, Kinana, Alan Lake, and the alias ‘Richard the Lionheart’ have not given their witness statements to the police to my knowledge.

Alan Lake has given one 'mickey mouse' interview and it is this that is going to incriminate him in my mind, just so long as Knowles, kinana, and Marcini are not involved with him if he was behind Breivik, because their evidence does not implicate them if they tell the truth it just states the truth that should not be hidden in such a large criminal case. If they lie then they have something to hide and this will be proven and then they are in the position of being charged with conspiracy to commit a terrorist act in Norway or for perverting the course of justice and driven off in a small white van to Belmarsh or Holloway with photographers taking pictures.

It seems the first ball is in your court Chris and take a long listen to the police caution because whatever you say can and will be used against you in a court of law if you lie, and it does turn out that Lake and his friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’ are involved with Breivik.

We wouldn’t want that now would we if you have nothing to hide.

ICLA member Chris Knolwes sacked from Leeds City Council

6 August 2012, LEEDS, UK: On 2 August, Chris Knowles, a member of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA), was summarily dismissed from his job in the Council’s Children’s Services Department. This follows a seven month “investigation” and suspension of Mr. Knowles, initiated in December 2011 by a denunciation to the Leeds Council by the Sunday Times about Mr Knowles’ “political activities.”

Sunday Times article: Chris Knowles linked to Breivik enquiry

Sunday Times article: EDL backers directly linked to Breivik enquiry

Sunday Times article: A Companion of Honour linked to Breivik enquiry

The facts :

Chris Knowles is one of the main contributors to both the ICLA Mission Statement and the recent2012 Brussels Declaration To Safeguard Individual Liberties and Human Rights, and the associated Brussels Process that was endorsed by a recent conference in the European Parliament. He has presented testimony on protecting civil liberties at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw in October 2009. He is an editor at the ICLA website and has been involved in education and outreach to public and policymakers on the threat to human rights from totalitarian systems, specifically particular Shariah doctrines. He works with a wide range of politicians, journalists, writers, grass roots activists, and intellectuals from many backgrounds, ethnicities and religions to preserve civil liberties and human rights for women, gays, people of all religions, apostates, and moderate Muslims, all threatened by Islamic Shariah doctrines.

That all sounds very commendable on the outset.

What it fails to mention is that Chris Knowles was present at the founding meeting of the English Defence League in Alan Lake’s London Barbican flat, and has been a key figure behind the scenes of the organisation ever since 2009. He also appeared in an EDL documentary where he promoted himself as a City Trader and not a Council worker within the child services department of Leed’s City Council.

Chris Knowles close friend and political activist colleague Alan Lake was interviewed by British detectives over his possible role as the English ‘mentor’ Breivik claims to have had.

Chris Knowles is a ‘witness’ in the ongoing police investigation concerning Anders Breivik, Alan Lake, Ann Marcini and the alias 'Richard the Lionheart'.


In early December 2011, a representative of The Sunday Times newspaper contacted Leeds City Council with allegations against Mr. Knowles’ political views. On December 15, based on these allegations, the Council suspended Mr. Knowles in a private meeting, stating that:

“…the council has received allegations that you may have engaged in political activities, which could be viewed as improper activities for an employee of the council to be engaging in, and contrary to the councils values and equal opportunities policies.”

A few weblinks and the evidence is there for all to see so quite understandably the suspension took immediate effect.

The Council assured Mr. Knowles that the meeting would be kept confidential, as required to protect employee rights. Three days later, on December 18,
The Sunday Times published an article about Mr. Knowles quoting a “spokeswoman” from Leeds City Council who stated:

“We take the allegations made by The Sunday Times very seriously and a member of staff has been suspended while we undertake a thorough investigation. If there has been any breach of the council’s policies or code of conduct we will take appropriate action.”

The only reason Leed’s City Council knew anything about Chris Knowles extra curricula political activities was because they were informed by the Sunday Times journalist. As a follow on to that initial phone call to ascertain whether or not any action had been taken Leed’s City Council had no alternative but to state their position.

Notice that no name were given by Leed’s City Council or of the Sunday Times journalist.

It could have been a completely different case.

Mr. Knowles filed a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission regarding the article. At an investigatory meeting on 20 December 2011 Mr. Knowles was assured that the question of a breach of confidentiality regulations would be looked into. He received no further information on the subject.

Probably because there are no grounds and there is a much bigger case unfolding with Chris Knowles and his close associates now in the center of it. I'm sure the Press Complaints commission did their own research concerning the complaint on google.

For the next seven months, Mr. Knowles was told only that the investigation was ongoing. He received no further information on the “charges” nor any explanation as to why his political activities on behalf of human rights and civil liberties would be contrary to the values of Leeds City Council nor why having political opinions or personal beliefs were a cause of official inquiry and professional suspension

Wrapping himself up in the clothes of Human Rights & Civil Liberties.

What about the Human Rights of all those innocent misguided teenagers hunted down and murdered in cold blood in the name of extreme right-politics directly connected to Chris Knowles ideological movement, and their innocent families now left behind? Or the ones injured and crippled for life?

The ones I was initially blamed for.

If Chris Knowles was a man of integrity and a true defender of Human Rights & Civil Liberties then he would have offered up his witness statement to the police after I was 'framed at the beginning' concerning what he knows about Alan Lake but that has not been forthcoming to my knowledge.

Silence means complicity and leaves the suspicion of guilt in the eyes of others.

If there is nothing to hide from then why are they all hiding?

Also if you look at the English Defence League you would see that as an organisation it is contrary to the values of an independent Leed’s City Council and Chris Knowles is/was a key figure behind it.

I should know because it was me who invited him to set the organisation up and was there present along with others.

In a July 17, 2012 letter, the UNISON trade union, of which Mr. Knowles has been a member since early 1996, notified Mr. Knowles that they would not represent him:

“UNISON cannot agree to represent you as in our view there is prima facia a conflict with the allegations against you and UNISON’s policies and rules.”

The public do not know the full allegations yet because this press release fails to mention the truth behind the propaganda concerning poor Chris Knowles the Human Rights Defender being persecuted unjustly.

On August 2, 2012, Mr. Knowles attended the meeting at which he was dismissed. The July 27 notice for that meeting stated:

“The investigation into allegations that you have engaged in political activities, which could be viewed as improper activities for an employee of the council to be engaging in, has been completed.

You are required to attend a meeting….”

That notice did not provide further information on why his political activities could be viewed as “improper activities.”

The next part shows why they did not need to provide further information.

A Chief Inspector of the Police was present when he arrived. Mr. Knowles’ lawyer was not permitted to attend the meeting. At the end of a very brief meeting Mr Knowles was dismissed with immediate effect and without the right to appeal. Mr. Knowles was told that Leeds City Council viewed the ‘offence’ committed by Mr Knowles to be so grave, even though it has never been named nor described, that he would not even be allowed to have a disciplinary hearing at which he could refute any evidence that was brought against him. No evidence was presented against him. A letter sent the following day stated:

“The council has concluded that your behaviours and values are so different from the council’s values, that this is a fundamental breach of your employment contract.”

There was a Chief Inspector present at his disciplinary hearing. Does that usually happen?


So I quote: Mr. Knowles was told that Leeds City Council viewed the ‘offence’ committed by Mr Knowles to be so grave, even though it has never been named nor described, that he would not even be allowed to have a disciplinary hearing at which he could refute any evidence that was brought against him.

I am pretty sure that the Chief Inspector knows all of the facts surrounding Chris Knowles and his direct involvement with Alan Lake, the ongoing Breivik investigation, the English Defence League and more, so his authority over the case against Chris Knowles was quite sufficient.

His presence was enough for Leed’s City Council to terminate his employment contract with immediate effect and the evidence must have been that strong that he was refused the right of appeal and would not even be allowed a disciplinary hearing.

What does that tell you?

This story has not finished yet either because there is still outstanding evidence in the ongoing Breivik investigation and Chris Knowles is a direct witness to some outstanding evidence that has not been brought to light yet.

The other key point to notice was that his lawyer was not present in the meeting.

A private conversation with the Chief Constable and his Director, probably about the evidence against him and the situation he now finds himself in concerning the ongoing Breivik investigation and his links to Alan Lake and Ann Marcini. Professional discretion.

Will he or won’t he give a statement freely, or will it have to be under police caution?

If nobody has anything to hide over the mass murder of a group of innocent misguided Norwegian teenagers then why not tell the truth?

Simple logic...

Mr Knowles has never been told what his is supposed to have done wrong. He is simply being dismissed without a hearing because his “values” are apparently different to those of Leeds City Council. He has not been told what these values are or what gives Leeds City Council the right to decide the values employees are supposed to have. It is simply a matter of sacking him because of his personal and private opinions.

I am sure Chris Knowles will find out soon enough what he is supposed to have done wrong and before that takes place Leed’s City Council have taken the necessary precautions and steps to make sure that their hands are clean concerning their ex-employee.

It would not look good having an employee of Leed’s City Council all over the news concerning his links to the Breivik case and the English Defence League, especially not when they knew about it after being informed by a Sunday Times journalist 7 months ago.

He was sacked after an investigation into his extra curricula political activities following a Sunday Times investigation the news will read.

In consultation with his legal representation, Mr. Knowles will file with the employment Tribunal for unfair dismissal and breach of human rights.

After he has been arrested and interrogated over his links to Alan Lake and the ongoing Breivik investigation I hope.

He is a witness after all, to the outstanding evidence in the case that he is now directly linked too.

All eyes are on you now Chris.

I am sure the British and Norwegian police would like to hear your version of events so that they can hold it up against other people’s versions of events and in the middle of that they might just find the link they have been looking for that links Alan Lake to Breivik and possibly others too so I hope your hands are clean and you speak the truth. If not you could be looking at many years in a Category A prison for conspiracy to commit a terrorist act and that goes for anyone else who lies under police caution over what can only be described as a crime against humanity in Norway.

That is of course if Alan Lake was Breivik’s English contact.

Alan Lake does have a friend who uses the alias ‘Richard the Lionheart’ who was present at the pre-founding English Defence League meeting and it is this information that is key to the enquiry, considering the Norwegian police are still searching for this person’s real identity and Lake has already been interviewed by the British police under Norwegian observation about it.

It is pretty safe to assume that Lake made no mention of his friend 'Richard the Lionheart' during his police interview.

Those intimately involved in this aspect of the case know the answer to that question.

There are another 2 independent witnesses other than myself, Alan Lake and 'Richard the Lionheart' himself who can testify to his existence.

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