30 June 2014

Is MI6's Gareth Williams murder linked to 'Operation Breivik' in Norway

I would not say it is directly linked on Breivik's level but you never know, what I do think is that if Gareth Williams murder is possibly linked then it proves the 'hallmarks' of a Government level intelligence operation.

And there is enough evidence of a State level cover-up in Norway in the previous Stoltenberg Government, and the UK by MI6 over both crimes to arouse enough suspicion to say "something is not right" which supports the theory.

It all leads back to Alan Ayling who seems to have enough support behind him to shield and protect him from the truth and his possible involvement.  What would be worse is if he is MI6 and also working for the Russians and Sir John Sawer is covering this up.

Who knows but the spooks themselves...

But you can make your own mind up with the information out there, and one question is; what was MI5's Morten Storm doing in Alan Ayling's Barbican flat at the first founding EDL meeting?  This provable evidence has still not been presented as it is being covered up at this moment in time.

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Breivik - The cover-up of the UK evidence

The people directly connected to the 'outstanding' evidence in the Breivik case are either above the law, or believe themselves to be above the law because they have successfully shielded each other from public scrutiny of the evidence surrounding them by using their influence over the functioning of State in an attempt to cover-up the truth.

To the layman or those lower down the food chain this is more commonly translated in law as 'perverting the course of justice' in a mass murder/political terrorism enquiry. 

They are connected to those who administer justice in the land which means they actually are beyond the law, or do truly believe themselves to be beyond the law.  That same law that they expect the rest of society to live under.

It is hard to see how they can shield themselves from a 'mass murder' enquiry they are directly implicated in because in a Democracy irrespective of our social or political standing we are all equal before the law, or supposed to be.  With a case of such magnitude in a foreign Country it goes beyond the corrupt British legal system they have been influencing through their political and social standing, ultimately into the realms of the International Criminal Court when looked at in perspective.

A crime against humanity when held up against the Geneva Convention carried out in Norway by sections of military intelligence. Which government (plural) we do not know yet.

One can only hope that the Crown's legal system in the UK is not completely corrupt to the core and that there are good people who wield the Reigns of Power who want to see justice & truth prevail over the enemies of Britain and beyond.

It does not take Einstein to look at my evidence and call into question the questions I have been asking, but then how do 'they' explain this, and how to they then make arrests?
  Instead those alleged guilty parties are allowed to walk freely to contiue their lives and lifes pursuits even though they are possibly linked to the snufffing out of the lives of many young people in Norway, whilst in pursuit of their political/religious agendas, and all sanctioned it looks by a section of the British State.  The British angle anyway

Sweep it all under the carpet and carry out a State level act of political repression against the person they attempted to frame in the first place which has placed them now in this position.

It is only a matter of time until my evidence is proven 'officially'...

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