28 December 2010

What will 2011 bring?

First posted: 18th November 2008 - (Old but relevant)

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Genesis 12:3 "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse."

Deuteronomy 30:7 "The LORD your God will put all these curses on your enemies who hate and persecute you."

That is the promise the people of Israel have when confronted with the people of the Worlds condemnation for their righteous actions in defending their land from the Islamic militants of Hamas in Gaza whose only goal is the complete removal of the State of Israel from its borders so that the land can once again become a desolate Islamic State.

This is a foundational teaching within Islam that all moslems know and must adhere too, they believe that once a land has been conquered through Jihad and has become an Islamic Nation ruled by moslems then that land is eternally Islamic and if at any time another people take over rule of the land then all moslems everywhere must fight Jihad to reclaim rule.

A non-negotiable religious tenet within Islam.

Beware Spain because the leaders of the Jihad already have their eyes on Andalusia for its re-conquest, and beware all other Nations that the Jihad is seeking to conquer in today’s Global Jihad because once conquered moslems everywhere must then fight eternally to keep the land which is the legacy we are leaving behind for our children.

Once Islamic eternally Islamic, this is the aim of Jihad (Holy War) and you only have to look at how Islam has spread like the plague across the globe to see that. Spread through Jihad (Holy War) by Mohamed in the 7th Century turning lands and people into dark suppressive Nations. This conquest of lands by Islam has been emulated by all moslem forces throughout the ages since Mohamed because it is written as a religious obligation on all moslems into the pages of their holy books through the example that he himself set, with today when we look around us being no different.

Israel is so important and is the number one contention in the Islamic mind for several reasons, (one) It is the land where the Biblical prophets lived their lives, the ones moslems have stolen to make their religious belief credible who they profess were all moslem, (two) They believe that Mohamed their false paedophile prophet was taken up to heaven and landed on the Temple Mount where the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque now sit, which is the second most holy place in their religion, (three) After centuries of conflict within the Holy Land it had become an Islamic dominated area so once Islamic always Islamic, so for Jews to now be in control is abhorrent to them so they will fight for eternity to reclaim rule (four) The Jewish people rebuilt their Nation upon the land after 2000 years of exile, so for Jews to now rule the land which houses the second most holy place within Islam is an abomination for the entire Islamic World.

The entire Islamic World wants Jerusalem back under moslem rule and has the Palestinian people to try and achieve it.

Jerusalem is the most Holy place on Earth that has seen history converge upon its soil throughout the ages through Religion and Holy War just as it is today.

Atheists, Agnostics and all other belief systems cannot change the facts no matter how hard they want too and it doesn’t matter when they blame religion for all wars, because it is how it is that will never be changed.

Today’s contention over there in Israel is one more chapter in the life of the Holy Land that is being played out in our life time. This is the land that God
‘Promised’ to the Jewish people as their inheritance, a place where they were to return after their exile from the four corners of the World. A piece of soil on the Earth to build as their homeland before the End of humanity unfolds and the truth of the story of mankind is revealed.

(Or do you think there is no story to us and our creation, that we all evolved from germs?)

Hamas in Gaza are just one piece of the Islamic Worlds puzzle as they seek to annihilate Israel, the apple of Gods eye. The Palestinian people and Hamas are nothing more than a tool for the entire Islamic World to use as a proxy army against the common enemy the Jewish people.

A universal teaching within Islam states that their ‘End of Times’ will not come until the Earth has been cleansed of all Jews, this is why the Islamic world was aligned with Hitler during the Second World War during the Holocaust?

They believe that in the End even the rocks will cry out
‘hey moslem there is a Jew behind me come and kill him’.

So what better thing can there be for the Islamic World than to have an extreme Islamist movement in the shape of Hamas living on the ground in Israel’s backyard with which to use to target and attack the Jewish people. Hamas have provoked Israel into this War with them so Israel should destroy them no matter what the cost, or how long it takes, for the sake and safety of their homeland, and then remove all existential threats to their future survival like the Iranian Nuclear project that is looming like a dark storm cloud on the horizon.

If all the Islamic Nations surrounding Israel were that concerned about the plight of those the World now calls Palestinians then why have they not opened up their borders and allowed them to come and live in their lands so that there can be peace in the region?

Its not like there are tens of millions of them that would be hard to integrate into their large Islamic Nations and societies, in comparison we have more moslems living in Britain now and we are a tiny little Island.

If those moslem lands around Israel did take in the Palestinian people who are their Arab relatives it would completely defeat the end goal of the global Islamic religion because they would then no longer have a proxy army on the ground in Israel with which to fight the Jews with as they seek to re-conquer the Holy Land and take back Jerusalem.

This is today’s War for the Holy Land.

Look back in history and you will see War after War for the Holy Land with control passing through different peoples hands throughout. Amongst those Wars you will see Christian Knights from England and throughout Europe who were forced to take up arms to defend Christian pilgrims from warmongering murdering moslems in their generation as they sought to travel and experience the place on Earth where God incarnate as man walked the Earth, so why should today be any different?

Of course it is not; the only difference is the age in which we are now living, how the War for control over the land is being fought, and who actually rules the land now.

The Christian pilgrims are still traveling to the spiritual birth place of their religion and it is the Jewish people who are now providing them the security and safety from moslem aggression and murder, with support from America which is still a beacon of light within Christendom.

Why do you think the Islamic World calls America the Great satan and Israel the little satan. A little like for example, a Bishop on the chess board positioned and supporting the Knight in battle.

Biblical prophecy foretold thousands of years ago is coming to pass in our lifetimes, but if you have never set foot in a Church, never sat under a Christian minister preaching and teaching the Word, and have no concept about the reality and beliefs of Christians that are based upon the Bible then you will never ever see or understand present World events. It doesn’t mean that Christians are wrong in their perceptions of what is unfolding because you do not believe it; it means that you have no concept or understanding so are void of the truth.

The Bible tells us that Israel is called the
“Promised Land”; it is the land that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob promised to the Jewish people as their homeland.

Through Gods interaction with the Jewish Nation in the Holy Land and their disobedience towards Him as a people, he banished them from the land to be a people living amongst the Nations with no homeland of their own. The Lord God Almighty being a loving God said that in the ‘End times’, before the final chapter of humanity as we know it would come to a close He would bring them back once again to the land that He had promised to their forefathers. He would gather the Jewish Nation from the four corners of the World back to the Promised Land, which is what has been happening over the last 60 years.

This is exactly what happened after the 2000 year dispersal of the Jewish people on May 14, 1948 when Israel was reborn as the Jewish State.

Now Jewish people from all over the World are making 'Aliya' back to their ancestral homeland, as inheritors of their forefathers promise.

Exodus 6:8 God said to Moses, "And I will bring you to the land I swore with uplifted hand to give to Abraham, to Isaac and to Jacob. I will give it to you as a possession. I am the LORD."

Isaiah 5:13 "Therefore my people will go into exile for lack of understanding; their men of rank will die of hunger and their masses will be parched with thirst."

Ezekiel 39:28 "Then they will know that I am the LORD their God, for though I sent them into exile among the nations,”

Isaiah 66:8 "Who has ever heard of such a thing? Who has ever seen such things? Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment?

Ezekiel 36:24 "For I will take you out of the nations; I will gather you from all the countries and bring you back into your own land."

Ezekiel 37:21 "I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land."

The Jewish Nation have a living story being played out with the Lord God Almighty that has spanned thousands of years as documented in the Bible, with prophecies foretold being played out today in our future time frame of history from when they were first written.

As Christians we too are now a part of that living story after Jesus came into the World as the
‘New Covenant’ between man and God, giving us a way into the new Kingdom on Earth that leads to eternal life.

The Bible is Gods revelation to mankind, of past, present and future events that are leading up unto the End of Time, and woven into the Book is His plan of Salvation for mans soul which is a simple message of Love and Acceptance that leads to eternal life.

What is happening in the
‘Promised Land’ is all documented in the Bible, and the more you look and understand, the more you can see because revelation is being played out before our very eyes with Nations aligning themselves against other Nations in the Nuclear age ready for the Great War called Armageddon that is foretold will take place in Israel at a place called Megiddo.

The TV will not tell you this truth about humanities life story taken from the pages of the Bible or educate you on the subject so most people are oblivious to the reality of what is actually unfolding upon the Earth around them. People just see current events as a consequence of different actions, and in the back of their minds hope for the best while leaving the seriousness of reality to others, rather than seeing what is unfolding as a divine plan that has been playing out for thousands of years and then working out what it means to them and their place in that plan before its too late.

Israel and the Jewish State is fulfillment of a 2000 year old promise to the Jewish people and they have turned the land from an inhospitable arid land under Arab moslem control into a land flowing with milk and honey and made it a safe haven for their people. The only democratic Nation in the middle of vast Islamic lands, and it is their divine right to defend their borders at ‘all costs’ from ‘all’ enemies who would seek to remove them from their promise. This includes Hamas in the south who they are now at War with, Hezbollah in the north who they went to War with in 2006 who have now started to send rockets into Israel, and the Islamic Republic of Iran who is the State sponsor supporting both these Islamist terror groups on Israel’s borders who is itself seeking to build nuclear weapons with the support of Russia to use against Israel so as to remove the Jewish State from the map and usher in the Islamic End times.

This is the President of Iran’s stated goals and beliefs whether you know that or not.

Catastrophe looms but we know how the story ends because it is written into the pages of our Holy Book and it is very clear that the Living Gods hand is upon Israel and its people when the enemies surround her.

Isaiah 41:11-13 "All who rage against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish. 12 Though you search for your enemies, you will not find them. Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all. 13 For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

Read the Old Testament and see for yourself how Almighty God has revealed Himself to the Jewish people and led them throughout the ages, through the good times and the bad times, as they have experienced joy and suffering from being the people He chose to reveal Himself through.

Ezekial 37:27 - 28 My dwelling place will be with them; I will be their God, and they will be my people. 28 Then the nations will know that I the LORD make Israel holy, when my sanctuary is among them forever.' "

The EU which represents all the Nations that are coming together to make the European Super State is coming out condemning Israel for its righteous actions against Hamas and demanding an immediate cease fire from them.

When Britain and America invaded Iraq and Afghanistan in
‘The War on Terror’ did Israel demand an immediate cease fire?

I think not; so why should Israel listen to our leaders now?

It is Israel’s divine right to secure its borders and make its land a safe place for its people, that is what all peoples from all Nations expect from their leaders so they should be left alone to defeat their enemies no matter what the price or the consequences.

Israel as a Nation is on the front line in Islam’s Holy War against our Judeo/Christian civilization so we should all support them as they take the battle to the Islamist movement of Hamas just like we are doing with Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are all in this together even though our leaders seem to be on the side of the Islamists, anything not to upset and inflame the moslems because everyone knows what happens when they are inflamed; they go into suicide mode!

Europe including Britain is now swamped with the Islamic religion; with thousands of terrorist supporters marching violently on our streets recently against Israel, so how long until things erupt again like on 7/7 and destroying our peace and security in this part of the World?

Here is a short video about the EU’s stance on Israel and the Islamic World.

22 December 2010

Response to "Tommy Robinson's" police tactics video

Update 24/12/10: Video - Police Tactics Revealed: "Tommy (Grass) Robinson's" web of lies

(Police tactics Video below)

After seeing what I perceive as leading anti-jihad blogs reporting on alias “Tommy Robinson’s” recent video address claiming police persecution, I thought I would add another view to the situation, as a onetime anti-jihad blogger myself.

By the way, when I say leading, I do not mean “Gate’s of Vienna”, they are what are commonly known as whores and pimps for blog hits, just like the EDL cheerleader Pamela Geller.

I am completely against the Islamification of the Western World, and the Islamic World’s refusal to acknowledge Israel’s National Sovereignty and right to exist. These 2 points very simply state my position.

If alias “Tommy Robinson”, real name Steven Yaxley-Lennon was really being persecuted by the police then I would not be writing this now, and would join in the condemnation of Bedford police for targeting someone for standing up and saying what we all believe.

There is no love lost now between myself and alias “Tommy Robinson”, after he took it upon himself to threaten to harm female members of my family, and then had the audacity to enter my mother’s home and threaten me with kidnapping her during a very public dispute over his leadership of the EDL.

For this reason, he made himself a direct enemy of an English patriot, who has only ever peacefully protested about the issues of concern that this blog raises.

After 4 years of writing about militant Islam and the threat of Islam in Britain, only one moslem has ever threatened my family, and he is dead now. Nothing to do with me, a drink and drugs overdose. Instead the threats against myself and my family have come from the leadership of what is supposedly an English patriotic movement, the EDL, Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy Robinson” and Kevin Carrol. Both who I might add, are not English, but second generation Irish Republican Catholic’s. This is obviously why they do not think the same as English patriots and have no problem with issuing such threats against other English patriots and their families.

What these 2 people did has been overlooked by every single one of their supporters as if it had never happened. I can give as many witnesses as you like to it happening. 2 leaders of the EDL threatening female members of my family and actually entering the home of my mother to try and intimidate me into silence.

Many other people now know that the Luton EDL have no problem with threatening and intimidating grandmothers into silence, after another situation occurred within their own division.

Anyone who has followed my blog over the past 3 ½ - 4 years will know that I have only ever tried to raise the issues of the Islamification of the area in which I live which is Luton & Dunstable, and to the country as a whole which resulted in an 18 month arrest for me and an OSMAN warning.

So why would the 2 EDL leaders who are from Luton, try to threaten and intimidate me into silence?

It is due to the fact that the leadership of the EDL (Yaxley & Carrol) decided to do what they did, that I will continue to peacefully protest against them and put this recent video into context for any of their supporters within the anti-jihad movement.

I will call Steven by his pet name “Tommy” which makes it easier for people who have only ever known him as that.

Tommy” is using the English Defence League cause as a cover for his extra curricula activities, and when the heat gets turned up on him because of these activities, he uses the banner “police persecution” because of the EDL cause, to garner sympathy and support.

This recent video titled “Police tactics” comes on the same day that their spokesman Guramit Singh was arrested on pretty serious charges that hold anything up to 7 years, after his speech in Peterborough. This raises the question; what does Guramit Singh know about “Tommy” what the police might like to know about “Tommy”, and that could force “Tommy” to put out a video in a last ditch attempt to save himself by blaming any future arrest on his EDL activities rather than his extra curricula activities, and thus gain the support of the anti-jihad movement around the world? With the internet world claiming “police persecution”, when in reality it is “Tommy’s” extra curricula activities that have resulted in his imprisonment and not his involvement with the EDL cause.

In the video he states he hasn’t been in trouble with the police for 8 years, then the next thing he has 3 court cases hanging over him. It is pretty logical that being the leader of the EDL, the spotlight from the authorities was going to be switched on, and if you are involved in any criminal activity, it’s highly likely they are going to find out. Once they find out you are involved in criminal activity, it doesn’t matter who you are, they are employed to carry out their duty and enforce the law. Thus you get arrested.

Tommy Robinson” and his merry men are not above the law.

The criminal damage charge was not the charge that resulted in the search warrants of the 2 premises. His mother and fathers, or his family home, so any claims of fabrication is a lie. It was the incitement to racial hatred charge that resulted in the search warrants, in my own opinion, but he has chosen to ignore this fact and claim “fabrication” based on a criminal damage charge.

Considering he was the leader of the English Defence League, the police have a duty to the public to make sure this public figure is not a criminal, or involved in what could be perceived as terrorist activity. And considering he is from Luton and there was a mosque firebombed in Luton, I am sure the police would have used every power available to make sure they know the person in front of them and his life. So as with most police raids of this sort, all computers and files were searched to find out who “Tommy Robinson”, or rather Steven Yaxley-Lennon, is.

Tommy” was then released on bail after the incitement to racial hatred and criminal damage charge, which resulted in the house searches. Funnily enough straight after this, for some strange reason, his bail conditions were dropped and we no longer hear anything about the incitement to racial hatred charge, as if it has disappeared like magic?

Watch the video preceding 1.40 into the video called "police tactics" which talks about the arrest by Special Branch at Luton Airport for incitement to racial hatred and criminal damage. Watch immediately after 1.40 and the incitement charge has just disappeared.

I wonder how, or was it really not that important compared to the criminal damage charge so they dropped it after interview?

(Only one way you get police charges to disappear like magic, so I wonder if that guy who is sitting looking at a 12 stretch is a part of that “Tommy Robinson” magic show? From “Tommy’s” own video statement, he was possibly photographed by the police leaving his friends house after the arrest and not before, or during, which given his position as the EDL leader seems very strange, when the police could have had him bang to rights along with his friend who is now sitting on remand.)

Continuing on...

Then a couple of months after the incitement to racial hatred and criminal damage charges “Tommy” was arrested for mortgage fraud.

It is pretty logical to think that during those couple of months, the police went over his computers and files, noticing his financial assets and saw that something did not add up. They then came to the conclusion that there was a case of mortgage fraud/money laundering going on so had no alternative but to arrest him and his accomplice.

Regardless of children being present, or someone being pregnant, if the police believe you have committed a crime they will come and arrest you, that’s just how it works, for good or for bad.

These situations have nothing at all to do with “police persecution” because of the EDL, it is just a case of someone being arrested for their perceived criminal activities. Just that in this case its “Tommy” leader of the English Defence League, so he can blame his arrests on the fact that he is the leader of the EDL, and that this is "police persecution" to garner support and sympathy from the anti-jihad movement.

Tommy” also goes on to state that the police just want to shut down the EDL which is why they are persecuting him, again using the EDL cause and its membership to cover his own misdemeanors.

From my observations, the police in every single town or city the EDL have ever gone to have always been on-hand to facilitate people’s democratic right to gather for peaceful protest ( There have only been a few cases due the potential of serious unrest where the police have sought a ban). The police do this at every demo at great cost to the tax payer and resources to themselves. This completely contradicts “Tommy’s” view of the police wanting to shut the EDL down. If the police or government wanted to shut the EDL down, then wouldn’t they just ban the organisation and not persecute poor old “Tommy”?

The last point in the video statement that “Tommy” say’s is the most shocking and the reason for the video called “police tactics” is with regards to the police wanting his friend who is on remand looking at a 12 stretch to go Queens evidence against him.

How believable is the story of “Tommy” collecting money from his “school friends” for a girl with a blood disorder who needed money?

How believable is the story of the “Moslem lad” too. No mention of police having photographic evidence or any link, just mention of a “moslem lad” in prison. What on earth could a “moslem lad” have on Steven Yaxley-Lennon, leader of the anti-Islam English Defence League that could place him in prison? Seems to me that “Tommy” just cannot help himself, and the lies just flow from his mouth thinking we all sit in la-la land…

Video: Another "Tommy Robinson" Pinocchio moment

If I was the person sitting on remand now and had any dealings with you whatsoever I would seriously consider whether you were the one who sold me out when I look at the facts.

You were petrified of having your name and face outed, so scared in fact that you took it upon yourself to threaten to kidnap a grandmother as your ultimate act of intimidation, and your pals in some drunken drugged up state mouthed off about putting money on my head (who we know of course). So if you were that scared about being outed, what would you have done whilst sitting in a police cell and Special Branch telling you “Tomorrow the whole world is going to know who the real Tommy Robinson is” when you were arrested for incitement to racial hatred and criminal damage? Then after your arrest unlike usual when they print the names of the arrested, the papers still didn’t know the real name or identity of the leader of the EDL? STRANGE? Then a couple of weeks later all charges and bail conditions dropped, with the incitement to racial hatred charge not even mentioned anymore.

If I was your friend sitting on remand looking at a 12 stretch I would smell a rat in you right about now!!!

If I was your friend I would seriously be thinking that you were the one who sold me out to save your own skin. Someone now looking at a 12 stretch is a pretty big catch for the boys in blue for their score card, so you “Tommy” have definitely been worth the initial deal they gave you.

I only wonder what new deals are on the table now you have passed your initial sell by date, with a mortgage fraud/money laundering charge now hanging over your families heads?

Knowing your soon on your way to HMP Bedford is not a nice thought, I should know Ive been in a similar position, only I never sold anyone out to keep me out, which is why I was on bail on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred for over a year. I was eventually released off bail with no case to answer because I am not a racist. Stirring up religious hatred could be another matter.

You talk of there being a HMP division of the EDL if you get locked up. That’s what you hope because without it you are doomed in jail because you’re not a big lad and the place is full of moslem gangsters, murders, terrorists, and drug dealers, all wanting to be the one to stick a knife into you or cut your face open for the ummah in Britain. Not a nice thought, but reality, so what price would you pay, and what deals would you do, to prevent that from happening?

Most prisoners in low category prisons are smack heads and crack heads, slaves to their moslem masters in jail, so unless you go somewhere like Parkhurst or Pentonville, your chances of building a HMP division of the EDL are very slim, but the only hope you have left in your mind if you do end up in jail, other than going on the rule!

What a come down if you end up on rule 43?

If I had been doing dealings with you I wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole right about now, and I would start putting 2 + 2 together when I look at the picture and see who else has ended up in prison or is on their way to prison during the last 18 months, who has had intimate dealings with you. I reckon just about anyone apart from your uncles are expendable to you because you do not have the slightest bit of loyalty or integrity, and I know that to be a fact from my dealings with you.

Police persecution? Judge that one for yourself...

The video.

20 December 2010

EDL merchandise & financial donor list leaked onto internet

Update: 22/12/10 School caretaker harrased for being on list

Is it any wonder the EDL's membership list of financial donor's has been leaked onto the internet, endangering the lives of everyone on the list, including their families, when their business hosting company is in India and is linked to the Islamic Nation of Turkey?

It's not a case of "You couldnt make this stuff up" You dont have too...

The EDL is targetting militant moslems who want to die killing infidel's to please allah and recieve their reward of 72 virgins and free passage into paradise for a host of their family.

Now those exact moslem militants have access to the names and addresses of their direct infidel enemies within Britain, meaning the lives of innocent women and children are now in danger, because the current EDL leadership who are not even English, cared more about the money from the merchandise wing than the security of those buying from their website and donating money towards what started out as an English patriotic cause.

Full article: EDL leaked list

16 December 2010

Prince William & The legend of King Arthur

Old but still relevant...

Further reading: An open letter to HRH Prince William

Further reading: Is Prince William the long awaited annointed one?

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Inside Iran's Revolutionary Guards

Further reading: The Future Equilibrium of Planet Earth - The Iran Question?

Further reading: The Dawning of a New Horizon

Shocking and important video concerning the inevitable future war with Iran and how the Iranians are prepared for this war with Nuclear material and are using mosque's throughout Europe and the West.

From a Religious persepctive, Iran believes they are destined to bring on the Islamic Apocalypse.

World War III has already begun

15 December 2010

BBC: Luton & its Islamic and IRA terrorist links

Quote: While in my teens, I worked in a Luton pub where people would openly collect for the "boys back home".

Growing up, I'd heard stories about the
IRA's links to my home town but put it down to just that, but here, under my nose, was evidence. "Don't worry," I was told. "You're fine living here because you don't do it on your own doorstep. They go straight into London and come straight out again."

: A man who is believed to have been a major facilitator for al-Qaeda, who has been under surveillance for years, lived with his family in Luton.

He has been linked to many plots including the foiled fertiliser bomb plot.

He is thought to have sent one of the 7 July bombers for training and may have met the bombers before they carried out their suicide attacks.

If he is the lynchpin many believe him to be, then it is unsurprising that Luton is linked to so many attacks.

Full article:
Is Luton a breeding ground for terrorists?

Video: EDL's Irish Republican leader "Tommy Robinson"

Video: EDL's Irish Republican leader "Kevin Carrol"

: EDL War & The money

14 December 2010

Militant Islam in Luton & Dunstable

Base camp for the British Jihad

Further reading: The Epitome of Islam in Luton (Read the update)

Below insight first posted:

Part 1. Low-level Civil War

Things are not alright in Great Britain, as we can clearly see from last weeks failed horrific car bombings. The military wing of the Islamic Kingdom within our midst is actively working towards murdering us and destroying our British way of life. It is about time people woke up to their surroundings and what is happening under the surface of day to day life within Great Britain before it is too late and we are past the point of no return, with our society collapsing in upon itself becoming even more lawless than what it is already.

The streets have become a war zone with the innocent in society on the receiving end of this lawlessness and anarchy.

I have friends who are dead, family who are dead, I have friends whose lives are completely ruined, there are many of my friends still exposed and there is a whole generation of young people who are the future of our communities who are directly exposed to Al Qaeda’s Jihad against British society within the confines of my community. This is all happening with the forces that are paid to protect the British public unable and inept to stop this low-level civil war, one of Islam and Al Qaeda’s frontlines in their global Jihad.

Who then are the ones who suffer from our police services inaction?

The weak, the innocent and the vulnerable, exactly the ones who the British authorities are paid to protect in our supposedly modern 21st Century law abiding democratic society.

We face a military Islamic enemy upon our streets who are conducting a civil war against us, that have a political ‘Islamic’ agenda with clear set goals. This makes our British laws obsolete when facing a military enemy and is the reason why the police can do nothing but sit back and watch as our communities are over run by this blood thirsty Islamic monster. When I say monster I mean everything that makes up the workings of the religious, political and military Islamic beast that is intent on our destruction which is ravaging and destroying my community and country on a daily basis.

If the police cannot do anything to stop this murderous Islamic beast then what hope is there for the future of my homeland and what are we the innocent non-Moslem British public supposed to do?

Just sit back and watch while our communities are pumped with Al Qaeda’s street drugs with our friends, our families and our neighbours lives destroyed, the whole community forced into Dhimmitude through Moslem violence, intimidation and fear and then ultimately our communities taken over with us surrounded by Islamic dominance.

A real nice reality don’t you think? And is exactly what is happening.

My forefathers never sacrificed their lives upon the battlefields of the world for this my homeland and the community where I live, so that now in my generation Islam could set up camp, build its Kingdom and then conduct Jihad (Holy War) to take over my country.

Come on those of you in positions of power and especially the Christian ones, how can you sit back allowing this to happen to your homeland?

If what is happening to my community is what the leaders of this country want, or it is something they do not care about, then those of us who can, might as well all move out to somewhere less populated with Moslems as soon as possible, we will then be a whole lot safer for a few years!

Islam and its Moslem followers cannot live peacefully with non-Moslem society, Islam teaches that when they are in a minority to keep their heads down and play the peace card and then when they are in a majority or their numbers are large enough to then start to enforce Islamic dominance upon the population. Islam teaches that Moslems are superior human beings and that non-Moslems are nothing less than dirt and it is their divine Islamic duty to enforce Allah’s laws – Sharia law – upon all mankind.

You probably will not believe that, that is your choice and personal opinion but what I would say is please come back and watch this extremely important revealing video first before you reject that claim: Undercover Mosque

We face a modern 21st Century Islamic paramilitary army upon the streets of my community who are taking over and no one is doing anything about it. I am here on the ground crying out for help with everyone listening and sitting back watching and ignoring this modern 21st Century ‘theatre of War’ as it is over run by the Islamic enemy.

Those in power ignore it at your own personal peril!

You tell me what the future consequences of this inaction will be? It does not take a rocket scientist to add it all up and come up with a picture.

It would be easier for everyone if I said nothing about the situation my community faces, leaving the situation out of sight and out of mind from those who cannot see it. Several different ‘forces’ have actively tried to silence the truth I speak and intimidate me into silence which I will explain through this post. I will also explain the reason why I will not and cannot be silenced, not by anyone!

Matthew 10:27 – 31 Jesus Teaches the Fear of God “Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops. 28 And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. 29 Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. 30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

I have friends who I have grown up with whose lives are now ruined because of Al Qaeda’s aggressive targeted Jihad against them and my community, also what are the consequences for the future of the community I grew up in and ultimately our children’s futures living here if everyone is forced into silence by the Islamic Kingdom and its paramilitary army of street soldiers who are conducting Jihad (Holy War) against us?

If I was to sit back and do nothing and say nothing when I know and see what is going on, then what type of friend or person am I?

I personally will not be silenced through fear by Moslem intimidation and violence or anyone else’s intimidation and threats of violence.

There comes a point though when I have to say enough is enough why should I bother if no one else is bothered, what can one man do against an army of hundreds of highly organised, heavily armed and extremely wealthy street soldiers. I might as well put up and shut up like everyone else, turn my back, walk away and get on with my life and watch as my homeland is destroyed and taken over.

You will say I am exaggerating about the threat upon the streets but believe me I am not and it will all be revealed with supportive evidence through this post. The police and security services know exactly what I am saying is the truth because it is their job to know what is happening on the streets of Great Britain and the internal and external threat our country faces.

Ask yourself this; whose agenda were the highly educated Islamic Moslem Doctors working too when they aimed to blow up several cars killing untold innocent young people outside the Tiger Tiger night club and on the streets of London, or when they drove a human car bomb into Glasgow Airport.

What was the agenda behind these acts of horror aimed at you and me?

There is a global Islamic war happening around the entire world within every Nation on Earth. Here in Great Britain that war is being played out on the ground in a street and neighbourhood near you by British born Moslems along with their International Moslem brothers. We have an Islamic Kingdom in our midst that is built up of upwards of 3 million Moslems. Out of this cess pool of 3 million spiritually sick human beings there is a significantly large, that the government class as, a ‘minority’, who are the military wing of Islam in Britain who are actively engaged in armed Jihad (Holy War) against our non-Moslem British society and way of life.

This is the 21st Century Civil War facing Great Britain, with this post being an expose from one of the frontlines. It is an on the ground first hand account of my personal experiences, from where I live, so please follow my blog to see the seriousness and severity of the situation facing my community and ultimately the whole of the country.

Part 1. Low-level Civil War
Part 2. Fortress Bury Park
Part 3. Al Qaeda links to Bury Park
Part 4. Allah’s Luton militia
Part 5. The Luton & Dunstable taxi cartel
Part 6. Dunstable – Royal Town
Part 7. Chemical warfare
Part 8. Islamic Kingdom building
Part 9. Threats, intimidation & Inaction
Part 10. Terror attacks – The Potential
Part 11. What God showed me
Part 12. A Message to God’s Church


Al Qaeda targets British MPs for assassination

First posted: 5th February 2009

NO Minister of Parliament is safe now they are in the sights of Islamic militants living within Britain.

Road signs are placed roadside to warn about the dangers ahead based upon the facts; it is then the driver’s responsibility to take whatever course of action they choose, based upon the facts they have been given. That’s why they are called ‘warning signs’, and if there is a cliff at the end of the road, based upon what the sign says, then the driver will stop… Unless they are suicidal of course!

This post, along with many other posts throughout this blog, are warning signs, based upon the facts. It’s then up to the reader to determine whether to believe it or not, just like with the cliff at the end of the road sign.

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12 December 2010

Swedish suicide bomber was from Luton "surprise surprise"

Quote: A suicide bomber who died in a terrorist bomb attack which rocked Stockholm city centre, is believed to be a graduate from a British university.

A Facebook page thought to belong to the 29-year-old indicated that he studied sports therapy at the University of Bedfordshire in Luton. He graduated in 2004.

The man, named locally as Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly, had also posted numerous videos relating to the Iraq war, the war in Chechnya and the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.

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