9 August 2012

Glen Jenvey's intelligence work & Breivik

Quote: It’s going to take me along time to read the full 1500 pages in detail but on just a few hours reading I already think someone else or others helped write it as in another spot where he is using my work,it seems like it's two people writing it in places, with same sort of sick humour in adding to a shared online document with a private access for members with passwords.which even Islamic groups use.

By Glen Jenvey Exclusive

(Intelligence researcher)

I was shocked as a writer and researcher into terrorism to find out that Norway's mass murderer Anders Breivik had used my work written into his manifesto, which the people of Norway and the world's media have all been so interested in reading to give clues into his mind and possible links..

On reading just a few pages I noticed something that rang alarm bells as i knew my own work.Breivik had taken transcribes of my films and mixed them into a few quotes of his own and mine taken from my old web site.


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